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He could hear the screams everywhere. Screams filled with pain and fear. And the air was full with smoke and the scent of fire and death. He didn't know what to do. His village was under attack by the Makuta known as Narzhul and his army of... whatever kind of species it consisted of. He didn't know, except they looked like a Toa, but they didn't look alive. Dead bodies lay everywhere, whatever it was Matoran, Toa or Turaga. Narzhul simply didn't care about who he killed. He was badly injured, his legs hurt too much to able to carry his body and he felt blood come out of everywhere. And all he could do was to watch his friends getting slaughtered by the monster. He felt he was about to pass out, but he was able to catch a glimpse of Narzhul. The Makuta saw the fallen Toa and locked back with a wicked smile on his face. The smile made him feel sick, it was disgusting that someone could just slaughter a whole village and just smile at it. Then the Makuta started to laugh maniacally. He couldn't keep himself conscious any more, and as he heard one of his friends scream his own name, he passed out.

When he finally woke, he saw there was nothing left of his village. All the buildings had burned down, and the only trace left of the massacre was the burned bodies of the Matoran. The Matoran which he was supposed to protect, but failed. Although he was wounded very badly, he still managed to get up on his legs and he started to run as fast as he could to the next village. Maybe Narzhul haven't attacked the other villages yet... He ran to each of the five other villages, only to see the same sight at his own village. They were all burnt down, and the ground was filled with the bodies of his friends and comrades. He fall on his knee and screamed to the sky.

"Narzhul! By my honor, I swear to the Great Spirits above that I will have vengeance! I will find you, and I will kill you, even if it means I'm breaking the Toa code! Justice shall be served!". And suddenly, he heard a voice inside his head.

"Good luck". He immediately recognized the voice of Narzhul. But how had he... On second thought, he didn't care how Narzhul could have heard him. All he wanted right now was to bring the monster down. He raised himself again, and started to walk at no particular way. But before he could leave his home island and begin the hunt for Narzhul, he needed to tend to his wounds. As he walked, he felt tears running down his cheeks. At first he was going to wipe them away, but he decided not to.

Until now, he was the Toa of Gravity from Kastra Nui. But now, he was just Orxon. A former Toa that wanted vengeance.

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