'Screaming… That's all I can remember…'

The sound heavy metal clanks. Her eyes focus as she takes it all in, her new soundings.

Her new home…

There are men on a battle field, the sky is quivering, flashes of lightning hit the sky's edge.

The edge of the sky to the end of the sky, it seemed rigidly… Then looking to see what this was, her eyes went to and from with her head movements.

It was stone. A cave.

Suddenly a passing by person shouts to her. Her attention is drawn to him.

"You there…" he his face is pale, with eyes of brown, and his hair a brownish tan blond color, "Who in the world are…"

His voice trails off, taking her in, then he releases how she's dressed.

% Yukimura's Home / & and GROUP %

"Wha!" Isanami throws her once dangling feet and amazing shoes in to the air as she stretches her body, her hands gripping the wood of the walk way outside her room.

" I wondering were Saizo is…" Her arms stretch up and suddenly a through out her entire body flash goes off there her, pulsating and flashes.

Her feet drop suddenly, and her eyes are wide as images burst to her eyes.

First in to her eyes, then appearing in the sky and back.

She holds her head but no matter where she looks she see.

Saizo whom walks around the conner spots her, "Isanami!" her runs to her…."

What is this….

%5 Hours Later%

The moon light hits the wavering air as a meeting draws to and end.

"Are you sure…" Says a black haired man, his face stern with serious intent.

"I am…" a man with Brown, tan blond hair. He stands up, and presumes in to walking, taking his leave to the door.

"Let this be…" He says before leaving… Turning his gaze only so lightly be fore closing his eyes, his face downwards with the same sadness he held for the past hours, even before meeting the girl… "This stays between you and me… And…"

"Yukimura…." The other finish.


With that he leaves…

And soon a messenger is sent off, several of them, all caring letters.

But only one is the real one….

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