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Hey, Big Spender

Summary: For Sebastian Smythe, it was just another day at Dalton Academy, until HE walked in the door. First came an instant dislike, then a stupid bet, followed by a whole lot of drama.


Notes: Ok, just pretend that Jesse is a Dalton student and that Sebastian has always been a Dalton student

Chapter 1

For Sebastian Smythe, it was just another ordinary day at Dalton Academy… until he walked in the door.


Although it wasn't unheard of, new students transferring part way through the year was incredibly rare. So it was that Kurt Hummel's arrival to the all boy boarding school caused something of a stir. All anybody was interested in discussing that day was the new student. Theories as to why he was transferring in the middle of the first semester rather than the start of the year were exchanged between various groups of friends and curiosity ignited in those who had yet to see the new boy in person.

The first time Sebastian heard mention of 'the new boy' was just after his first lesson of the day. He was swaggering through the halls with his best friend, Jesse St James, when an overexcited Blaine Anderson came bounding over to them to share the news.

"Have you heard?" Blaine asked. "A new student just transferred. Somebody named Kurt Hummel."

"Fascinating," Jesse drawled sarcastically while Sebastian's lips twitched in amusement.

"Blaine," Sebastian said slinging an arm around the shorter teen's shoulders, "sweet, innocent, Blaine, the addition of a new student is hardly of interest to me. Not unless this new guy is hot of course… is he?"

"I haven't actually seen him," Blaine admitted, "but I heard from Wes that he was in the Glee Club at his old school. Maybe he'll want to join The Warblers."

"We'll have to see about that," Jesse commented, "The Warblers are a rare and treasured talent, we can't let just anybody in."

"Agreed," Sebastian nodded, "especially if they're unattractive and transferred from a public school. No offence, Blaine," he added to the curly-haired boy who had previously attended public school. "I just find the smell that lingers on ex-public school attendees to be nauseating. You're the exception of course since you're sex on a stick and sing like a dream."

"Thank you, Sebastian," Blaine replied with a light blush.

"You are always welcome," Sebastian returned toying with Blaine's school tie as he eyed him up suggestively, Jesse shaking his head in amusement as he observed their interaction.

"Stop looking at me like that," Blaine sighed, "I'm still not going to sleep with you. We're just friends," he said pointedly.

"Yeah, I know," Sebastian answered, "can't blame a gentleman for trying though," he smirked.

"You Sebastian are no gentleman," Blaine retorted with a roll of his eyes as the three of them arrived at the door of their French class.

"A fact of which he remains incredibly proud," Jesse teased.

"Indeed I am," Sebastian confirmed before pressing a kiss to Blaine's cheek then waltzing into the classroom.

"Mwah," Jesse leaned in and also pressed a kiss to Blaine's cheek before striding into the room.

Far too used to his friends' behaviour, Blaine didn't even bat an eyelid as he too made his way inside, taking a seat alone at the front while Jesse and Sebastian sat together right at the back.

As the other students filed in to take their seats, Sebastian could hear on-going conversations, all of them talking about 'Kurt Hummel', the new boy Blaine had mentioned. Not at all interested, Sebastian tuned them all out and focused his attention on his French textbook. After spending every summer holiday in Paris with his Aunt since the age of three, Sebastian was fluent in the language and prided himself on being the best in the class. While Jesse always sounded confident when he spoke French, thereby giving the impression that he was talking fluently, Sebastian could always tell how many mistakes his friend was making even though others couldn't. As for Blaine, it was truly a miracle that he was passing the language course. Although he was greatly enthusiastic and tried his best, languages were simply not a talent Blaine had, and the rest of the students in the class were average at best, something Sebastian felt quite smug about. He didn't see a new face among the class so he assumed the new boy wouldn't be taking French, meaning that Sebastian's status as best French student was still safe.

The thought had just passed through Sebastian's mind when the door opened and a nervous looking effeminate teen stepped inside. All eyes turned to the new arrival and Sebastian cocked his head to the side to check out the new boy.

"What do you think?" Jesse asked in a whisper as he too passed judgement over the new student.

"He'd look more at home attending Crawford Country Day," Sebastian remarked, referring to Dalton Academy's sister school and mocking the new boy for his effeminate features. "He must be lost already," Sebastian continued as the pretty female teacher introduced Kurt to the class, "I find it difficult to believe that a public school reject could have the ability to grasp something as complex as the French language."

Jesse sniggered in response before they both focused their attention to the front of the room where Mademoiselle Harte had just asked Kurt to read an English extract out loud and convert it into French so she could get an idea about his capabilities.

"This should be an embarrassing train wreck," Sebastian commented with a smirk. However, that smirk slipped off his lips as soon as Kurt Hummel opened his mouth. "What?" Sebastian spluttered seething in rage as Kurt stood up front, one hand resting on his cocked-out hip as he confidently read out the extract in fluent French.

"Magnificent," Mademoiselle Harte praised leading the class in applause, "look out Sebastian, I think you may finally have some competition for best French student."

Up front, Kurt looked pleased with himself, the other students looked awe-struck while Sebastian scowled and Jesse struggled to stifle a laugh at the outraged look on his friend's face.

Kurt was then instructed to take the empty seat beside Blaine and Sebastian spent the remainder of the lesson glaring mutinously at the back of the new boy's head.


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