Chapter 5

Words: 1833

Sorry it's been so long, I have finals and districts for track all in a two week time frame so I've been busy studying and practicing, and I also am working on weekends now too, so I seriously have zero time for anything other than eating and sleeping.

Even miles apart, the partners were having similar struggles. Kensi tossed and turned, each time giving herself another whiff of him from when he slept there a couple nights ago.

He couldn't stop thinking about her long enough to fall asleep. He was tempted to just go over to her place, but didn't want to take the chance of her not being awake.

They each managed about four hours of sleep, which wasn't bad in their line of work. Kensi arrived at Deeks' apartment at 8:45 like she always did when she was picking him up.

Somehow they got back on the super hero topic in the bull pen.

"Okay, Mr. 'saving the world', which superhero would you be." Callen asks, joining in.

"Super man, of course!"

"And what would that make the rest of us?" Kensi asks.

"Well, obviously, you'd be Wonder Woman. I already told you that." Kensi smiles and rolls her eyes.

"Who would Callen be then?" she throws back.

"Hmmm... I'd say probably Batman. Quiet and kind of sneaky, lurking in the shadows." Callen laughs and Sam tries to ignore this little game by reading his newspaper.

"Oh and I think we all know who Sam would be." Callen says.

He lowers his paper. "Who?"

"The Hulk." Callen, Kensi, and Deeks all say at the same time.

Sam seems satisfied with this and goes back to his paper.

"What about them?" Kensi says gesturing towards ops.

"I think Eric would be...hmmm, Robin?" Deeks asks.

"Nah, more like Jimmy Olsen." Kensi and Deeks give him blank stares, only knowing the popular superheroes, they have no clue what he's talking about. "you know, the reporter dude who always tells Superman where the bad guys are and where trouble is."

"Yeah, sounds right." Kensi agrees and Deeks nods.

"Nell would probably be Bat Woman, I mean, sometimes she comes in the field too." Deeks decides.

"Okay, maybe." Callen agrees.

"Oh and we can't forget Monty!" Deeks exclaims.

"oh yeah, where is that shaggy mutt of yours? I haven't seen him in a while." Sam finally comes into the conversation.

"He went to a service dog conference in Virginia with some other dogs with stress and anxiety problems. There's a specialist there to cure them."

"You're joking?" Callen questions.

"Nope, LAPD sent him. I told you he's a good dog. He is one of the most desirable undercover canines in the department. They want him to be at the top of his game."

"Okay then..." Kensi says rolling her eyes. Clearly LAPD has some issues.

"Anyway, Monty would definitely be Krypto, my loyal sidekick." Deeks declares.

"well that was a dead giveaway being Krypto's a dog." Kensi argues.

"We forgot one person." Callen says.

"Hetty." all four say at the same time.

"I say Electra." Sam says.

"What? How do you figure?" Callen counters. Kensi and Deeks watched as the famous duo joined in on the game.

"Electra's basically a ninja. She likes her knives and swards, particularly the Japanese one Hetty even has."

"It's called a Japanese Sai. I always liked Electra." Hetty says appearing out of nowhere. "up to ops, children." Kensi and Deeks look at each other and try not to laugh at Hetty's somewhat approval of their game.

They all head up to the second story where Eric had just appeared to blow his whistle, pausing with his lips on the metal tip.

"Save our ears. Hetty already told us." Sam says as Eric turns around quickly to go back inside.

Nell is pulling up different images on the screen.

"We finally got the security tape footage. This is the morning of the abduction." she says as she plays the video.

The abductors were wearing masks and grabbed Petty Officer James before she even knew they were there. They were driving a taxi with unreadable plates.

"And I think you know why we couldn't track it on kaleidoscope." Eric says. There were so many cabs in LA it would be impossible. New York City would be the only worse place.

"Any luck on the bank account?"

"We managed to trace the other deposits. The first year they used a different method, they didn't know what they were doing as much, so they were sloppier." Nell explains.

"Okay, so what's our course of action now?" Callen asks.

"I think you should pull the watch team and wait nearby. We'll leave a camera in the bushes." Hetty tells him.

"Won't they see us placing it?" Sam inquires.

"Mr. Beale?"

"I have this little remote control bug. All they have to do is toss it out the window. I can move it into position and keep an eye on the place while you wait over here." he says pointing to the dirt road that ran behind the warehouse in the wooded area.

The team heads out to their new assignment. Kensi and Deeks would position themselves on the dirt road while Sam and Callen took another shift in order to not look suspicious.

They leave their spot at their normal time and join Kensi and Deeks on the dirt road. They were pretty sure it was going to happen tonight. The suspects weren't going to take a chance with waiting for another team to show up.

Sure enough, about three hours after Sam and Callen "left" a yellow taxi pulls in.

"Get ready." Eric calls over the ear pieces.

Eric and Nell watch as they take the hood off of James and force her to open the first door. "Okay they're in the first door."

They floor it to get to the location in time. There weren't any suspects in the taxi, four had entered with her.

Guns drawn, Sam swipes the card Hetty had somehow managed to get for them. They make it past the third door easily.

"Hurry up, don't forget we have the passcodes after this door!"

"I'm trying" James sounded extremely weak.

Sam Callen and Kensi came around the corner. Because of the small space, Sam and Callen stood and Kensi and Deeks crouched in front of them.

The suspects drew their guns just as the door opened. They ducked inside the door and Kensi pulled the Petty Officer out of the way so she wouldn't be caught in the fire fight.

The shots stopped and they followed the suspects inside the maze of hallways that eventually would lead to the prize the suspects wanted.

"You take left, we'll go right." Callen says.

Kensi and Deeks turn down the first hallway to the left, following it and eventually hearing voices. They get taken down by a masked suspect hiding in a side hallway and pushed into a room that was locked from the outside. All of the sudden they hear the suspects yelling at each other because of not having the card anymore, it had been in the petty officer's hand still. Sam's voice comes over the ear wigs.

"They're torching the place, get out!"

"We can't! We're locked in!" Kensi calls back. Suddenly she sees a way out. "Hold on Sam, I think we can fit through the air vents."

"Be careful!" Callen warns.

Deeks was already helping her unscrew the metal grate covering the air duct. Their knives made quick work of the screws and Kensi crouched down.

"Back to the good old days." she says unenthusiastically. "Sam and Callen used to make me do this because I was the smallest."

"Ah." Deeks says as he looks at the opening.

"I'll go first. If I think you're going to get stuck, i'll warn you."

"And if it gets to narrow, then what?"

They're both silent. This is the only way out. If it doesn't work, they won't have anywhere to turn. Without saying anything else, Kensi crawls on her hands and knees into the duct.

It quickly widens into a tube with a nearly three foot diameter, which is a relief, but soon they're left with a decision, left or right. Which could ultimately translate to life or death.

"I go right, you go left?" Kensi suggests

"No." he replies immediately. She turns around to face him. Their faces only inches apart. "I'm not leaving you. If something happened to you, I wouldn't be able to live with myself." her eyes grow wide with the realization of what he just said. He couldn't live without her.

"O... okay then, uh, which way?"

They review their directions and decide turning right will take them to the nearest wall, where hopefully, there would be an exit.

The cool air in the tube was becoming increasingly hotter, and soon the walls of it were starting to burn their hands.

"Oww!" Kensi says as her hand is seared by a metal fastener.

"Take off your shoes, quick." Deeks tells her. She follows his directions as he does the same. "Put your socks on your hands. It will give you more protection."

It did help for a while, but soon everything was hot, but adrenaline was kicking in and it wasn't as painful.

Finally they reach an upward tube that they can see daylight coming in from. "I'm going to lift you up." Deeks says as he scoots in behind her.

"And how are you getting out?"

"Well, I didn't say it was a perfect plan."

"If we put our backs together we should be able to climb up." Kensi points out. The first two times they fall.

"It's got to be over a hundred in here already." Deeks observes.

"what if we don't get out?" Kensi says in an uncharacteristically low whisper. She sounds scared, which is definitely not normal for her.

Deeks pulls her into a hug just as they hear an explosion, probably some sort of pressurized room or something. Deeks pulls Kensi to her feet. They have to move now.

They are facing each other and almost simultaneously, they move in and their lips meet. Its quick but holds the message.

Without a word, they start climbing. They finally make it to the top and pull themselves onto the ledge of the new duct.

The tube narrows and Deeks barely can pull himself through, but soon they are on the roof.

"God, I never thought we were going to get out." Kensi says as they stand on the roof and make their way to the fire escape.

On the ground, they start to feel the pain from the burns.

"Sam! They're out!" Callen calls as he sees them walking around the corner.

Sam and Callen run to them, and that's the last either of them remembers.