Temsik Park… the place where a certain man in a red suit lost his life… sort of. However… today I your humble narrator Sissel the Cat, will show you another time… one where the man in red wasn't the one who died that day.

Yomiels POV:

"Huff-huff" Damnit! How did it come to this! I can't be caught!

The next thing I knew the girl was in my hands. Gun trained on her head

"Don't move… if you do… I'll shoot her…"

It was all a blur… the face off… neither arm wavering…

Then it happened, the sky above me burned blue… I heard a crash, then the shattering of glass. And then… a chunk of strange blue rock whizzed over my head… and lodged itself in the chest of the man in the trench coat. With his gun trained at me, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he collapsed. I dropped the girl. She began to regain consciousness.

"Excuse me sir but did you save me?"

I couldn't lie… not like this…

"I'm sorry little girl, no I didn't"

"Okay mister. What's your job...?"

My job? Not that important given the dead body of a detective right there but…

"Okay… I'm a programmer."

"You mean one of those people who are good with computers."

"Yeah I guess… Listen…" I couldn't believe I was going to turn myself in, but it's not like running was a smart move in the first place. "I need you to call the police… something bad just happened here"

"Okay mister!"

Last I saw of her that day… she was skipping out of the park

Sissels POV

That was where it began. You may remember… I was a cat in the park that day… whom Yomiel inhabited when he first died. This wasn't the case this time. Jowd got the powers, and he lived with me for a while. In time, he regained his memory, and reclaimed his body… but to late…his beloved Alma had left. He gave this "other me" her name. Alma.

The man in red… was never charged with hostage holding. The girl hadn't seen his face, the only witness was dead… there was the man in the park… but he hadn't seen his face either. He was only charged for fleeing the station with a gun. He went to prison for 2 years. He was then released, and married his fiancé Sissel. They had a darling boy. All was well for 6 years… and then it happened. A Year's Eve surprise the boy rigged for his mother killed her. The party whistle knocked over the dominoes, knocking the knife onto her head. Yomiel… felt true guilt for it… finding it his punishment for his unadmitted crime all those years earlier. He went to prison… asked for the death sentence. It was to be carried out at 11 pm… that fateful night.

In those years, young Lynne had followed in the footsteps of that man in red… becoming a programmer. That night she was using her new systems high security severs to dig into old police files. She couldn't believe Yomiel would shoot Sissel… never. Even when she took Daniel in, to look after him in Yomiels place, she never lost faith. That night however… the phone rang at her little office… one that would change fate.

Lynne's POV

"Nothing… absolutely nothing… he confessed, the evidence all points to it… but no motive! There has to be something! I'm running out of time!"




"Am I speaking with a Ms. Lynne?"

"Yes… you are… who is this?"

"I'm someone who has information on that case you are looking into. Yomiels. Meet me at Wastezone-D. I will be wearing a green trenchcoat. I shall see you there Ms. Lynne."


Sissels POV

And there it began… that fateful night… about to replay itself.