The phone rings.

"Hello?" I say confused.

"Bonjour, is this Megan Wong?" The voice from the other end has a french accent, with a tint of English coming in.

"Uh, oui, this is Megan."

This is Megan? I feel like I'm getting stupid by the minute.

"Ah, Megan, I am Claire, the head of voguefrancais. We have seen your work in Flashlite, and want to have your fashion designs appear in our next magazine, in fact, actually, we want YOU to come work at voguefrancais."

My heart is beating fast inside my chest, a job? With an office and everything? I'm only sixteen!

"Umm, I would love to, but you should ask my mother before me."

"We already have, Megan. She approves."

Mom approves? Haha, that's a joke, it's more like Gigi approves.

"Well, can I get back to you on that?"

"I'm afraid not, there are other applicants already waiting."

If I took the job, (I'd have to take the interview first), I would move to Paris, and become famous! But, I don't need to be famous. I love Concord and my friends but really, Paris! The city of shopping! And love. I don't know what to do so I break the news to her.

"I'd love to!"

Wait! What just came out of my mouth? Did I say yes? Oh, I said yes. Great.

"Fantastique! Your interview will be in two weeks at the Eiffel Tower. A bientot!"

See you soon too.

What did I get myself into?