Godzilla gets Japan 2

Godzilla started in Tokyo where to his surprise Mecha Godzilla was right there. Godzilla started to charge his ray but Mecha Godzilla new what it was and rammed Godzilla. Godzilla fell to the ground grasping his stomach. Wile Godzilla was caching his breath Mecha Godzilla found an old man, old woman, and a child and crushed them beneath his foot. Godzilla secretly got up charged his ray and shot at Mecha Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla ducked just in time one more second he would have been toast. Mecha Godzilla swung his right and hi Godzilla right in his jaw. Then Godzilla swung his left arm and clawed Mecha Godzilla in his forehead. Godzilla roared as loud as he could and bit Mecha Godzilla in his neck. Mecha Godzilla fell to his knees as Godzilla charged his ray. Then Godzilla shot his ray and Mecha Godzilla was dead. Then as Godzilla looked around gave out a roar and then wiped out Tokyo. Then ate one skyscraper.

(there is a book three coming soon)