Hi There,

Thanks for the reviews, favourites and alerts for this story, I really appreciate it and am glad you guys enjoyed it!

For those that have commented wanting me to continue it, I really hadn't planned on adding anymore to this story so haven't really thought beyond this little scene. However, I have been toying with the idea of going back in time a bit and doing a complete story about these two, which I'd plan to go beyond this little O/S.

Im off to Singapore tomorrow with work so will try to get started on a few chapters while im over there maybe. But, I'm one of those people who hate waiting for updates, I tend to wait til a story is complete before reading, so at the moment my plan is to get a good chunk of the story down before I start posting it so that I can do more regular updates rather than update as and when I add a chapter. Im crazy busy at the moment with real-life and work so I couldn't guarantee sticking to an update schedule so I'd rather have a fair bit of it written so all I have to do is upload the chapters a couple of times a week while I write the end of the story.

That's the plan at the moment, but we all know how the best laid plans go…. LOL! I wont add to this story, I will start a new one so if you want to read it either check back in a couple of weeks or put me on author alert. I will try to get it posted up ASAP but cant make any promises at the moment. Once I start writing I tend to keep going though so im hoping it wont be too long to wait!

If anyone has any ideas of what they'd like to see in the story I'd love to hear them as I haven't got any storyline set in stone at the moment, except that I'll be going back to New Moon timeframe and writing the story how I think it should have gone – with Bella giving Edward much more of a hard time over his stupidity. She was WAY too easy on him! But, im willing to take any ideas on board and incorporate them if they fit in with the story