A/N: First off this is a new story, obviously, and this is going to involve my fetish for Americest (if you don't like it, I recommend leaving now) as a main portion for it. The story is set up so that most of the writing is in Alfred and Matthew's blog under the names of "America" and "Canada". But there will be other things other than what's in the blog too.
I brought back my OC Nicole because I really don't have a pairing I like with Kiku, but I don't want him to be left out of the 'couples' groups and I love him too much to not have him be a part of the groups. So she's with him. Just ignore her.

Pairings: Americest (past and some present), USUK, PruCan, JapOC, and others.

Warnings: Incest, angst, abuse.

BlahBlah= Alfred blog aka America

Blah Blah= Matthew blog aka Canada

BlahBlah= Any text outside of the blog

This one's the short prologue chapter. Tell me your opinions, please!

Welcome, I guess, if anybody is reading this. I'm America, or that's what I'll be going as in this. It would be too risky to use my real name on this in case anybody who might read this knows me in real life. This blog will be about me and my brother Canada. We're going to be co-writing. It's a story of our life.

You see, America and I have had a secret for a long time. It's been with us since we were children. Or I should say since we hit puberty, I suppose…but our story begins at our birth.

To put it simply, Canada and I are in love with each other.

Or, we were.

Yeah, were. Things have changed now. But I'm getting ahead of the story.

The whole point of our blog is not to get any viewers or any such things. It's actually more for our benefits. We want to get our story out –to know that we're not sick. I recommend to anybody who may be disgusted by the prospect of incest or homosexuality to leave, but this blog will explain why America and I were in love with each other.

You should know we didn't do it on purpose. If possible, the two of us might actually have chosen not to, just to save the stress from it.

But I don't regret it.

No, and I don't either. It was the only comfort in our shitty lives. When our parents ruined them for us. When they stole us away from each other. When they broke our hearts…

You're getting ahead of yourself, America.

Haha, sorry.

So we'll start from the beginning and to whoever wants to read this then they can. We don't mind. Comment if you want.

But don't talk crap about us. We don't need that. We're not here for you to read our story and sling shit. So you guys can leave.

Inside our story we have a lot of bad things…issues about our lives that hurt. It's painful just to think about them…but we'll push on.

So then let's start! Right at the beginning with our birth!

Arthur sat back in his chair, saving the webpage he was on and closing down his laptop. He was confused. He hadn't expected himself to really go on the website, but he had anyway. His friend Nicole had recommended it, claiming that the real-life drama story was amazing. Kiku had agreed, having read it himself. Arthur had been curious. Kiku was generally good at choosing interesting reads and even though Arthur wasn't one for true stories (he preferred fairytales and magical stories) his computer browsing had led him to the page.

It was a blog with a shocking amount of followers. Close to a million. He had only read the first entry, though. There were plenty more to read, but it was late at night. He would read them tomorrow. But the first entry had gotten him curious. A story of two brothers that were in love with each other? Arthur found himself blushing at the thought. He hadn't thought that it would be a homosexual story. Coming out to Kiku made him the testing grounds for 'yaoi'.

The thought of the story festered in his mind, wanting to read more but knowing he needed sleep. He would talk to Kiku and Nicole tomorrow. Maybe read the first true entry. No doubt they'll want his opinion. With that thought, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.