(Len's POV)

God, I really can't stand that girl sometimes. She is an immature little twatmuffin with skinny chicken legs and buckets of hair. Her over all appearance pisses me off, but whatever. I can always take my anger out in gym class.

"Hey Len, what's up?" Rin asked. I didn't even notice her next to me.

"Nothing really, there's just been this new chick…quite honestly, she pisses me off in every way possible." she gave me a thoughtful face, popped her gum and grinned.

"What does she do, answer questions before you?"

"Yes! I mean, that's not the only thing! She is just so…so…she's a log is what she is." I leaned against my locker and Rin copied. We sank down in unison before looking at each other and bursting out laughing.

"Maybe you should just give her a chance." Rin suggested. I didn't want to. I was not giving that demon anything but a death note.

"No, I mean…"I looked at Rin in the eye and stopped mid-sentence. She was giving me a puppy dog face. Well crap, I can't let her down now. I sighed and tried to think of a way to get out of it, but as soon as I looked at her, there she was, big blue eyes and everything.

"Riiiinnnnn, I don't want to be the bigger person though! I want to be small and malicious, like a crab."

"You want to be a crab huh? I never knew you had an animal fetish Len, I got to say…."

"Oh shut it, I'd just rather not-" I was cut off by the announcements.


"Hm, wonder what they want." I said. Rin shrugged and waved goodbye as I got up to leave. She was really the only person I could be myself with. To everyone else I'm The Len Kagamine, wrestler extraordinaire! I wonder if that annoying twatmuffin Miku even knew how important I am…

"Oh god it's you." I looked up to see Miku staring right at me. I smiled and waved.

"Hey-"twatmuffin, whorebiscuit, sluttycupcake, any of these would be perfect, but Rin said to be the bigger person. I guess I have to try. I mean-

"You know, you remind me a lot of a pornstar."

Bitch says what? Screw Rin, I'm scaring this twatmuffin! Right before I could call her a wonderful array of insults, a rather mean looking old lady shoved a paper in my face with a new schedule on it. I waved it in the air to her. "Hey, what is this?" she looked at me with vulture eyes. "It's a new schedule; we had to rearrange a few classes to make room for a new student." She frowned at me and I frowned equally as hard back.

"Looks like I'm still stuck with 2nd period world history." I looked over my shoulder to find her looking down at my sheet.

"Hey, don't look whorebiscuit; I wouldn't want you to burn a hole through it." I started walking away, only to feel her horrid presence still in my bubble. I turn around to see her staring at me. I squinted.

"If you're trying to burn a hole through me, it won't work I'm too pretty."

"Shut it queerbait."

"Whatever freak."

"Hey get back here!" she ran after me and crashed into my back. I couldn't help but cringe at her touch. Think of the worst thing possible. Something that crawled out of your bathroom drain to eat your soul in the middle if the night. That's Miku.

"We need to work on our project, remember? Or were you to busy flirting with Mikuo to notice we were put together." I sighed at her lame attempts at insults, and rolled my eyes.

"How bout I do all the work, yeah?" she blinked a few times before answering.

"Um sure, I mean I was fine with helping out an-"I put my finger over her mouth (Bleh) to shush her.

"Listen, I don't want you messing up my perfect grades, okay? Around here, I'm kinda a big deal, and being that you're…well you, I don't want to risk it, okay?" she grabbed my finger (again bleh) and made a weird face. Her angry face perhaps?

"I won't just sit here and let you do all the work, I am smart enough! I'm helping whether you want it or not!"

"I don't, really, it's quite alright."

"No, I'm helping! That's final!" With that, she stomped away like a penguin with a flue of the pig variety. I shrugged and walked into the closest bathroom. I looked into the mirror and adjusted my uniform. Not like it mattered though, it was just black button up (I roll the sleeves up) and black pants. I have to say though; I look damn sexy in it.

"I have to say, you look damn sexy in that uniform." Mikuo said. He popped out from around the corner and ruffled my hair. No, no one touches the hair.

"Oh Mikuo, I look damn sexy in anything."

"Even a tutu?"

"Yes Mikuo, even in a tutu." He laughed and pulled out his phone.

"Got that Miku chicks number?" I shuttered at the thought of owning something so horrible, and instantly shook my head. Anger boiling in me.

"Why do you want her number?" he shrugged and smiled.

"Hmm, oh, I don't know, because she's like the hottest chick in our grade!"

"Pfftt, I've seen better."

"Well not all of us are the magic Len Kagamine. Besides, she's pretty funny too, not every day you meet a girl like that. Come on, help me out then?"

"Like be your wingman?"


"No." I started walking out of the bathroom, when he grabbed my wrist and spun me around. Oh no, no one touches The Len.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you like her." oh god, this is not happening.

"Nah, I don't think so…"

"Oh? Why not?"

"I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian or something." He got a baffled look on his face and released my wrist.

"Really? You really think she's a ..."

"Oh yeah, defiantly. I mean, you can totally tell by the way she talks." Bull shit, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.

"She talks like one?" I nodded furiously.

"Totally! And I mean…have you seen her hair?"

"It's lesbian hair?"

"Dude. It's like the most obvious of all lesbian hair." I stalked my way out of the tiled room before I ran out of things to pull out of my butt. Seriously, I'm surrounded by idiots.

I hightailed it out of there just in time to make it to my first class of the day.

A/N: I in no way am trying to diss/make fun of/ assume/ bash on any kind of anything^^