Finn was biting his lip. Slowly, he got up and walked to the window, looking out across the plains that's grass moved slwly in the wind. Turning back to Marceline, he asked in a low, sad voice, "So that's all there is? You're dad ended up in the Nightosphere, which is actually a diffirent dimension," he turned and gave her a look of annoyance (he hated dimensions,) "and there's no magic? It's all technology?" Before Marceline could say anything in return Finn continued, "So why then didn't tell me about all of this? And why did you change you're names?" The last part came almost as a afterthought.

Marceline sighed. "Finn, I-I guess I just wanted you to have a little time to grow up. I didn't want you to have to learn about all of this stuff until you were older. I mean, you're like a little brother to me, and I just want you to be safe." Finn growled in a low voice, "I can take of myself, thanks." Marceline nearly laughed in his face. "Oh you can, can you? You have no idea how many things want to kill you and your kind! I used to have to fight them off daily, but now they know you're off limits. I fought them, not you or Jake or anyone. Then your and Jake's "dad" fought them. He knew almost everything I do, because I told him!" Seeing Finn's look, she continued, "Yeah, I was watching you even way back then! So don't tell me turdy stuff that isn't true, especially when it-"

Marceline was intteruppted by the two men. They coughed awkwardly, then the Lt. Ackemann spoke up. "Um, Marcy, we have a problem . . . the door won't open." Marceline sighed, saying "Alright, give me a minute." Turning back to Finn, she said, "Look, Finn, I'm sorry. I should have told you everything earlier. I know you can take care of yourself, but old habits die hard I guess." Finn looked at his feet and muttered something inaudible. "Sorry? Say that again?" "Thankyou." Finn whispered really fast. Marceline just smiled, then put on a tough face and told him too "Shush up, you turd." But not before Finn saw her grin.

Lt. Ackemann turned as Marceline floated into her living room. "Marcy, like I said, the door won't open. We need a authorization card to get, which neither me nor JQ have." Marceline blew her hair out of her eyes in annoyance. "What jack donkey decided it was a good idea to put two guards into Cyro-sleep without anyway to actually get into their bunker when the time came?" An uncomfortable cough came from Lt. Ackemann. "Marcy, there were two cards hanging from both of our Cyro chambers. That's the problem. They're just gone."

Marceline thought back hard to when she had first came across the bunker. She remembered walking into the hallway with an excitement she hadn't felt for ages. When she had come to the door, she remembered a slime on it but at the time had dismissed it as fungus growth. She scrapped it off and had forgot about. But thinking back now, she realized she knew what it was.

"The Litch." she breathed.

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