Hi everyone! Lately I had a really bad case of the sore throat and that caused me to postponed my Pokemon Yellow Let's Play until I feel better. But for now, this fic!

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Percy and the Dust Bunnies

By: VivianShadowGirl

Based on "Thomas and Friends" by the Reverend W. Awdry

It is spring time on the Island of Sodor. All the engines were getting ready for the spring party that was coming soon.

The people of Sodor were getting ready for spring cleaning, each year they would clean up their house top to bottom.

On the day of the spring party and spring cleaning, Sir Topham Hatt arrived at Tidmouth Sheds. He gave the engines their jobs, but Percy didn't. He had to help out with Whiff with the spring cleaning.

When he arrived at Maren Station Whiff and some workmen were waiting. "Here you are Percy," said Whiff. "Most of the stuff in these freight cars we pull will either go to the dump or the Sodor Reuse Center."

Percy looked puzzled, "What's a Sodor Reuse Center?" A workman heard this and explained, "We take items that the people don't want anymore and donate them."

Soon they were off on their jobs; the people placed their items and trash on the freight cars.

When Percy and Whiff got to the next house a woman and her child were having trouble cleaning up their beds, "What's going on?" asked Percy's driver.

The child was placing the items and trash on the cars as the lady explained that she was having trouble with the dust bunnies that were under the bed.

Percy and Whiff were both baffled by this, dust bunnies?

Soon they were on their way once more to the Sodor Reuse Center; Percy was still thinking about dust bunnies when there was trouble.

Some of the dust bunnies were bored and wanted to play on the freight cars, Whiff noticed what they were going to do and whistled to Percy.

"Stop Percy!"

Percy did stop and was very surprised; the dust bunnies were hopping around in joy on one freight car to the next.

"What are we going to do?" asked Percy. Whiff thought and thought, and then an idea flew to his funnel. "Bunnies like carrots, do they?"

Whiff's driver was confused by his engine's question until he smiled. Getting a couple of dust, both the driver and fireman of the two engines created a big dust carrot. "Let's hope it works." Said Percy's fireman.

The dust bunnies saw the carrot, the hopped towards the carrot, and were happily away munching on the dust carrot.

"It worked!" Whiff exclaimed and both of the engines moved on to the center.

At last they made it to the center, and the workman went to work grabbing the items to the center. It took a long time, but the workmen did it.

Finally both Percy and Whiff arrived at the dump. "Thank you Percy for helping me." Whiff said, Percy smiled. "No problem Whiff. Glad to help." And with that he puffed away to Tidmouth Sheds.