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Words & Gestures Of Love.

Damn, Dean didn't understand how this was different to finding out they were married, but it felt completely different. It seemed that the rings brung a new level of excitement and added happiness to them already being married, like it made it official in every way.

Tossing the wooden box behind him, hoping his aim for the couch was correct but Dean couldn't tell if he hit the target or missed, as lips pressed against his. Resting his hands on Castiel's hips, he tugged him closer and continued to grin into the kisses placed on his lips, as hands found his face again.

Castiel smiled in response to Dean's while pressing their lips together, hands sliding into dark blonde hair. He was deep in love with this man and didn't think it could get any deeper however it could and it did, with every action and gesture Castiel fell a little further in love with Dean.

He didn't think he could stop smiling, was it possible for his face to be stuck permantly this way? Dean didn't know if it was however he would be more than ok with it, if it was possible. He slid one hand from Cas's hip, up his side and spanned his fingers wide over the other man's rib cage as he curved it around the back, to bring Cas in closer to him.

Castiel didn't think about the fact the kisses were turning from simple, sweet and quick to something more. He just felt a swell of emotions for this man and wanted to express them anyway he could, sliding left hand to the back of Dean's neck he pressed their lips together again, parting them slightly this time.

When Castiel's body pressed further into his, Dean pressed right back lost in the moment. Parting his lips he traced his tongue over the centre of Castiel's bottom lip, moving it forward when lips widen in answer. Releasing the hip his hand rested on, he moved it to rest against Castiel's neck as he deepened the kiss, taking the lightest groan the other man made.

Sliding his left hand on the back of Dean's neck higher, Castiel threaded his fingers into soft hair and moved even closer as he continued to kiss his husband…. wanting more.

Slowing the kiss down until it came to a stop, Dean eased back with barely any space between their lips as they drew in air. This was getting a little heated, they were only kissing yet he could feel himself getting hard and that wasn't what tonight was about. "We should eat our dessert, it's getting cold."

Castiel touched his tongue briefly to his bottom lip, wondering why the words; forget about dessert, were on the tip of his tongue however they disappeared when Dean pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. Instead he just smiled. "Ok."

Wishful thinking, he thought for a moment he saw desire in blue eyes, desire for something more but of course it was wishful thinking. What was wrong with him, this situation was going perfectly and so romantically, yet his dirty mind was trying to lead it to somewhere it's wasn't supposed to go.

There would be plenty of time to sex Castiel up later, for now he just wanted to enjoy the night.


Castiel found his eyes wondering from his phone to the ring on his left hand, seeing it made him feeling a little excited and happy, sending a rush through him. Again his lips curved up in a smile as he returned his eyes to the screen, trying to finish the text to Sam, to see if Dylan was ok.

After hitting send his eyes returned to the ring, thumb sliding under the first two fingers to rub the under curve of the band. He didn't think seeing some object could make him happy, Castiel thought only his family would be able to stair emotions in him, when he looked at them. However, every time he looked at the ring, he felt warmth in his chest and thought of Dean, and how much he loved the man.

His husband, the thought was still exciting to think about.

"What are you doing?" Dean entered the bedroom, seeing Cas stood by the side of the bed with his back towards the door, head bent down.

"Texting Sam to see how Dylan is." He returned his eyes to the phone seeing he had a reply from Sam, having been too caught up in his thoughts about his ring. Clicking open, he smiled at the image he received, turning he held the phone out to Dean. "It seems Dylan's just fine."

Moving toward the phone he looked at the image of Dylan sat on Bobby's lap, but slightly tucked into to the older man's side with his back resting against Bobby's arm, both of them asleep on the chair, in poses very similar to each other. The words; There doing just fine, underneath.

In all the nervous, later turned excitement, of the night he really didn't worry if Dylan was settling at Bobby's, he knew Sam and Bobby could handle it. He was just too caught up about this evening, he was still caught up in the afterglow….if you could call it that. Either way Dean couldn't stop looking at his ring, he was like a kid in a candy store, which proved a little hard when he was washing the pots.

He also remembered when he took his ring off- to actually wash the pots and not stand at the sink looking at his ring because for some reason Dean didn't want to wash the pots with it on- that he forgot to tell Cas about the inscription on the inside.

Shifting closer he held the phone back towards Cas. "I knew he would be fine."

Castiel nodded at the words, "I knew he would too, but I still couldn't stop from worrying a little." He typed thanks and goodnight as a reply, not wanting Sam to attempt to steer the conversation anywhere. He knew Sam had been in on it, so of course he would want to see if the night went well, but all Castiel just wanted to spend the rest of the night with his husband, curled up in bed.

Dean waited till Cas placed his phone down and turned towards him, before holding out his left hand. "I have one last thing for you; I forgot to show you earlier." When a hand rested over his, he tugged Cas closer before lifting his right hand and moved to grasp the ring. "There's something for you inscribed on the inside."

He found himself curious as to what could be on the inside and when Dean turned his palm face side up to place his ring on it; he waited barely a second before grasping it with his finger and thumb. Lifting the band, he angled it a certain way, trying to catch the low light the lamp gave off and after a moment was able to see the inscription on the inside;

Always Your Hunter.

It was just like before when Dean first showed him the ring, he felt his heart do a funny beat as his stomach did a summersault, as love swelled in his chest. Castiel knew Dean wasn't the most verbal person when it came to saying how he felt, but the fact he chose to have them inscribed on the ring meant so much to him.

These were Dean's own personal words to him, an admission which the man had never given anyone else in his life. It was gratifying to him to know he had Dean completely, no parts held back, like Dean had done so many times through-out his life and with some many people.

Dean watched emotions dance over his angle's face, he couldn't recall if he had ever seen Cas being so expressive before but to see the happiness, gratitude and love on his face, reassured him that Cas knew what he was trying to say.

He never wanted to build a life with anyone, not even his brother because he believed he would die hunting, just like his father, and every other person he knew. Yet Castiel came along and somehow, someway he dared to hope, that maybe there was something else worth living for rather than dying. And Cas had taken that hope, which became his ideal dream and shaped it into real life, made it their life together.

He would never be able to express that to him in word what that meant to him, because they simply didn't exist. This was the only way he could think of getting his message completely across, loud and clear. Not like the little bits he tried to say before.

Castiel looked at the words for a moment longer before sliding the ring back on his finger, lifting his eyes to look at Dean, unable to think of anything to say. Closing the distance between them, he rested his body against Dean and reached for his hand lifting to his lip to kiss his husband's band, before linking their fingers.

He rested his forehead to Castiel's, before easing his chin forward pressing his lips to Cas's, breathing the words. "I love you."

Castiel didn't just want to say it back, he wanted….to show Dean he loved him. He wasn't exactly sure how to do that, sex was something new to him, however expressing how he felt to Dean wasn't hard to do.

Brushing their lips in a simple sweet kiss, Castiel pressed his body into Dean's gentle and lifted both hands, resting one on a broad shoulder and curled the other around his husband's neck. Kissing him again and again, finding the kisses building naturally, growing stronger with each one, slowly becoming infused with passion.

He felt the slightest tremor in Castiel's bottom lip, as parted lips rested against his and Dean didn't think about the way their kisses or that the mood, had changed. Instead he nipped on the other man's bottom lips before easing their lips together again in another kiss. Feeling slightly heady as he did so, lifting his hand to cup the curve of Castiel's jaw as he eased his tongue past parted lips.

Unable to stop the groan that left his mouth Castiel curled his fingers that rested over Dean's shoulder, pulling on the material of the shirt as he pressed his body closer. Feeling a small shiver pass through him at the sudden heat of Dean's body and how good the older man felt pressed against him.

Drawing his head back a fraction, he found his eyes lock on Cas's lips even though he meant to look in his eyes. "Cas?" He watched lips widen a little more feeling heat spread under his skin; desire for something more, he wanted to be with Cas. Glancing up at blue eyes he took Cas's expression, needing to know he wasn't alone in his feelings.

Those hazel green eyes had never been more captivating then they were right now, Cas knew the look of desire but he had never seen it mixed with love, until now. The way Dean was looking at him, it sent sensations through him. "Dean." He wasn't sure how to say it but it seemed as if Castiel had said enough, as lips pressed back to his as hands slid up his back.

Dean drew Castiel's body completely against his as he moved his lips to press to the corner of the other man's mouth, pressing a soft kiss before moving further from the younger man's lips. Along his jaw to place kiss after kiss, following the curve of the jaw up until his lips brushed against the shell of Cas's ear.

Hot air ghosted over his skin, drawing the beginnings of a shiver, as his eyes closed and his head tilted to the side, allowing those lips to move down his neck. As those kissed descended down his skin, the sensation of the shiver grew and when lips parted to suck, Castiel couldn't stop the build-up of sensations cascading down his spine. He groaned softly spanning his fingers wide on Dean's chest before drawing them together again as fingertips brushed buttons.

Dean sucked gently on the skin as he eased his hands down to the end of the shirt, before slipping under the material and further up until he felt heated skin under his palms, pressing his fingertips in firmly. He found a small enjoyment in hearing those groan when he was barely touching him, they were deep and throaty and he wanted to hear more.

When fingers brushed his buttons before unfastening the first one only to pause, he lifted his head to look at Castiel's seeing the smallest amount of hesitation, uncertainty in his action. Dean moved his lips back to the other man's, brushing them together softly as he gave a soft smile in an unspoken form of encouragement.

He felt the smile Dean gave him, taking as a sign to continue and kissed him in response, fingers dropping to the next button starting to unfasten it, slowly exposing skin. Castiel took another kiss and another as he unfastened button after button, until his fingers drew together where the shirt tucked into Dean's waistband.

Dean continued to kiss him, trailing them from his lips down his jaw and back again as hands ghosted up his back, draw feather light sensations. This time he didn't hesitate, or feel uncertain as he gently tugged the shirt pulling it from the waist band, once the shirt end was free he finished unbuttoning it. Easing his head back, Castiel dropped his eyes to the skin on display, fingers slowly moving from the shirt.

Dean drew air in as fingers danced over his skin, exploring across his chest with the barest touch. The ghosting touches elicited Goose bumps from his skin and a soft sound from his lips when one fingertip brushed his nipple.

Castiel traced his fingers down the contours of the muscles, feeling the smooth skin, eyes following the path his fingers made over Dean's chest, slowly up the outter edges before trailing down the centre. He touched Dean before countless time, but this was different, the skin felt hot under his fingertips, the muscles contracted and shifted, Dean's breathing faltered for a second making his chest rise and fall quickly.

He watched Castiel's face taking in his expression, wonder, amazement, pleasure. The last bit of the expression made heat pool low in his stomach, just from the thought alone that Cas found pleasure in touching him. When hands slid back up his chest, stronger in their touch as if more confident he tilted his face towards Cas, capturing his mouth in a kiss and raised his hands to unbutton the other man's shirt.

He wanted to get Cas naked, lay him out on the bed and explore his body.

He managed to work free half the buttons before he lowered his hands momentarily as Castiel worked his shirt over his shoulders and down his arms, once the material cleared his hands Dean lifted them back up. He took another kiss, pressing as close as he could, until they were flush and worked the last of the buttons free before tugging the fabric over Castiel's shoulders wanting it gone.

Castiel drew his arms out the sleeves as Dean tugged it down and once it was gone, he wrapped his arms around the other man holding him close. Sucking in air between the kisses from the sensations created of Dean's skin pressed to his.

He skimmed his hands over Castiel lower abdomen and he moved his fingers to work on fastening of denim, unfastening the jeans he eased them down Castiel's hips. Once the denim was low enough he released it, letting the jeans to drop to the floor as he glided his hands up Castiel's back, fingertips tracing along the path of his spine.

When Dean's hands slid back down his back, he found hips pressing more firmly into his before he was being tugged, then turned, slowly being walked backwards towards the bed. When he felt the edge of the bed against his lower legs he went back, keeping his lips to Dean's as hands supported his weight and lowered him back to the sheets. Without thinking about it, Castiel parted his legs for Dean's knee to rest between his as the older man came over him.

He rested one hand on the bed by his husband's hip, while the other rested by his shoulder and his weight supported by knees, keeping his body elevated above Castiel's. Trepidation spread through him as he trailed his eye over the exposed skin, down over Cas's abdomen, following the trail of dark hairs.

He felt nervous as he lay beneath Dean, the man's gaze moving over him, wondering if his husband liked what he was looking at. When the other man's gaze lifted, there was nothing but heat and desire in those captivating eyes, making the nerves in his stomach dissolved into a burning heat, he ran his tongue over his bottom lip, watching Dean back.

Parted lips had turned a dark hue from the kisses and Cas's cheeks where slighted flushed making him looked tussled and all Dean wanted to see; was what Cas looked like after they made love.

Castiel suck in air as Dean shifted against him, lowering his frame until the older man's weight pressed against his, causing a lot of heated skin came into contact with this. When lips brushed his, Castiel couldn't help but exhaled shakily into his husband's lips as Dean's clothed cock pressed firmly against his.

He pressed a kiss to parted lips, before easing his mouth to the corner of Cas's, starting to leave a trail as he rocked his hips. Dean never really noticed before how simple the act of skin pressed against his could feel good, nipping at Castiel's jaw, he gave a sucking kiss as he rocked his hips again.

Trailing his lips down he kissed the tip of Castiel's chin before pressing a kiss to the underside as the other man's head fell back and dropped another kiss to the skin but further down until he could suck on his Adam's apple.

Castiel groaned loving the weird sensation it created when he swallowed and moved his left hand down Dean's back feeling the muscles working. Slowly he started to rock his hips with Dean's, threading his free fingers into short hair, tugging gently as teeth scraped over his skin ever so lightly before biting down.

The way Cas's chest was pressed so close to his, he felt the groan more than he heard it.

A sting of the bite was replaced with soothing sucking sensation, easing one hand from his husband's hair he cupped the back of Dean's neck, loving the friction building, a low burning fire pooling in his lower stomach and when a hand spanned the curve of his ribcage he arched.

Dean eased the material of Cas's box down his hips as he placed sucking kisses his over Castiel's throat to dip his tongue in the clavicle. As he eased the material further down his husband's lower legs, he moved his head lower making a path with the tip of his tongue down Cas's sternum.

Easing one foot to the floor, he rested his right knee on the edge of the bed as he stood back and took in the sight of Castiel naked.

He lifted his hips a slight fraction helping Dean with his boxers, feeling his heart beating fast as he skimmed his fingers up the older man's chest, who drew away. Castiel felt his boxers being drawn completely off, leaving him complete naked and found his fingers curling in the bed spread as he waited.

Dean moved his eyes over every bit of naked skin, trailing his eyes over the smooth, pale skin, the tone body with a hardness to it that could only come from a man. It made Dean want to know what Castiel's body would feel like against his, how they would fit together.

Castiel supressed a shiver at hazel green eyes dark with desire, loving the way his husband was looking at him and felt slightly bold as he lifted his chest from the bed, and shifted towards the end of the bed coming close to Dean again.

He lowered his right foot to the floor, standing before Castiel in just his trouser, wanting to know what he would do next.

Leaning his head closer to Dean's lower stomach Castiel pressed a kiss to the skin as he lifted both hands to rest on the older man's hips for a moment, placing another kiss to the skin close to Dean's navel. Drawing his head back he spread his fingers, before trailing the tips along the band of Dean's trousers.

He looked down at Cas as fingers unfastened his trousers, before pushing both his trouser and boxers down his hips and thighs until they pooled around his feet, freeing his cock and leaving him completely naked. Dean watched Cas's expression, taken note of the way the flush on the other man's cheeks darkened, as a tongue licked over a bottom lip, in apprehension and want, before blue eyes lifted to his. Lifting his hand he cupped the side of his husband's face, tilting it up as he lowered his to press their lips together.

Castiel tilted his face further up as Dean's kiss stole over his sense for a moment, his hands stopped on newly exposed hipbones as he forgot to breath, only taking in air as the kiss broke for a moment. When lips found his again, he found himself lifting one hand to the back of Dean's neck, gently pulling him down as Castiel eased himself further back onto the bed, wanting to feel Dean's naked body against his.

Dean followed, lowering his body back down into Castiel's, resting his knees between parted thighs and resting his forearms by his husband's ribs as he brought their hips into contact.

He groaned softly as their hips resting against each other's without any barriers of clothing, Castiel curved his arms around Dean's sides to grip the man's back. When lips pressed against his as hips rocked, rubbing their cocks together he groaned into parted lips unable to stop himself and tightened his arms around Dean, slowly starting to rock his hips aswell.

The heat from Cas's skin felt searing, the way his husband's frame fit against his was perfect, all hard edges and skin pressed against his, it was almost too much for Dean. A groan slipped out his mouth as he dropped his lips to Castiel's throat, nipping the skin before sucking on it as he slid a hand between them.

Castiel felt the sensations in his stomach grow stronger as Dean's fingers wrapped around both of them; squeezing tightly before stroking up and down, he tried to rock his hips in time with his husband but would forget as pleasure swam through him. He wasn't sure what it felt like to reach climax as he never did anything like this before, but he wanted to be with Dean completely. Sliding his hands up the older man's back, until they gripped at his shoulders, he tried to speak normally yet his voice was gravelly. "I want to be with you." Castiel wasn't sure how else to word it.

He looked into blue eyes understanding what Cas meant, after a minute he nodded lowering his lips to Cas's before drawing back, easing to sit on his hunches as he leaned towards the bedside table and opened the draw. Inside he saw the tube of lube, grabbing it in his hand he lifted it from the draw, before shutting it and came to rest back over his husband, his heart beating a mile a minute.

"Spread your legs and relax." Dean took a gentle kiss from Cas, finishing the kiss he sucked on his husband's bottom lip.

He spread his legs a little wider feeling his heart beat faster, when lips pressed to his Castiel found his eyes closing and responded to the kiss, becoming lost in it.

Dean exploring his husband's mouth as he moved his hand to stroke Cas's cock with slow strokes, wanting to ease him into this since it was his first time. He trailed kiss after kiss over Castiel's face and neck, giving small sucks and quick nips as well.

He couldn't stop the groan leaving his mouth. "Dean."

Dean drew his hand back, unscrewing the lube he poured a more then generous amount on his fingers and used his thumb pad to spread the gel around. Mouthing at a strong jaw line as he moved his fingers further until he felt the cleft of Cas's ass, pushing his fingers between the cheeks he pressed lightly before rubbing his fingertip around Cas's entrance.

Castiel lifted his head and pressed his mouth to Dean's cheek, panting lightly as a finger started to push in, his hand on the back of Dean's neck moved up into hair, tightening at the feelings going through him.

Slow, he had to take it slow; pulling his finger back Dean rubbed the index finger against Cas before slowly pushing in again, allowing Castiel time to adjust. When noises where made right by his ear, he couldn't help let out a groan of his own at the husky tone. "Cas."

Dean pushed his finger deeper, listening to the noises his husband made. After a few minutes, when hips started to move, he took it as sign to add another finger, continuing to watch Castiel's face carefully in case he became uncomfortable.

Castiel felt another finger being used, letting out a groaned at the slight burn, that wasn't completely painful, just strange at first. He couldn't look away from darkened eyes, finding his breathing was slightly erratic and his skin felt hot, especially when Dean's skin brushed against his. He moved his hands down from Dean's shoulders to wonder down his chest, fingertips pressing hard into the muscles as he stated to rock his hips, feeling a desire to do so.

He felt the shiver that went through Castiel as hips rocked against his fingers; slowly Dean started to stretch his husband as he trailed his lips down to his neck.

Castiel drew in a shaky breath and exhaled at the same time, forming a sound that wasn't a word as fingertips brushed against something, sending pleasure through him. "Ugh."

Dean felt hips jerk but kept on stretching Cas with his fingers and moved his face to brush his lips against his husband's, whispering the words quietly, "You ok?"

Castiel heard another sound leave his throat as he rocked his hips yet found his toes curling to dig in the bed, when fingertips brushed against the same something as before, the low burning fire in his stomach was spreading. "Dean."

He watched Castiel draw in a shaky breath, feeling himself doing the same as he pressed his fingers back in, one final time making sure he was stretched wanting to lessen the pain. "Ready?" He withdrew his fingers, hand moving to pause over the tube of lube as he waited for Cas to nod, so he could coat his cock.

"Yeah." The word was half panted as he lifted his fingers to skim along Dean's jaw line, only to slide them higher into his husband's hair, cupping the back of Dean's head as the older man came over him.

Dropping his head, he pressed a kiss to Cas's collarbone, only to trail his mouth higher to drop a kiss to the skin of his neck, before placing a kiss sucking to Cas's jaw before finding his lips again. Shifting his weight slightly but stayed firmly pressed against Castiel, Dean lined his cock up before pushing in.

Castiel felt Dean's lips hovering over his yet was unable to stop the small sound escaping as he felt Dean's cock pushing in.

Pushing his hips up he pressed further in, watching eyes sliding closed as a tongue flicked out touching a bottom lips before teeth sank into it. Dean lifted his hands to Castiel face, sweeping his thumb along Cas's bottom lip, pulling it free of teeth. "You ok?"

"Yes." The word was heavy on his tongue as sensations swam through him, pleasure and slight pain, euphoria, love, happiness. Castiel felt so many different things and it was all because of Dean. They were making love, being together in way they never had been before. Sliding his hands from Dean's hair, he cupped his husband's face, tugging slightly until their lips brushed softly. "I love you." Castiel whispered the words softly.

Dean responded to the kiss, easing his hips firmly against Cas, trying to be slow and gently not wanting to hurt his angel. Sliding his right hand under his husband's back, he braced his weight on his left forearm and drew his hips back, taking another kiss from Castiel before thrusting back in.

Castiel felt heady and groaned when Dean moved against him, slow and heated. He eased his feet, further up the bed, resting his thighs a little more firmly against Dean's hips tighten and rolled his hips to meet a thrust. He wasn't moving in time with Dean and his movements would falter every few thrusts, but to Castiel it was perfect, just being with Dean making love.

They simply move against each other, finding no rush as they moved together. Dean finding the new level of intimacy, added to the experience in ways he never thought it could. Castiel slid his hands to sturdy shoulders, finding his pleasure heightened by the smallest things, the sweet kisses and soft touches, with the slow love making.

Dean felt muscles tighten on him but continued to move against Castiel, while sucking on his throat before nipping at the skin, only to trail kisses up until his lips covered Cas's.

"Dean." He groaned the word into the kiss as he rolled his hips and lifted his head slightly to deepen the kiss, sliding his right hand down Dean's back, stealing kiss after kiss from the man until the need for air drew them apart. Breathing quickly Castiel stared into green eyes as they moved together, feeling something building in his lower stomach and spanned his fingers wide on Dean's back looking for something to grip.

He tightened his hold around Castiel taking the groan as he took another kiss; pressing their bodies flush with each other as he pulled his hips back before thrusting in again. Lowering his head he skimmed his lips over an exposed throat as he continued to thrust slowly into his husband, loving the way this was.

Dean had never been with another person like this before, slow and unrushed. Just simply moving against each other, drowning in the pleasure from the way they moved together. The way legs tightening around his waist for a few minutes, before loosening when pleasure became a little too much, just to tighten again. He didn't know how long they moved together, but the low burning fire was growing, with every brush of their bodies, skin rubbing against skin, lips never leaving his long enough to draw in air.

Castiel breath caught in his chest as his climax sweeping though him and tightened his legs around his husband, rocking his hips as a groan left his mouth. He tried to form words however he couldn't and when the sensations built he pressed his lips to the skin of the shoulder before him as he came.

Dean panted against Castiel neck trying to take in air as muscles tightened around his cock and moaned into Cas's neck, muffling words as he thrust in one last time holding Castiel tight as he came.

Neither man moved for a few minutes as they rested against each other coming down from their climaxes, their bodies gone lax as pleasured hummed through them.

He trailed his eyes over Cas's face, before they lock with blue as a happy smile curved his lips up.

Castiel felt himself smile in respond, one hand resting to the side of his husband's face as he curved his other arm around Dean's shoulder.

Neither man spoke, but then their touches and gestures said it all.


Castiel caressed Dean's back in a sweeping motion as he smiled at the top of his husband's head. Feeling relax and very, very content, considering Dean was currently sprawled all over him, as if he was the bed.

Not that he was complaining, it was just a different way to wake up and one he wasn't used to. Of course he and Dean cuddled in bed, got close as they slept and often woke up with body parts over lapping, but never quite like this.

Dean was laid directly over him, hips resting between his legs and the older man's upper half resting over his, with his head pillowed in the centre of his chest….naked of course.

The memory of last night made Castiel smile as he threaded his left hand into dark blonde hair, starting to card them through as his smile grew. He and Dean made love, removed the last barrier in their relationship, minor as it had been.

When the morning light hit the curve of his wedding band he found his eyes drew to it, it looked gold but yet silver at the same time. Most wedding bands where normally gold, lifting his hand from Dean's hair he looked closer at his ring, another smile stealing over his lips.

Curling his thumb under his fingers he rubbed at the underside of the band, following the curve of it around his finger before lifting his other hand from Dean's back. Carefully he slid the band off his hand, wanting to read the inscription again, to read the hidden meaning in it that was just for him.

To others it would just be an inscription, but to him it was so much more.

Dean never gave himself to anybody or anything; never completely because he couldn't trust another person enough. But with those words hidden on the inside of the band, it was private message just for him, that Dean trusted him enough.

That he was Castiel completely and would always and only be his.

"You know you're supposed to keep that on your finger." He murmured the words into Castiel's chest, finding he liked the position he woke up in. It was kind of comfortable, plus waking up wrapped in warm sheets and his lovers naked skin, didn't hurt either.

Lifting his head, Dean blinked sleepily at Cas. "We haven't even had them for twenty four hours and already you're taking it off. Is this a sign of things to come?" He half joked as he blinked lowering his chin to rest on Castiel's breastbone.

"I wanted to read the inscription again." He angled the band, seeing the words on the inside.

Dean blinked again, looking at the band finding one corner of his mouth curving up. Moving his hands, he dug them into the bed as he lifted his chest up, but dropped a kiss to Cas's skin before adjusting his arms. Placing one either side of Cas's ribs, arms bracketing his husband he looked at the band before looking into blue eyes. "Your words."

Yes they were. "My words." Castiel slid the band back onto his finger, as Dean's head came closer to his, moving his hands he brushed his fingertips along the older man's jaw. "My husband."

"Pity we don't get a honeymoon." He could see himself enjoying a honeymoon, like really enjoying a honeymoon but either way. "I'll just have to sex you around the house; we can call a different room a different location and pick a position." He grinned, a very male, satisfied grin at the faint blush on Castiel's cheeks.

So new to sex, Castiel had so much to learn, so much innocence to be ruined by his sinful, sexual appetite and all of which Dean would gladly teach. And of course, he would gladly enjoy every second of it.

Castiel saw the grin; it was reminiscent of the cat that caught the carney. He pressed his lips to his husbands as he spoke, hoping he was engaging in this right. "I don't think we have enough rooms in the house."

He felt one eyebrow go up, even as his grin turned into a smirk. "Yeah?" It wasn't the dirtiest thing anyone could have said, but the deep tone Cas used with the look in his eyes, made it sounded like the most explicit thing Dean ever heard.

"Yeah, we might have to get creative…" He spoke the words in a low tone as he shifted the position of his hands, to rest over the other man's shoulder blades before sliding them down slowly. "…And maybe even have to use the car." Castiel cupped Dean's buttocks, giving them a squeeze.

Damn, he groaned moving his forearms to rest by the side of Cas's shoulders as he rocked his hips forward, dropping his mouth to Castiel's, hard.

The buzzing of a phone made Dean groan, not in pleasure but in annoyance. Slowing the kiss, he relaxed his body against Castiel's, sighing against his lips. "That's probably Sammy, saying there on their way."

Castiel slid his hands further up to rest on Dean's lower back. "Can we not text them and tell them to come by later." He saw one eyebrow rise at his question, and raised one right back.

He glanced at the clock seeing the time and felt a little surprised, he didn't realise they slept in that long…but after what happened last night it wasn't unexpected. "I told them they could bring Dylan back for one and then we could go out or something to celebrate."

It was now one twelve thirty-five.

Dean rolled off Cas and onto his side of the bed, grabbing his phone from the night stand and read the text from Sam.

A sliver of disappointment went through him at the thought of not being able to repeat last night, which he really wanted to do again however the thought of seeing his son, had that disappointment dissipating. "That sounds like a good idea."

Castiel nodding as he sat up, letting the covers slide to rest low on his hips feeling a little bold and glanced over at Dean. Lips curving up in a quick but sexy smile as he slid off the bed, moving towards the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower."

Dean rolled to on his side of the bed, reaching towards the bedside table where his phone was placed and grabbed it, quickly reading the text from Sam. Yet as he went to type a reply, he couldn't stop his eyes from looking at Castiel's naked form…eyes trailing down, as he entered the bathroom. "Hey Cas, I think I need a shower too."

He hit send, not reading what he put and tossed the phone over his shoulder, onto the mattress as he yanked the covers aside before sliding off the bed, walking towards the bathroom. Once inside he pushed the door shut with his foot, before walking towards the glass shower Castiel was stood inside.

When the glass door slid open Castiel felt a thrill shoot through him, even as his cheeks heated at this new experience. One hand settled on his right hip as a body pressed close against his, drawing a shiver from Castiel even as he stood under the spray of the shower. "You want to switch places?"

"No need." Dean turned his husband around, so Cas was facing him and pressed him back into the tilted walled, and pressed up close against him. Letting the water rain over both of them. "See no problem."

Castiel felt his lips curving up as he watched rivulets of water run down the older man's face, hair flattening close to his head. Reaching to the side, he grabbed the shampoo from the in shower hanging basket and flicked it open to squirt some on his hand before placing it back. Rubbing his hands together he lathered them, before carding them through wet, dark blonde hair and started to massage.

"Ugh." Damn that felt real good. He tilted his head forward out of the spray, as fingers slid to the back of his head. Lifting his hands, he reached out grabbing the shower gel, wanting to return the favour to Cas. Plus, he also might have wanted to get his hands on him again, but it was all for a good reason, really.

He felt his fingers go lax for a moment as hands started rubbing over his lower abdomen, before sweeping higher up over his chest. The sweeping motion was gentle caresses on his skin.

This was really nice; Dean had never done this before. Sex in the shower he had done a million times, but never just sharing a shower with his lover where they washed each other. He'd always though the idea was weird, wanting to share with someone as you scrub yourself clean. Having to swap places every few minutes to get the spray, and get a little cold while you wait.

None of that sounded appealing to him, but right now Dean had no idea why he found the thought unappealing. He placed a kiss against the corner of Cas' mouth as he ghosted his fingertips up his husband's neck, before skirting back down to rest on shoulder, starting to knead.

He felt like putty, Castiel felt his shoulders slump as Dean knead them and eased his hands from the older man's head, to sweep down over the plains of his chest. Yet when a nose bumped his cheek Castiel turned his lips to press against Dean's, a small smile of content enjoyment, on both their faces.


Sam frowned looking around the empty living room, he thought they would have been up by now, he text his brother and got a response. So he took that to mean it was ok to enter the house…because if it wasn't then he did not want to be here.

While he might stick his nose in his brother's business a lot however there were certain things he didn't want to see or know about.

Glancing over his shoulder he looked at Bobby and cocked his head towards the stairs.

"No way in Hell, boy." He was not going up there, Sam could do it. Dean was his brother and they had seen each other naked plenty of times….besides Sam was young enough he could recover from the sight he might walk in on. If Bobby walked in on something then it would forever be burned into his brain, so Sam was going weather he liked it or not. "I have Dylan, you go."

He huffed looking at his nephew, before looking down at the dogs seeing them wondering around after he left them off the leads in the kitchen, damn just damn. "Fine."

Sam walked towards the bottom of the stairs and put his foot on the bottom step, then just shrugged his shoulder and cupped his hands together. Deciding it was better to shout, then possible see something, "Yoh, Dean."

Bobby felt one eyebrow go up when no reply was heard, he just looked at Sam again and cocked his head.

Agh, God Damn it.

He took the stairs two at a time, until he reached their bedroom but paused at the sight of the empty bed however Sam soon had his answer when he picked up on the sound of the shower as he walked further into the room. Pausing before the bathroom door, he knocked loudly and decided to call out so he didn't have to go in. "Hey Dean?"

"Sammy, give us five minutes. We over slept."

He felt his lips curving up as he stepped back. "We're down stairs, Dylan's a little testy think he's starting to miss you two." Sam started for the door as he spoke over his shoulder, so glad he called out and not poked his head in.

When he reached the bottom of the stair he saw Bobby on the couch trying to cheer Dylan up, bless his nephew took to sleeping at Bobby's place really well. Yet the morning when he woke up, obviously the fun had worn off and he kept looking around for Dean or Castiel. "Aww it's alright there coming."

Dylan curled his hand into a fist, while little face scrunching up as his bottom lips wobbled. He wanted his dada and papa, he woke up and they weren't there.

He shook his head, wondering if he would have someone or something that would miss him this much, if he went away for one night. Moving towards the couch he rested his thighs against the back and clapped his hands towards Dylan, waiting to see if his nephew wanted to come to him.

Blue eyes started to get watery as little arms reached for him and Sam tried not to laugh, but aww bless, his nephew was just too cute sometimes with his actions. "It's alright; you will see them in a minute."

Dean finished pulling the hem of his t-shirt down as he took the steps two at a time, hearing Sam talking to Dylan. "Aww little man, you missing Daddy." He grinned widely, as he stepped off the last step seeing Dylan in Sam's arms.

Sam turned slightly so Dylan could see Dean better, and watched his face light up.

He may not understand what his son was trying to say, but the way Dylan started babbling while smiling as he looked towards him, made Dean believe his son was trying to tell him, he had missed him. He his hands out as he walked forward. "I missed you too."

Dylan reached both arms out, leaning away from his Uncle's chest wanting his Dada. Last night had been fun, but when he woke up they weren't there and he didn't like that.

Dean brung his son in to rest against his chest and when little hands rested on his cheek as Dylan kissed him, he smiled and rested a hand on the back of Dylan's head, giving him a kiss in return.

"Did you enjoy Grandpa Bobby's?" Castiel smiled at the sight of his son, who looked over joyed to see Dean.

Dylan raised both hands, clapping them as he bobbed slightly seeing his Papa, they were both here.

He held his arms out to take Dylan as he moved further into the living room. "Good morning, I missed you." Castiel returned the kiss his son gave him and folded him into his chest, giving him a hug, with the smallest squeeze.

Sam just smiled as he looked at his brother, then Castiel….his official brother in law.

Wooh, he finally had a name for him, other than like a brother. When Dean just shot him a grin, which was kind of half a smirk, he gathered the night went well and held his hand up for a high five, feeling slightly proud.

He raised his hand, smacking it against his brother because last night he did good. No blunders or cock up's, it all went perfectly smoothly if Dean could say so himself.

Sitting on the couch, Castiel relaxed back into the cushions and tried to lift Dylan from his chest, but his son had a firm grip on his t-shirt. "You can let go, I'm right here." He moved one hand to rub over Dylan's back as he waited for little hands to go lax.

Yet they didn't.

Dylan had a firm hold of his Papa and he wasn't letting go, if only Dada came over he could hold him too.

After patting the dogs and grabbing them a biscuit from the kitchen, he moved to the couch sitting next to Castiel and looked at his son's face, from its resting position on Castiel's shoulder. "You're not letting go anytime soon are you."

Dylan smiled, his Dada was so funny. He missed him….now to get him close. Reaching out one hand he held it towards his Dada and simply waited.

"Aww little man." He curved his hand around the back of his son's and pressed a kiss to it before shuffling closer to Castiel, resting one arm along the back of the couch behind Cas's shoulders as he rested against his husband's side. Releasing the little hand, he moved his to brush over Dylan's head and dropped his head to press a kiss to his son's cheek.

One little hand latched onto his t-shirt and pulled with a surprisingly firm grip, all Dean could do was grin as he moved even closer and rested one hand on Dylan's back, fingers laced over Castiel's.

Sam dropped into the chair, looking at the others. "So, I think's it only fair we go out and celebrate after all, now that Castiel is official one of us." He had a wide smile on his face, and felt it get a little bigger when Castiel grinned into Dylan's hair at the mention of him being one of them officially.

Bobby couldn't help but add his two cents, "About time too, if you ask me." He was proud his boy did it right, but it did take him a little while to get it together. Thank god Castiel was a patient man.

Dean lifted his head, proudly. Saying his next words, with immense pride "I couldn't agree more."

It may have taken him a while to get to this point, but he was here now and he wouldn't let it go, ever. He had a feeling that being married, with a family lifestyle was going to suit him just fine, who would have guessed it…

well his husband, Castiel Winchester did.

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