Cearbhail: My new story. Bare with me, this story has no real plot or any real purpose. I'm sure this story will write itself in time. If you're common with Anime, think of Lucky Star and Toradora. This is a slice of life, humorous, and romantic. there will be plenty of funny characters along the way. I hope you enjoy and please review. I wish to hear your thoughts and ideas for this story.

Chapter 1: Introductions

Dear journal,

Ok, so today is the day. I have to look strong, look beautiful, and keep a stoic face. Today, I am to meet my Thane. The Nord who saved Whiterun from the Dragon. It is said that he is Dragonborn…so I have to keep my cool. I heard he killed the Dragon with little effort. Why would he need a woman like me to follow him around? I guess I should be honored, but I can't help but feel a little…pressured to be the servant and housemate to the great Dragonborn man. From what I've heard of him, his face was carved from the Gods. I can only hope that I appear un-wanting of any offer he gives me. I have to bring my family honor, yes, but…am I ready for anything like that?

I may be 24, but even though that makes me too old to be married by society's standards, which is why I was chosen for this role, I can't help but feel that this may…become something. I know, I know…I don't even know the guy yet and he'll probably be this strong, buff, handsome, humble, maybe a little snobbish now that he found out he's this world's savor but…come on! What could he possibly see in a tiny woman like me? I only have one answer: I have to be gruff, strong-looking, and more importantly, I have to be completely rude to anything he says. Well, here we go!


I exhaled as I reached for the doorknob. I was warned ahead of time that I had to do this. I had to officially present myself to my Thane. I turned away from the doorknob and looked over at the mirror again. I looked at my full-body image in the mirror. Ok, time to do my checklist again. Armor, check. I could not present myself without completely shiny yet worn-in armor. He wouldn't take new armor seriously, but he would also see dinged and scarred armor or even dirty armor as a lack of discipline for my gear. I ran my fingers through my hair, loving the black color that I had managed to maintain the past few years. I was sure I could use this hair to my advantage if I decided to woo him. My eyes were as sharp as they could be too. I would pierce into his soul.

As I reached for the doorknob again, I paused. What if…what if he didn't like me? What if I wasn't good enough for him to accept me as his Housecarl? I mean, my uncle told me that I should be honored that he chose me for this role…that and that if I could get him to like me enough that he might grow fond of me, but I just didn't know if I was good enough. My pale skin might be enough for him to not be attracted to me. After all, we're Nords. We live outside, we fight outside, we are active and that activity only exists outside. My pale skin looks like I spend all my time inside, doing nothing. That image that could easily sink into his mind could be detrimental to him accepting me.

I cleared my head as I twisted the doorknob. I had to do this. I had to face him. He was like an enemy that I had to conquer. That was how I had to face this. I had to face this with my sword arm grasping his soul like it was mine and dominating it…but I had to be his servant so…I guess I needed to be a little docile and accepting of his orders? Jeez, how was I supposed to appear dedicated, strong, flexible, and yet…commendable?

I could only sigh and close my eyes as I opened the door and left my room. This castle had been my home for the past months, preparing me to be a guard for this town, but now I guess that training was going to keeping the great Dragonborn alive instead.

I walked across the wooden floors, letting my feet stomp lightly on the floor; showing a presence to my step and yet enough subtly that I could be light on my feet in case it was needed. I gently flowed with speed and authority into the dining area, looking at my little cousin and my uncle as they sat down to their plates of meat. Yes, my uncle was Jarl Balgruuf. I am a Battle-Born.

My eyes drifted from Uncle Balgruuf and over to the Nord who patiently waited in his seat. He glanced up at me and nodded a welcome. I felt my heart come to a stop. His face did look like it was chiseled from the stone of the Gods..

My uncle nodded to me. "Lydia, this is…"

I bowed my head. "Welcome to Dragonsreach, Dragonborn. I am your new Housecarl, your servant, and your house keeper." I dared to look up at him, not only seeing him look confused, but a little shaken by my quick and high pitched introduction. I admit; I was so nervous that my voice cracked on my introduction. Great…I think I just ruined any first impression I could have given to him.

Both the Dragonborn and my uncle shared eyes for a second and then they both burst out laughing. Uncle looked over at the Dragonborn and said, "Lydia…this isn't the Dragonborn. This is your old childhood friend, Hadvar. He's here to discuss getting our town ready for the Stormcloaks that are getting ready to breathe down our doorway."

I only blushed, which showed on my completely pale face. Hadvar smiled back at me and laughed as he saw my face. "Hello, Lydia. It's been a while. I almost didn't recognize you."

I only nodded to him, finally being able to relax a bit. "Yeah, you sure have changed too. If I had not been so nervous about meeting the Dragonborn, I might have noticed that it was you sitting there."

"Excuse me." A voice seemed to boom from behind me.

I turned around and saw a skinny Nord standing behind me. He looked like he had never lifted a weight in his life. I moved aside and said, "Welcome to Dragonsreach. Do you need to talk to the Jarl or something?" I poked him in the arm and said, "Man, you sure look depleted. Do you require some meat for those skinny things you call arms?"

My uncle face-palmed and said, "Lydia…that is the Dragonborn."

I turned back to the Dragonborn, almost shocked. I held my face as impassive as I could but my heart had practically stopped. I bowed to him and said, "Honored Thane, my name is Lydia and I have been selected to be your Housecarl. If you wish to be presented with a test of my skill and knowledge of any sort, I am prepared to show you…"

He shrugged and walked past me. "Nah. You're fine, just relax." He paused by the table and said, "But that meat does sound good now that you mention it. Think I'll have a piece, if that's ok with you, Jarl Balgruuf."

Balgruuf only nodded. "This feast is for you, Dragonborn. Please help yourself."

I only stood there. All that preparation I did…for months… was just wasted. I did not get to show him how lucky he was to have me as his Housecarl. It seemed like he didn't even care in the slightest. I almost did not want to take that sitting down. No Nord would ever take that sitting down. Struggling, I clenched my fist and stood my ground. I looked over at my uncle, who had noticed my clenched fist. He shook his head very discreetly at me; telling me to keep calm and just accept it as it was. I forced my fist to unclench. He was right, I was accepted. This was the only thing that mattered.

Cearbhail: This is just the beginning. I hope to enjoy this story, making a good parody of what their life is like.