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And no, this is not MikuxLen in any way shape or form.

First days suck

(Miku's POV)

"Don't worry; I'm sure they'll all be really nice! And besides, they couldn't be mean to you Miku, you're too nice." My mom said as she kissed my cheek leaving a bright red kissy mark. I could only grumble and wipe it off. She meant well, but a job transfer to the whole other side of the country is not cool. Like, at all. And I sure wasn't about to pretend everything was fine again, no, not me. I was enjoying a nice snowy winter in Pennsylvania when all of a sudden; I'm here, in Sacramento, which if you didn't know, IS IN FREAKING CALIFORNIA!

Not to mention my new school has a uniform that looks like it's from a British anime or something. It's a black (not to mention a size to big) sweater, skirt, and long socks or tights. Seriously, who wears plaid skirts in winter? I tied my glossy teal hair up in twin pigtails like usual though and walk out the door.

School is pretty much the same every ware, first two weeks back are always boring. It's only second period and I have to deal with an over caffeinated world history teacher. He put us in assigned seats. As I looked around, I didn't recognize anyone except this kid from first period science. He was strange to be honest; For one thing he had spiky blond hair that defied gravity. He tried to pull it back in a ponytail I guess, but he failed, it still was pretty much just floating towards the ceiling.

"Hey Mikuo." Some teal haired kid next to him took his headphones out and nodded towards him.


Blondie "unnoticeably" started twitching his head in my direction. Like I wouldn't get the hint. The stoner didn't seem to though; he just kept staring at him.

Spiky hair sighed and whispered something in his ear. Stoner kid looked at me instantly before spiky hair pulled his head away. Then for about ten minutes he kept looking at me funny. Now I know I shouldn't be one to judge since I'm new and all, but I don't like this kid much…

"Okay, now glue this into you binders; you'll need it for maps." The teacher instructed. I got a paper and…had no glue. But hey, spiky hair boy has some.

"Hey, can I borrow that?" I asked as politely and sweetly as possible. He looked at me, squinted his eyes, and heaved a way over exaggerated sigh. Well it's not like I'm killing him, jeez.

"Fine, I GUESS you can use it too." He pushed it across the table disdainfully and sat back, crossed his arms, and stared at me judgmentally. As if my gluing skills are far less superior to his own.

Is it wrong I then tried to glue like a professional? I didn't even go off the page or nothing.

This kid was really starting to bug me, and I have no idea why. Maybe it's just the way he looks.

"Thanks for the glue…"I held it midair awkwardly seeing as I didn't know his name. He snatched it away and looked me up and down.

"It's Len. Mikuo, glue this in." he shoved glue at Mikuo, the stoner boy.

Len. God, his name even sounds irritating. He's so snarky I just want to- calm down Miku, He's probably from Canada or something.

"What's your name new kid?" he asked me. Did I mention he still had his arms crossed?

"It's Miku."

"Oh." he looked a Mikuo and started giggling or whatever boys do. I lowered my eyes at him.

"Well whats that supposed to mean?" he turned back to me and got real serious.

"Nothing, it's just a weird name."

That's it, this kid is a prick.