I walked into the building nervously. Bracing myself for the worst. As usual, no one was there. It was early October so there was now a fire burning in the fire place. The floor was swept clean and there was a cot by the fire, freshly made up. This wasn't the same hollowed out shell I had visited not long ago.

"This the Goil?" Asked one of the two brothers Blaze had described. I hated them already.

"This is the Goil. Lilly they call her." Romeo said looking me up and down. I spat at his feet, and punched him in the face.

"Dat wasn't very smart. Get her." Romeo said, pinching his nose to stop the bleeding. The shorter one with a cross around his neck and a cigar in his mouth grabbed me. I tried to writhe out of his grasp. The taller one with a start of a mustache, watched.

"Let go!" I yelled over and over.

"What should I do wid 'er?" He asked, watching Romeo nervously.

"Give me 'er hand, Oscar." He said, Oscar complied. Romeo pulled out a knife, slashing my palm open. I yelped, trying to pull away. The other one that had to be Morris, looked away.

"Every time you'se fight me, you'se only putting another scar on your hand gorgeous, another bruise on your pretty little face, another newsie dead. So you'se bettah watch that mouth of yours it will get you'se in trouble on a these days." He growled, pushing me backwards, intentionally cutting my hand again. I let out a hiss of pain and stumbled backwards.

Dinner was bread and cheese, while the rest ate stew. I wasn't allowed to eat at the table. I sat by the fire, cradling my hand that no one had bothered to help me clean up. I kept that hand balled in a fist as I ate. When everyone went upstairs to presumably discuss things, I strained my ears to listen, while pretending to be asleep. I heard mumbles of "Night." and doors shutting. I started to drift off. Then I heard someone shuffle down the stairs. I stiffened when someone put a hand on my shoulder and shook me gently. I sat bolt upright, face to face with Morris Delancey.

"What do you want?" I said, spitting out the words. He threw some logs on the fire, and wandered off, coming back with a bowl of soup.

"Eat." He prompted quietly. I glared at him, and ate a little. It tasted alright. It didn't taste like, for example, poison.

When I finished, he put it back and sat down next to me.

"Let me see your hand." I looked at him nervously and hid it behind my back.

"I'm heah to help youse"

"Funny. You didn't help Blaze. What do you want?"

"To help." He said levelly. I glared.


"Just gimme yoah hand." He said, starting to get impatient. I scowled, and showed it to him, wincing.

"He got you good. You said you wanna know why I'm helpin' youse. I had a cousin named Lilly. Looked just like you. Her pa used to beat on her. We were best friends, Oscar, her, and me. Used to be called da three Musketeahs. I wanted ta help her when she told me, but...she died befoah I could." He said, cleaning up my hand.

"Why didn't you help Blaze then? Why did you beat on her?"

"She worked for dem. She knew what happened tah Lilly and she didn't help." He said, his face clouding over.

"I'm sure she did what she could."

"Nah. She hightailed it outta there when she realized what was happenin'" He said, tying a bandage around her hand tightly, "I would appreciate it if ya didn't tell dem." He said stonily, getting up.

Another cliffhanger! I just started high school so it might be a bit in between updates! Thanks for still reading even though I disappeared for a bit there. Until next time my lovlies!