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AU, Mentions Gerita couple (it might as well be canon)

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Sometimes he hated it so much, constantly being in the shadow of the brother he never knew. Oh but he should have known it is foolish to hate the dead.

He could see it in his older brother's eyes. Despite his boisterous and arrogant attitude hecould see it in his eyes, the sorrow. He hated, no he loathed the regretful tone in his brother's voice when speaking of their late brother, all he received from his older was merciless teasing and constant annoyance. Why did he have to deal with constant teasing while he who was no longer even alive would never be talked badly about, only praises.

It was obvious that there was, is a hidden meaning behind his brother's words of "I love you." He could almost hear the words that were hanging in the air, " I love you, but you aren't him." Was that retched boy so precious that he was loved above all else in this family? Was he less important than a boy they would never see again?

He despised the fact that he came second in everything involving the clueless pasta-loving, Italian boy down the street. Hell even his older brother, who was quite frankly pessimistic and hated both him and his family (proven by the shoutings of "potato bastard" and a long stream of Italian curse words), liked his dear younger older brother. He was second to kiss the oblivious boy, second to tell him "I love you", second to everything. He had even burned all the belonging his late brother received from the Italian in a fit of jealousy. It wasn't jealousy what reason does he have to loathe a boy that no longer lives on this earth?

He loathed how much he looked like him. Same cold steely blue eyes that could pierce the soul of hundreds, same platinum blonde hair, the only difference being that he opted to have his hair slicked back instead of in his eyes. Did they see his late brother when looking at him, did they see an entirely different person?

He could have done better.

He would have made so much farther then you ever will.

Why did it have to have been him and not you.

These were the words that were always thought but never spoken in the household. It was clear that these thought existed, that these words played on the tip of the tongue. No number of straight A's or trophies could possibly be better then what he could have done. No accomplishment would be impressive in the eyes of his family, he could solve world hunger but those words still linger in the air.

Is it wrong that he wishes that his brother had the most painful death imaginable. Is it wrong that he loathes someone that he has never met in his life? Someone that was so clearly dear to so many?

Ludwig was to do many foolish things in his life, that much was obvious. But never would he realize that loathing those who are passed is the most foolish of them all. Especially when he is living the life that they could never have.