Like a lot of stories in this realm, mine started out as a school project, but then I took it and added onto it. My group in English class was assigned to write a fictional story on what would have happened if…and then then we had to finish the sentence and write an essay on it. Our group chose what would have happened if Boo hadn't come out to save Scout and Jem. We wrote the required essay, but then I took it home and put it somewhere. I found it the other day and decided to add onto it, since I had just seen the movie on USA last week. It kind of inspired me, I guess you could say.

Anyways, this story incorporates the book and the movie, like Aunt Alexandra isn't in this story. And I'm not sure about a certain part that I wrote about Atticus, you'll see when you get to it, but I think it fits. Oh, and it starts out in the middle of the scuffle between Jem, Scout and Bob Ewell, when Ewell breaks Jem's arm. Sorry for the long author's note!


Jem screamed, and Scout, entangled in her ham costume, ran towards the sound of Jem's scream. She ran straight into a flabby male stomach, and then felt arms encircle her tightly and squeeze until she could barely breathe.

"HELP!" Scout screamed, and the man shoved her away. Scout stumbled around until she fell to the ground and she twisted, trying to get out of her costume. The man leapt on top of her and she could hear him panting and breathing alcohol-smelling breath on her. "ATTICUS! JEM! CAL! HELP!" Scout shrieked, and the man growled,

"Shut up!" He smacked her in the head and made her feel woozy and a little dizzy. Then a sharp pain in her side brought her back to reality and she yelped in agony. Scout felt that same pain over and over until suddenly the weight was lifted off of her. She laid there in pain and confusion as she struggled to yank her costume off of her, assuming that was what was hurting her so badly. Gentle hands grabbed her and carefully helped her out of it.

Atticus had heard Scout scream in the woods and he immediately leapt out of his chair, bolting down the stairs and running down the road. He could see Jem lying in the bushes and he hurried towards his son's unconscious figure.

Before he could do anything, he saw another man running past him. The strange man threw himself on top of a man that was struggling with a girl underneath him, and Atticus knew it was Scout. The strange man yanked the attacking man off of Scout. The strange man flung the attacking man away and knelt by Scout.

The attacking man got to his feet and lumbered back towards Scout, and in an instant Atticus recognized Bob Ewell. He grabbed Ewell's arm and pulled him away from the strange man and Scout, and Ewell swung something at Atticus's head. In the moonlight Atticus saw the knife in Bob's hand and he grabbed the man's wrist before he could swing it at him again.

"You no good bastard, payback is a bitch ain't it Mr. Finch?" Bob snarled before trying to kick Atticus. They grappled for a few minutes and then Bob managed to pry himself free from Atticus's grasp. They stood apart from each other for a few minutes and then Bob lunged at Atticus. Before he could get very far, however, Scout had managed to push herself up, though she hurt all over and she was wet and sticky on her clothes. She looked around for who had helped her and saw a man that she thought she recognized, but at that moment she had to help Atticus.

She did the only thing a little girl could do: leap up and wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him backwards and choking him at the same time. "Leave Atticus alone!" Scout sobbed, the tears sliding down her cheeks because jumping up had made her hurt even worse.

By this time, a car had pulled up outside of the bushes and a few men were running into the woods. "Get off of me you little bitch!" Bob growled, reaching around and prying Scout off. This act unbalanced the drunken man and he tipped over, falling to the ground with Scout entangled in his arms.

"Scout!" Atticus yelled, and immediately leapt for his daughter. He yanked her off of Bob Ewell and even in the dark he could see the blood that stained her skin and her clothes.

"Atticus…" Scout murmured as he cradled her gently in his arms.

"Doc's on his way," Heck Tate told Atticus quietly, and then glanced at the prone Bob Ewell.

"Can you bring Jem to the house?" Atticus asked Heck desperately, and Heck nodded.

"Take your daughter home, Mr. Finch, and hurry,"

Atticus took off, headed for his house. Scout's head fell backwards as she lost consciousness and he said loudly, "Stay with me, honey, keep those eyes of yours open," Calpurnia had her hands over her mouth as she held the door open for Atticus. He dashed inside and immediately laid her on the bed.

Calpurnia stepped inside as Atticus looked over his daughter's bloody body. "She's been stabbed…" Cal gasped, and Atticus was deathly quiet for a moment before adding,

"Several times."

Just then, Dr. Reynolds came rushing into the room. "Step back, Atticus," He instructed, but Atticus didn't budge. Dr. Reynolds placed his hand on Atticus's shoulder and he added, "I know this is hard, Atticus, but you need to step back, or I can't do anything for her."

"She's not going to die, is she?" Cal asked from the doorway as Atticus gently touched Scout's cheek and then kissed her forehead before stepping back to let Dr. Reynolds start examining her.

"I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen," Dr. Reynolds said, and glanced at Atticus's pale face.

"Tend to Jem, Atticus, bring him to a different room and I'll be there as soon as I save Miss Scout over here," Dr. Reynolds said, and nodded to Calpurnia.

"Come on," Cal instructed Atticus, and took him to the porch where a different man was carrying Jem.

"Give him to me, Arthur," Atticus said quietly, instantly recognizing the pale man, but then he saw the blood all over his hands and his clothes. His hands started shaking when he made the connection that it was his daughter's blood on his hands.

Arthur "Boo" Radley just carried Jem inside the house and Calpurnia instructed him on where the place Jem's unconscious figure. Boo then stood in the corner of Jem's room, keeping watch over the injured boy. "I'm no doctor, Mr. Finch, but I think it's just a bad break," Heck said when he stepped onto the porch.

Atticus still said nothing.

"Bob Ewell's dead, Mr. Finch," Heck said quietly, and that got Atticus's attention.

"What?" Atticus said in disbelief.

"I saw the tail end of that fight he and you had, and when Miss Scout jumped him and he fell to the ground, his knife was stuck up into his ribs, and he's dead. He won't be hurting your children ever again,"

"Scout didn't…" Atticus started to say, but trailed off.

"Good Lord no," Heck said, shaking his head. "She never got a hold of that knife. He lost his balance and fell on his knife. Bob Ewell killed himself, Mr. Finch," When Atticus opened his mouth to question some more, Heck shook his head. "A black boy is dead for no reason. Now the man responsible for it is dead. Let the dead bury the dead, Mr. Finch,"

Atticus just nodded as Dr. Reynolds' son pulled up and hurried to the porch. "My mother sent me here to tend to Jem, Mr. Finch, can you show me where he is?"

"I'll take you, Mr. Reynolds," Calpurnia said from the doorway, wiping her tears with her handkerchief. He nodded to the two men on the porch before following Cal into the house.

Atticus slowly sat down on the porch steps. "I can't lose her, Heck," Atticus muttered, dropping his head into his hands. Heck sat down next to him and took his hat off.

"I know, Atticus," Heck replied with a nod, remembering how torn up Atticus was when his wife passed away. Heck knew that if he lost his wife and then his child a few years down the road, he would be laid up in bed, depressed and with no will to live. "Most men would be in bed in your situation right now,"

The two men sat in silence for a long time. Heck knew that his job as sheriff of Maycomb County was technically over, but his duty as a friend was far from finished. He would sit with Atticus all night if that's how long it took for Dr. Reynolds to give them an update. Heck knew that Atticus would do the same for him if the roles were reversed.

They sat there for what seemed like ten forevers, and then the screen doors opened. Atticus and Heck turned around and Atticus blinked. Dr. Reynolds had blood all over his hands and Atticus knew that it was his daughter's blood.

Dr. Reynolds stepped towards them and Atticus got to his feet. "Atticus…I'm so sorry…" Dr. Reynolds started to say, tears in his eyes.

What a cliff-hanger! In case you couldn't tell, I took the idea that I had for the school essay thing and turned into a total fanfiction story. I added a whole bunch of stuff, which will unfold in the chapters to come. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked it!