My eyes widened in fear, but unknowingly, my wings started to beat at supersonic speed. I rocketed through the air, the blinding wind stung at my eyes, and the mob of arrows was soon far behind me. Quickly as I descended I shot back up in the air, and I was easily camouflaged by the black smoke that was raising high into the red sky.

I soared high over buildings and the burning city, buildings crumbled into ash, and fire ravished the once peaceful city. My wings beat super sonically fast, I whipped through the air, and in no time I began to get to the burning outskirts of Dementa. Small huts were set ablaze, fields of crops were being sprayed with fluids that were probably poisoned, and people were scarce. Not a soul seemed to be out in the wild out skirts of Dementa; it was silent as a graveyard.

As I edged closer to the forest I could still hear the residual, terrified screams of the people trapped inside the burning buildings. The pain inside of me longed to go back and save them, but if I had I surely would have been captured and murdered—just like the hundreds of people in the city.

The large ash trees started to pop up everywhere, their leaves and branches were thick and good for hiding; I started to fly above an ash forest, it was thick, dark, and silent. Far off into the deep forest I could see white smoke rising high into the clouded sky, it contrasted against the dark forest.

It was a sign, either the angels were luring me into a trap, or the others had found a clever way to signal me. I was skeptical of the smoke, but I hadn't seen any angels out this far in the forest; there had been no specks of white—that were angels—I could see.

I soared lower and lower in the clear-ish air, following the white smoke signal. My friends were smart, they disguised it to look like a random fire that broke out in the forest—well done my friends, I applaud you.

Quickly the forest raced beneath me, the dark trees were a blur, open patches looked like dead spots on a giant, dark green cloth; the smoke was beginning to get lighter, it was fading against the red sky, and turning parts of the blood red sky a bloody pink kind of color.

Slowly, I began my decent into the trees, I was close to the smoke, and it was now or never; I would die without my friends. The dark, ash trees neared me, and soon enough I was engulfed in the darkness of the ash trees. Leaved poked at me as I fell from the sky—ha, a fallen angel falling from the sky.

Dark leaves fell around me, and I gripped my bow tight as the branches tried to rip it away from me. One branch in particular—and it can go to hell—stabbed me in the face, it cut clear across my cheeks and nose; fuck you branch. Blood poured from my wound; it trickled down my face, and dropped off of my chin.

That branch can go to fucking hell and burn to, before I could finish my thought I felt a hard and firm presence under my feet; I immediately went into a squat position, and I stared at my surroundings. Not a soul looked to be around me.

Carefully, I stood up in a normal position, my bow clutched in my hands, and I slowly pulled an arrow from my quiver and drew back my bow. The creak of the steel string rung through the quiet forest, and I slowly and quietly stepped forward. My, what I planned to be silent, step was probably the loudest thing in the forest, and I had stepped on a pile of leaves and the leaves crunched under the weight of my foot sending a nice and loud crunch noise through the forest.

I cringed and mentally face palmed myself, now somebody or creature that lay hidden in Dementa's woods could have clearly heard me, and now it could have been stalking me waiting for the perfect time to kill. With my bow string drawn back, I crept in the direction the smoke was coming from, and I made sure that time that I didn't step on any leaves or twigs.

Snap! I heard a loud twig snap come from behind me, and I quickly whipped my body around to face what had been stalking me. The large bush rustled, something was defiantly following me. And as much as I desperately wanted to yell out "I know you're there" I didn't, it could be a very mad angel armed with much more advanced weapons than a simple bow.

"Wait," A familiar voice said, and from behind the bush something stood up; a person. Through the light being let in by the trees, I could see that a girl with dark circles around her eyes was standing up slowly with her arms raised in defense. Her eyes were turquoise, she had dirty blond hair that was long and wavy, and she had very distinct, grey wings—Emily.

I lowered my guard and smiled, and I saw Emily smile right back; she was still wearing the same clothes she had been wearing the day that Ashley and I had met her. "Alexandria!" She said excitedly, and Emily quickly ran out from behind the bush. An old, worn, leather satchel that looked to be stuffed full.

Emily stood in front of me, a large smile on her face, and she asked quietly "I finally found you! Where have you been?"

I smiled, "I've been in the city, have you seen it lately? It's a mad house!"

Emily laughed quietly, "Yeah, I saw it. You know some of your friends set up camp back there," she pointed behind me, "you want to go or what?" I nodded in agreement, and I spun around heading towards the smoke.

The forest was quiet, and my bow string was drawn back fully. I large droplet of blood rolled off of the tip of my nose and onto the green grass, my heart beat rapidly as I moved slowly through the dark forest, and my breaths were short and rapid. Emily and I walked towards the smoke, we awaited an ambush—we could have been captured at any moment, and we only had a few bombs and a horrible archer to protect us.

Rustle, a bush in front of us had just moved, and my guard was on high alert—the bow was down at my waist, and it was trying to be hidden from plain sight. I began to move faster through the silent woods towards what had made the sound; I could hear Emily's rapid heartbeat behind me.

Silently, I walked towards the bush; and my arrow tip was facing down towards the bush—you can never be too careful in Dementa. As I was standing right in front of the bush I kicked it, and a very hard object collided with my boot.

A figure in the shadows jolted up, in the shadows of the trees I could see the scratch marks on a man's face, two obsidian circles sat in pools of white for his eyes; he held a silver knife in his gloved hand, and one of his hands was gripping my throat. His dark eyes made contact with mine, and they grew in size—"Alexandria," he mumbled.

His hand released my throat; he dropped his silver knife to the ground, and pulled me closed to his warm body. "I thought you were dead," Ashley whispered in my ear, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Ashley released his death grip on me and sighed in relief once again, "I thought I lost you," he said with pain in his voice. His dark eyes met with mine, they looked to be in pain.

"Ashley," I asked quietly, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Emily peered from behind me, and Ashley said in surprise "Oh, hi Emily." Ashley stepped out from behind the bush and was standing right next to me; his hand was holding mine tightly.

Emily waved at Ashley casually, "Hey," she murmured.

"They guys are worried sick about you," Ashley pointed to the thick woods behind him, "Come on, let's go, they really want to know if you're ok." Ashley took me by the hand and Emily followed closely behind us through the thick forest, "By the way what happened to your face?" Ashley asked curiously.

"I had a nasty confrontation with a tree branch," I said casually, "don't ask—it's embarrassing."

Ashley laughed at me, "Nice one smarty-pants."

I reached up with my free hand and flicked him in the back of his black and fluffy head, "Shut-up, ass-butt," I chuckled. We all laughed in unison, and continued to walk within the dense forest; fallen leaves were crushed under our feet, twigs snapped in silence, and not a sound could be heard.

"So," I whispered, "how did you escape, Emily?"

"Well," She started, "I went over just a few hours after you did, and the angels were on my ass so I set off a couple smoke bombs and the forest was covered in a matter of seconds, they were lost for hours." Emily laughed deviously, and she walked up closer to me. "I'll teach all of you guys how to make some bombs, they're pretty useful in sticky situations."

Ashley butted in, "It seems we've been getting into a lot of those lately." And then, I saw him.

C.C. was standing in the middle of nowhere with the biggest smile on his face that I had seen in ages; all of his white teeth were barred, his black lips were pulled back and they yelled "Alexandria! You weren't murdered!"

I released my hand from Ashley's and began to run towards C.C., I yelled fairly loudly "C.C.!" and I began to run through the brush. He ran towards me with his charcoaled arms out stretched for me to run in, and once he and I were right in front of each other I flung myself into his arms. C.C. wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up off of the ground and gently shook me.

"I thought you were dead!" I yelled in my ear.

I was more than happy, and I yelled in his ear "I thought you were dead too!"

My heart raced inside of my chest, and C.C. finally put me down after shaking me like you shake a goldfish in a bag that you get for the fair. As my feet touched the grass C.C. began to laugh hysterically, "Wait till you see what Andy did! I bet you'll have a great laugh at him," he said between his fits of laughter.

Oh god, I thought, what the hell did he do this time? I looked behind me, and behind a bush Ashley and Emily were standing uncomfortably—they shifted around and stared at their feet for most of the time. "Come on," C.C. signaled to them, "I'll take you back to see what Andy did."

We walked through the forest for what seemed like ages, and C.C.'s loud and funny laugh rung through the forest every time he spoke about Andy—this had better be good, because C.C. was totally blowing our cover. Ok, maybe I did too. But, Ashley and Emily were being good; and way too quiet.

On occasion I checked back to look at them and as of every time I looked back at them they were just standing uncomfortably next to each other not saying a word. I could feel in my gut that something was wrong with the both of them, or maybe just one—and I was worried that it was Ashley. He had been looking like he had this internal pain that would just attack him at random times, and he would always just say that he was fine and not to worry; but I had begun to worry. This was a mystery waiting to be cracked, and I was determined to find out what was wrong with Ashley.

Suddenly, all of us too a sharp right turn and clouds of white smoke billowed in from nowhere. I began to cough, "I guess this is where you had your camp set up," Emily said out of nowhere.

"Yeah, but the fire kind of got out of hand and Andy had a little accident," C.C. said casually to Emily.

And the very first thing I hear is as I entered the campsite was the familiar voice of Andy yelling, "My mane!" Then the awful smell of burnt hair lingered in the air. The smoke was so thick it was hard to see or breathe; the air was sticky and hot.

"Somebody fix this smoke problem!" I yelled coughing, and now I had lost Ashley, C.C., and Emily in the smoke. "Where the fuck is everybody!" I yelled angrily.

"Well, I'm right behind you, and Mason is using my hair as a leash," A girl yelled, and I turned around to see a fairly short girl with curly black and blonde hair. Her eyes locked on to mine, and behind her I could see a large chunk of her hair being held up by an invisible force—this must have been the girl that was with Mason in the sanctuary, you know before it got lit on fire.

"Hi," She said in a kind voice, "I'm Sally," and Sally stuck her hand out for me to shake, which I did in an awkward manor. I swear he voice was like liquid butter it was so smooth and calming, her voice could put a baby to sleep by just saying "Go the fuck to sleep."

"Alexandria," I said while shaking her hand, and then Mason popped out from behind Sally in a shy manor—I never took Mason as a shy type of person, just extremely quiet all the time.

"So," Mason said quietly, "have you seen Andy's catastrophe?" I shook my head, but I was really anxious to see how bad it was. "You really should," Mason mumbled.

"Oh shit! That is fire right there," C.C. shouted in a way that he was trying to impress someone but failed. Oh C.C., you are a strange little boy. I walked past Sally and Mason in hopes of finding the others, and I began to walk blindly into the white smoke.

I walked around with my hands in front of me just in case if I were to hit something—which was a very likely thing to happen since I am a total klutz. The smoke clouded my vision, and right next to me I heard the sizzling sound of hair burning. "My mane!" Andy shouted to what seemed right next to me.

I turned around and standing a few feet away from me was Andy—well, Andy if he had cut all of his luxurious hair off. It was flopped on the front and very short on the sides, like buzz cut short on the sides but with little tufts of hair.

Lying in Andy's hand was a lump of sizzling hair, it was long and frazzled looking, and it gave off the most horrible odor. Then, the laughter came. I tried to keep it in, I really did, but it didn't work out too well.

"Bwhahahaha!" I laughed loudly, and Andy turned to me—a look of pure sadness was on his face, and he gave me a glare.

"Stop, my mane burned off—and it hurt a lot; emotionally and physically," Andy whined. Andy loved his hair—like he obsessed over it—and I mean he loved it, if he could of he would have married his hair, and now it was gone; I have to admit I kind of felt bad for him. Losing his hair would probably be the equivalent of Ashley dumping me, so it probably hurt a lot to Andy—but it was still hilarious.

"Do you know where everyone else is?" I asked Andy.

"No," He said, "but you just found Mason and Sally so that's a start—and you found me as well." I nodded.

I took a big smoky breath in and belted out, "Find a buddy and head north!" I looked at Andy who was standing right next to me and I said in a little kid voice, "First rule of the buddy system: always hold hands." And I leant out my hand for Andy to grab.

Andy laughed to himself, "I think your boyfriend would literally kill me if I held your hand."

I smiled, and then said deviously, "Then hold my hair—the hair that you don't have any more," and I began to laugh hysterically and I swear tears formed in Andy's baby blue eyes. "Last one, I swear." I held up my right hand to swear, but I knew that would totally not be the last one.

Andy grabbed onto a large chunk of my curly hair, and I began to walk in the direction that I thought was north. I marched past the fire pit that was spewing white smoke that coated all of our lungs, only soot and a few hot coals were left, and they sat red in the white soot.

The smoke was thinning out, and to my right I could make out three figures—one man two women. They did not follow the buddy rule! One of the girls was tall, like super tall—abnormally tall. She had black hair with aqua ends and her light blue eyes were locked on me; this was the girl Andy was with in the sanctuary.

Then, I felt Andy let go of my hair and in slow motion he began to run towards her; she had a happy smile on her face that looked like it was mixed with laughter for Andy's accident. He ran with outstretched arms waiting to hug her, she flung herself into Andy's vest covered chest and stayed there for a while—it was pretty cute.

Darian and a girl with long dark brown and black hair stood behind Andy, they looked as if they felt awkward, and the girl was shuffling nervously. Darian held her hand protectively, and whispered in her ear.

"Boo!" C.C. yelled behind me, and that immediately caused me to jump a good ten feet in the air; I almost spread my wing and flew away.

I balled my fists and spun around, C.C. was standing with Emily and both of them were hunched over laughing. "Little assholes," I muttered, "While you're laughing your asses off, could somebody tell me where Ashley is?"

I felt a warm hand tap on my shoulder, and I turned around once again. Ashley was standing behind me now, and he had a large grin on his face—I smiled back at him. "Hi! I found you!" I said excitedly.

"I guess you did, but I found you first," Ashley folded his arms and was acting all arrogant.

"Did not," I countered his remark.

"Did too," Ashley whined, and then looked at me with his big, dark brown, puppy-dog eyes—that were his way of getting me to do whatever he wanted me to do.

"No," I said sternly, but his eyes just burrowed their way into my soul and made me feel bad for every wrong deed that I had ever done. "No," I said firmly, but I was losing; his eyes just made me feel even worse by saying no, "Fine," I grumbled, "You win."

A wide smile spread across Ashley's pouted face and his eyes returned to their adorableness, he took my hand and said sweetly "Thank you."