Lyra and Bon Bon, their love was true, as one could see

But the Ponyville citizens didn't agree

They through apples at them, cussed at them, discriminated the two in order to tease

Their bond, causing the two to be ill at ease

Day after day, they were rentlessly tormented by those who thought the couple was sinning

But their realtionship...nay, love, showed no signs of thinning

But one day a hateful mare went a step too far

She wiped out the couple's house, in an effort to mar

their "blackend" hearts, with the eloquence of her matches.

See what happens when, to your heart, prejudice so horrible attaches?

What she didn't know was Bon Bon still resided

In the house, making her special candy, undecided

"Should I put green or white wrappers on these candies?" thought she

But she had bigger problems, oh yes, to the highest degree

The flame ate the house like greedy Iron Will on bits with his goat cronies

And to think, Lyra was only a mile away, on a shopping trip with fellow ponies!

Bon Bon was dead, killed by the smoke, very much departed from the world

Lyra, her perfect destiny now swirled

The poor green pony knew

There was no other pony she'd take more kindly to

As a filly, her parents had taken her to their local church where the towers wore crowns like kings

"See here, Lyra!" her father would say. "Every time a bell rings, a pegasus gets her wings!"

And it was here she learned about heaven, dear friends

Bon Bon must be there, God would have to commend

The little mare there, and as you might guess

The day after the burning, much to her friend's great distress

Lyra was gone the next day.

She ran away into the dead of night, some say

Most ponies think she killed herself in heart break

And went to heaven for her lover's sake

But I, Zecora, disagree

For when it's dusk and I reside in my hut, you see

I hear quite a curious sound indeed

A lament, a cry, a strangled succesion of harp notes that therefore places in my mind a seed

Of doubt, and, oh, if you could just hear it!

A beautiful yet painful song it is indeed! So my pony friends, just sit

down, in my hut, listen if you please

The song of Lyra Heartstrings! Oh, do not feel the unease

of the song, just sit down and ponder

Lyra's meaning of the song, while the wild blue yonder

rises in the sky, chew on this, forget your bias, surrender

Love knows no boundaries, has no gender

It doesn't matter the color of your flank or where your heart leads you

I am Zecora, and everypony deserves respect, and if only we could undo

The sorry fate of the lovers whose hearts were pure and love true.

AN: Well, I'm not really great at poetry, but as it's usually good for a author to write something a bit out of their comfort zone, I decided to try it out. Not my best work, but I'm actually sort of proud of it. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. Plus, I had a bit of inspiration from a favorite author of mine on the site, Bearie. Thanks, hon!

Oh, and since I know someone will ask, "wild blue yonder" is an actual phrase, not something I just made. It's used to describe the sky as it appears during daylight. Well, it would be used to describe it if the phrase was commonly used, I guess.