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This is a baby fic with two men as the daddies and Dylan is wholly theirs, so if you don't think it's for you then don't read it.

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Surprise, You're A Daddy.

Dean sat on the hood of his car, staring at the darken night sky wondering what was next; life had come to an end for him.

There were no more battles to be fought, no apocalypse to advert or prophecy to fulfil or derail. Which meant no more need for a hunter, so that left him where?

He honestly couldn't work it out, ever since he was a small child this had been his life and to suddenly be without was…it was like being in limbo.

A life without a meaning.

The sense of loss was so profound he didn't know how to react or if he should react. This was the unattainable dream he always wanted; to be able to have the 'normal' life and worry about the small things in it, such as where the next pay check was coming from…. or what to make for tea?

He didn't even know what normal people worried about and that thought was just saddening to him; he was a man who was stuck firmly in his way of life, only to have that life taken from him. Sure Sammy was still young and could remerge into society, making a life for himself but him… who was he kidding, even with Lisa and Ben, he still hadn't fully allowed himself to have that life because it simply wasn't for him.

It might be a dream at best, that some small part of him wanted, in some small way but dreams where ideals, nothing more than hope and imagination. Whereas hunting was real to him, it was the one of the core parts of his life, he was legendry in the Hunting world, his name evoke fear in weaker demons and a challenging threat in stronger ones. No one thought or mentioned his name lightly and now, now he had been taken out of the game, not by another demon, or some big bad…. but because he had fulfilled his duty to the hunting world?

Dean snorted as he sipped his beer and patted the hood of his impala, comforted by the only thing that hadn't changed in his life, thankfully. His baby was the only thing that stopped him from sinking into being totally pathetic, because without her by his side, he would just be sat on the cold hard ground, staring at the sky, drinking beer to drown his problems, which he technically didn't have anymore.

Hence feeling like he'd been left in limbo; he was here but had no idea what to do.

He would probably crash with Bobby waiting, hoping for something, anything, to come along, to say he wasn't allowed to be anything but a hunter.

But here's to hoping, Dean thought as he lifted his beer to the darkened sky in a silent salute, because he knew this was how it was going to end for him. After everything he did, all the sacrifices he made, he was going to be allowed his dream but be unable to adjust to it, or learn to live normally.

He was being screwed for the last and final time.

Well at least that part of life Dean could deal with, he sipped the rest of his beer before sliding down the hood of his baby pulling his phone from his pocket when it started buzzing to see the screen lighting up with the name;


"Hey, what's up?" Dean spoke into the phone as he opened his car door to slide in behind the wheel waiting for the answer to his question, yet felt his body go still when Bobby struggled to tell him what was going on.

"Come on Bobby, talk to me."

Was this what he'd been waiting for?


Dean's voice was coming through loud and clear in his ear, "What's going on, is it Sammy?" But words failed him at this moment. Bobby frowned at the sight before him, unable to wrap his brain around it: he shook his head before speaking managing to answer Dean question because this was not about Sam. "NO."

This had nothing to do with Sam, at all. This was all… proving really hard to wrap his head around.

The line went quiet, so he did the best he could do in explaining, which wasn't that great to be honest. "Just get your ass to mine now." Bobby pulled his baseball cap further down his forehead, giving clear instructions. "No stops or delays, straight here." He heard Dean grumble an agreement before the line went dead.

Sighing he slid his phone back into his pocket staring at the sight before him, unsure how to proceed or react and this wasn't even his problem. But if he didn't wrap his head around it Dean wouldn't be able to, so Bobby grabbed a beer from the kitchen before sitting in a chair and looked at Castiel.

Castiel who was supposed to be an Angel, that they couldn't see anymore, or talk to, yet here he sat, with that box. "Tell me again, what you did?" Bobby looked intently at Castiel, hoping that this time, his mind would be able to understand what the Angel was telling them.

Castiel frowned, not understanding why Bobby and Sam where having trouble with what he was saying. He looked from the older man to the box, then Sam, feeling the strangest feeling inside his chest, his heart felt like it was racing and sinking at the same time.

Sam stood by the fire, with his hands in his jean pockets and looked at the silent Cas. "I kind of understand it." But there where parts that were lacking in reason or clear understanding, parts that needed explaining just a little more clearly. Watching Castiel shake slightly as he sat on the couch with a blanket around him, made Sam feel bad for the angel because it was about to get complicated and he didn't know if his brother's reaction would be bad, or really fucking bad.

He could only hope it wasn't really bad because now more than ever Castiel needed them, and Sam was going to be there as best he could. So if he had everything he needed to know at his disposal, then hopefully, Dean would only react badly, before getting on board. "Ok, one more time Cas, walk us through it."

Castiel frowned at the carpet. "I thought this was what he wanted, we talked and he said if he could have it all, he would." He lifted his blue eyes to look at Bobby then at Sam, that strange feeling in his chest growing. "So before I gave it all up, I planned to give it to him but I was only allowed one thing."

Sam nodded understanding that bit, the relationship between his brother and the angel…correction, the former angel now, was complicated but there was something there. At times Sam always thought it was more but Dean always denied it however he no longer had 'times' when he thought there was.

It was plain and simple by Castiel actions, that doing what he did, proved to Sam there was something there, defiantly something there.

Castiel licked his dry lips feeling strange, his human body felt different now he didn't have his grace with him or his wings and that left him feeling naked…even though he was fully clothed on Bobby's couch. He pulled the blanket tighter around him before continuing on with his explanation. "Out of everything he wanted, I thought he would want this the most, it's what every person wants," Castiel moved his eyes to the box next to him, to see the small form inside it. "A child."

Sam nodded and waved one hand in a circle, because this part he understood, it was just the next part he didn't fully understand. "Yeah we get that but what we don't get is how you got Dean a…" He held both hands up and made finger quotes. "…son."

Bobby nodded as he sipped his beer, taking longer pulls when the former angel spoke again.

"I asked my father to forgive me for my sin I was about to commit and he excused me saying I could have one thing to give Dean, but only one." Castiel looked at Sam, not understanding how to make it clear than it already was. "So I asked for a child, to be able to give him the gift of a child."

Sam rubbed his forehead, trying to control his facial expressions. "Cas we get that bit, but what we don't get is 'the give him the gift of a child' bit." He moved closer to the couch and sat down on the last cushion looking at the small form laying in the box with blankets because that's all they had right now.

Bobby lowered his beer, deciding to make it simple, so very simple, that even a stupid person would get it. "Did you want to give him it or did your father," He waved his beer bottle at the roof to make his point clear. "Give him it."

Castiel frowned. "I asked my father, I already told you that." He looked at Sam nodding but the other hunter just frowned before rubbing his jaw, it made him pause did he do something wrong? Or was he not explaining it correctly?

Sam held his hand out drawing Bobby's attention, because he had it, he would be able to get the answer they needed from his wording. "So you asked your father and he give you this gift after everything you did but is the gift from him," He looked at Castiel and held both hands towards him, moving them slowly towards Castiel, to emphasis his point. "Or you."

"I asked my father and he gave me it."

Bobby sighed, "Idjit." He looked at Sam before looking at Cas, if this version didn't work, then Bobby knew they would never get the answer to their question and would just have to go with it anyway. "When humans make babies there are two parents, a mother and father." He watched Castiel nod and then expanded on his answer, "So is the baby, Dean's and your fathers or yours and Dean's?"

Castiel blinked before understanding dawned. "It is mine and Dean's; my father said I was allowed this one thing and since I'm human now, he used both mine and Dean's blood to create the baby, wishing me well in life." His throat tightened at the memory because he loved his father and hadn't wanted to upset him. After everything that happened and the way things had gone down, Castiel still loved him. But he wanted to be with 'his' hunter, as others referred to Dean by, so he gave up his wings, his grace and the rest of the Angels to be a human with Dean, Sam and Bobby.

So he could stay with his human family.

As one last gift his father had cupped his face and kissed his forehead saying may he live a long and happy life and the next thing he knew, he was stood in Bobby's yard in a black sleeved t-shirt and jeans. The clothing was unusual and very heavy when wet but it was the small bundle in his arms that started to cry that made Castiel jump, he nearly dropped the small form before he caught himself and walked towards Bobby's door and knocked.

After being pulled inside by the older man and handing the baby to Sam who dried him off before wrapping him in blankets and getting him to sleep, Cas had been given a blanket and sat on the couch when Sam and Bobby had started with the questions.

That led him to this point in time.


Dean pulled to a stop and quickly climbed out his car wondering why the sudden harsh torrential down pour of rain had started for no reason; it was probably God's way of teaching him not to drink and drive. Because he had to slow his speed down or risk a crash, he moved to the front door and shoved it open. "Bobby!" He shouted out to the older man as he tugged on his jacket lapels to shed the access water before tugging it off and hanging it over the back of a chair in the kitchen.

Bobby heard the fridge open and sighed before shouting. "Get me one." He knew he would regret it in the morning but right now it didn't seem like such a bad idea, he held his hand out when Dean entered the room.

"Hey." Dean tipped his chin up at Sam in greeting before looking at the form on the couch. His heart jumped a beat or two. "Cas?" He frowned before looking at the other two, this was what he'd been waiting for! "Something's going on isn't, we don't get to just go off scot free." He lifted his drink taking a long hearty sip.

Sam shook his head; this wasn't what Dean was thinking it was. "No we get to walk away free from it all but," He rubbed the back of his neck, trying not to stare at the box, or even look at it yet. "You might want to sit down."

Dean narrowed his eyes on his brother. "What's going on?" He looked at Bobby who pulled his baseball cap further down his forehead before sipping his beer, he turned to look at Cas, wondering why no one was speaking. "What's going on Castiel, you in trouble?" He sipped at his beer waiting for an answer.

"No I have fallen for you."

Dean felt his eyes shoot wide as he sprayed his beer out before coughing, as he started to choke. "Come again?" He clearly had heard that wrong.

Castiel blinked that slow blink he did before repeating his words in that deep tone. "I have fallen for you."

Dean shook his head before looking at his brother then Bobby, feeling a rush of emotions and rebuttal was the first one. "Cas, I don't swing that way."

Castiel frowned. "What has swings got to do with it?"

Sam held his hand out trying not to smile in amusement, Castiel always had a way with words, and for the first time it was funny seeing his brother not understand what Castiel meant. "Dean, he's human. He decided to give up his wings, grace for you."

Dean frowned as he looked at Cas, that initial rush of emotions, twisted in on themselves. "Why, after everything you did to get God back in his place up there." Confusion would be an understatement at his point to best describe what he was feeling, more than any other emotion.

Castiel looked back at Dean. "I wanted to stay with you."

Bobby pinched the bridge of his nose as Dean cursed up a storm, he didn't think about what he said, his brain was frazzled at his point and he didn't need Dean adding to his building headache. "Stop swearing, there's a baby present so watch your mouth."

Dean paused with his beer half way in the air, bottle lip inches from his mouth. "What?" He glared at Bobby before turning on Sammy. "You got a girl pregnant."

Sam made a face, like he would get a girl pregnant. If anyone in this family would be most likely to do that it was Dean, from years ago. "Not mine, yours."

Castiel coughed before pointing to the box and watched as Dean moved forward until he leaned over the box, moments passed as Dean stared at the baby before shaking his head as he snorted. "This is a joke right?"

Castiel shook his head.

"It's our baby, our son."

Sam exhaled moving towards his brother, this wasn't explained right. "De—"

Bobby sighed under his breath as Dean burst into words while looking at the three of them saying they were out their minds or fucking stupid, god why did this have to happen in his house. After everything ended he couldn't have one night of peace, to be alone and maybe have a nice relaxing bath or something. Not that he would say that to the boys of course.

Dean shook his head as he backed away. "What the fuck do you mean, mine and yours or ours." He looked from Cas to the box, shock and refusal burning inside his chest, again with confusion. "Men don't have babies together they can't, it's impossible because men have penises and not wombs."

He frowned at his own words because what the fuck was saying, two men couldn't have a baby everyone knew that. "What am I saying." Dean shook his head before looking at Cas. "We didn't even have casual sex or a sexual relationship, so what are you going on about." He looked towards his brother needing an interpreter for the first time ever where Cas was concerned, he didn't understand how they could have a baby together, when they themselves had never been together as anything other than friends.

Sam took the beer from his brother. "Stop shouting, there's a baby here and you should sit down."

Dean grabbed his beer back. "Fuck off Sammy, don't tell me what to do." He moved towards the fire and stared into the flames as he swigged his beer, confused, lost and angry. "Explain this to me now."

Sam sat on the couch moving his hand inside the box to pull the blanket over the baby a little higher. "Castiel gave up his grace to be with us." He didn't say you because that would be adding fuel to the fire. "He's human Dean."

Dean turned around taking in Castiel sitting on the couch looking a little wet and…and other things but he wasn't going into that right now so he coughed instead. "And?"

Sam shook his head at his brother muttering dick under his breath before carrying on talking. "Cas said you talked about things and said you wanted it all." He watched his brother frown before looking back at the fire. "And his father," He couldn't say God it was a bit too weird for him. "Gave him one gift, that he could give you."

Dean tipped his bottle to his lips and found it empty. "Damn." He placed it on the mantel before turning around and going back into the kitchen and reached inside grabbing one then paused and grabbed another one. He closed the fridge door thinking about what his brother just said and paused once more before nodding as he turned around to open the fridge door, grabbing the rest of the beers and walking back into the living room.

Bobby frowned at the arms full of beer. "Dean." He stood up taking them from the Idjit and turned placing them on the chair he'd just been sitting on. "Sit." He pointed into the living room. "Now we've dealt with bigger and worse things than this."

Dean sat in a chair opening the beer he managed to keep hold off. "Yeah well this is my worst nightmare."

Sam glared at his brother. "Dean." His tone was sharp as he moved his eyes in Cas direction then back to Dean but his brother was in full prick mode, damn this was going to be a long night.

Dean snorted. "I appreciate the falling and everything Cas but no way in hell did I want this."

Castiel frowned. "You said if you could have it all you would, the house, the kids and a dog." he continued to stare at his friend, not understanding why he was denying all of this. "But I could only give you one so I picked the baby because you can buy a dog and house."

Dean looked at the angel, or more correctly former angel, feeling a mix of things: disbelief, anger, and confusion. "I had those things with Lisa and it's didn't work out."

Castiel frowned. "Then why did you tell me you wanted them Dean." His tone was that normal tone he always had but his throat tightened for some unexplainable reason.

Dean sipped his beer and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm lost." he frowned as he said the words. "I was angry and I honestly didn't think this would be it, that I was going to get to have the normal life, I thought…." He trailed off unable to finish because he honestly didn't know what he thought.

Sam exhaled. "Look Castiel decided to stay with us and you now have a son." He held his hand up cutting off Dean. "Like it or not this is your son and Cas is now part of our family because he's the baby's other parent."

Dean took a long swig of his beer finding the bottle nearing empty. "So it's mine and his, as in both of us together somehow created a baby." This shit was just way too much to digest at this point in time and he moved to grab another beer.

Castiel felt his frown deepen as he pulled the blanket tighter around himself before looking at the box, seeing the little boy sleeping and wondered if he should have done this, Dean behaviour made it seem like he'd been wrong in do this. But it's what the older man had told him in private, Castiel didn't understand why Dean had changed his mind, however he wouldn't. Life was precious and he had been given this gift, so he would take that gift seriously. He would look after the child by himself…so maybe he would need help at first but Sam could help him out until he got the hang of it.

"I'll do it by myself."

Dean frowned at the words. "You don't know the first thing about being human so how would you know how to look after a baby." He watched Castiel inhale before shrugging one shoulder.

"I have seen humans do things from my time as a guardian, so I can use that along with Sam's help."

What the fuck, something about those words coming from Cas's lips and his expression, didn't sit well with Dean at all. It was his kid, not his brother's and Dean didn't run from his responsibility. Yes, he was acting like an ass but it was a bit much to take in, him…. Dean, a man, had a son with another man…. who was now human, after giving up his grace and by grace, he meant former Angel. How did you explain that to people when they asked questions? Besides the obvious fact he wasn't with Castiel or even gay, how could you explain having a child together…yet another question raised.

He wasn't ready to wade through this shit to sort it out, to do that he needed another beer.

In the morning he would deal with it but right now he wanted to get drunk, but by the way Sam took the beers from Bobby it looked like even that wouldn't be happening, god was nothing going to go his way.

Castiel stared at the carpeted floor listening to Sam going over and over with Dean on how it happened, what had happened and why it had happened; he was a little tired and slightly angry that the hunter had lied to him. If he didn't want those things then why had he said it and now this poor boy was caught in the middle for no reason, he looked towards the box seeing little arms starting to move and simply watched blue eyes blink open.

"Sam, the boy is awake."

Dean turned to look at Cas when the former angel spoke and then frowned as Sam stepped towards the box reaching in to pick the baby up. "Sam put him down." Dean may not be ready to deal with…his son but no way in hell was his brother doing it.

Bobby glared at Dean, not amused, now was not the time for this cock fighting to take place. "Sit down you're drunk and it's a baby. He can't just put it down, he will probably need changing or feeding and we have nothing for him." He pulled his car keys from his pocket and looked at his oldest boy. He knew he had raised Dean right and that he wouldn't run from his responsibilities but he also didn't raise him to be an ass either, which he was being now. "Dean, lets go to the supermarket."

"Take Sam I will stay here." Dean frowned at the baby that started crying and raised one eyebrow when it balled its fists; he couldn't help notice it had a set of damn fine pipes on it.

Bobby grabbed Dean's shoulder pulling him along. "We need to talk as well, so leave Sam with the baby and you come with me." For an ass whopping, that's what Bobby was going to give the Idjit.

Sam heard the door shutting and looked at the baby in his arms wondering what he would do to keep him happy until Bobby came back with the essentials. "Hey." He moved one finger to trace the little boy's cheek and introduced himself. "I'm your Uncle Sam."

Castiel watched Sam rock the baby before walking about while talking to him, it made him feel a little better, yet he still had this sinking feeling inside him, like the bottom of his stomach was about to drop out and he wanted it to go away. "Will you help me?" He watched the youngest Winchester look at him before pursing his lips then sigh as he moved to sit next to him.

"Dean will help you." Sam watched blue eyes blink before moving to lock on Cas, it made him smile because they had the same eyes yet he could also see Dean's nose and as stupid as this sounded when the baby's face scrunched he could see his brother's frown.

Castiel leaned closer to Sam looking at the boy. "Will you help me?" He didn't know if Dean would stay, maybe he would leave or simply act as he did with Ben and Lisa which wouldn't be good because if Dean's heart wasn't fully in it then there was no point staying. A fact Castiel suddenly wished he'd taken into account and also wished he didn't know, as confusing as it was to have those thoughts at the same time.

Sam nodded and looked at Cas, of course he would help, none of them would leave Castiel to deal with this on his own, none of them. "I'll help but Dean's not going to let you do this alone, he just needs time to come around but I know he will help." His brother was all about family and this little boy was his flesh and blood, nothing in this world would make Dean give that up.



Dean frowned at the box, lost and unsure of himself. "Does a baby really need this much diapers?" He looked at Bobby who frowned before holding up two boxes of formula; he shrugged before looking up and down the aisle feeling like it was closing in on him. He bent over slightly resting his hands on his knees as he breathed deep. "Dear god this is really happening isn't it." Dean Winchester was a dad, wow that title was scary in itself.

Bobby cursed before placing one box back. "Yes, it is and you being an ass doesn't help, Cas is…" He looked around the aisle before lowering his voice. "Newly human so that will be difficult for him to adjust to all the new feelings."

Dean rubbed a hand over his face suddenly feeling years older than he was, which was in his early…ish thirties "Damn, just damn."

Bobby shook his head before placing the box back to pick up the one he first had. "So he will need time to adjust and then there's the baby." He cursed placing the box back, not sure what to get and looked at Dean, because he was in the same boat, they all where, their family had expanded by two. Yes, no one knew quite what to do about it, but neither him or Sam was acting like an ass, and he didn't raise Dean to be one and Dean didn't get the right to act like one either.

They would get through this as a family, together and that included Castiel and the baby. Now was the time to step up, Dean needed to be the man, Bobby knew he was capable of being, and the man he was raised to be. "So pull your head out your ass and get into gear boy."

Dean wanted to throw up, his head hurt and the beer made his stomach queasy or maybe it was the realization starting to sink in. "Fuck me."

"Excuse me."

Dean turned his head from his slight bent over position to see a woman stood there frowning at him "Sorry it's just I'm a d…" He nearly bit his lip before coughing and trying again. "I'm a dad." God lord, this hunter was facing the greatest challenge of his life. It had nothing to do with the numerous demons, monsters or big bads out there but it was a small boy who needed him to get through the next eighteen years of his life.

Dean shook his head as he looked at the products on the shelves feeling panic closing in on him, he could barely get through life himself but he had done a sort of ok job with Sammy but even then, Sam was still fucked up. Ah god he was going to ruin his son's life and he wasn't ready to do that, dear god he had only just come to terms with this and now he wished he didn't because that poor child never asked to be brought up dysfunctionally.

Bobby frowned. "Dean." He watched the man hold one hand up as he bent further down taking deep breaths as the woman walked forward with a small smile and stepped closer, starting to rub Dean shoulder.

"It's ok, is it your first child?" Dean nodded as he tried to gulp in air continuing to listen to the woman. "Ok so you'll need the essentials, how old is your baby?" He frowned turning his head to Bobby, not knowing the answer. "Small."

Bobby frowned. "New born."

Dean shook his head, not sure that Bobby was right either. "No, he's a little too big isn't he."

"Aw a little boy that's cute." The woman smiled. "When was he born?"

Bobby and Dean both went quiet before Bobby pulled his phone out. "Excuse me." He moved towards the end of the aisle and dialled Sam wondering if they would make it through the night, let alone the rest of the poor kid's life.


Sam frowned after answering the phone. "Erm we don't know." He heard a poof and turned around with the little boy in his arm and against his chest, to see an envelope on the floor, a big brown one with the string tied. "Cas can you get that." He mashed his face harder against the phone as he moved the little boy in his arms.

Castiel opened the envelope and found a birth certificate in it with the information on it expect a name for the little boy. "He is four months old today." He glanced at Sam who nodded and repeated the information to Bobby before hanging up.

Moving towards Cas, he looked at the certificate. "Cool, so what you going to name him." Sam held his arms out to see if Cas wanted to hold his son but the man just looked at the top of the boy's head asking what.

It made Sam smile, in time that cluelessness would fade and he would be sad to see that but it had to happen, for the sake of his nephew and now was the best time to start, but he could be gentle about it. "You want to hold him?"

Castiel shook his head as he leaned back feeling his eyes go wide. "You keep hold of him for now." He nodded his head at those words because they seemed like the best idea.

Sam leaned closer, being encouraging as well. "Come on Cas hold your son."


Dean stared at the woman feeling lost. "Why does he need these?" He held up tiny mits wondering if they were winter wear for babies and glanced at Bobby who dropped a packet of wipes only to curse when he dropped something else trying to pick the wipes up. He turned his attention back to the woman when she spoke, trying to listen and memorizes everything she was saying;

"It's just to make sure the baby doesn't scratch his face when he's fussing."

He frowned why would the baby try to scratch itself, well if it had an itch maybe but wasn't it when they were older they did that; Dean was brought from his thoughts as he came to a stop beside the woman who was pointing to clothes. Ok she kept picking up different types: onesy that where full suits while others was missing leg covers but had buttons between the legs and then there were two pieces with t-shirts, and then pants, with socks.

Good lord that was a lot of stuff for someone so little and when she moved towards the check-out he asked about where the stuff was the baby was supposed to sleep in, making the woman look at him weirdly so he didn't mention the fact they were using a box at the moment.


Castiel swallowed hard, his heart was beating so hard. "I'm going to drop him, take him." The youngest Winchester smiled while shaking his head at him, how could Sam be so cruel at this moment in time. "Please." He leant closer to Sam hoping he would take the little boy.

Sam patted Castiel shoulder. "You're doing great." He watched the man inhale before relaxing his hold slightly as he looked at the little boy, trying to figure out a name. "What about Garret?" He frowned when Cas frowned; obviously that was a no, he looked back at the little boy wondering what name could be his.

Cas frowned, looking at the little form, finding himself speaking with certainty. "I think he's more like the sea."

Sam felt his eyes go wide. "Ok, the sea it is." He frowned before coughing knowing it wasn't his place to say anything but Sea really, his nephew was going to either grow up bullied or a fighter.

Castiel looked at Sam, face straight. "I said like the sea, he had caused a fuss over his arrival but he will always have a strong presence in life." He watched blue eyes blink slowly. "Dylan."

Sam watched the little boy move a tiny fist as he fussed before settling back down. "Dylan, what's it mean?" he thought it had something to do with the sea, but he didn't know exactly.

Castiel looked at Sam. "Son of the Sea or Child of the waves."

Sam frowned as he slowly nodded, thinking on the name before his lips kicked up into a smile. "Kind of fits." The little man had only been here for a couple of hours yet he was making his presence know and causing ripples in his wake.


Dean tried to close the boot but couldn't and groaned before grabbing the last box so the boot could close and moved to the passenger side before sliding in placing the box on his lap. "Let's go, I need a beer."

Bobby pulled out of the supermarket. "You need to stop drinking; he's a new born so you need to be on point." He watched Dean frown at him while pulling a face, but he wasn't having any of it. "Look you got to shoulder most of the responsibilities until Cas becomes use to being human, so at four am when the baby's crying it's you who is getting up."

Dean tipped his head back against the seat. "Fuck."

Bobby reached out his hand around the stuff in the car to hit the oldest Winchester on the back of his head. "And stop swearing."


Castiel tensed when the little boy started crying. "What do I do?" He looked towards Sam who was looking a little lost, he leaned forward trying to pass his son to the other man but Sam stood up leaving him sitting there alone.

Sam grinned as he looked out the window. "Thank you God." He looked at Castiel over his shoulder "They're back so that means we can feed him, so no more crying." He opened the door frowning at the arm full Dean had and stepped back to allow him into the house. Damn that was a shit load; he turned to move out the door when Bobby pushed his way through with his arms full. "How much stuff did you get?"

Dean glared at Sam. "Don't go there." He moved passed his brother not sure how to feel but he just wanted to sleep, after that he would work everything out because it was a little too much. The finding out to then do a 180 flip in the supermarket and back again.

He had done a complete 360 over this baby situation and it was making his head spin.

Castiel moved towards the door feeling slightly panicked as his son continued to cry even though he did what Sam had done and rocked the child, yet he continued to cry. "Sam." He moved passed Dean, holding his arms out slightly away from his chest.

Sam lowered the box he had and stood to the side of Cas. "Hey little guy, hush." He waved his fingers but the baby continued to bawl and his ears where starting to hurt. "Dylan, look what's this." He picked up a bib and waved it back and forth above his nephew's face.

Dean glared at his brother, stood over Castiel and his son. "Move." He slammed a box of diapers against his chest as he pushed him into the kitchen feeling slightly pissed off at what he just saw and the fact he called his son by a name, wait what. "Dylan?"

Castiel walked towards Sam. "I decided on the name it's very fitting and I like it." He frowned at the baby. "I don't like the way he's crying." He held his arms out to Sam slightly wanting him to make the little boy stop crying.

Dean moved his hands to take the baby when Cas pulled the little boy towards his chest and stepped around him. What the fuck was that, he felt his mood darken and his expression tighten as he moved closer to Cas. "Give me the baby."

Sam sighed. "Son, give me my son." He placed the formula box on the side. "Say it with me." He placed his hands on Castiel shoulders and squeezed before turning him around to face Dean, and again squeezed the former angel's shoulders.

Dean frowned as he took the baby feeling like he would drop him or maybe break him because he was really small, didn't they normally come bigger than this. "Hey" The baby continued to cry. "Stop crying." He rocked the baby in his arms.

Sam frowned at those words. "Dean he's like four months old, he doesn't know what you're saying all he knows is he's hungry and probably wants changing."

Dean glared at his brother, not needing his input at this moment. "Shut up Sammy."

Castiel looked towards the youngest Winchester. "What now?"

Bobby finished bringing the stuff in watching the three men in his kitchen fussing, Sam was trying to help a slightly clinging Cas on how to make a bottle while Dean was making shots at his brother and holding his son. "Enough."

They all stopped expect the baby. "Sam make the bottle you can teach Cas in the morning." He turned towards the pile and grabbed a bag of clothes "Castiel help Dean dress your son." He held the bag out before grabbing a diaper and the wipes. "Dean change him."

Dean struggled to change the little boy who kept moving and when he had to hold his legs he was afraid he would hurt him, so he kept letting them slid out his hands while Castiel held a baby book in front of him reading to Dean. He smiled when he had the diaper on and picked his son up holding him under the arms only to feel his smile drop as the diaper fell off "For Fu—"

Bobby slapped Dean upside the head. "Mouth, now try again." God lord this was like a house of chaos, all these men could handle their own against Demons, God and the Devil yet this baby was the one thing they couldn't handle.

After trying again, they finally had the diaper on the baby and Castiel had dressed him in an onesy that was mint green, and very soft on the skin which Castiel pointed out. Bobby had set up the crib for the baby to sleep in while Sam passed the bottle to Dean who tested it claiming it was too hot while Sam claimed it was fine.

Castiel held the baby towards Sam who shook his head holding the book so he looked to Bobby, which annoyed Dean greatly.

"Give him to me." Dean reached out taking his son from the former angel and arranged him in his arms before pressing the bottle to his lips, feeling slightly better when his son started to suck, leaving a silence to fall over the living room. Castiel frowned watching Dean before looking at Sam who was reading the baby book "Well." He knew you had to do something after you feed them….wind them or something.

Sam nodded. "Right burping." He looked at Cas then his brother. "Whose doing it."

Dean looked at Cas. "You can." He watched the man frown before shaking his head and looking at his brother, he held back a comment as he glared at Castiel wanting to ring his neck. He knew he reacted badly, ok really badly but did he react so badly, Cas was now turning to his brother, rather than him.

That thought pissed his off and wounded him in equal measure.

Bobby sat on the chair watching the three of them sitting on the couch with Castiel in the middle and Dean on Castiel's left while Sam was on his right holding the book. He watched the little boy sitting on Castiel's lap as his hand rubbed Dylan's back while holding his hand to the little boy's chest supporting him.

"Nothing's happening." Dean reached behind Castiel and took the book from his brother who slapped at his forearm. "Stop being a bi— girl." He mentally patted himself on the back for stopping himself from swearing.

Sam curled his lip. "I'm not you are." He gave Dean his best 'Bitch face'.

Castiel looked at Dean. "You do it." He jumped when a sound came from the small form of his son and watched the baby smile slightly.

Dean smiled as he held the book in one hand between his knees as he leant forward. "I think you're ready for bed." He watched sick pool from between his son's lips and down his chin. "Aggh." He used the bib from early that Sam waved in Dylan's face to wipe his chin.

Castiel raised his eyebrow. "Is that normal?" He looked from one brother to the other seeing them both nod and relaxed a margin before moving the baby closer to his chest.

Sam exhaled, feeling tired and drained. "I'm ready for bed, where's the baby sleeping?"

Dean frowned, feeling slightly defensive. "In here, I'll sleep on the couch." He watched Sammy take the floor and shot him a look. "I got this."

Sam grinned, knowing his brother was pissed at him but this was his nephew and Dean had kind of been a dick to Castiel, so for now he would stay close until they sorted it out. "I know but I want to watch as," He finger quoted the air. "You've got this." He grabbed at the pillow his brother flung at him in mid-air before putting it on the floor and resting his head on it as he laid in front of the fire.

Castiel looked at Dean. "I will stay with you in case Dylan wakes up." He nodded before standing up with his son in his arms as Dean moved to the crib Bobby built in the middle of the living room floor; he waited till the older man moved blankets around. Dean followed the instructions in the book to the letter as he put his son to bed feeling a little tired and worn out, but knew he would feel exactly the same way when he woke up. He needed to talk to Cas to get a better understanding and find a way to sort this out between them because he wasn't happy with the way Cas kept turning to his brother when he needed help.

Bobby watched Dean take one end of the couch as Cas curled up on the other end resting his arm on the chair arm and his head on his curled fist intending to sit there but he was no longer an angel, he was a human which meant he needed sleep. Dean closed his eyes as he rested one arm over his face and Sam hugged the blanket to his chest as he snored softly, it made him smile. "Good job boys." They would be fine in raising Dylan, between the three of them…

…as long as he was there to supervise.

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