Kamanosuke turgid throw the training grounds and to the forest where he let out a loud yell, "DAMNITTTTTT!"

His fists still in the air as he shook.

"What is it this time…?" a voice not to far behind him called out.

"Hun?" Kamanosuke turned to see Sasuke, "What are you doing here, you want a fight?"

Sasuke looked at him and sighed, "What's with you and the new girl…?"


Sasuke jumped as the beautiful blond Anastasia of the Glacier popped out to his from his side.

"A-Ana!" He let out. "What are you…"

She smiles at him, "I've just returned from a mission, but…" Ana's attention falls to Kamanosuke, and she points as Sasuke fallows and she speaks out, "I think you've lost him…"

Kamanosuke grabbed ahold of his weapons and started swinging them about, knocking down trees with the wind.

Sasuke jumped just as Kamanosuke lifted his hand again, fully ready to knock down another tree, Sasuke grabbed him.

"Hun, LET ME GO!"

The two boys struggled.


"No! This is not something you should destroy!"


"Aha…" The tall blond sighed, "Whats this about… Did Saizo finally dump you?" she smirked.

Kamanosuke turned around abruptly causing Sasuke to let go and jump back,

"As if!"

Sasuke mumbled, "either you didn't hear what she said or you truly are a girl…"

"Enough! Who says I'm a women!" Kamanosuke swung his weapon at him.

"My, my, then what could all of this be about…" Ana smiled, not believing it wasn't about Saizo…

"A new girl…"

Ana looked shocked and looked at Sasuke, blinking in confusion.


"She just arrived here today… Yukimura-Sama will tell you the…"

"No its not!" Kamanosuke blurted out! Hands raised.

"Then why are you out here, and don't make up excuses… You've been attacking her seen she got here…"

"Woow, really?"

Kamanosuke turned his back to the two, and crossed his arms, a blush on his face, "She just pisses me off…."

"You don't even no her yet…" Sasuke added.

Kamanosuke turned around.

"Thats not it, its in-stink! I don't have to know her…" His face became serious, completely different from yelling before, "I just don't get good vibes from her…"

The girl was passed out in her bed, freshly tucked in and watched upon by the nobel Ishida.

He watched her from the door of the room, looking upon at how peacefully her peaceful frame slept.

A smile on his face as he watched her.

"Its a shame…" This caught his attention, and he turned.

Yukimura was walking towards him, Rokurou at his heal.

Yukimura stopped before the young Lord and looked on into the room.

"She looks so peaceful…."

"Whats the shame?" Mitsunari added, looking at him and turning as if protecting.

"Haha… You really care about her don't you…"

"Are you aware you look like your about to attack us…" Naoe added walking up to them.

"Do I now…?" He truly hadn't had that in mind, but herring that word, "Shame…" Made him bait uneasy, and naturally went into a defensive position.

"It's a real shame she hasn't given us her name yet…" Yukimura went on, "You couldn't even get a name from her earlier…?"

Ishida looked disappointed but not with out hope.

Flashback- The Night I Brought Her In, After Questioning.

"So how did our little butterfly take the questioning…?" Naoe added as Mitsunari Ishida walked out of a room.

"A Butterfly is she…?" He questioned, wanting to know his reasoning behind it.

"You can always find a straiy gem here and there, along with the butterfly whom seems to also appear when it can be most dangers…"

"You have a point, but it seems that this butterfly isn't able to say much, almost nothing would come out, as if… something was keeping her from saying…. Her eyes flashed every time I asked a question."

"How strange, first showing up on the battle field, now this, you don't think she's a spy…?"

The two lords hear the maids talking in the room Ishida had just come out from.

Naoe smirked, "You servants seem rather jumpy by her sudden appearance… Even tho most naive can tell when something is truly a great threat…"

Ishida turned, "Let us take this somewhere more privet…"

"Don't trust those new maids?"

The two walked on, "I'm certain that the Tanuki sent them…. He seems to be growing rather suspicious of everyone these days…"

"You think he'd learn to stay up on his hill and leave the ruling to men."

A faint creak could be heard…

The two Lords were quite, as if examining something that lay wretched upon the air.

"It seems she's made more of an appearance then he had hoped…" Naoe commented, "But I'm sure she has nothing to worry about…."

That night the rain hailed upon the earth hard, and the wind blew strong.

The two lords had a bad feeling, that someone from enemy territory had made a move on to the premisses.



In another part of the castle the young blond girl lay in the bed.

She couldn't sleep and snuggled up in the blankets and covered half her face.

'Why…Why do I have such a bad…. felling tonight….'

Thunder hit and she shuddered.

'I could only tell him just a bit…. But I couldn't say my own name…. Why…?'

The thunder flashed and she hid, after the thunder died down she reveled a bit of her face.

'Why dose it feel like, as if… something terrible is about to…'

thunder hit and she shuddered, she opened her eyes and they were fixated. She didn't relies it at the time, but hidden in that flash….

Her eyes grew large and suddenly…..


Ishida and Naoe stood up, "It seems they were here after all…" Naoe added.

"That scream… There after the girl…" Ishida ran fallowed by Naoe,

"Lets go…."


The two made it to the girls room, and barged in, the girl was fighting with a masked ninja.


The girl's eyes grew wide as a moment later, through out her blurred vision, Ishida stood before her, and cut the man's arm's off.

She trembled back, holding a hand to her face, Naoe stood next to her, a hand on his sword's hilt. In case he was needed.

"Who are you? Who do you work for?" Ishida demanded.

The girl trembled and feel to the floor. "Blood… Bloood…" Her eyes were large.

Her orbs mystified by what just happened.

Suddenly she felt her self behind grabbed and lifted at a high pitch speed it seemed like, but she new she was exasperating it.

Ishida, Naoe and the girl quickly left the room, Ishida had grabbed the girl and dashed off with Naoe.

Not even half way down the hallway and a large explosion hit the room.

The girls eyes went wide.

Ishida and Naoe also looked at where the room once was.

"It seems he's not as unskilled as we had thought…."

Ishida only glared.

Then his attention went to the girl, he knelt down to her, "Are you alright…"

She looked up at his face, tears in her eyes then a sudden flash of light and she feel into his arms with a loud scream.


"It looks like she's scared of lightning…" Naoe added, "A butterfly is a perfect thing to describe her with…."


Chipping away at the morning sky, as light flew under the birds in the sky.

Sunlight creaking into the bed room where the young girl slept.

Completely unaware of whom, was at her door…

The door didn't even manage to be opened slowly as it was thrusted open, and a gush of wind plus Kamanosuke's famous, kusari-gama, attack weapon went flying into the room, and the sleeping girl just laid there not even aware of what was about to befall them all…