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A Grave New Threat

Ch: 1 Enter in Team Shadow

"...Tell me again why we're in Foggy Forest? I can barely see ten feet in front of me, yo."

"Because someone was lured in by the reward."

"Reward was Purple Gummi Gummi though. They're Soul Soul's favorite, keke!"

"Oh you'll be seein' plenty o' purple after I get through with ya, yo!"

The owner of the voice who spoke last then acted as if they were pushing up their nonexistant sleeves while starting to stalk over towards the cause of why they were in this dungeon in particular. However, before the pokemon known as a scrafty could pummel the living daylights into the annoyance, their leader suddenly restrained him from behind. "Hey. Come on Chrono. You can't attack Soul. He's on our own team for cryin' out loud."

"Grrr. I don't care! Let me at 'em, yo! I'll beat him extra hard so that he won' be just seein' purple, he'll be black and blue too!"

Said annoyance, which happened to be a banette, merely lifted his hands to his zipper mouth as he snickered in a gleeful, yet sinister manner. "Kekeke. Chrono's all steamy steamy. Boss Boss won't let him hurt Soul Soul though." The moment he said this though, he yelped lightly as their team leader, a female weavile with sky blue feathered ears and tails, slammed their snow white claws against the back of his head. Quickly gripping the back of it, Soul frown slightly as he glanced over at his boss. "Keke...Boss Boss...What was that for for?" Though a decently smart and loyal pokemon, Soul had the tendancy to not only speak in third person all the time, but also say certain words twice.

"I may not've allowed Chrono ta strike at you, Soul, but that sure as hell doesn' mean I won't. Now both of you get it together and lets get this mission over with already. This fog is startin' ta annoy even me now and if I run into one more Skiploom around here, I'm gonna turn them into a pokecicle!" Shadow growled under her breath as she stomped off to head further into the dungeon. This weavile was more than just slightly different in coloration as far as her 'feathers' went. Known as the leader of the famous Master Ranked exploration team, Team Shadow, she was just as deadly as she was beautiful. However, though extremely loyal to her team & those of Treasure Town and the Riolu Guild, this weavile had one nasty temper and along with a stubborness to match it.

Walking along closely at her side while Soul was trailing behind and slightly above them was her right hand pokemon, Chrono. A male scrafty with a real punkish attitude, he was the one out of everyone that were members of Team Shadow that was the closest to their leader along with having been at her side the longest. Being the most violent of the main trio, he always had his headphones with him so that he could listen to music at all times. It was basically his source of keeping a cool head a lot of the time, though it didn't always work given Soul knew just what buttons to push in order to make the teenaged scrafty want to punch the ghost's lights out. It was because of this, that it was very easy to tell that those two didn't get along too well.

It wasn't until they arrived at their destinated floor within the dungeon - on the Arceusforsaken 8th floor! - that they came across the reason for them being there in the first place...Well, the second reason; the first being their dingbat of a banette partner. Standing there before them was none other than a Skiploom; a rank C outlaw that had been on the loose. Standing there for a moment as they stared at the outlaw, both Chrono and Soul were about to get into a fighting position when they caught sight of their leader's form having tensed up so badly that it seemed to begin trembling...That was never a good sign. Eyes widening, they both quickly took cover for the 'disaster' that was about to take place.

The outlaw though, apparently didn't seem to pick up on this for he merely narrowed his eyes and began laughing a bit in a taunting manner. "I see that my reputation preceeds me. Even your partners cower before my might and intimidating appearance! Now bow before me and I might spa-" However, that was as far as he got as the Skiploom suddenly found himself completely frozen over in a block of ice while the female weavile stood there with a pissed off look in her crimson eyes and her mouth slightly opened, revealing her top fangs and icy mist rising out of her mouth as an after effect from using Ice Beam.

"It just had ta be a stupid Skiploom!" Turning her sharp gaze towards her partners, she sent Soul an irritated look. "There. We completed this heinous mission and now you can get that stupid gummi of yours. Can we go now? I've seen enough Skiploom for one day ta last me almost a life time already." Without even bothering to wait for an answer, she used their Explorer's Badge to transport themselves & their frozen over target back to the outskirts Treasure Town, right at the base of the Riolu Guild. Sighing lightly to calm herself back down, she motioned them to follow as she headed up the hill to the guild to which Chrono jogged after her while holding up his pants with one hand and Soul had used 'Psychic' on the frozen outlaw, causing him to levitate and float along with him as he hurried after his teammates.

Needless to say, this had been one mission that Shadow and Chrono both had never been so happy to get over with before. Upon meeting up with Officer Bisharp on the Missions floor, the two practically shoved the frozen Skiploom over to him while Soul merely snickered. "We completed the mission and aprehended the outlaw so just take him already; please."

Officer Bisharp just blinked slightly at this in surprise as he had never seen Shadow act this way before. He had never seen her so eager and almost desperate or even flustered to hand over an outlaw that they had chosen to go after. Deciding it was best not to ask, he nodded his head & smiled a bit as he motioned for his two Pawniard assistants to take Skiploom away. "Well done as always Team Shadow. Here's the reward that was offered for carrying out this mission." As he said this, Officer Bisharp handed over a Purple Gummi, which Soul whisped on by, snatching it up, and also a Sleep Seed. After thanking the team once more, he went on his way, leaving Team Shadow to continue about their business.

Shadow watched him take his leave before bringing her gaze over towards her two main partners. "Lets get something to eat in the kitchen boys and then head off to bed. It's been one irritating and prolonged feeling day." As they both nodded, the trio headed down yet another level in the guild to eat with the others.


Moltres collapsed to the ground within the 10th floor of the dungeon in which she reigned supreme upon, Giant Volcano. Struggling to get back up, she was merely able to tilt her head up and to the side only slightly as she gazed through a single barely opened eye. Standing there before her with a malicious look in his eyes was a male inferape and his two partners, a Charizard and Typlosion, to which the Charizard, who stood out like a beacon with his black coloration, walked over to the podeum and reached out with his claws. Smirking, he snatched up the item that rested there and walked back over to his companions. "Looks like the rumors were right Zaru. This featherbrain stood as a guardian of one of the six Blaze Crystals."

Moltres released a weak cry at this and struggled even more to stand upon her talons, but to no avail. "No...Give that back. The crystal does not belong to the likes of you."

The infernape, now known as Zaru, merely glanced down at Moltres out of the corners of his eyes before walking over to her and kneeling down. "You act as if you have any say in this 'guardian'. You're in no position at all to be attempting to tell us what we can or can't do." He then rose up onto his feet once more and turned around as he walked off with his two croonies following. However, he halted for a moment and glanced behind himself at the badly injured legendary from over his shoulder as he smirked; his eyes in a lazy, almost narrowed fashion. "Feel free to warn the other guardians of the five remaining Blaze Crystals though. Not that it'll help any since we'll still get them in the end reguardless...Tell them that Team Inferno is coming for them. Heh." With that, he faced the front once again and left with his partners as they all laughed, as if taunting Moltres and anyone else that dared to try and stop them.

The world of Pokemon was about to face a grave new threat that would undoubtably risk the fate of the world.

To be continued.

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Also, just so the fans of 'From the Life of Scrafty' know, there's only about four more chapters ta go of it before the fic finally comes ta an end.