When all hope is lost

Written by: Cain Dawn

(Fiction from Lord of the Flies)

This is my first fiction ever, I'm not a talented writer but hey! I try hard. This story sounds familiar to many of the other lotf stories out there, but I enjoyed writing it and so that's all that matters. I hope you enjoy the first chapter though, it's not long but I'll continue writing if there's any interest, at all what so ever for more hehe.

Disclaimer: If I wrote Lord of the Flies, or owned any of the characters… there would be no point for me to write fictions about it, simple fact. I don't own Lotf or any of the characters in it. It all belongs to William Golding, I don't earn any money on it and the story is badly written.

Now enjoy! :)

Chapter 1 – Like wolves in disguise.

Ralph ran through the jungle, not even the 'god damn' creepers would stop him this time. He could hear their hunting shouts coming closer, and closer. Not daring to look back he ran for his life through the burning jungle. It was not like it mattered anymore, I guess it was only a human instinct that made him run. Because Ralph truly had given up, he knew they would not be rescued, and because of Jack there would only be power, and chaos. The only thing he had was gone and now, he was truly alone. Hunted by Jack and his tribe, like he was a piece of meat, to be killed and put up over the fire.

He must have closed his eyes for a slight second, because he ran into something hard and fell on his back among the creepers. And when he opened them again, he stared right into two fierce blue eyes. "Jack" he gasped, pushing himself as far as possible away from the hunter. "Why, hello there... Ralph." Jack thrust his spear into the ground next to Ralphs shoulder, lowering himself over the figure of the blonde haired boy. "Any last wishes before I finish you off?" his teeth showing the evil grin on his painted face. The fear in Ralph's eyes was as clear as water, he tried to speak but he was simply lost for words. "I-"tears appeared in Ralph's eyes, as he clutched the ground beneath him, keeping himself from looking up at the taller hunter. Jack was so close he could smell the blood from his face paint, making Ralph nauseous.

Jack started to laugh, wrapping his long bony fingers around Ralph's neck. When he added pressure, he could hear Ralph gasping for air. The feeling of being in charge of Ralph's life was like a drug to Jack, he wanted it, he needed it. He felt strong and powerful as he clutched tighter to the slim neck of the fair haired boy. "Ja-c.." he tried to push Jack away, but the taller and much stronger boy had him at an advantage. Suddenly the creepers from the left side of them rustled, and a dark haired boy with silver eyes appeared. "Jack did you- oh, you found him." The boy named Roger walked slowly over to Jack's side, touching his shoulder awkwardly. Jack got pulled out from his trance, releasing the tight grip he had on Ralph's neck, and looked up at Roger. This gave Ralph a chance to regain his breath, and he pushed himself further away from the two boys, until his back hit a tree. This stopped him from moving any further, and the fear was stronger now than ever.

Jack had tried to kill him, and Jack enjoyed it.

Roger bent down and whispered softly into Jack's ear: "Let me in on the fun also, will ya?" Giving him a sly grin, Jack simply shrug of the thought of Roger touching Ralph, and pushed himself off the ground. Walking over to where Ralph was pushed up against a tree, shivering with fear from the earlier event. He reached out and grabbed a fist full of Ralph's blonde hair, pulling him up to his feet. "No, and he's going with us back to Castle Rock." He looked back to where Roger was standing, pushing Ralph towards him. "Tie him up, and let's move. And tell the other kids to put the fires out... there's no need for it anymore, now that we got him."

Later on-

Ralph was walking towards towards Castle Rock, with Jack walking behind him pushing him with his spear. "Move it, we don't have all day!" giving Ralph yet another push, making him stumble and fall on his knees among the creepers. "If you could stop pushing me, maybe I wouldn't fall so much!" Ralph yelled angrily, he was fed up with being pushed around and now his knees were red with scratches and bruises. "Can't you just finish me off? It would be way better being dead, than being around you!" Jack pulled him up by the arm, looking slightly annoyed. "Shut up and walk."

When they got back to Castle Rock, the other children were already back. They had started a fire, and the flames were roaring towards the sky. When they saw Jack and Ralph walking up the hill, they all lined up on two lines along the path, raising their spears up in the sky. Jack proudly pushed Ralph along, and when they walked in between the others, they started cheering, raising their spears up and down. "Hunters, we have finally captured Ralph!" Jack shouted, grabbing Ralph by the hair showing him to the others like he was some sort of trophy. "From now on he'll be my slave, nobody is allowed to talk to him unless I say so" Jack said, looking over at the twins, and then continued his speech. "And he'll be staying in my cave! When we're out hunting, there will be two left behind to guard him." He stared into the others eyes, looking for any objections, but nobody uttered a word. Roger stared spikes into Ralph, hating the attention Jack gave him, even if he was his slave, Roger would prefer Jack giving him all this attention instead…

Roger walked over to Jack, wrapping his arm around Jacks neck. Ralph stared over to where the two boys were standing. Jack whispered something into Rogers's ear making him giggle softly. Then he walked over to Maurice and Robert who were two of the older boys, he pointed over to where Ralph was standing, then towards Castle Rock. They both nodded and walked towards Ralph, he took it as they were the ones forced to guard him. "Ralph we're going to take you to Jacks cave while the others are out hunting, for the feast we're having later." Maurice said, pushing Ralph along the path up to the caves. Maurice was one of the nicer bigguns was not so forceful, but Robert who was more like the other boys, pushed him hard making Ralph stumble over some rocks. But he managed to gain balance, and so they continued on their path towards Castle Rock.

Ralph was pushed into a dark cave; there was a slight beam of light coming in from another opening, which was covered with a big pig skin, looking somewhat like a curtain. There was a bed made from palm leafs, grass and pig skins, looking quite more comfy than sleeping on the ground. Considering Ralph had to stay here for a while, he thought he could just lie down and rest his tired body. So he walked over to the bed and shuffled under one of the pig skins. He fell easily into a deep slumber, forgetting all his problems for the time being.