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Kacey Marie Simon, the bold and confident teenager who isn't afraid to shine, was nervous. Which wasn't something totally new. Everyone gets nervous, but when it came to boys, Kacey is one of the most confident girls in the world. She will go for it and try her hardest to get what she wanted, but this boy. The boy who had stolen her heart away with one glance. The boy who makes her melt every time he talks to her and smile showing his white teeth.

She was nervous because today was the day. Her first date with the hot new boy of Brewster High and fellow band member, Zander Robbins. It wasn't a complete shocker to her when he asked her out. Of course, who didn't like Kacey Simon?

But even thinking about her date was nerve racking. She didn't want to screw this up and knowing her… she might. The last thing she wanted was to ruin her friendship with Zander, but they had both agreed to stay friends even if they didn't work out dating. Besides, it was one date. One experiment date.

Kacey figured it wouldn't work out. He was… too good for her. A use to be perf dating one of the nicest guys in the world? Not the best pairing. If anything, it'll last for maybe a week or a month at the most like most of her other relationships.

"Kacey, Zander's here!" Her mom called from downstairs.

She gave checked herself in the mirror one last time before heading down the stairs. "Hi, Zander." She grinned taking his hand in hers.

"You look amazing." He whispered in her ear before kissing her hand slowly and looked her in the eyes. It was then that Kacey knew that this wasn't going to be a short fling. She was going to keep this boy. It also wasn't an experiment date. She already knew looking in his eyes that it will all work out and the two will be happy for a long, long time.

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