Kagome scribbled on the window in the room, then sighed and looked around. Drawings, crude ones and pretty ones, all done in the crayons Momiji was allowed to bring in. She looked down.

From what Midoriko-sama said, these people were her family; and she was their 'God' after the other one got overthrown. She didn't want to be a god, so she looked up into the cold eyes of the dog man, Shigure, and trembled. Whimpering, she grabbed his kimono urgently,

"Please," Kagome choked out, eyes shut tightly, "Please...lock me up. Please. For my 'family', if you even are."

He didn't move. Kagome raised her eyes up towards him, and screamed, shaking him in front of the family, even the cat, and that Tohru girl,

"LOCK ME UP! Please! I don't know what I'm capable of right now- I don't want to hurt anyone again!'"

Midoriko sighed sadly, and disappeared.

3 weeks later...

Shigure rubbed his eyes, troubled by the silence. They were stuck there at the main house until the new head said they could leave.

But the problem wasn't convincing her. It was getting her to talk. He sighed, stood up while stretching, and padded down the hallway. Her room was at the end of the hallway, but she sensed his presence anyways.

"Come in," She said softly, looking around at the walls frantically. Grabbing a wash cloth, she scrubbed hurridly, hoping the crayon would come off.

"Listen, Kagome-sama...uh..." Shigure stopped to see the Head of the Sohma family freeze like a rabbit while caught...scrubbing?

"Uh-um, S-Shigure-s-san! I'm...I'm sorry! I can clean it up, but I need towels." She bowed frantically.

"It's...it's fine. Why on the walls, though?" He said calmly. Kagome blushed, head down.

"Momiji-san brought me crayons, but he forgot the paper..."

Shigure chuckled, nodding. "Listen, Kagome-sama-"

"Kagome," She said simply, licking her sleeve and trying to rub away the crayon. "Kagome is my name, so please use it without formality, please. That's all I ask."

"Ah. Well, Kagome, we were wondering; do you think it would be alright if Kyo, Yuki, Tohru-kun and I moved back to my house?"

Kagome only blinked. "I have authority over that?" She said, amazed.

"Yes," Shigure said goodnaturedly.

"Well, then, by all means, if it's what you want, go." Kagome said, smiling.

Shigure grinned up at her then, as he reached the door, turned back and asked, "The...the day we met, Kagome...what did you mean, 'you didn't want to hurt anyone else'?"

Kagome started backwards, as though struck. She licked her lips nervously, then said, "My...my old friends I used to travel with-the ones Midoriko-sama told everyone about-they grouped up against Naraku. However...my kit, Shippou, was killed in front of me. I went beserk; the one job I had, protecting my kit, and I'd let him get killed."

Shigure stopped to see tears falling from her eyes, at a steady, sad flow. The girl, noticing he hadn't left, wiped her eyes and smiled shakily.

"Go, now. Go and tell Kyo-san, Yuki-san, and Tohru-san that they may live with you. Give my warmest welcomes to her as well."

She whispered something, something he barely caught, something he wasn't supposed to catch-but did, and waved at him as he walked out the door.

"Yuki, Tohru, Kyo! She said it's alright for you to live with me!" Shigure called happily.

The three teens startled a bit, quiet until Tohru said happily, "Well, I wonder what I'll have to cook!"

"Don't you think Kagome-sama is being to easy on us?" Yuki said, eyes narrowed.

"Who cares?" Kyo said with that air of indifference he has.

"Actually," Their guardian said seriously, "She said to give her warmest welcomes to Tohru."

Tohru blushed excitedly, smiling.

"...Why is she being so nice to her?" Kyo said finally, after sharing glances with his cousin.

Shigure walked out the room, stopped at the door by Kyo's yell.

"Hey! Answer, you damn moron!"

Shigure's expression was unreadable.

"She said...She knows what it's like to be separated from a group of people."