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Sometimes the Best Course of Action, is None At All

Unfortunately the plan doesn't work. It was also unfortunate that no one really had the time to think of any new plans. SATs were coming up with meant Katherine now spent most of her time studying. James and Sarah spent almost every minute together, and Madison was still attending Northridge. The only good thing that came out of it all was that Beck and Jade were no longer seeing other people. This, at least was the point of the plan. Somehow the victory didn't seem so sweet. Beck and Jade were still apart, and still miserable without each other. At one point of time they considered asking their friends for help, but it was a well known fact that their group of friends had a knack for causing problems instead of solving them.

Time went by and Beck and Jade continued to stray far from each other, yet somehow stay close. They still sat at the same lunch table. Jade was in Beck's recent short film, and odds were when the group of friends hung out on the weekends both went. It was almost enough to drive Katherine crazy. Two people obviously meant for each other yet doing nothing about it.


Madison never really came out for Hollywood Arts Showcases. They happened far too often and there was a 90% odd that the person performing would be Tori Vega, or Andre Harris. Bonus points if it was both. Yet when the rumor went around that it was Jade putting on the showcase she knew she was going. It was said that Jade had one of the best voices in the school but hardly ever performed, so later that night she found herself to be surrounded by countless wannabe famous people. While Northridge students didn't have the best reputation at least they didn't parade around acting as if they all had a chance at being famous. It's pretty crowded and it looks like everyone is excited for the show. She just hopes she isn't wasting her time by being here.

It turns out she's not. Jade really outs on a show. Complete with a rocking band, and an awesome song. If this is how Jade usually sounds, she almost feels sorry for Haley and Tara. Lord knows they can't hold a note to save their lives. The biggest surprise however is when Beck Oliver (she still really hates him) comes up on stage. It's an even bigger surprise when the two start making out. She scrunches her nose, because she came for singing not PDA and begins to make her way out to her car. She almost reaches her destination until she receives a text.

Blackbox theatre 10 minutes

Looks like she's staying just a little bit longer.


Ben wasn't exactly sure if it was a smart idea to actually meet whoever had sent the text. It was after hours and for all he knew it could be some murderer. He was put at ease the moment he saw other people in the room.

"Another meeting Katherine?" It wouldn't be the first time she had done this.

"Actually I was hoping you could tell me. Looks like we all got the same message." Okay so maybe there was some creepy murderer on the loose. Shaking his head he contemplated the consequence of just leaving when the door opened. Everyone immediately turned towards the open door, and to everyone's, or at least his own shock Beck followed by a frowning Jade entered. So maybe it wasn't an actual murderer but Jade was close enough?

"Please," he said wearily "tell me you didn't invite us all here so we can watch you two make out again. I think I lost my dinner the first time around."

"Actually we invited you guys here so we can apologize." At this Jade made a noise that suggested she wanted to be anywhere else but here. "We realized the way we treated you guys wasn't right. Right Jade?" When she doesn't say anything Beck shoves her lightly with his elbows. She rolls her eyes but mutters a quiet "sorry".

"And why do you think we care?" Madison sneered from her corner.

"You guys wouldn't have put so much effort into attempting to get us back together that night at the movie's if you didn't care." He could practically hear the wheels churning in Katherine's head.

"You know about that?" Katherine's eyes were wide and it would've been funny if he wasn't so curious about their answers.

"We're not idiots you know."

"I think what Jade meant was that, after realizing you were all there that night and the weird behavior coming from you guys it was kind of obvious." Okay so maybe that wasn't the best of plans.

"Wait, if you knew what we were trying to do, why not just get together?"

"We weren't going to get back together just because you losers made a poor attempt at match making. We agreed that we would get back together on our own time. Fix our own problems you know?" For once Jade didn't seem so scary, or intimidating.

"We realized that on our road to self discovery, we hurt some people on the way. It was never our intentions and we hope you can forgive us." Well then that was that. With that Jade grabbed Beck's hand and muttered something about meeting up with friends. He had to admit that seeing Beck and Jade back together was kind of amazing.

"That was unexpected." Katherine said standing up."It also means our plan sort of worked out, and I'd love to stick around but I have a date with my chemistry book. See you guys later." Just as Katherine came out someone else came in.

"Wrong room." The second the door shut Madison bolted up.

"Who was that?"

"Ryder Daniels." In record time she was opening the door.

"Later Wannabes! Ryder wait up!" John and Sarah laughed while also standing up.

"Think we should tell her?" Sarah asked through her laughter.

"Nah, she'll figure it out soon enough." Or maybe Ryder would treat her right, though the chances were slim.

"Well Sarah and I have a movie to catch. Talk to you later." As Ben watched the rest of his friends go, he felt a pang in his chest. Everyone had someone or something that made them happy, but he had nothing. He didn't freight on it too long, and soon enough he was heading to his own car, plans of watching movies until he fell asleep in his head.

As he passed by the Asphalt Café a group of people caught his eye. Tori Vega and her friends were talking about something. All of them looked amused, and he noticed how different everything looked; now that Beck and Jade were back to seeing close together, it seemed like some balance had been restored. With any luck it would stay that way.

He drives off to the sound of laughter.