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Chapter One:

In Which A List is Made (And Discovered)


As Alfred returned to his house later that same morning, he was a little surprised to realize that he didn't really know much about the rest of world, bar what he heard from the others in conversation here and there. Even when he went to other countries for diplomatic meetings all he ever did was stay in his hotel room playing video games, and chatting online with his boss's family about his day. He never actually went out, knowing full well how likely he'd be to roped into some drunken party down at the local bar, or end up getting molested by a touchy Francis. He learned his lesson the first time, he didn't need a repeat.

And then there was work… a frown crossed his face as his thoughts went back to that familiar route. If only he boss wasn't so stubborn about him taking a vacation, he'd be able to convince Congress to finally pass that passport bill the European Union kept bitching at him about—

And then it hit him.

Perhaps he could do both—take a vacation and soak up some culture!

A smile lit his face.

He needed to do some planning.

Alfred grabbed some sheets of paper, a pen, and his motorcycle keys as he locked his house door.


It wasn't unusual that Matthew decided to visit his brother. Often, his sibling would be bursting through his door at all hours of the day, dragging him off to some event or other, but recently Matt started to notice a sharp change in his twin.

No longer did his brother have any free time, and more often than not, Alfred was always busy. Busy with meetings, busy with bills, busy with laws—it made sense after all, it was recession, and he did have a significant part of blame for the problem, but that reason seemed less and less likely the more time passed. After all, there were only so many things a nation could do in their government. Well, beside filing papers, and getting coffee, nations weren't really all that important in the government. Most were used for little else other than historical advice, and whether some new bill was working. So Alfred's sudden absence was very strange. [1]

Matthew frowned. 'So, logically Alfred should still have free time…and yet, he wasn't pestering me, so what was Alfred doing?' Matt didn't know.

And frankly, it made no sense.

He blinked as he spotted a familiar head of hair at a nearby café. A small but popular café, with bright greenery, and dozens of people sitting around tables chatting. His brother was the only one without a dining companion, instead using all the space his table provided for various sheets of paper. While next to him a computer sat, open and on, as Alfred clicked away, probably typing up some work or something. Matt sighed.

'Paperwork?' He thought. 'Why would he have paperwork?' Nations weren't responsible for actual policies or budget reports—that was the human's job. Hell, even nations that were as uptight as Ludwig weren't allowed to even touch the official documents. Their bosses would have a fit if any of them did so.

So then, why?

'Whatever.' Matt pushed those thoughts to the side, figuring they were something else, and called out to his brother.

Alfred didn't even turn; apparently he didn't hear him either. Matt frowned, as one of the few people who actually could hear him; Alfred should have heard him yell…

"Alfred!" He yelled again, now only twenty feet away now. He moved forward crossing the street, ready to call out again when he noticed his brother's strange posture. Alfred was talking on the phone.

'Oh, no wondering he didn't hear me…' Matt thought, step-siding all the other tables set outside on the café patio. He moved aside some chairs, quickly trying to make his way though. Excusing himself when he accidently brushed passed a couple (who didn't even notice him), until finally he was directly behind his brother. He reached out—

"Are you sure this is the best way to enter Russia?" His brother's voice asked cutting though the back ground noise. [2]

Matt stopped dead in his tracks.

'The best way to enter Russia, why would he…?' Matt wondered his thoughts cutting off, as Alfred spoke again.

"Really, so I wouldn't need to worry about Ivan getting wind of me coming?" Alfred asked, and wrote something on a page.

A shiver went down Matt's back.

'Alfred couldn't be possibly…be planning to invade Russia?' Matt moved back, eyes wide. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew his brother and Ivan weren't on the best of terms, but to actually invade—what was Alfred thinking? Wasn't he just making steps to renew their friendship?

Matt pulled on his hair, as the pieces started coming together.

Unless… it was all a ploy! And none of it was real?

'Yes, that's what it is…' Matt thought. 'But…I have to do something!'

He inched side quickly throwing himself into a table behind Alfred to listen closer. He had to. He wasn't going to let Alfred do something stupid—

"Good. Thanks." Alfred said ended the call, and writing again. He quickly gathered up his papers, and throwing some money on the table ran off, barely missing the happily look the waitress had as she gathered up the one hundred dollar bills [3].

And yet, Matt was still in his seat shaking. He didn't trust himself to stand up, and instead took a small address book from one of the inside pockets of his coat. Quickly jotting down everything he could remember from his brother's phone conversation—

"Excuse me?" A gentle voice said interrupting his writing.

Matthew looked up into the kind eyes of an elderly woman. "Yes?" He asked a little more apprehensive than he would have liked.

"I think you dropped this, dear." She handed him a single sheet of paper with some scribbles on it. It was incredibly crinkled, with food crumbs on it. While at the top there was rip cutting through one of word in large print.

"I'm sor—" Matthew started to say, until he caught some of the words on it. "On second thought, thank you so much." Matt said smiling timidly.

She smiled at him and walked away, never knowing what exactly she was encouraging.

While a few steps away Matt went white as he read the page.

-ion List [4]

1. Russia, Ivan (better get the commie out of the way)

2 .Finland/Sweden, Tino and Berwald (I finally remember where he and Sweden live)

3. Estonia, Eduard (been awhile since the USSR Ivan probably won't mind)

The rest of the list was unreadable, no matter how much Matt tried to decipher it, eventually, he just folded it up and placed it in his address book, standing up.

He had some calls to make.


[1] Matthew is obvious to things concerning his brother. In canon, he yells at Alfred for three hours straight before he even realizes he made Alfred cry, so him barely noticing Alfred isn't visiting him for months in a roll doesn't seem all that unusual in my head canon, as Matt's likely to first take his brother's absent as a good thing before he actually starts getting worried.

[2] It was only after I was re-reading this for editing that I noticed this line can be taken in a very wrong way…please ignore that. Alfred hates Ivan. There are NO pairings in this fanfic.

[3] Not a mistake, a clue that will make sense later to why Alfred doing some of the things a certain way. Have fun guessing.

[4] The part that was ripped off was the 'vaca' part in vacation. Matthew seeing 'invasion' signs in coincidental things… poor, poor Mattie…

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