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Chapter 4

The sun was directly above them, and in the distance they could see a small port town. Orxon knew one of the ship captains, and was sure to fix a cheap boat ride. However, they decided to rest for a bit, since they had walked for a couple of hours. The grass felt soft, and the sun was shining in a way that could make you forget about all your problems in the world. While the port town could be seen from their location, it was still a few hours of walking. None of them had said a single word since they joined together, which wasn't really surprising, Orxon thought. They were strangers, after all. But since they would travel together for awhile, he felt that he had to brake the silence somewhat.

"So... how did you end up here? And why were you captured by those Skakdi mercenaries?" Orxon asked. Veerah seemed somewhat hesitant to tell him about her past.

"Well, honestly I don't really want to talk about it" she said. "But... since you saved me from the Skakdi and let me travel with you, I suppose you deserve to know why I want to travel with you."

"It... started pretty much the same day I was born. My parents were proud Matoran, but... they had some miscarriages. My mother was devastated by this, and my father didn't know what to. So he prayed, and he prayed, and he prayed. And then one day, they found my mother was pregnant. Of course, they were both happy about it. Well, that's an understatement... My father told me about my mother, how she was always caring for everyone she loved, she was supposedly kind and gentle. I never had the chance to meet the person that brought me to this world, since she... she died while giving birth to me. This almost destroyed my father. He lost his faith completely, and who can blame him? He prayed for a child, but lost the woman he loved.

"But my life has been a total hell ever since I was born. My father blamed me for my mothers death, and... well, let's just say I was punished. A lot. For a lot of things, especially for just existing... For 20 years, the only thing I was thinking about was death. I... was kind of suicidal. I never tried to take my own life, but... I was thinking about a lot. I remember some days, I just stood close to a cliff on my home island, listening to the waves and the seagulls. I always thought about jumping from that cliff, but... obviously, I never did."

"But my life wasn't miserable just when I was home, it was miserable all the time. No one really liked me, and I just kept for myself. And those that wanted to like me... well they were bullied just for that. But some years later, they all stopped care about me at all. It was just like... I wasn't existing anymore. I guess they got tired of bullying someone that didn't respond to them at all."

"However, when I got old enough to take care of myself, something amazing happened. The Toa on my home island, had decided it was time to for others to continue their legacy as Toa. For some reason, I was one of seven Matoran they chose to become Toa. That was the best thing that ever happened in my life, and I hoped that my father would become proud of me. Well, he didn't seem to care about me at all. But aside from that, I thought my life would be more tolerable for me. The Matoran in my village always saluted me whenever they saw me, and I have to admit it was a great feeling. But the other Toa... they hated my guts to oblivion. And they always tried to make it seem like I was a horrible Toa, and that they were the best Toa ever. I have no idea where that arrogance came from, since Toa aren't supposed to be like that."

"Remember that cliff I told you about earlier? That cliff was the only cliff were I could be completely alone. No so called "brothers" that hated me, no father that didn't care about me. Just... me, and waves beneath the cliff. That place was the only place where I could feel relaxed, and I actually called it my home. But one day, one of my "brothers" got there when I was just meditating. I'm not going into detail about what kind of business he had there, but let's just say that... he wanted to do some things I didn't want to. But it wasn't like my word meant anything. We got into a big fight, with punching hands and kicking legs, and..." Orxon could see some tears forming in her eyes, which she quickly wiped off.

"I... I pushed him out from the cliff. I didn't mean to do it, it was an accident. I panicked, and fled from the very island that had been my home. I tried to find a new place to call home, but as you can figure out, it didn't go very well. That's pretty much all that happened before you saved me from those Skakdi."

Orxon didn't have any idea what to say. What Veerah just had told him... he couldn't even imagine how it would feel to have lived with the knowledge that no one liked you. He was on the brink to walk over to her and just hug her, to comfort her. But he didn't know if this was a really good move of him.

"Are you... okay?" he simply asked.

"Yeah... I'm fine, I just... I have never told this to anyone, and... it actually feels somewhat better after talking with someone. You're the first person ever that I can consider a friend." She looked up to him and gave a light smile.

"Well... it's been a long time since someone called me a friend" Orxon said and simply smiled back. Veerah's smile disappeared, however.

"Can I ask you what your... goal is? Judging by the way you were skeptical to let me come with you, it seems your up to something dangerous. I'm not saying I'm quitting, whatever happens to me now... well, it doesn't matter. But I'm just a bit... curios."

"Well, since you told me about life before... I don't see any harm in telling my own story." So he told her about his home, Kastra Nui, his friends, and... the day it happened. When Narzhul attacked the island with an army of unknown, Toa-like beings. He also told her about most of the things he had done in the last year while trying to find the Makuta. When he finished, Veerah had a somewhat shocked expression on her Kakama, and she just sat there silent.

"I..." She couldn't find the words. She just looked up to Orxon again, and now he realized that she somehow had moved closer to him, and was just an arms length from him. When did that happen? he asked himself. He did feel a bit better after telling someone his own story.

"I can't... I know I never saw my village as my home, but... I can't imagine how it would feel to experience something like that... But... when you've killed Narzhul, are you going to...?"

"Take my own life? That's been my plan for so long" Orxon said. Veerah just nodded.

"I understand, I've had similar thoughts. But are you sure about that?" she asked. Orxon was silent for a moment before he answered.

"For one year, I have been killing a lot of beings. When I do commit the killings, I feel... nothing. But it's afterward that's worse. Every time I close my eyes, I can hear them. Their screams, they just feel so... alive. And I can see myself killing everyone I have killed, and again, and again. I don't think I'm going to be able to continue with a normal life after I've dealt with Narzhul. No, I have to end it, once and for all."

"I see" Veerah said with an thoughtful face. She was silent for awhile, before she spoke up again. And then it dawned upon him. He had pretty much said that he was going to leave her, forever. He realized that by taking his own life, he would be selfish. It wouldn't feel right to leave someone behind like that, someone that's never opened herself up for anyone until now. Besides, he had this strange feeling about her, which intrigued him very deeply.

"But on second thought... I don't know, maybe it's the wrong way of solving things." He could sense some form of cheerfulness from Veerah, although she really tried to hide that.

"That's good. And as I already said, I have felt the same way, so maybe I can help you with that. Besides, I'm an Toa of Psionics after all. I could dig into your mind and see if I could help that way, if I had know."

"Well, I hope we don't have to get that far. I'm not sure I would be comfortable if a female knew my deepest thoughts..." He laughed a bit and smiled at his stupid joke. Veerah probably thought it was stupid as well, but she cracked a smile nonetheless. Sometimes a very stupid joke can make your day feel better. He looked up at the sky, and noticed that they had been sitting here for an hour.

"Alright, I think we have rested enough now. How about you?" he asked.

"I'm ready to get going" she said. Orxon rose up to his feet, and helped Veerah up. He then noticed he held her hand a bit too long, which she noted as well.

"Um... sorry, I just..." He didn't have a good excuse.

"It's okay, don't worry about that." She just smiled at him. Orxon didn't how to react at all to this, so he simply smiled back. And with huge smiles on their faces, they started to head for the port town in the distant.

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