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Chapter 32

Glee rehearsal was a train-wreck, an absolute train-wreck. Kurt was in complete shock, unused to seeing such behaviour from his fellow Warblers. He was used to daily dramas with the New Directions but the Warblers had always been work-focused and composed with Wes and his gavel to keep them all in check. But Wes had lost all control over his Warbler brothers and was clearly scandalised over the situation. David didn't even bother to take minutes as he watched the chaos around him.

"Everybody just needs to calm down," Trent said, his sensible words lost in the overwhelming volume of everybody else.

"Gentleman, gentleman, please," Thad tried to say. "This is not dignified behaviour. Blaine, I expect better of you."

"Stop, guys, that's enough, just stop!" Nick shouted.

"How could you do that?" Jeff demanded to know. "What is wrong with you?"

"None of Y.B Jeff, just stay out of it," Jesse snapped at him.

"Don't talk to my boyfriend like that," Nick argued jumping in to defend the blonde.

"Oh go fuck yourself," Jesse retaliated.

"Please, just calm down," Trent begged desperately going unheard by the others.

"Get off me, let me go!" Blaine growled as he struggled against the three boys who were holding him back.

"Forget him, Blaine, he's not worth it," Jeff told him.

"I said let me go!" Blaine hollered forcing his way out of the tight grips the other boys had on him. He flew at Jesse, aiming a strong strike across his jawbone. "You asshole," Blaine swore firing hit after hit at any part of Jesse's body he could reach, the taller boy hitting back as good as he got. "You cruel, heartless asshole!"

"Calm down, just calm down," Trent tried pointlessly.

"My brother!" Blaine cried out angrily. "How could you? My brother!"

"Sorry sweetheart, it just happened," Jesse replied, blood dripping down his chin from a split lip.

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Blaine yelled landing a few more hits before being pulled off of Jesse.

"Stop it, Blaine, that's enough," Sebastian told him dragging him forcibly away.

"Oh of course," Blaine commented darkly. "I should have known you'd rush in to defend him," he spat shooting daggers at Jesse who had picked himself off the floor and was dusting off his pants.

"Let's just calm down and talk about this rationally," Trent said.

"I don't know why you two haven't just fucked each other," Blaine ranted glaring at Jesse and shoving Sebastian's hand away when he made to touch him. "The pair of you always fuck everyone else over. You uncaring bastards are perfect for each other."

"Blaine, just stop," Sebastian said trying his best to remain calm.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do," Blaine snapped aggressively shoving Sebastian in the chest.

From his place by the window, Kurt watched the scene unfold before his eyes, rooted to the spot with shock with no idea what to do or say. It was worse than any choir room incident back at McKinley. It was even worse than the day Finn had found out Puck was really the father to Quinn's baby.

"I should have known you'd break my heart," Blaine sobbed shooting a mutinous glare across the room at Jesse. "It never would have worked. And it won't work between you two either," he said indicating Sebastian and Kurt. "And you know why?" Blaine asked rhetorically, his voice growing shriller. "Because you two," he pointed at Sebastian and Jesse, "are just fucked up. You can't make relationships work because you're just two pathetic little boys who get off on toying with other people's feelings."

"Oh leave it out, Blainers," Jesse interrupted. "This isn't about Bas. This is about you and me."

"No, no, it's about him too," Blaine argued pointing accusingly at Sebastian. "It's always about him because you're so fucking in love with him but you just won't admit it."

Sebastian and Jesse's eyes snapped to one another while everyone else stared uncomfortably at the floor.

"Can everybody please calm down?" Trent sighed.

"Don't worry, Trent," Blaine answered wiping the blood away from his nose. "I'm done." He shot a final dark look at Jesse before storming out of the choir room.

"Well done, Jesse," Jeff said bitchily. "You've really fucked things up. Are you happy now?"

"Shut up," Sebastian ordered in Jesse's defence, silencing Nick with a look when he made to retort. "Are you ok?" Sebastian asked stepping up to Jesse.

"Oh, peachy," Jesse replied sarcastically running a hand through his hair.

"Good," Sebastian nodded before back-handing Jesse across the face.

"Ow!" Jesse complained. "What was that for?"

"For cheating on Blaine with his older brother you idiotic asshole," Sebastian answered.

"Fair enough," Jesse mumbled pitifully.

Sebastian sighed before leaning in and giving Jesse a soft kiss on the lips.

"I love you," Sebastian told him and Kurt watched the interaction carefully, uncertain if Sebastian was speaking of platonic love or something more.

"Love you too, Bas," Jesse sighed.

"You'll get him back," Sebastian said confidently.

"I doubt it," Jesse grimaced.

"Give him time," Sebastian replied. "Come on, let's get out of here. Kurt, you coming?"

"No," Kurt answered finally moving away from the window. "I think somebody should be with Blaine."

"Ok," Sebastian nodded. "Can I stop by your room later?" He asked.

"Sure," Kurt replied.

"Ok, later then," Sebastian confirmed giving Kurt a kiss on the lips and squeezing his hand.


Coming to stand outside Blaine's dorm room, Kurt rapped his knuckles neatly on the door.

"Blaine?" Kurt called in askance. "It's me."

There was no answer so Kurt just wandered in and walked through to the adjoining bathroom where he found Blaine mopping up the blood from his face.

"Here, let me," Kurt offered taking over.

Quietly, Blaine let him. They were silent. Kurt didn't press Blaine to talk about the situation and Blaine didn't offer any conversation about the matter.

"I think you're going to have a few bruises in the morning," Kurt pointed out.

"It doesn't matter," Blaine shrugged.

"I think it does," Kurt sighed. "The teachers will see and it will be obvious you've been fighting. Dalton has a zero-tolerance no-bullying policy. You could be expelled, Jesse too."

"Damn it," Blaine groaned.

"Don't worry," Kurt told him. "I can help you cover it with make-up."

"Thanks, that's probably best," Blaine said. "Do you wanna watch a movie?"

"Ok," Kurt agreed and the two friends lounged on Blaine's bed together watching a comedy and ignoring the real-life drama of the day.


After leaving the choir room, Sebastian had led Jesse out of Dalton and they wandered around aimlessly before taking refuge in a coffee shop.

"You really look like hell," Sebastian commented honestly.

"Yeah, thanks," Jesse grumbled.

They were silent for a while as they sipped their coffees before Sebastian straightened up and cast a serious expression Jesse's way.

"Tell me," Sebastian commanded simply.

"I think Blaine summed it up when he called me an uncaring asshole," Jesse shrugged.

"Stop acting like… like… fuck, stop acting like me, ok," Sebastian said. "Blaine's our friend. I wouldn't expect you to magically fall in love with him overnight but I didn't think you'd deliberately set out to hurt him either. We talked about this; you said you weren't going to hurt him."

"I know and I didn't want to," Jesse replied.

"But you have," Sebastian said harshly. "Why? Explain it to me."

"I don't know," Jesse sighed. "Blaine invited me to his place for the weekend and he gave me those puppy-dog eyes so I couldn't say no."

"Continue," Sebastian prompted lifting his coffee cup up to his lips.

"His dad is a jerk," Jesse stated and Sebastian just quirked an eyebrow as he waited for his friend to elaborate. "There was no father-son hug like with Kurt and Burt. As soon as Blaine walked through the door it was like… I don't know. He changed."

"How?" Sebastian asked.

"Quieter, more subdued," Jesse listed. "Everything his dickhead dad said seemed to be an insult to Blaine and a compliment to his brother, Cooper. And Blaine was trying to impress his dad and get positive attention from him. Honestly, it was nauseating to watch. The guy clearly isn't G.F."

"Gay friendly," Sebastian said. "So, Mr Anderson is a homophobe. That sucks for Blaine."

"Yeah," Jesse nodded in agreement.

"That doesn't explain why you cheated on Blaine with his brother," Sebastian pointed out.

"I guess I just wanted to punish him," Jesse said quietly.

"Mr Anderson?" Sebastian asked.

"Yeah, him and Cooper… even Blaine," Jesse admitted and Sebastian leaned forward waiting for his friend to say more. "It took all of three seconds for me to work out that Cooper is the golden child, what with him being straight and all," he said bitterly. "Blaine shouldn't care what his dad thinks. He shouldn't have to hide who he is whenever he's at home. He should be exactly who he is and be proud of it."

"Keep talking," Sebastian encouraged.

"I wasn't introduced as the boyfriend," Jesse said. "I was barely introduced properly at all. It made me feel like Blaine was ashamed of me, like he was even ashamed of himself and I know it isn't Blaine's fault. That's down to his dad. At Dalton, Blaine is… well, Blaine. Because those school walls are safe no matter your religion, race or sexuality. Blaine doesn't have that luxury when he's at home. His family won't properly acknowledge the fact that he's gay and that I'm his fabulous gay-as-they-come boyfriend. They treated Blaine… and me… like there was something wrong with us, like we had some disgusting disease. It made me so fucking angry," he seethed.

"Ok," Sebastian nodded. "I understand that. But I don't yet understand how the marvellous mind of Jesse St James thought cheating on our Blainers would be a good idea."

"I didn't plan what happened with Cooper," Jesse replied. "I didn't make a conscious decision to cheat and hurt Blaine. It just happened."

"How?" Sebastian prompted.

"Blaine wouldn't touch me," Jesse said quietly. "And any time I tried to touch him he'd pull away as if he'd been burned. He hardly even looked at me or spoke to me all weekend. I didn't like being in that house with those people at all ok. I don't even understand why he invited me to stay with him. I was angry at Mr Anderson for being a homophobic douche. I was angry at Mrs Anderson for not stepping up to him and defending her son. I was angry at Cooper for getting all the good attention from his parents and I was angry at Blaine for sitting there and taking every insult and acting like our relationship was something to be ashamed of."

"I get it, you were angry," Sebastian clarified. "Anger makes people do stupid things. So what, Blaine wasn't putting out so you went to his older brother for an anger bang?"

"I didn't have sex with him," Jesse responded. "I was angry and sexually frustrated and yes, I was freaking stupid. You know what I'm like, Bas; if I go too long without an orgasm I'll just go insane. I was really horny so I went up to the guest bedroom to… you know."

"Jerk off," Sebastian supplied and Jesse nodded.

"I made myself comfortable and I was giving myself some much deserved attention courtesy of my own hand when Cooper walked in," Jesse explained. "I've never been shy about my sexuality or my penis so I kept on going. I thought he would just leave but instead he joined me on the bed and offered to give me a hand."

"And you let him?" Sebastian asked.

"I was so close and so desperate," Jesse answered defensively. "I needed release and I didn't care how it happened or who it came from. The state I was in, I'd have even accepted sexual favours from Rachel Berry."

"That's gross," Sebastian winced.

"It was just a hand-job," Jesse said. "It didn't mean anything."

"I take it Blaine walked in and caught you?" Sebastian asked.

"No," Jesse shook his head. "Mr Anderson walked in."

"Oh shit," Sebastian swore. "How did he respond to that?"

"Not too well," Jesse answered. "He ordered me out of his house straight away. I didn't even get to see or speak to Blaine. So I came back to Dalton just hoping Blaine wouldn't find out. But well, you saw how he reacted when he saw me. Either his father told him what happened or Cooper did and for all I know they gave a different version of events. Cooper could have told Blaine I raped him for all I know."

"We'll sort this out, Jess, I promise," Sebastian told him earnestly. "If Kurt managed to forgive me for the way I treated him then Blaine can forgive you."

"What's the point?" Jesse groaned. "He's just a guy. There are plenty more out there."

"He's not just a guy," Sebastian objected. "He's Blaine. There aren't any more Blaine's out there. He's my friend and I don't want to lose him and I know you don't want to lose him either. I'm telling you, we'll work this out."


After watching the film, Blaine suggested they go for a walk. Together, Kurt and Blaine left the school building and took to wandering about the school grounds.

"Blaine?" Kurt asked tentatively. "Do you um… do you want to talk about it?"

"Will talking about it help?" Blaine asked.

"Maybe," Kurt shrugged. "You won't know until you try."

"I really thought he cared about me, Kurt," Blaine said. "I thought I mean something to him."

"He does care about you," Kurt insisted. "You two are great together. What ever happened I'm sure you can work things out."

"So you haven't heard what happened?" Blaine asked.

"No," Kurt answered. "I realise something must have happened. When I got back from Lima, Sebastian told me that Jesse came back early but neither of us could get him to explain what happened. And I did overhear Nick and Jeff gossiping about something but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Judging by what happened in the choir room I'm guessing you told them what happened."

"Yeah, I did," Blaine confirmed. "When I got back to Dalton they were the first people I bumped in to and I just… I was so hurt and angry that I had to tell somebody and they were there to listen. Then when I saw Jesse in the choir room I just lost it."

"So… what actually happened?" Kurt asked gently. "You mentioned something about your brother."

"My dad caught Jesse and Cooper in the guest room together," Blaine said in a cold voice.

"Caught them?" Kurt questioned. "Doing what?"

"What do you think?" Blaine asked with a sneer.

"Maybe… maybe your dad was wrong," Kurt suggested. "Maybe it was all a misunderstanding just like that weekend when we all stayed at mine and Rachel thought Sebastian was cheating on me with Jesse and you thought Rachel was pregnant."

"My dad wouldn't lie to me and neither would Cooper," Blaine said adamantly.

"Neither would Jesse," Kurt insisted. "He's one of the most honest people I know. Too honest at times in fact."

"Honest, dishonest, it doesn't really matter," Blaine said bitterly. "Because it doesn't change the fact that Jesse cheated on me with my own brother."

"When you say 'cheated'?" Kurt asked. "What do you mean exactly? Because if it was a peck on the lips then you know that doesn't mean anything. That's just Jesse's way of showing affection."

"It wasn't a peck on the lips," Blaine answered sourly. "It was a hand-job."

"Maybe… maybe Jesse thought it was you and just got the wrong room," Kurt suggested. "Or maybe he was checking for testicular lumps or your brother could have forced him or…"

"It was Cooper giving Jesse the hand-job," Blaine pointed out.

"Oh," Kurt replied. "Well maybe Cooper was checking Jesse's testicles for lumps, or maybe Jesse didn't want Cooper touching him."

"Kurt, let me ask you something," Blaine interrupted. "If your dad walked in on Finn giving Sebastian a hand-job, how would you feel?"

"Heartbroken," Kurt admitted. "But Finn's straight. He wouldn't touch another guy's penis, especially not my boyfriend. Maybe some of your anger here should be directed at Cooper."

"Oh trust me, it is," Blaine answered. "But there's plenty of anger left over for Jesse."

"But Jesse really cares about you and…" Kurt tried to say but Blaine didn't seem to want to listen.

"Just stop Kurt," Blaine said. "No matter what you say it doesn't change the fact that Jesse cheated."

"You could still work things out," Kurt said desperately. "Give him another chance."

"If Sebastian cheated on you, would you give him another chance?" Blaine asked.

"I… I don't know, maybe… I… no," Kurt admitted. "No, I wouldn't."

"Then how can you expect me to forgive Jesse?" Blaine asked.

"I guess I can't," Kurt said sadly. "It's… it's really over?"

"It's over," Blaine answered.

"I'm sorry," Kurt apologised as they circled back round to the front of the school, meeting Jesse and Sebastian along the way. "Awkward," Kurt muttered under his breath as the four of them stood in a diamond formation.

"Hey," Sebastian said.

"Hey," Kurt replied.

"Blaine," Sebastian said. "Jesse has something he wants to say to you." He nudged Jesse forwards.

"There's nothing you can say," Blaine told Jesse. "We're over."

"At least let me explain, please?" Jesse begged.

"Why should I?" Blaine scoffed.

"Because you're my friend," Jesse replied. "And I don't ever want to lose that."

"Then you should have stayed the hell away from my brother," Blaine sniped turning his back to them and heading up the school steps.

"Go after him," Sebastian encouraged giving Jesse a shove.

"You were a pathetic excuse for a boyfriend this weekend, Blaine," Jesse called out following after the shorter boy.

"Oh shit," Sebastian swore hearing his friend's words and hurrying after them along with Kurt.

"Your family treated us like we were an abomination and you let them," Jesse stated. "They turned their snobby noses up at our relationship and you let it get to you and you acted ashamed. Ashamed of me and ashamed of yourself for being the cock-sucking gay boy you are. You wouldn't touch me and you barely even looked at me. I didn't seek your brother out for a quick sexual thrill. I went to the guest room alone to masturbate because you wouldn't come anywhere near me. Then your brother walked in and I didn't ask him to stay and come and touch my dick, he did that of his own accord."

"And you let him," Blaine retaliated resentfully. "I bet you loved it, you slut. Was he better than me?"

"Maybe he was," Jesse retorted bitchily, his anger getting the better of him.

"Hey, you're making it worse," Sebastian reprimanded slapping Jesse upside the head. "Blaine, come on, I know Jesse made a mistake but can't you forgive him?"

"No, I can't," Blaine responded. "You really hurt me."

"I know," Jesse said in a calmer tone. "I'm sorry. Just… just… don't hate me. Please, don't hate me. I know I've messed up and I know I've hurt you. I don't expect you to want to stay in a relationship with me. But please, don't stop being my friend. I can't lose you."

"Too late," Blaine answered. "You've lost me." He sent Jesse one last disappointed look before turning away.

"He'll be back," Sebastian said confidently. "Things will work out."

"No, they won't," Jesse replied quietly before he too headed inside.

"Come on," Sebastian said holding his hand out to Kurt. "I'll walk you to your room."

Kurt accepted Sebastian's hand and they walked through the school corridors together.

"Are we going to work out?" Kurt asked as they climbed the spiral staircase.

"I can't see the future, Kurt," Sebastian pointed out reasonably. "I can't promise that we'll be together and that I won't hurt you or that we won't ever fight. I can't promise you anything. I don't know what's going to happen. But I do know that right now, I want us to survive whatever obstacles are coming our way. Right now, I want to be with you forever and I hope that we'll work out. That's really all I can give you."

"I guess," Kurt nodded as they walked through the hallway towards his room. "Sebastian," Kurt said coming to a stop by his bedroom door. "There's something I want to give you. I've wanted to give it to you for a while."

He opened his dorm room door and stepped inside, beckoning for Sebastian to follow him. Kurt closed the door behind them and locked it before turning to face his boyfriend. Stepping up to him, Kurt looped his arms around Sebastian's neck and met his lips for an intensely passionate kiss.

"I want you," Kurt whispered breathily into Sebastian's ear. "Mmm," he trailed kisses along Sebastian's jawbone before moving to gently bite the lobe of his other ear. "I want you," Kurt said huskily, "to make love to me."

"I don't," Sebastian gulped as he steadied his hands on Kurt's slim waist. "I don't know how to."

"I'll teach you," Kurt said coyly moving in to claim Sebastian's mouth.

They kissed one another furiously, lips grazing over lips and tongues sparring with tongues as teeth clashed with teeth. Kurt pulled a few desperate whimpers from Sebastian's mouth as they clumsily removed one another's clothing, Kurt not even caring about his clothes being crumpled up on the floor.

Fully nude, they staggered towards the bed still kissing each other. They fell somewhat awkwardly onto the mattress, landing sideways so they were still facing each other and able to kiss. Their hands trailed across each other's strong arms, chests, flat stomachs and pert bums as well as snaking up to tangle at one another's hair.

"Are you sure?" Sebastian forced himself to ask before he fully gave in to his passion and lost all control.

"I'm sure," Kurt assured him between kisses before pushing Sebastian onto his back. He nipped at Sebastian's lower lip before moving down the bed to settle himself between his boyfriend's legs. He massaged Sebastian's balls lightly before taking his dick into his mouth.

"Mmm, Kurt," Sebastian moaned closing his eyes and enjoying the sensations Kurt was providing.

Licking generously at the large throbbing vein on the underside of Sebastian's cock, Kurt pulled off of his boyfriend then moved back up the bed to kiss his mouth. He then reached across to his nightstand and fished out the lube and condoms he'd been keeping in his drawer for the past month.

Taking the tube of lube in hand, Sebastian guided Kurt onto his stomach. He squeezed a large helping of the lubricant onto his hand and played his fingers around Kurt's opening. Forcing Kurt's ass-cheeks apart, he poured a blob of lube into Kurt's hole before slipping a single digit inside. As the two teens had been engaging in anal-fingering activities over the past few weeks Kurt's body accepted the intrusion rather easily.

Sebastian slipped in a second finger and adopted a scissoring motion to stretch Kurt open. He managed to work in a third finger, Kurt moaning and groaning as he buried his face in the pillows. After several minutes of careful fingering Sebastian fumbled around for the condom and quickly sheathed it over his erect penis.

He flipped Kurt onto his back so they were face-to-face. Poising himself above the pale boy and guiding the tip of his cock to Kurt's entrance, Sebastian gazed down upon his lover's face. As Sebastian looked into Kurt's eyes, he checked for any signs of hesitation but only saw trust, lust and love. He swallowed thickly, realising that he was far more nervous than Kurt despite the different levels of sexual experience.

"It's ok," Kurt said resting his hands on Sebastian's shoulders. "I trust you."

"I love you," Sebastian replied leaning down to press his lips firmly against Kurt's mouth as he slowly pushed inside his lover's body.

"Mmm," Kurt whined and Sebastian couldn't tell if it was a moan of pleasure or pain. In case it was pain or discomfort, Sebastian eased himself in at a slower pace and dropped kisses all over Kurt's face. "Oh, oh," Kurt moaned once Sebastian was fully buried inside of him. He closed his eyes as his body slowly got used to the intrusion.

"Ssh, it's ok," Sebastian comforted. "Just breathe, baby."

"Go slow?" Kurt asked.

"Of course," Sebastian answered brushing the hair away from Kurt's forehead then gripping his shoulder as they kissed.

Slowly, Sebastian pulled out before carefully slipping back in. Kurt arched his back and stretched his legs as he took deep steadying breaths, clinging desperately to his boyfriend above him.

"T-touch me," Kurt asked shakily.

Sebastian let one hand wander down to wrap around Kurt's cock, one of Kurt's own hands joining him. Together, they stroked Kurt's dick in a slow and teasing fashion, the speed mimicking the pace of Sebastian rocking into Kurt's ass.

"I love you," Kurt murmured against Sebastian's lips as they continued to make love.

"I love you too," Sebastian breathed out, their sweaty foreheads resting against one another.

Sebastian snapped his hips and quickened the pace of his thrusts for about thirty seconds before he slowed down again due to Kurt looking as though he might pass out.

"Are you ok?" Sebastian asked, his words interrupted with gasps for breath.

Kurt nodded in response and forced Sebastian's mouth back to his for more kisses, their fingers brushing against one another's as they both pumped Kurt's cock.

Sebastian kept up the slow pace until they both came. He then stayed inside of Kurt resting on top of him as they continued to kiss and caress one another. Chests pressed together, both boys could feel the thumps of each other's rapid heartbeats. Face buried in the crook of Kurt's neck, Sebastian waited nervously for a verdict on how their first time together had gone.

"That was amazing," Kurt finally said as he ran a hand through Sebastian's hair.

"You're amazing," Sebastian replied and they gazed into one another's eyes before they both burst out laughing at how corny and un-Sebastian like he had sounded.

"We should get cleaned up," Kurt said and Sebastian nodded his agreement.

He pulled out of Kurt and disposed of the condom before helping his boyfriend to his feet. They made their way to Kurt's bathroom to shower, Kurt walking a little oddly due to their recent activities.

As they stood under the spray of the shower together, Sebastian standing behind Kurt with his arms wrapped around Kurt's middle, Kurt talked happily about casual things. Sebastian listened and made sure to reply appropriately but he couldn't keep his mind from straying slightly. He had just made love to his boyfriend for the first time. He was elated and he desperately wished to celebrate his news with his two best friends, Jesse and Blaine. It saddened him that he couldn't share his happiness with the two of them now that Blaine wanted nothing to do with Jesse.

"I really thought they were in love," Kurt commented abruptly changing topic, almost as if he had read Sebastian's thoughts.

Sebastian didn't respond. He just hugged Kurt tighter. He had known all along that Blaine's feelings for Jesse were deeper than Jesse's feelings for Blaine. He didn't expect their relationship to last forever. He had hoped their friendship would survive the inevitable break up though.

"Do you think they'll ever get back together?" Kurt asked.

"No," Sebastian answered. "Jesse didn't fight hard enough to win Blaine back. He was happy with Blaine and they did care about each other. But I think they both knew if they gave things another shot Jesse would only end up hurting Blaine again. Not intentionally or anything but… that's how it would go. I think Blaine really did love Jesse but Jesse never really loved Blaine back. Not in the same way."

"What about you?" Kurt asked.

"What about me?" Sebastian asked in confusion.

"In the choir room," Kurt said. "Blaine said Jesse was in love with you but would never admit it. Is that true? Does Jesse love you?"

"I really don't know," Sebastian answered honestly. "If he does, he's never admitted it. Why? You're not jealous are you?" He teased.

"Of course not," Kurt laughed good-naturedly. "I'm far more talented and gorgeous with much better fashion taste and hair. Just don't tell him I said that."

"Your secrets safe with me," Sebastian promised.

They finished their shower, stealing several more kisses here and there, before stepping out, drying off.

"So um… should I go?" Sebastian asked unsure how to proceed.

"Stay," Kurt replied pulling the quilt covers back so his boyfriend could join him in his bed. "Goodnight."

"Night," Sebastian whispered back sharing another kiss with Kurt before they fell asleep in one another's arms.

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