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There was a strange humming. It was strong and steady. And the more that she concentrated the more she felt the hum resonate through her body. It was warm. It was alive. Rounding the corner she came to the entrance of the console room and paused.

There was someone there. She had blond hair matted to her face. Blood splattered on various places of her clothes. She was breathing hard. Her eyes darted back and forth as she sat in some sort of metal chair.

"Ummm…who are you?" Amy asked softly as she walked into the room. The Doctor would surely be upset with her later on for walking into the console room but a girl had just appeared. In the Tardis nonetheless. And she didn't look dangerous. In fact she looked terrified.

The girl's eyes swiveled to hers immediately and Amy was struck back by how desperate her brown eyes were. She mumbled something that Amy couldn't hear as her hands started shaking.

"What?" Amy now stood on the opposite side of the center console. This was as close as she was going to get.

"Hee..." the woman gasped for breathe and threw her head back, "Help him."

'Help him? Something's wrong. I was wrong. The Doctor needs to see this.'

"Just give me a moment I'll get the…."

"No!" the woman tried lifting her arms but they looked like they were being held by an invisible force, "They are coming. You must run."

"Who are you? What do you mean?"

The woman's lips scrunched up as she tried to keep her tears at bay. It was no use as they slid down her cheeks. The soft crying turned into heart wrenching sobs, "They will use me. They will use me against…against him…..please…run!"

Amy stepped back as the woman began thrashing about on the seat as if she wanted to grab Amy and shake her until she got the message. Her image began to flicker as screams erupted from her mouth as if she was being tortured. Her wrists began to bleed and for the first time Amy realized that something was holding more than just her wrists. Something was stopping her from moving even an inch forward and when she pressed herself forward she could see something digging into her skin. The screams died down and the woman looked around as if she was lost and hadn't just yelled at Amy.

"Amy?" Rory was calling out to her from somewhere in the Tardis. Any moment he would be here and the Doctor was surely not far behind.

"Just give me a second…my friends can help," she started moving around the console to the panicked woman.

The woman's eyes finally focused on her again as the sound of running feet could be heard coming straight for the console room. Her eyes looked at Amy with such desperation that Amy felt her heart clench and her feet stop moving. Her imagine started flickering more as she tried to free herself, "Don't you understand? They…are…coming. Tell him to run Amy Pond. You tell him. TELL HIM TO RUN!"

Amy gasped as the woman spoke her name. Any second now the woman would disappear and the Doctor and Rory would never see what she was seeing. This impossible and horrible sight. Amy rushed forward and tried to gain the woman's attention. Everything else be damned. She was hurt. She was scared. And it was scaring the hell out of Amy, "Hey. Look at me. Come on. It's alright. Just tell me who? Who should run?"

The woman stopped thrashing suddenly and sat still. Amy stood in shock as she ceased to move. Her eyes looked into Amy's as blood dribbled out of the side of her mouth. She rasped out, "The Doctor."

And then she was gone. Amy stood there in shock and began to panic.

"No, no, no. Come back!"

"Amy?" someone shouted from nearby, "Are you okay? Amy?"

She felt Rory's hand of her shoulder before he stepped in front of her and blocked her view. Amy pushed him to the side and hurried over to where the woman was and began looking for any signs that she had been there. There was nothing. No blood. No scratch marks from the chair that she had been sitting in. Nothing.

"It can't be. I saw her. I saw her! I'm not going crazy."

She dropped to her knees and touched the piece of floor directly where the woman had been. And instantly she felt it. The warmth of the humming that had brought her out of her room and into the console room. It was there.

Faintly she could hear Rory asking her what was wrong. But all her attention was on the warmth beneath her hands. All her attention was on that soft humming feeling the floor was resonating.

Tears sprung in her eyes at the helplessness she felt at the moment, "She was real."

The Doctor's voice came from her left and she couldn't turn to look at him. Her eyes were focused on that one spot, "She was real."

"Who was real? Amy, who was real?"

"The woman. She was bleeding and hurt. But she was real."

She was so real. And if she was real then there was something seriously wrong. Whoever she was or where ever she was located at…she would find her. She would stop the pain and sadness that was clearly visible in her eyes. She had too. But she needed help. Finally turning towards the Doctor she said, "There was a woman in the console room. She was all beaten and bloody. She was here. Sitting in a chair."

"Impossible," Rory said from her other side.

The Doctor sent him a look before focusing back on Amy, "What was she doing here?"

"She was here to give a warning. To ask for help in protecting someone. She said that they are coming and that they will use her against…"

"Who Amy? Who are they coming for?" the Doctor interjected quickly.

Amy paused as she remembered the sadness in the woman's eyes. And hidden behind that had been…hope. Hope that Amy would listen to her. That Amy would help her. This wasn't coincidence. She had come directly to the Tardis as if she knew what or where she was going. Looking up at the Doctor's concerned face she replied, "They're coming for you."

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To be continued?

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