~For What the Future Holds~*

Lily drummed her fingers on her desk impatiently. It was the first day of school and she was itching to be able to get to Potions to talk to Professor Slughorn. Lily had attended Hogwarts for four years, and every year since the beginning she had been selected to be apart of Professor Slughorn's Slugclub. The first year she had been selected she had been as excited as ever because not only was she going to Hogwarts but she had been chosen to join a very special club as well. Now she was in her fifth year and had been apart of the Slugclub every year up until now. Lily had waited the entire summer to receive Slughorn's owl and it had never come. She was impatient to ask him about it and to find out if she had done something wrong to where he hadn't accepted her. Lily sighed as Professor Binns droned on about some stupid war that in all honesty she could care less about. She watched the clock attentively counting down the seconds until they would be dismissed. The bell rang and Lily jammed her books into her bag and was out of classroom in a flash. She dashed down the stairs her irritation and concern making her walk even faster.

"Hey Lily! Wait up!" Lily turned around to see who had called her and ran into someone. She lost her balance and fell backwards on the stairs her books flying from her arms. She hit the stairs hard and her head smashed against the marble. Lily gasped in pain squeezing her eyes shut. She heard a snigger from above her and opened her eyes only to have them cloud over with tears. She wiped them away with her hand and blinked trying to focus her vision.

"Why don't you watch where your going Evans." A sickeningly sweet voice said from above her. Lily stared up at the person who was talking to her. Narcissa Black stood on the stairs holding her boyfriend's hand. Lucius Malfoy looked down at Lily in disgust. Lily felt hands on her shoulders.

"What the hell did you do Malfoy?" Someone said from behind her.

"I didn't do anything Potter. She was the one who ran into me. Now move. I have to get to class." James helped Lily up from the stairs and glared at Malfoy as he passed. Lily touched the back of her head and winced.

"Are you alright?" James asked concern written all over his face. Lily smiled.

"Yeah I'm fine. Thanks." She said. He helped her up off of the floor and smiled at her.

"So what class are you headed to? I'll walk you there so Malfoy doesn't give you any more trouble." Lily smiled and shook her head.

"Advanced Potions. You need to get to your own class. I won't have you ditching on the first day." James chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Please, me? Ditch? No way." They both laughed. "Well alright. I'll see you later today." He leaned in placing a warm kiss on her lips.

"Mm. See you later James."

"Bye Lils." He kissed her one last time and then ran back up the stairs.

"Hey James!" He stopped and turned back towards her.

"Yeah?" He hollered back.

"What class do you have?"

"D.A.D.A!" He said. Lily nodded.

"Good, better not be late!" He smiled and shook his head and ran the rest of the way up the stairs turned the corner and was gone. Lily smiled and shook her head. He could be so crazy sometimes. But she still loved and that was all that mattered. She sighed and continued on down the stairs rubbing at the back of her still tender head.

Lily got to the Potions classroom and found that she was the first one there, which honestly wasn't a surprise. She looked around the classroom and was disappointed to find that Professor Slughorn was not even there yet. Lily sighed loudly and dropped her bag on the floor by a table taking a seat. She pulled out her Potions book to try and kill some time. She flipped to the first chapter and began to read. She could atleast get a head start on the potion they would be making. The sound of shoes on tile made her look up. She smiled and stood up.

"Hello Professor." She said. Professor Slughorn looked up his expression slightly surprised. He smiled when he realized who had addressed him.

"Ah Ms. Evans. So you have advanced Potions this year?"

"Yes sir."

"Ah, well good!"

"Yes sir. Um, I do have a question however." She said. Slughorn raised his rather bushy eyebrows and smiled at her.

"Yes, is it by chance about why you did not receive a letter to join my Slugclub?"

"Well, yes sir it is." Professor Slughorn nodded with a twinkle in his eye. The bell rang a second time and he glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Well, the other students will be arriving in a minuet. You will find out soon Ms. Evans. Go ahead and take your seat." Lily nodded slightly disappointed by his answer and sat back down. Students began to file into the classroom and find seats. Lily glanced around the room when it seemed that no one else was coming in. She counted only nine other students including her. Now that she thought about it there were only enough tables to seat ten people. She glanced around at the other faces once more and recognized Severus sitting with one of his friends. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"What's with so few students?" She mouthed. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't know." He mouthed back. Professor Slughorn turned around and clasped his hands together.

"Alright, well since this appears to be everyone lets get started." Lily glanced around the room noticing that every seat was filled except for the one beside her. Professor slughorn moved across the room.

"Now, I know you all received your books for advanced potion making. I want you to take them out and set them on your tables. I will be collecting them, you won't be needing them for this class." Confused murmurs rippled throughout the room as the nine students got out there books and set them on the desk. Slughorn walked by each desk with his wand. As he passed the books flew into the air and stacked on one another in a neat pile in the air. Once all of them had been collected he flicked his wand once and they settled onto an open shelf on the other side of the room. Professor Slughorn nodded and walked back to the front of the classroom. He opened his mouth to speak when the door to the classroom opened. The professor turned around.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy how nice of you to join us. Take a seat." Malfoy nodded and his eyes rested on Lily. Lily felt like part of her joy of potions had just died. Lucius Malfoy was in this class to? Worst of all he was headed towards her and set his bag on the floor and sat down in the chair beside hers. Lily looked down at the tabletop and hadn't realized how tense she was. Her fingers were tense and digging into the tabletop. She relaxed them and moved them to her lap not looking at Malfoy at all.

"Alright then, so for this semester I got permission from Dumbledore to be able to have a different sort of advanced potions class. As many of you have already noticed there are only ten of you in here. The ten of you, I believe, are some of the brightest witches and wizards in potions that Hogwarts has to offer. Now every year as many of you well know I have sent out letters of those special students who were lucky to be accepted into my Slugclub. And as one student has pointed out to me already, you did receive any letters as of this year. This is because of this class. I have received special permission from the headmaster to combine advanced potions with my Slugclub. This is why the ten of you have been chosen for this class. Now your probably wondering how the Slugclub relates to potions at all. Well, with special permission from the headmaster and the minister of magic himself, I was allowed to teach you potions that can only be made in the ministry and by the very, very advanced wizards." Lily perked up at this. They would get to make advanced potions only made in the ministry? Professor Slughorn smiled as he had caught the class's attention and piqued their interest. "Now these potions I will be allowing you to make are complicated and dangerous. But I think all of you can handle it." Professor Slughorn flicked his wand lazily in the air and a cabinet flew open and several books soured out of it. They landed on the tables in front of each of the students. Lily picked hers up and examined the cover. Sands of Time was the title, written by Clocksworth Tickerman. Lily smiled at the author's name. She opened the cover and skimmed the first page. The book was a history of the invention of the time-turner. Clocksworth Tickerman had written it when his invention had become famous. Lily flipped through the pages slightly confused as to what time-turners had to do with potions.

"Now, as I believe most of you have noticed this is a book on the history and creation of the time-turner. Now the time-turner actually does have something to do with Potions."

"What?" Lily thought staring confusedly at the professor. Professor Slughorn smiled at all the confused faces of his students.

"How do you think the sands were made? Did you always think that it was just enchanted sands inside of those fancy little hourglasses?" Lily bit her lip and smiled guiltily. She had only ever heard of a time-turner and never actually had the privilege of getting to see one in all her years at Hogwarts. Professor Slughorn smiled and reached into the pocket of his robes and pulled out something attached to a chain. He held it up for the class to see. It looked like a small pendant made of three rings one inside the other with a tiny hourglass set in the middle. Lily stared at it in awe. So that was a time-turner? It was honestly a lot smaller than she had first expected. Her mind flashed to a movie she used to watch a kid. The wizard of oz when Dorothy had been caught by the wicked witch and was held in that room where she would die when the sands ran out in the hourglass sitting on the table. Ever since she had first heard of a time-turner that was the picture that had formed in her mind.

"Now class, since we are about out of time. You are to read this book and have it finished by tomorrow when you come into class." Protesting moans broke out amongst the students and Professor Slughorn held up his hand for silence. "Now that is enough. I expect you all with have the time to finish it and I do expect it finished." He smiled and clapped his hands. The bell rang loudly and students began to gather their belongings. "Alright class, I expect those books finished by tomorrow and have a good rest of the day." Professor Slughorn said jovially. The sound of chairs scraping and books being shoved into bags filled the room. Lily sighed and grabbed her book bag and left the classroom. Hopefully she would have some of her other friends in her other classes.

The rest of Lily's day went by smoothly other than having Malfoy in three of her other classes. Thankfully he didn't sit by her and tried to stay as far away from her as possible. There was a good side to her day at least. One of the three classes that she had with Malfoy she also had with James. He consumed most of her time in class so she didn't have to think about hating the classes she had to be in with Malfoy.

Lily walked down the corridors alone headed to the great hall for dinner. She walked into the noisy room and sat down by her friends at the Gryffindor table. She sighed and her best friend Heather smiled at her.

"Hey Lils. What's up?" Lily shrugged.

"Just a long day. I have four of my classes with Malfoy." Heather grimaced.

"Ooh. Which ones?"

"Advanced Potions, Transfiguration, and Herbolagy." Lily said with a sigh. Heather smiled.

"Hey at least you have Transfiguration with me." James sat down beside her and smiled. Lily smiled at him and kissed him.

"Yeah at least I have that." She said taking his hand beneath the table. Heather smiled.

"Remus and I have almost all of our classes together." Heather said smiling at Remus who sat beside her. Lily beamed at her friend.

"That's great. Wish I could be that lucky." She said with a small smile in James direction.

"So how is Advance Potions Lily?" Remus asked looking around Heather. Lily smiled and sighed.

"It's alright. It's really weird though. So, you know how I've been in Professor Slughorn's Slugclub for the past three years?"

"Yeah." Remus said.

"Well, apparently he got permission from headmaster Dumbledore to combine his club with Advanced Potions so there's only ten of us in the class."

"Ok, what things are you doing different?" Remus asked slightly confused. Lily shrugged.

"Well apparently we are going to be making some really advanced potions that are usually only made in the ministry of magic. See look." Lily pulled out her book. "We got this book today and are supposed to have it completely finished by tomorrow." Remus took the book and flipped through the pages.

"Time-turners? How does that have anything to do with potions?" He asked. Lily shrugged.

"I'm half way through the book and it's nothing but the history on the author and how he got the idea to make the time-turner. It's a pretty boring read honestly." Heather smiled.

"Wow, that's a first. Usually you enjoy reading books for classes. You always read your text books before you even get to school." Lily rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I like to be prepared." She said. Heather smiled and laughed.

"I know. You just read more than any other person I know." Lily rolled her eyes.

"Well, I probably ought to go. I need to get this book finished." Lily said with a sigh. She turned to James.

"You want to come with me?" She asked. James smiled guiltily.

"Yeah, babe you know how much I love reading, but I have to meet with the Gryffindor Quidditch captain to see when tryout are going to be." Lily rolled her eyes.

"Quidditch tryout are two months away James."

"Yeah… so?" Lily chuckled.

"Alright, I'll see you up in the common room when I finish the book. See you later." She kissed him quickly and grabbed her bag and left the great hall.

Lucius sat in the library with the potions book open on the table before him. Narcissa was sitting beside him running her long nails in patterns along his back. He glanced up as the library doors opened and someone walked in. It was Lily Evans and surprisingly enough she didn't have her know-it-all boyfriend with her. He seemed to follow her wherever she went. She walked inside and went in between a couple of bookshelves. He had vaguely noticed that she seemed to do a lot of reading. Over the years he had always seen her carrying around armloads of books. He really didn't care what she did. She was just an immature fourth year in his mind. He never associated himself with the lower years with Severus as an exception. He had good potential to growing in the dark arts that he seemed to have such an interest in. Lucius was plenty willing to help him along with that. But the other lower years he saw around Hogwarts were all rather immature. Lucius did notice however that Severus talked a lot about the little red headed Gryffindor. They were apparently pretty close from what Severus had said. Lucius sighed and returned his book. He shrugged his shoulders and Narcissa stopped running her fingernails along his back.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"You fingernails are starting to annoy me." He said bluntly looked back down at his book. She frowned and dropped her hand to the tabletop.

Lily had spent several hours in the library. She glanced at the clock and stifled a yawn with the back of hand. It was already nine and the library closed at ten. Lily looked down at the book. She only had a few more pages to finish. It had actually gotten to be fairly interesting. But the potion making was one of the most complicated potions she had ever seen. It was even more complicated than making polyjuice potion. Lily sighed and continued reading. She had to get the book finished before tomorrow.

"Ms. Evans, Ms. Evans wake up!"

"Hm?" Lily opened her eyes and lifted her head up from the desk. Madame Pince was standing over her with a stern expression on her face as usual.

"The library is closing you need to leave." The elderly librarian said. Lily stifled a yawn and nodded. She gathered up her books and left the library.

The next day Lily sat in professor Binns class and kept catching herself nodding off. His class was boring as it was and being tiered really didn't help matters. The bell finely rang and Lily gathered up her books and left the classroom. She walked down the stairs and shivered slightly as she reached the dungeons. The chilly air woke her senses as she walked to the potions classroom. Lily dropped her bag on the floor and took her seat pulling out a book to read in the short time before class started. Other students started coming in just after her.

"So much for getting a chance to read." She thought. She heard the chair beside hers move and looked up. Lucius Malfoy had sat down beside her once again.

"You know there are other seats open." She said. He glanced at her with raised eyebrows.

"So what's it to you Evans?" He asked coldly. Lily shrugged.

"I just thought you would sit somewhere else is all." She said quietly. Lily turned back to her book. Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned away from her.

Professor Slughorn walked into the classroom and addressed the class.

"Alright now I expect that all of you read the book as was assigned as your homework. Grumbles and murmurs spread throughout the room.

"Alright now that's enough! I know it was not the most exciting read ever, but now you get an idea of the type of potions we will be making in here."

"Are you kidding? That potion is even more complicated than polyjuice." A ravenclaw girl said in protest. Professor slughorn nodded.

"Yes I know. This potion is what your assignment is for the next three days. All the ingredients and everything you will need information wise is in that book that I gave you yesterday. Now this potion is complicated enough that I am not allowing you to make it on your own. You will each be assigned a partner. Now lets see, Mr. Snape with Mr. Sullivan. Ms. Moore with Mr. Rolf. Ms. Evans with Mr. Malfoy."

"Sir, I refuse to be paired up with her for this project." Malfoy spoke up interrupting the Professor. Professor Slughorn stopped and raised his eyebrows at Malfoy.

"And why is that Mr. Malfoy?" He asked.

"Because, I'm not going to deal with an impertinent, immature fourth year. Not to mention she's a filthy little mudblood." Malfoy spat with contempt.

"Mr. Malfoy I do not tolerate that language in my class at all! I will talk with you after the class." Malfoy opened his mouth to retort but Slughorn cut him off. "One more word and you will receive detention with me for the rest of the week." Professor Slughorn snapped angrily. Malfoy glared at the Professor but remained silent. Lily glanced at Malfoy out of the corner of her eye. She swallowed hard. She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Lily balled her hands into fists digging her nails into the palms of her hands. It was a deplorable habit that she did if she got hurt or angry. The pain seemed to help. Lily clenched her teeth and didn't speak for the rest of class. Professor Slughorn went over the basics of making the potion and answered any questions. He also assigned specific times for each of the groups to meet to start brewing the potion. The bell finely rang and Lily grabbed her bag wincing slightly because of her hand and walked towards the door.

"Ms. Evans, I would like you to stay here for a minuet." Lily stopped just at the door and turned around. Her fist clenched once again and she walked over to Professor Slughorn. "Mr. Malfoy, you're staying as well." Professor Slughorn said, his tone a little less friendly. Malfoy sighed and walked up to Slughorn.

"I kind of have to get to my next class Professor." Malfoy said irritation plain in his voice.

"Your class can wait Mr. Malfoy." Professor Slughorn said sternly. "Now, concerning your behavior today, that language is rude, vulgar and absolutely unacceptable in my classroom. Now, you two are going to stay partners whether you like it or not."

"But Professor he called me that… that vulgar name. It's obvious he doesn't want to be partners with me let alone do I want to be partners with him." Lily said angrily.

"Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. Pity you fear your own name mudblood, it fits you so well."

"Yeah so does yours, your nothing but a lowlife snake!" Lily snapped at him. They were both completely ignoring the Professor.

"That is enough!" Professor Slughorn bellowed. "I am not changing your partners and you two are going to be stuck with each other for the rest of the year! I think this will do you both some good and maybe you can learn to get along seeing as you will be spending three hours with each other for the next three days. You are each to gather your share of the ingredients needed every day. I will be allowing you to take this period off to be able to gather your ingredients. You will start brewing the potion tonight at seven and gather the ingredients on your own time throughout the day today. Now good day to both of you." Professor Slughorn nodded sternly and turned away from them. Lily glared at him and left the classroom. Malfoy was following her. He walked up beside her.

"This is your bloody fault mudblood." He said. Lily's eyes widened and she whirled around to face him.

"My fault! You're the bloody one who sat down beside me Malfoy! If you hadn't been late my seat wouldn't have been the only one open and could've sat somewhere else and we wouldn't be in this bloody mess! I know you don't want to work with me and I sure as hell don't want to work with you but as it seems we're just going to have to deal with it now aren't we?" Malfoy glared at her.

"Fine Evans, just don't be late. I want to get this stupid project over with." He snapped.

"I expect the same of you." Lily snapped back and ran up the stairs to get to her next class.

The rest of Lily's day went by quicker than she had wanted. Before she knew it she was heading down the corridors with Heather towards the great hall for dinner.

"So how was your day?" Heather asked. Lily shrugged.

"Alright I guess. I'm partners with Malfoy in Potions though and we have to make a time-turner potion."

"A time-turner potion, I didn't think there was such a thing." Heather said. Lily shrugged.

"It was in that book I was reading this morning. Professor Slughorn paired us all up into partners to be able to make it. And of course I had to be paired with him." Lily shook her head in disgust. "I have to spend three hours with him for the next three days after dinner." She groaned. Heather smiled at her.

"Well, that does suck but at least it's only three days and not longer." She said comfortingly. Lily smiled.

"Yeah, come on let's get to dinner. I'm starved." Heather rolled her eyes and laughed as they headed into the Great Hall for dinner.

Lily took her time eating and tried to enjoy the company of her friends. She really didn't want to have to leave and go work on that stupid project with Malfoy. But as everything did at one point or another, dinner ended and Lily was forced to leave the great hall and walk down the corridors with Heather. She had agreed to go with Lily to the classroom that she was assigned to work in with Malfoy. They didn't talk very much on the walk there and when they reached the classroom Lily's heart sank.

"Wish me luck." She grumbled. Heather smiled.

"Good luck." Her friend said. "Well, I'm going to go. I don't want to be caught in the middle of a bloody battle between you two. Wake me in the morning if your still alive and tell me how it went." Lily laughed coldly.

"Will do." She opened the door to the classroom hugging Heather goodbye and shut it behind her. Malfoy wasn't there yet which wasn't much of a surprise. She hadn't expected him to be early.

Lily sighed and dropped her bag on the table, rummaging through it and pulling out her book on time-turners. She flipped to the appropriate page and looked around the room for a cauldron. They were neatly stacked against the far wall of the classroom. Lily walked over to where the cauldrons were stacked and grabbed one off the top. She hoisted it and it fell to the wooden floor with a loud clang. Lily lost her balance and fell backwards onto the floor. Lily winced.

"Ow." She said aloud. Lily winced still sitting on the floor and got on her hands and knees to move the cauldron that had fallen over. She reached out a hand to grab hold of it but before she could even get close to touching it the cauldron lifted off the ground. Lily stared in bewilderment at the place where the cauldron had been sitting.

"Ever heard of wingardium leviosa?" A snide voice said from behind her. Lily stood up and turned around placing her hands on her hips and glared at Malfoy who stood in the doorway, wand upraised.

"Yes I have Malfoy. I was just actually doing some work and lifting it on my own." Lily snapped angrily at him.

"And look where that got you." He sneered. Lily glared at him and crossed the room to the table where he had set the cauldron. She opened her bag and pulled out the ingredients she had brought setting them in a neat pile.

"Did you bring yours?" She asked a slight bite in her tone. Malfoy smirked at her back and set his bag down on the other side of the table and pulled out his ingredients.

"Lets just get this stupid potion over with. What do we add first?" He asked dully. Lily glanced down at the book.

"Well we need to heat the cauldron up first and then fill the bottom of the cauldron in floo powder and light it blowing on it constantly to keep it burning. Then letting it burn for thirty minuets, add one dried comfrey leaf every ten minuets." Lily sighed. "Did you get the comfrey leaves?" Malfoy nodded not looking at her. "Good, I got the floo powder." They got to work not speaking to one another and working at a steady pace. Lily sifted in the floo powder until it covered the bottom of the cauldron and lit it with her wand. Malfoy dropped in one comfrey leaf. It sizzled and popped in the fire. He sniffed disdainfully and sat down in a chair propping his feet up on another. His eyes closed and Lily stared at him in bewilderment.

"What are you doing?" She asked irritation plain in her voice.

"Wake me up in ten minuets." He said. Lily glared at him.

"Um no, we are taking turns blowing on this." She said sternly. Malfoy opened his eyes and looked at her with a bored expression on his face.

"Like I said Evans. Wake me up in ten minuets. I'm sure you can handle blowing out hot air your sure full of enough of it." He said with a smirk. Lily gritted her teeth and turned back to the cauldron. He was infuriating! She stood there blowing lightly on the flames to keep them lit. After about seven minuets of leaning over the cauldron blowing on the flames Lily's back was beginning to hurt. She glanced over at Malfoy and glared at him. She eyed the chair he had his feet resting on. She walked around him and pulled it out from underneath his feet.

"What the bloody hell!" He yelled at her his eyes snapping open. She raised her eyebrows at him.

"Your ten minuets are up." She said in a chipper tone. He glared at her and stood dropping in the second comfrey leaf into the cauldron and sitting back down. He shut his eyes.

"No, your taking this ten minuets while I sit there and do absolutely nothing." Lily said. Malfoy chuckled and shook his head.

"Nice try Evans." He waved his hand dismissively.

"Well." She snapped impatiently.

"Oh, be my guest. Go right ahead." He smirked at her and closed his eyes once again. Lily sighed and went back to blowing on the fire.

Lily woke Malfoy again and he dropped in the last comfrey leaf. "There now what?" He said. Lily glared at him.

"Gee I don't know why don't you do something for once and look in the book and figure it out." Lily said bitingly. Malfoy rolled his eyes and looked down at the book.

"It says to add in the juices from five mandrake roots and wait for the potion to boil, stirring counterclockwise every so often so potion does not thicken." He read aloud. He grabbed a mandrake root from the table and sliced it lengthwise down the middle. Lily looked away as red liquid spilled from the root looking a lot like blood. It didn't help that she had once had to handle a live Mandrake and knew that the one's Malfoy was so cruelly slicing open had once been living.

"Well, are you going to help or not?" Malfoy said.

"No, no, you go right ahead." She gave him her best winning smile and plopped down in a chair. Malfoy glared at her but continued working. Lily glanced at the table and had to look somewhere else as the juices that looked so much like blood made her squeamish. She glanced around the room trying to find something to fixate her gaze on besides the plants. Her eyes wandered and rested on Malfoy. She glared and glanced elsewhere irritated her eyes had rested there in the first place. Her eyes continued to wander.

"When did he take his class robe off?" She wondered quietly to herself as her gaze fell back upon Malfoy. She noticed he had rolled up the sleeves of his white button up shirt and at some point had removed his tie. The top few buttons of his shirt were undone, giving Lily a glimpse of his collarbone and the top of his chest. Her eyes ran down from his neck to his arms. She hadn't ever noticed how muscular they were until now. She knew he played quidditch but so did James and he wasn't nearly as built as Malfoy was.

"Are you going to keep staring at me or add the next ingredient?" He asked turning towards her and dropping the last mandrake carcass into the trash. Lily glanced down at the floor and could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Sure." She mumbled getting up from the chair and grabbing the five sprigs of knotgrass off of the table.

The mandrake juices were boiling rapidly and she dropped the five sprigs of knotgrass into the cauldron. She grabbed the stir stick off of the table and accidentally brushed Malfoy's hand. He jerked back like he had been burned.

"Watch what your doing!" He snapped wiping his hands on his pants. Lily glared at him.

"Well if your hand hadn't been there in the first place you wouldn't have risk of me touching it now would you?" She snapped.

"Just keep your filthy little mudblood hands off of me." He said coldly and moved away from her. Lily flinched slightly. There was that word again. Lily didn't even know how he knew about her parents being muggles but he sure liked to rub it in her face in the meanest way possible. The word was vulgar and was the lowest thing you could possibly call a witch or wizard with muggle parents. It meant that they had dirty blood and weren't worthy of being magical at all. Slytherins, who all considered themselves purebloods thought the worst of muggle-borns. Lily got ridiculed because of it all the time. She was mostly used to the word by now but it still hurt.

Malfoy sat down in a chair watching her work. He couldn't help but notice that she always seemed to keep her hair pulled back with a dark pink ribbon. She had it tied in a tight ponytail and Malfoy had the sudden urge to pull the ribbon out of he hair and watch her hair fall down over her shoulders. Malfoy pushed away the thought. He had a girlfriend for Merlins sake! He shouldn't be fantasizing over other girls. Of course this hadn't stopped him before but this was Evans. She was a fourth let alone a bloody Gryffindor and a mudblood. He shuddered at the thought of wanting to even touch her. He averted his gaze from her and stared out the window. His mind drifted to when she had fallen trying to lift the cauldron earlier. She had her school robe off and her skirt had slid up her legs revealing a good portion of her thigh. She hadn't known he was staring of course and he berated himself for it since she was a mudblood. But he had to admit her legs were shapely.

Lily sighed and wiped her brow with the back of her hand. She glanced at the clock. She only had to stir for ten more minuets. She glanced over where Malfoy was sitting. He had a far off expression on his face as he stared out the window.

"That's twice now you've been staring at me Evans. Do you have nothing else to consume your time?" Malfoy asked with a cold sneer. Lily glared at him and turned back to the potion not saying anything.

After ten minuets Lily stopped stirring and set the stir-stick on the table. She looked down into the cauldron. The potion had turned a bright shimmery gold color. Lily glanced at the book and skimmed the page. Her brow furrowed. The potion was supposed to turn gold after they had added in the fennel seeds mixed in the orrisroot paste. That was the last ingredient to be added to the potion and there was nothing in the book saying that it should turn gold before that.

"Malfoy, should this potion be gold already?" Lily asked uncertainly. He glanced over at her and shrugged.

"How should I know? I've never made the potion before. Does it say so in the book?"

"Well no…"

"Well it should be fine. Just put it up so we can leave. And don't lift it again. You don't want to risk spilling it and ruining all of our hard work." Malfoy said scornfully. Lily glared at him and pulled out her wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa." She said clearly, pointing her wand at the cauldron. It lifted off of the table and Lily moved backwards holding her wand steady.

"Hey watch it will you!" Malfoy said ducking as the cauldron floated past his head.

"Sorry." Lily said and glared at him.

"Do you want me to do it? I just know your going to drop it and all our hard work will be wasted." Lucius said eyeing her warily. Lily glared at him.

"Our hard work? Yeah right, you barely worked at all! All you did was sit there and watch me and cut up those stupid mandrake roots."

"Yeah because you were too squeamish to do it yourself." Malfoy retorted with a smirk. Lily's cheeks flared up and she glared at him to try and hide her embarrassment. She hadn't realized he had noticed her squeamishness as he was cutting them. She hated blood and couldn't really stand being around it.

"At least you didn't throw up. It was bad enough that you touched me with your filthy moodblood hands. But that would've been even worse. Your blood is dirty enough as it is, I don't need this room smelling like whatever else is inside you." He said in a disgusted tone. Lily's temper flared. He had insulted her enough and that was the last straw.

"You are insufferable no good git Malfoy!" Lily yelled at him making the mistake of dropping her arm that held her wand. The cauldron that had been levitating between them came crashing to the ground, as the levitation charm was broken. Malfoy jumped out of the chair, knocking it over to try and get out of the way of the falling cauldron. It hit the floor hard splashing them both in the pale gold liquid. Lily shrieked and fell backwards onto the floor getting completely covered in the potion. She moaned aloud as she looked at the overturned cauldron and its contents spilled all over the floor and her clothes.

"God dammit now look what you've done Evans!" Malfoy shouted at her. Lily glared up at him. He had gotten a lot of the potion on his clothes as well.

"You were the one insulting me in the first place Malfoy! If you hadn't started that whole spiel about me we wouldn't be in this mess and wouldn't have to make the potion all over again!"

"Well you were the one who dropped your hand in the first place. You should know to concentrate better when casting a spell." He sneered. Lily glared at him and stood up, trying not to slip so she wouldn't embarrass herself any further. She could feel angry tears forming in her eyes and blinked them away furiously.

"Just shut up Malfoy!" Lily snapped. Lucius rolled his eyes.

"Screw this, I'm outta here." He grabbed his school robe that had been hanging over a chair by the door.

"What are you doing?" Lily asked. He looked back at her.

"What does it look like? I'm leaving." He said. "We're going to get an F on this project because of your stupid mistake anyway mudblood." Lily glared at him her hands on her hips.

"Fine, just go ahead and leave me to clean all this crap up by myself!" She yelled at his retreating form. He turned around and smirked at her.

"You just go right ahead Evans. I don't want to get my hands dirty helping you anyhow." He said and then left the classroom. Leaving a scowling and furious Lily behind.

Lily sighed and bent down to pick up the cauldron. She set it upright and noticed that her hands and arms were numb. She let go of the cauldron and balled her hands into fists several times trying to get some feeling to come back into them. Her legs were beginning to fall asleep as well. Lily furrowed her brow and walked over to the sink. She splashed water on her arms and legs and the numbness subsided. She looked down at her soaked white shirt and blushed slightly realizing that it was now completely see through. She pulled the fabric away from her body and tried to wring it out as best she could without having to take it off. Lily did the same with the front of her skirt and then gave up. The potion wasn't coming out. She could wash it later.

Lily levitated the empty cauldron back to the other side of the room after using a scourge charm on it to clean it of the potions residue. She cleaned up the spilled potion on the floor and grabbed her robe putting it on over her stained shirt and skirt. She grabbed her book bag and left the classroom shutting out the light on her way out. She sighed. It was going to be a long night and an exhausting three more days of remaking that stupid potion. She was not looking forward to the next three days.