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Hayate narrated, "My name is Yagami Hayate, 9 years old, my first introduction to magic was when a book I had in my bookshelf in my room opened and the Wolkenritter appeared. I was an orphan but always had an allowance sent to me so I didn't have much trouble getting by on my own, even in my wheelchair. My life changed when I bumped into Sonic, he's been with me ever since.. Always there to help, comfort.. and thanks to him, now I have a new friend in Reinforce.. That Christmas eve.. if he didn't do anything.. I don't know what would have happened.. Sonic the Hedgehog: Knight of the Night Sky is about to begin."

[Opening: "Eternal Blaze" Mizuki Nana]

Sonic: Knight of the Night Sky
Chapter 14
Hot Springs Mayhem!

[Non-Administrated Planet #97 "Earth"]
[Uminari City: Yagami Residence]

Another cold morning brought the members of the household up with a rather rude awakening. Sonic and Hayate were the first awake and changed to get breakfast going. Today was the day they and their friends were going to stay at a hot springs spa for the weekend. After they had their breakfast and changed, Sonic, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Reinforce and Zafira headed over to Suzuka's house which served as their meet-up point to take separate cars to the resort.

[Hot Springs Resort]

"Wow!" Sonic and Tails admired the buildings of this spa resort, it looked to be an older style Japanese structure. The weather was cold, but no flurries of snow.

"I know this is nice, my family owns it." Alisa stated in pride

After getting themselves situated and their stuff inside designated area for lodging the group met up at the entrance to the bathing areas.

Most of the boys already went inside to the boys bathing area to get ready and relax. Sonic handed Hayate in her wheelchair to Reinforce to allow for the girls to break away to go to the girls baths. He started to make way to go with the other boys. Poor blue guy didn't even make two steps before he felt two hands on his shoulders. He got the sudden unsent message to stop and turn around. It was none other than Alisa and Shamal.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alisa asked.

"With Tails and the others?" Sonic asked a bit in nerves.

"Wrong answer.." Shamal giggled as the two slowly pulled the hedgehog back.. and into impending doom.

"Uwah! Wait! I can't go in there.." Sonic tried to argue back but found himself still being pulled.

"Nice try, you're coming with us." Alisa replied in a bit of mischief and along with Shamal dragged their hedgehog into the changing area.

[Girls locker]

The hedgehog found himself to be very uncomfortable in this certain situation. While Lindy, Amy (Limietta), Signum, Shamal and Reinforce already went on after their quick change, there still left the younger girls, who dragged Sonic in the room to have some fun with him. Though right now the hedgehog turned his head away from the general group of girls changing, it's only polite and un-perverted, though that doesn't help if a fraction of the girls changing are not so pure themselves.

At the moment the hedgehog kept his head turned away and a faint blush amongst his features when he heard Hayate's voice in his head through the mental communication.

"Sonic-kun, have you ever been in an onsen before?" the brunette asked

"Not really.. they don't have them in the forests where I live" the hedgehog replied. Not even daring yet to look.

"Oh.. that's too bad.. Onsens are really fun." Nanoha noted with excitement, and also peaked the hedgehog's curiosity.

Sonic was coaxed into looking around, maybe it was the bad timing on his part, or a stealthy set up by Hayate, but he happened to look just to catch a glimpse of the girls were just about in their swim-suits. Steam was flowing all around the place already practically as he caught accidental glimpses of the 9-16 (since Miyuki was still there) year old girls in the most awkward of times. Fate and Alicia both quickly finished up and covered to maintain some modesty.

"Uwah!" Sonic turned right back around, "Um.. you sure I can't go with the other boys?"

"No way. You're spending time with us today" Hayate teased.

"This is gonna be a long day.." Sonic sighed and relented. Once finished the girls plus hedgehog went into the bathing area.

[Onsen: Girl's side]

Lindy, Amy and Reinforce were already relaxing in the large springs pool, the heat from the water relaxed their muscles and gave them a sense of well deserved rest.

"Ah.. it's nice to lay back and relax" Lindy leaned back to relax.

"Yeah, after all that's happened.. it's deserved.." Reinforce added.

Their attention was shifted to the entrance when the other girls started coming in, with Sonic waaaaaay in the back. The poor hedgehog was blushing up a storm in regards to the situation, which, admittedly, it was cute.

"Sonic-kun, what are you doing here?" Lindy would have been shocked, had she not seen it coming, which she did, but she asked anyway.

"The others dragged me here..." Sonic replied

Reinforce sighed as only one person could think of something like that, when she looked at Lindy, she had the feeling the blue-green haired woman knew just as well.

So that aside the girls plus hedgehog took a plunge into the small shallow heated pool, the water and pressure from the jets calmed things down a bit and certainly did wonders for Sonic, who's been stressed out enough already today.

Some part of the way through the time in the spa, Sonic was talking to Reinforce while also trying so hard not to look at the silver-haired girl's overwhelming beauty. During the relaxation, Hayate would seem to disappear from sight, or maybe she was using the steam from the spa to conceal her, the latter is strongly suggested. She "appeared" right in front of Lindy Harlaown, who was probably old enough to be her mother.

"Can I help you, Hayate-chan?" Lindy asked, though part of her mind kinda guessed what the brunette was thinking already.

"Say, Lindy-san, you have some real nice breasts. Can I feel them?" The brunette asked the unavoidable question.

[BGM: "Chocobo Theme" Final Fantasy.. pick a number]

Sonic, who happened to be in earshot, stopped whatever he was saying right there, as if to double check what he was hearing, "R-Reinforce-san... D-did Hayate just?" he asked Reinforce mentally

"Hai..." Reinforce replied back.

"Sure..." Lindy was reluctant at first, if only considering who she was in the company of. Wasn't really sure how this would be good for the hedgehog.

Sure enough, Hayate started to feel up the admiral's rather generous, albeit not the biggest, bust. The steam started to multiply as metaphorical flood-gates opened up to more mayhem. Starting with none other than Vita and Signum.

"Oy.. Boob monster.. the bigger your breasts get, the smaller your heart becomes." Vita snarked in reference to Signum's development.

"Oh.. you little!" Signum replied.. with a splash of hot water, to which Vita splashed back and it erupted into a splashing match between the two.

All this in front of Sonic...who chose to do something smart.. he hid behind Reinforce, who seemed to have no particular interest in joining in any of the skinship and splash wars... not yet at least.

The bickering duo of the Wolkenritter were cut short by a combined big splash by Hayate and Shamal.

[Onsen: Boys side]

The commotion from the girls side of the bath was heard on the boys side, they couldn't see what was going on over there so guesses had to be made.. well.. had.. but no one could guess.

"Zafira, any clues, what may be going on over there?" Chrono asked.

"Probably the usual.." the wolf-man merely shrugged, he was used to the antics.

"Girls are odd..." Tails could only say.

"Yes.. yes they are... I feel sorry for Sonic, he must be really having it tough over there.." Chrono noted.

"Well the only girl we know of is Amy.. and she keeps following him around asking for this "marriage" thing.. what is it?" the young fox was curious.

Chrono and Zafira were taken aback by the question. While they were aware that some kids could be innocent in the ways of life, it still brings them a bit of surprise when it's noted.

"You'll find out when you're older, Tails..." Chrono replied.

[Onsen: Girls side]

The pandemonium continued as Hayate started to drag the hedgehog into it. In her mind she thought of killing at least two birds with one stone. Teaching Sonic more about girls, and getting the opportunity to bond with him more as well.

"Oh.. Sonic-kun? It's time for another lesson" Hayate let out a mischievous giggle, which made both Sonic and Reinforce gulp.

"Lesson?" Sonic tried to look away.. but would have none of that as Hayate spun him around to look directly at her and Reinforce.

"Yup!" Hayate replied and started to fondle Reinforce, "Go ahead.. she won't mind, right?"

Reinforce was at first surprised, but didn't quite mind the contact, sure she may not like the cosplay that much, but she wasn't too shy about her own development, "It's okay, we trust you."

Sonic was still rather reluctant as he waved his arms in protest, "No way!" mostly because of the nerves and the whole situation was a bit much for the little guy.

"Come on, Sonic-kun... this isn't good for you, you'll never learn." Hayate tried a different tactic by grabbing both of the hedgehog's arms. With some luck, the hands were already open, she put one on her own chest and one on Reinforce's chest.

Sonic's face turned even redder, "Uwa! Hey!" as he accidentally got a feel for both girls.

Now to move away from the teasing of a certain blue hedgehog, Nanoha, Alicia and Fate were having their own little peaceful time bathing in the hot springs. Nanoha was showing the Testarossa twins how to just enjoy themselves in a more peaceful, non-perverted, way. Washing up and whatnot.. however they were soon met by some trouble of their own, in the form of Alisa Bannings.

The dirty-blonde had her own fun in mind, and she unleashed it in the form of a big splash, which sprayed the girls. "Heh heh..."

Nanoha countered with an even bigger splash that may or may not have had some of her cyborg-strength powering it. The splash sprayed both Alisa and, as part of collateral damage, Suzuka. The purple-haired girl countered back with an even bigger splash, much to the surprise of her targets.

Giggles echoed as the chaos continued with splash wars and grope-fests. Arf tried to use the moment to her advantage with the blue hedgehog, but found herself held back by Shamal and Amy. Thankfully the activities were all fun and games and no one was seriously hurt or anything. Though it left a somewhat long-lasting blush on Sonic's face. Though he had to admit one thing, Nanoha was right, onsens were fun.

[That night]

After a long day of fun drained the kids of whatever energy they had, it was nice to lay down and rest. However, all but one were actually asleep, Sonic stood outside the lodging area and stared up at the night sky in thought.

"Sonic-kun.. are you alright?" Hayate asked, wheeling her chair beside her blue friend.

"Yeah.. I'm just thinking.." Sonic replied.

"Everything's been different since I met you.. since Christmas Eve..." Hayate thought back a bit.

"Yeah.." the hedgehog nodded.

"You've done so much.. you helped save Nanoha and the others... if it wasn't for you.. who knows what could have happened... Thank you.. Sonic-kun.." Hayate gave him a soft hug.

Sonic found himself blushing a bit again, "Well you guys have helped me out too.. like on Angel Island.. stopping Eggman there and on Little Planet..."

"It was the least we could do for what you've done too... Sonic-kun.. I know you like to go on adventures.. and how you sometimes can't stay put for too long.. and I don't mean to be selfish or impose on you.. but... can you stay with us.. please? Don't leave.. you've already helped and made a lot of changes to our lives and a lot of it was for the better... for all of us.." Hayate asked.

The hedgehog thought a bit about the request, while he did love adventures, he loved his friends more, and he made a promise to protect Hayate, and more importantly to be her friend. His good heart overpowered his sense of adventure, "Don't worry... I'm not going to leave you.. I made a promise, and I'll keep it.. and like I said before, I'm already on an adventure being your friend and knight."

"Thank you!" Hayate hugged him once more from her chair, it was a rather cute scene, which drew some attention.

Alisa's voice alerted them that they weren't alone anymore, "Awe.. you two look so cute together.. it's almost like a romantic couple."

Both hedgehog and human blushed at the comment, Sonic quickly withdrew from it, flustered, "It isn't what it looks like.."

"Awee.. but we do look cute together, Sonic-kun." Hayate teased. In her mind she really didn't mind that thought.

After that round of laughs, the group just about passed out in their sleeping areas for the night.

[Angel Island: Hidden Palace]

Knuckles sat next to his emerald, guarding it like he always did, a lingering thought somehow popped up in his mind.

"Something tells me I'm missing out on something..." apparently the echidna didn't get the memo about the hot springs trip.

[Ending Theme: "Beautiful Garden" Tamura Yukari]

[End of Chapter 13]

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