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AN: I just came up with this idea and had to write it down. It's the failed attempts at relationships in the eyes of the people Beck and Jade try dating. They don't work out, because Jade and Beck are still in love with each other and that becomes apparent to the people they try to date. Enjoy.

Sarah Gives Love a Try

Sarah Davis can tell you exactly where she was the moment she found out Beck and Jade broke up. She was in her room painting her nails ignoring the chatter of her best friend Suzy. It was not until the loud screeches of Omygodomygodomygod does she look up. Suzy is clutching her phone and shoving in Sarah's face. Snatching the phone away she sees it's on The Slap homepage. On it she reads:

Beck: Single. Yup

Immediately she and Suzy jump up and down screeching and laughing and basically thanking god that resident hottie was single again. She just has to make him hers.

She gives it time. You can't go up to someone who's been in a relationship for three years and just ask them out. Plus she's a bit nervous, because the girls brave enough to ask him out have dropped out of Hollywood Arts. She's a 100% sure Jade has something to do with that. Still a month after the breakup she decides it's time. She wakes up two hours early to make sure she looks her best and gets to school thirty minutes early. She's noticed that he comes early while Jade comes late just so that they can avoid each other. She thinks it safer to do this without worrying about Jade. She sees him at his locker and walks over.

"Hey Beck," She says giving him a smile she knows is sexy.

"Hi! Tara?" He says eyebrows scrunched up not exactly sure he has her name right. Oh well she thinks. Beggars can't be choosers.

"Sarah actually, and I was wondering. I have tickets to the production of Footloose that's being put on downtown and I wondering if you want to come with me?"

"Like a date" he asks, and she can't exactly read his face.

"Yes?" She means for it to come out strong but it comes off as a question.

"Sure", he smiles. For a second she's stunned. Did he say yes? Did he actually say yes?

"Umm, well I.. I got to go down, b..but I'll call you later." She trips over her own feet walking away and she can feel her face turn red. She just embarrassed herself, but that didn't matter she had a date with Beck Oliver. Both the hottest and nicest guy in school.

In hindsight it wasn't smart to walk anywhere alone. Still a girl had to pee and she found herself in the bathroom. However she did not expect Jade West to come in locking the bathroom door behind her.

"H..hi Jade", she says taking a step back the same time Jade takes on step forward.

"So", Jade says a smile on her face "I hear you and Beck are going out on a date?"It sounds like a question, but Sarah knows it isn't. She also doesn't know what to make of the overly friendly smile on Jade's face. She doesn't trust her voice so she just smiles and nods.

"Well", Jade says, the smile on her face if possible gets bigger. "I just want to wish you luck."

"Really?" She says than immediately wants to take it back. She should've kept her mouth shut while Jade was being nice.

"Well if you're going to start dating Beck, it means you'll be hanging around our group more, and I think everything would be easier if we were friends."

She lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding and smiles. "That would be awesome Jade." With that Jade heads back to the door unlocks it and walks out.

Maybe Jade wasn't as much of a gank as people said she was.

Famous last words.

She meets him after school to trade numbers, and she can't stop smiling. She does notice the fact that Beck isn't really looking at her but at something over her shoulder. Quickly peeking behind her she sees Jade walking with Cat Valentine. She turns back around and his eyes are still trained to Jade. A wave of sadness hits her but it disappears as soon as he's back to looking at her, a cute smile placed on his face. She decides to ignore the incident. Besides he was over her. He wouldn't be going on this date if he wasn't.

The big day comes faster then she thinks, and Suzy is with her and their both throwing clothes around trying to find the perfect outfit.

"I can't believe you're going out with Beck Oliver. I hate you so much! Suzy says this in a joking voice, but she can hear the hint of jealousy."

Suddenly it hits her and her heart pounds and the room feels hot. If things went well she could be calling herself Beck's girlfriend in a couple of weeks. The rest of the day is spent doing hair and makeup and fifteen minutes before he's suppose to arrive, Suzy leaves. She tries to watch TV but she's too nervous to be still. She paces around in her room, before heading downstairs to wait by the window. When he's five minutes late she tells herself it's nothing to worry about. Fifteen minutes and she thinks maybe he's lost. Twenty five minutes and she reaches for her phone. At that exact time her phone rings. It's Beck and she can feel her heart pick up.

"Hello." She says her voice cracking a little.

"Sarah, its Beck. Jade's car broke down, and I'm the only who can help her since her parents are out of town. There's no way I can make it in time, so how about a rain check?"

She can feel her heart fall, and suddenly her throat feels tight.

"No", she chokes out. "I don't think this will work out."

She doesn't stay on long enough to hear his reply. She's not stupid. What's the odd of Jade needing help at the same time as their date? Jade didn't want to be friends; she wanted to get her out of the picture. That's not what upsets her though. It's the fact that beck blew her off to help his ex-girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend he obviously still loves. She turns off her phone and heads upstairs. Wiping her make-up off and putting on pajamas she lays down in bed. Her eyes begin to water, and there's nobody she hates more than Beck Oliver and Jade West. She refuses to cry though.

She tells herself she has nothing to cry about, because he was never really hers.

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