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When we all had some popcorn cooked, I sat down with Victoria and everyone else. I looked around the room, nodding to them. "Ok, guys. I'm going to need your help with this one so…just be yourselves." They all nodded. I looked back at the reporter. "You want the full story? Ok. I first met Asger right here in Whiterun almost a year and a half ago."

"It's only been nine months!" Asger said. He shook his head in amusement. He turned to face the reporter. "We met on the 16th of First Seed of last year. I should know, I wrote it in my diary." He crossed his arms and nodded to himself.

Victoria nodded, writing that down. "Big scoop…the High King has a diary! Imagine the dirt." She smiled and nodded. "Ok, so what happened next?"

I cleared my throat. "Well, that day when I met Asger, I was assigned as his Housecarl for his services in Whiterun. He helped us slay a dragon that was threatening us and when we found out he was Dragonborn, my Uncle decided to make him a Thane and gave him a house here in Whiterun. I was training to be a guard for the city's defense against the Imperials and the Stormcloaks when I was asked to become Asger's Housecarl. It was a tremendous honor for someone like me to be the guard of the Dragonborn so I accepted. After I was made his housecarl we left for Riften. We met his friend M'aiq and I knocked him out. We ended up at an inn where I got in a fight with some Nords. I ended up pinned under three men while Asger was busy fighting off two women."

"Oooh…very scandalous." She hissed out in joy as she took notes. "Continue."

"Well Asger unleashed his Shout that he calls Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint and then nailed everyone to the floor. Trust me; there was no getting up after that beating. Then Hadvar, my old friend, intervened and we were transported to an Imperial camp to fight a dragon. We killed it. Then we went to Riften and captured it in the name of the Empire. We also killed the leader of the Thieves Guild and replaced it with a kinder leader. Then we found some old perverted man named Esbern who was supposed to know about the dragons and why they were coming back to life."

Asger looked over at me. "You forgot to mention our…" I rammed my elbow in his side. I gave him a very sharp look that said, Don't you dare mention her! The Aldmeri Dominion might be reading this later.

"Your what?" Victoria asked.

Asger looked from me over to her. "Our breakfast that day. It was very good. Pancakes with honey syrup. Riften has some of the best maple trees surrounding the area, so they have this very delicious syrup for their pancakes. If nothing else, you should go at least one of them before you die. Man…I still dream about it."

I turned back to Victoria, saying, "Well, after we got Esbern, we were attacked by the Aldmeri Dominion. They wanted him so that they could learn about the dragons and because they hate Blades, which he was the archivist back then. So, anyway, we freed him and we started going to Riverwood where some woman named Delphine, who was the leader of the Blades, was waiting for us. Asger was leading us so…we got lost. We ran into a blind seer on the way there and gave her a lift to Dawnstar, which was where we ended up after we got lost. But before we arrived in Dawnstar due to our confusion, we also ran into an orphaned Khajiit cub that didn't have a name. We fed her and she started following us."

Victoria looked over at Ruby and nodded. "Is she the same cub?"

Ruby nodded. She pounded her chest, saying, "You bet. My name is Nisha Ruby Stonearm! I'm their daughter!"

Victoria's face beamed. "She speaks in first person! Imagine the interview's attention! A Khajiit that speaks in first person. So cool!"

Ruby smiled. "I'm also a crystal shaman…a fashion designer, and a bit of an inventor as well."

Victoria had already turned her attention back to me. "Ok, so you said you went to Riften for the old man named Esbern. You said that he knew about the dragons. What exactly did he know?"

Esbern walked up, waving to her. "Excuse me, I'm Esbern." He cleared his throat, closing his eyes. "Well first off, I'd like to say that the old Akaviri prophesized that dragons would return to our world when it came time for Alduin the World Eater to unmake our world. We were coming into the age of destruction, where Alduin would consume us all, returning everything to the Void. The only way Alduin could ever be defeated was if a Dragonborn was given to us, which was exactly what happened." He waved over to Asger, saying, "The gods had delivered our Dragonborn Asger Stonearm to us so that we may bring ourselves from destruction. That is what I knew about the dragons. This information would have not benefitted the Aldmeri Dominion one bit, unless they made it their mission to find the Dragonborn and support his mission to kill Alduin."

Elenwen walked up, crossing her arms. "Which we would have. I had already met the Dragonborn at my party and we may have…made out for a couple hours."

"Mother!" Fiirnar said while looking over to her. "But…Father…"

She turned to glare at her. "Is un-aging and unhappy with my age. Instead of turning me, he'd rather find a younger one to spend the next 100 years with, until she'll start to look like me." She turned to face the reporter. "I assure you that the Aldmeri branch here in Skyrim only wishes to help in any way it can. Since Councilor Fiirnar has declared his resolve to conquer this nation…the Aldmeri branch here will defy him. You may put this in your report, I wish for Fiirnar to read it himself. The Aldmeri Dominion branch in Skyrim will break away from the Aldmeri Dominion and will instead rejoin the new Empire under the name Aldmeri Alliance. If anyone wishes to join us in our revolution, they may come seek us out in Skyrim. We are recruiting." She turned to look at Asger, sticking out her hand for a handshake. "You have our help, High King. Together, we will find this peaceful world you seek, or together we will die."

Asger took her hand, nodding when he shook her hand. "Thank you, Elenwen. It's nice to hear that I will have your support. May I suggest that you toss your dark and imposing leather overcoats for more…unintimidating robes instead? You know something that makes you look less like an evil dictator."

She looked down at her outfit, frowning. "Huh…I never noticed just how evil I looked with this combination of black leather and sharp angles. I thought I looked like a peace keeper."

Ruby rose her hand, screaming, "I would be honored to help you design a new outfit for the new Aldmeri Alliance!"

Elenwen turned to face her, smiling. "That would be lovely, dear. We'll start drawing up designs after this interview."

"Can I get a close up interview with you two once you decide on a design?" Victoria asked. "I'd like to be the first one to show the people what our new elven friends will dress like, so we don't confuse them with our elven dictators." Both Elenwen and Ruby nodded, making Victoria smile deeply. "Simply awesome." She turned to look at me. "Ok, so we have how you met the Dragonborn, your mission to Riften, and the explanation of why dragons were returning. The people will be well informed of this when we write up our articles for Skyrim Weekly. Shall we return to the story? So, you were going to Riverwood but got lost and ended up in Dawnstar. Now this…blind girl that was with you? How come I don't see her with you now?"

I looked at Asger and forced a frowny face. I reached over to him and wrapped him up in my arms, hugging him close to me. Time to lie. "Once we arrived in Dawnstar, we found out that the little girl was a seer and a powerful one. This Thalmor had come into town looking for Asger, but found the little girl."

"Ah…I remember Councilor Fiirnar saying something about killing that girl because of an event that happened 200 years ago. From what I imagine, she was able to travel in time, or maybe she was a vampire. Am I correct?" Victoria asked as she pointed a crystal ball recorder towards me.

I shrugged. "I don't know. We hardly knew the girl, but still…seeing her die like that was enough to shake us pretty badly. She was an orphan and wanted us to be her parents. We were going to tell her we'd love to have her but she was killed before we could tell her." I looked at Victoria. She looked like she believed me. I wish I could have told her the truth about Cecilie but I don't think it would do any good for Councilor Fiirnar to learn that Cecilie was my daughter from the future and that she was alive and well, not to mention growing inside me at the very moment. He'd just come here and kill us before I could give birth. For now…she'd have to remain a secret.

Victoria took a second to let it sink in. She finally nodded, saying, "So, what happened after you left Dawnstar?"

Asger started talking. "We traveled to Riverwood and united Esbern with Delphine. It was a short reunion and we shortly left for a hidden Blade temple that held some secret about Alduin and how we could defeat him. Along the way we ran into an Argonian teenager assassin named Maleek that said he had a contract to kill me. He failed…many times but we let him follow us. By now the Khajiit had named herself Ruby and was pretty much Lydia's daughter. We eventually found the temple and found 'Alduin's Wall'. The wall told us that a Shout that could only be learned by a Dragonborn was the only way to kill Alduin. Being a Dragonborn, I started looking for this Shout so that I could kill Alduin."

Victoria nodded. "Ok, that makes sense. So, what happened next?"

"I traveled up to High Hrothgar to see if the Graybeards knew anything about the Shout. They did not, nor did they want me to know anything either. But they allowed me to speak to their leader, a dragon by the name Paarthurnax." Asger pointed up to the sky to the dragons circling above us. "That larger dragon is Paarthurnax, the leader of the Graybeards. When I met with him, he told me about the Shout that was used to make Alduin mortal. It didn't kill Alduin, but it made him mortal, so that he could be killed. The only problem was that Paarthurnax didn't know the Shout himself because the Dragonborn created it. So, Paarthurnax sent me to go find an Elder Scroll, one that recorded the event in detail. I found the Elder Scroll with Brelyna's help."

"Brelyna?" Victoria asked. "Which one of you is Brelyna?"

She held up her hand. "Um…I am."

Victoria glanced at her before looking over at me. "She's very pretty, Lydia. Are you jealous that your husband was hanging around with her?"

I shrugged. "We weren't dating at the time. Well…we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but…it wasn't exclusive."

She looked back over at Asger, saying, "Why was Brelyna with you?"

I cleared my throat, saying, "She was with him because I was staying behind at the Blades' hidden base to train in the way of the Blades. He needed some help so he called his old friends from the College of Winterhold to help him."

"That and…" Brelyna started to say, "I…" She looked away from us before looking at Asger. "I kinda loved him. I mean…he helped me a lot while we were at the college. It was only natural that I developed some feelings for him. He didn't expect me to be better at magic because of my Telvanni upbringing and he even assisted me in developing new spells. He…he's the reason I was able to make a contract with Fiora, Frosty, and even Sparks. Were it not for him, I would have probably died in the College with several other mages when Ancano tried to kill us all. I was traveling with him while he searched for the Staff of Magnus and several other things so I was used to his company and how he performed his quests. When he told me that he needed help finding an Elder Scroll…I didn't hesitate when I told him I'd come along. I didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time…nor did we do anything that would jeopardize his relationship." She blurted out quickly, looking at me with pleading eyes. "I'm serious, Lydia…it's been bothering me for a while and just wanted you to know."

I nodded to her. "It's ok, Brelyna. I trust you."

She allowed a breath to escape before Victoria laughed and scribbled more stuff down into her notepad. "Dragons, legends…love triangles…I LOVE IT!" She screamed to us. "This series of articles will be some of our best material ever known." She looked over at Asger. "So, you found the Elder Scroll. What did you do after that?"

Asger looked over at Brelyna. "Well, before we got the Scroll, we ran into one of those Dwarven centurions. It wasn't moving at the time and when it did move, Brelyna was right in front of it with her back turned. She got sliced up pretty good; she was almost killed. Well, I lured it away from Brelyna and she started healing herself. I meanwhile, kept it busy and eventually killed it. And since Brelyna was seriously messed up, I told her to go home. So, now I was traveling to High Hrothgar with the Scroll in hand. I told M'aiq to get Lydia and the other Blades so that we could stand a chance against Alduin. Well…they arrived late, and while I was reading the Scroll, Alduin flew down and ate me. I tried Shouting in his stomach, but I couldn't Shout while I was in his throat. Well, that changed when Alduin spat me up and I found Lydia slamming him in the stomach. She freed me from Alduin."

"So, is that how you killed Alduin?" Victoria asked.

Asger shook his head. "No, he flew away before I could finish him off." He turned to look at me. "But that's when I learned that Alduin could travel to Sovngarde, so I had to find a way to go there and kill him before he could recover from his wounds. But before we could get to that quest line, I was trying to get the Imperial forces here led by General Tullius to meet with Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak so that we could make a truce. It started in Dawnstar with that blind girl that was killed. She was an Imperial seer so…the Dominion violated part of the treaty they signed, killing an employee of the Empire. So, with that in mind, I wanted the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion to join together so that our country would not be weakened anymore and so that we could take the fight to the Dominion and free Tamriel from their influence."

Victoria nodded. "Now I'm starting to see how all this started coming together. As we all know, you successfully got the Stormcloaks and the Imperials to meet up and discuss a truce. How did you get them to come here?"

Asger smiled and looked over at me. "We ended up in Windhelm to talk to Ulfric Stormcloak about it. He agreed and gave us two axes: one for Balgruuf and one for Tullius. One axe was given to Lydia to give to her Uncle, and one was given to me to give to Tullius. So Lydia traveled back to Whiterun and talked to her Uncle…Uncle Balgruuf the Jarl of this hold. When she told him about our intentions, he allowed us to hold a peace conference here in Whiterun. Meanwhile, I was with Tullius telling him about the murder of the seer and urging him to come down here. He agreed too."

Victoria nodded, writing it down. "Most Nords do not understand the importance of an axe these days. Between allies and enemies it has a very significant meaning. For allies, it's an ally's invitation for peace and comrade, while enemies view it as a warning of impending doom and destruction. For Lydia and Asger to arrange for a peace treaty, handing out axes could very well have been seen as an honest attempt at a peace rally, or as a warning of an impending army on those involved." She nodded to us before saying, "So, did anything happen in between all this?"

I shrugged. "Well, before I could get to Whiterun to give my axe to Uncle Balgruuf, I ended up involved in a questline involving vampires that were trying to blot out the sun."

Victoria nodded again. "Ah yes, I remember that day when the sun vanished for a full six minutes. What actually happened?"

Asger looked over at Serana and Babette. "Those two are vampires, more than that, they are Daughters of Coldharbour. When their blood is combined with an Aedric artifact known as Auriel's Bow it can be used to darken the sun so that vampires aren't affected by the rays of the sun. Lord Harken, a Vampire Lord bent on ruling the world, wanted the bow so he could take over Skyrim. When the sun faded, it was because he achieved his goal and acquired the bow. He mortally wounded both of my friends here and used their blood to fuel the bow. When he did use it, the sun vanished. But I didn't stop fighting until Lord Harken was dead. And once Lord Harken was dying, I used the bow to return the sun to us. That's what happened in those six minutes of the sun disappearing."

Victoria began scribing in her journal notebook. "It seems you guys have had a fully adventure. It's a shame I did not know about it earlier. I would have traveled with you all and chronicled the whole adventure." She looked up at us, smiling. "I have an idea. How would you guys like to tell your story…in your own way…and share it with us all to read? We'll call it the Chronicle Series and you'll all get the chance to tell the story in your own way. Fully funded and endorsed by the editors and writers of the Skyrim Weekly team in Solitude. All we ask is that you tell us what it was you did and help us edit your work so that it doesn't sound …stupid.." She looked over at Asger when she said the last part.

Asger smiled and rubbed the back of his head in shame. "Well, I think it would be Lydia's story that would sound the lamest…so beware of that one." He crossed his arms and smiled. "But I like that idea, so yeah…I think we'll all assist with that."

I got so mad at Asger for his comment about my story sounding lame that I backhanded him across the back of his head. Who knows? Maybe my written story would be better than the others? I wouldn't know; I'm still working on what I'll actually write. Either way, I'd have to work on that idea later. We still had an interview to finish. So, when I looked up at Victoria, she was beaming at the opportunity to have us write books based on the events that happened to us during our travels. "Ok, let's finish this up. So, you destroyed the vampires and got the Imperials and the Stormcloaks to rally together. We at Skyrim Weekly have learned about an incident that happened in Riverwood right before the peace treaty started. We know that everyone in the town had disappeared, excluding one annoying bard who was found faceless. Care to tell what happened during that time?" She looked to us for answers.

Anyanava walked…well floated up. "It was at this time that my clan attacked Riverwood. We sought the help of the Dragonborn for the threat of an invading force known to us as the eight-limbed ones."

Victoria nodded, writing it down. "From what I have gathered, you belong to a race known as the Lamia. I was here for your introduction to not only the town but to the War Council, which I was also present for. The Lamia is a race of Mer that ventured out of Summerset Isles during the time of the elven expansion. They wanted to escape the horrors of politics and world wars, so they traveled into the ocean where they could live in peace. Seeing as it was your race's own choice to run away from our world, what made you return to the land to seek the help of a species you've never seen before? Weren't you concerned for what might have happened to you on land?"

Anyanava nodded. "I was very afraid. When I first saw a human, the first thing that happened was that it sang to me. It hurt my ears, so I ate his face so that he couldn't make any more sound. Then I met more humans…and they weren't so noisy or threatening. I learned that the creatures on land weren't as bad as I had thought they would have been. But…I needed their help. I was the new leader of my clan since my mother was killed in an invasion. In my fear, I claimed that we'd get the help of the man that caused all our pain…the Dragonborn."

Victoria nodded. "How did he cause all your pain?"

Anyanava looked over at Asger, hissing at him. "He killed our Mime while he was traveling to find the vampiric artifact."

I raised my hand. "Yeah, actually that was me and my team. Asger wasn't with us at that time."

She nodded to me, looking down. "It does not matter anymore, the issue is resolved." She looked back up at Victoria, saying, "However, when the Dragonborn showed up to the village, my dragon ally Okaazstrunzii told me which one was the Dragonborn. So, I used my Siren Song to knock everyone out. Then I called my giant traveling whale and Okaazstrunzii loaded them up in the mouth of the whale. We took them to a nice place where they could be protected from the eight-limbed ones, while having the opportunity to chat with the Dragonborn for his help against our invaders. The Dragonborn agreed to help us train for war, and to help us regain our captured cities. We faced many eight-limbed ones until we made it to their homeland inside a dormant volcano where the water is warm and sickly to breathe. I did not know that the eight-limbed ones were cold-blooded and died in cold water, nor did I know that they fed off the sickly water that killed my kind when breathed in. All I knew was that they needed to stay where they belonged and leave my kind alone."

Victoria nodded. "Interesting. Was it the major differences between your two cultures that caused the war, or was it always coming and going for territory?"

Anyanava shook her hands in confusion. "We did not know until it was almost too late. When we marched into their den to finish the fight, we ended up meeting their deity and forming a truce with them. We signed a treaty called the Siochain Carta and we became the beginnings of the Oceans Elven, an allied set of nations of civilized creatures that live in the ocean. We plan on meeting up with the other ocean realms and getting the rest of the ocean to join us so that all the wars will end." She looked over at Asger, smiling. "But once it was said and done, I decided that we not only needed to rejoin with the eight-limbed ones in peace but that we also needed to rejoin the rest of the world so that all wars could be avoided. That was why I came here to Whiterun during the War Conference. It was easier for me to join the Empire…as you people seem to call it."

Victoria continued writing in her journal. "Fascinating. Ok, moving on. So, after the War Conference had started, what happened afterwards?"

Asger looked over at me. "Lydia went on a quest with Ysolda, her best friend, to find a mammoth tusk. I went with the Companions to find a cure for werewolf blood."

Victoria nodded. "I heard the rumor that the Companions are made up of werewolves. I am to take it that the rumor is fact then?"

Asger shook his head. "Not anymore, it's not. We found a way to clean the Companions from their curse, but it's still available for any Companions who wish to become werewolves. And either is the Silver Hand a group of mercenary killers. They are now protectors and hired help for werewolves…unless they can't be helped and need to be put down. Their main objective is to help those cursed with werewolf blood to be cleansed and freed from their curse…or to learn how to live with it if they wish to keep it. I, for one, have the werewolf gene in me. It doesn't really bother me and I've never really used it. But I keep it around in case I don't have any other choice to win. My sister Ria also has the blood and she uses it every day. She loves it."

Victoria looked over at Ria. "Is that true, do you love your blood?"

Ria looked puzzled over the question but nodded. "Yes, I think I love my blood."

Victoria smiled and started writing it down. "Ok. So while you were freeing the Companions, what was Lydia doing?" She looked over at me.

I sighed. "I was getting captured by Orcs. We met the shaman mother who said that…" I looked away. "a manly woman would find the monk who rides on mammoths and bring him back to free the tribe of Orcs from the disease that would soon claim their lives."

Victoria smiled and started writing it down. "So, in a prophecy you were described as a manly woman? Isn't it funny how gods think and relate information?"

"You have no idea." I replied back. "Well anyway, we left with an Orc guide and we found ourselves traversing the frozen ice lands. My friend Ysolda caused an avalanche and we were buried under the snow. It was then that I met the monk who rides mammoths…it was my father."

Victoria nodded. "Oh, Solomon Battle-Born?" She looked over at him. "So, why were you out there and why the mammoths?"

My father pulled on his mustache for a few seconds while he pondered that. "Well, you see. When my lovely wife died choking on a cupcake, I decided that I needed some time away from my daughter. I had some visions of the coming dragons and other things so I thought…I need to train. And the type of training I was doing was not to be done around my child…she might get hurt. So, I gave her to my brother and left on my quest. I ventured into many Dwarven ruins, killed many enemies, practiced magic until my eyes turned white and then took a nap. It was a long two days. But then it paid off and I became so strong that I couldn't go back home, because at my level I'd only draw impossibly hard to defeat enemies to my doorstep. I'd endanger the whole town and my daughter. So, I stayed as far away from civilization as I could, only going to giant communities to trade for food. That's how I got my mammoths. One giant had lost his breeding mammoth to a tribe of Orcs. His family tried to kill the Orcs as punishment but their god Malacath sent some champion to kill the giant's family. Well anyway, that giant was incapable to raising three mammoths since he was only a little child himself, so I offered to raise them for him. I still travel to his cave so that he can see how they've grown."

Victoria nodded. "That is a lovely story." She looked back at me. "So, how did he cure the Orcs? What disease was trying to kill them?"

I looked over at my dad, and he nodded to me. I sighed and closed my eyes. "Boogie Fever."

"The what?" She echoed in surprise.

"The Orcs were dying because of some disease called the Boogie Fever. Because of some genetic thingy the Orcs were exposed to in the old times, the Orcs developed an antibody that kept their Funk levels low. And since these Orcs were lazy and didn't like to dance, they were dying because their Boogie Glands were swelling up and excreting some dangerous chemical that was slowly killing them. The only way to successfully treat Boogie Fever was to dance it off. And that's what they did. They danced it off. Ysolda got a mammoth tusk as a thank you gift and we came home." I replied to Victoria. There, that should be all of it. "When we got back to Whiterun, Asger summoned Odahviing and traveled to Sovngarde. I drank a potion that allowed me to go there."

Victoria stopped me. "Wait…you're saying that you drank a potion that killed you?"

I nodded. "Yes. In order to go help Asger fight Alduin, I had to go die and fight alongside him. Actually, my father sent me to a universe where time was frozen. I spent a few years training in magicka and learning how to use Conjuration and Destruction magic. By the time I faced Alduin with Asger, I was ready for anything. Then we killed Alduin and I woke up. That's it…that's the whole story."

Victoria nodded. "Thank you for telling it to me. Imagine, you told me in 8 pages what could have been told in 586. Amazing. Simply awesome." She closed her journal, looking at all of us. "Now…can I have a few spare more minutes to ask some personal questions everyone have been asking for a while?"

I shrugged. "Sure…why not?"

Victoria looked around. "Sheogorath? Where are you?"

He appeared out of nowhere. "Here I am!" He said. "What do you want?"

"Why the mimes?" She asked.

Sheogorath shrugged. "Why not the mimes?" He pulled out a chair out of nowhere and sat down. "I'm a god of chaos…and what is more chaotic than a silent performer that works with invisible items? Hilarious, I say. Now…cheese!" He said as the crystal recorder snapped a picture of him smiling. With that he vanished.

Victoria pushed her glasses up, clearing her throat. "Ok, that was…something." She looked over at Ruby. "Ruby, I have a question for you. Why did you want to move to Solitude so badly?"

Ruby stood there for a second and then rubbed her cheek while glancing up in the air. "Umm…" She started. "I never heard of it, but the way Lydia and Asger talked about it…I think I gave it this holy place type of look in my mind. If they liked it, it had to be a good sort of thing."

Victoria nodded. "Ok, next question. Were you raped while you were with your slavers?"

Ruby tilted her head questioningly. "What's raped?" She looked so innocent that I think the reporter bought it.

Victoria paused before closing her notebook. "Nevermind." She turned to face Maleek. "How does it feel to be the Listener?"

Maleek shrugged. "Normal, except for the whole…corpse lady wanting to kiss me all the time. She's oddly warm for a dead corpse…that and she's oiled weekly so whenever I do touch her…she's greasy and smells like garlic. It's weird. That and she butts into my business, often telling me to just kiss Ruby and get it over with."

"See!" Ruby screamed to Maleek. "Mara said it; the Night Mother said it…we all agree. Kiss me!" She screamed and flew into Maleek's face. I rolled my eyes.

Victoria took her attention off them and looked over at Esbern. "You…we have so many questions for. Are you and Delphine an item?"

Esbern nodded. "Yes. We are together."

"Then why chase Brelyna?" She asked.

"…" Esbern stood there. "She's my daughter. I only wish to see that she is healthy."

Brelyna paused. "What?" She screamed at Esbern, who only shrugged nonchalantly in reply.

"Moving on!" Victoria said, flipping the page. "So, these theories about Sheogorath controlling fate, draugrs being really Dwarves, and dragons controlling the Dwarves. Were you serious about these theories or were you just screwing with the Thalmor that was following you around?"

Esbern squinted at her. "How do you even know that?"

She shrugged. "I'm not in control of this interview…the reader of the Elder Scroll is…remember?"

Esbern nodded. "Well versed. Well, to answer your questions: I was doing both. I enjoy a good intellectual gamble and seeing that my theories were accepted as possible reality was exciting, but at the same time the main purpose of my theories were to keep Fiirnar too busy to know what was really going on in our group. That is all, distraction with intellectual purpose."

Victoria nodded. "Ok, now…" She looked over at Asger. "You, bard. So…are you a fucking idiot?"

Asger pointed to himself. "Me?"

"No, the other Dragonborn High King I'm looking at." She replied. "Just what goes on in your head when you say the things you do, or even do the things you do?"

Asger scratched his chin. "Hmm.. Good question. Usually I notice people get bored and I grew up on a farm where nothing exciting happened. So, I got good at making things exciting. After a while, I just got used to making people smile. It helps me a lot to know that people are smiling and laughing, while my childhood was not very bright or cheerful. My sole existence is to make other people's worlds a little brighter so that I may see the lights through the darkness so that my own world is lit up to where I can see what's in the darkness of my soul."

Victoria paused. Her eyes deadpanned. "You were an emo brat, weren't you?"

Asger shook his head. "No, I was a ghost. I didn't belong anywhere or with anyone. But I was happy enough. Really, coming to Skyrim was the best thing I could do. I met Lydia and she became my light. She never smiled so I had to do everything I could to make her do so. It was very exhausting but I pulled it off. Now I can make her smile with a single push of a button." He winked at me. Yeah…no he can't.

Finally, Victoria looked over at me. "Ok, Lydia. Your turn. So…why do you hate bards so much?"

I shrugged. "That's like asking why ice hates fire. I can't keep up with them. They live in a world of make-believe rules that I can't see…I can't justify. It's just playing to me, but they swear it's real. So…that's why. I don't hate them; I just heavily don't believe the things they claim to do."

Victoria nodded. She closed her notebook. "Ok, that sums up my interview." She smiled at me and stood up. "Oh and can't wait to see you for the Chronicles Series. I'm looking forward to that!" She screamed to me before leaving Dragonsreach.

I looked over at Asger and nodded to him. "Ok, I'm tired. I'm going to bed." I looked over at Ruby. "Don't forget we're moving to Winterhold tomorrow, get packed up."

She nodded to me, smiling. "Ok, mommy."

I looked over at Brelyna, glaring at her. "Esbern's your dad."

She sighed. "I…I…" She took off running, "I don't want to talk about it!"

I turned to face Esbern, shaking my head. "You are such a pervert." I thought about slapping him but it probably just turn him on. So, I started walking back to our little house down in the Plains District. I'm tired and I needed some sleep. It was finally over. I can finally rest. Ah crap…I should never say things like that.

Cearbhail: Ok, so that's the end. Yeah, I know, not a good ending but since it's basically continuing with the Chronicles of Ruby and the in-between story, I decided that the ending didn't need to be extravagant. Anyway, hope to see you in the other stories, there is still more to tell. Goodbye.