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Bruce hadn't slept or eaten in days. He snapped at everyone who dared to talk to him. He was endlessly searching for Viviane to save her from the chaos she was in.

"Master Wayne I think a few hours of sleep would benefit Miss Hart's welfare." Alfred said as he laid the tray of food before Bruce.

"I need to find her before he kills her." Bruce said as he pushed to tray away.

"You need to eat Master Wayne, you will be hurting yourself and Viviane when you die from exhaustion and starvation." Alfred said pushing the tray in front of Bruce again.

"Happy?" Bruce asked as he shoved the sandwich in his mouth.

"Getting there Master Wayne." Alfred said

"Alfred I see what I have to become now to stop men like him." Bruce said as he looked at his bat- suit.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn Master Wayne." Alfred said

"I can't lose Viviane. I lost Rachel, I can't lose Viviane too." Bruce paused before he said, "Harvey lost Rachel. He can't lose can't afford to lose the last piece of his humanity."

"Is it Harvey's humanity you're afraid of losing or is yours Master Wayne?" Alfred asked

Bruce didn't say anything he just continued to stare at his bat-suit.

"Just remember darkness is all consuming. Can you let her lose you to darkness Master Wayne" Alfred asked before he walked out of the bunker.

Viviane felt like the walls grey concrete walls of the warehouse were closing in on her. She started to blur in and out of consciousness before she was in day dream.

"You know I have never seen Master Wayne so happy, even when Miss Dawes is here his smile isn't quite as big as it is when Miss Hart is here." Alfred said to Dorda with a smile on his face.

"He makes her happy as well." Dorda said smiling

"BRUCE! You're ... you're just a fagmuffin!" She said as he tickled her

"You know you love this fagmuffin!" Bruce said to Viviane as he tickled her harder.

"Sometimes I wonder why I do." Viviane said seriously

Bruce asked her eagerly, "But you still do right? Right Vi?"

"Well I don't know. You know that movie star Christian Williams has been calling my house non stop and you know he is so hot! I mean you're hot Bruce but he is like oh my god HOT!" Viviane said as Bruce seethed with jealousy

Viviane bursted out laughing, "Gotcha ya didn't I?"

"Well you sounded very serious." Bruce said looking at her

"Gosh Bruce you have known me for so long and you still don't know when I'm joking!" Viviane said looking into his eyes

"Maybe it's because you joke all the time!" Bruce said

"Okay fagmuffin don't get your panties in a knot." Viviane said calmly

Bruce pounced on her and began tickling her harder.

"I love you to the moon and back Vi." Bruce said as his hand carrsed her cheek.

"I love you to the moon and back times a billion." Viviane smiled

"Honey I'm home!" Joker cackled

Viviane's whipped her head up as he crouched down beside her.

"Honey you look tired." Joker said as he touched Viviane's cheek

"We all can't wake up in the morning with permanent smiles, honey." Viviane spit out her words dripping with venom.

"Is a certain bat not fulfilling your wants and needs? Well Viv I could fulfill them we just can't let old basty know or that billionaire buffoon! If I don't do that then I will have to put you down for a nap!" Joker smiled as he waved his finger in front of her like she was a child.

Vivian spit in his face. She couldn't believe she had just it either. She could see the anger rising in his eyes. She watched him get up off the dirty floor as he began to pace back and forward. He had his hands behind his back. She knew he was thinking of something to do to her which made her shudder.