"I just don't understand why." Kagome said simply, finishing her tirade. She turned back to Sesshoumaru, sweat dropping.
The infamous Demon Lord of the West had plugged his ears with whatever he could find.
Which turned out to be erasers. The ones that went onto pencils.
"Are you five years old?" She snorted, unable to stop. "Really? Erasers, Sesshoumaru?" Kagome couldn't help it. She chuckled, giggled and laughed out loud. "Oh, I can never be angry at you for long.."
Sesshoumaru smiled, gracefully plucking the erasers out of his ears.
"How is everyone? Who survived?"
"Rin, Jaken, Kanna, Kagura, Hakudoshi...a descendant of the Slayer and the Monk." (Thank you, grimmich, for catching the error! I'm really dumb and I haven't slept in over 24 hours!)
"Really?" Kagome leaned forward. "Anyone I know?"
"Yes, actually. A Tohru Honda?"
Everyone looked at Tohru, surprise clear on their expressions. Her eyes were wide with surprise, and she pointed to herself. "M-Me? I'm-oh, oh my.." With a flushed face, she beamed, "O-Oh! Who would have thought that I would have such great ancestors!"
Kagome smiled at the girl with a new, fond expression. "They saved the world. I'm sure you're destined for something just as great, Tohru." At her worried, flustered face, she laughed. "If ypu're not, however," Kagome patted the girl's arm, "I'm sure you will be given a life full of contentment. Know, you'll always be welcomed with the Sohma, and the Taisho family." She laughed, nodding at the demon lord, "Just watch out for fluffy-sama."
"Kagome-sama, are you ready to go?" Hatori asked, nearly smiling with amusement.
Kisa smiled expectantly, a small blush on her face. "Kagome-chan?''
"Coming, coming!" She leaned in and brushed Sesshoumaru's short hair from his eyes, before kissing his forehead; he did the same, and they nodded before the group departed.
"Kagome-chan, what-what was that?" Kagura questioned.
"A-ah, that was a goodbye we've done for a while, Shippou started-" Her face fell, and she turned to the elevator door, "Wait-" The door shut close, and lowered them to the first floor. "I..."
"Kagome? Are you alright?" Kagura moved to console her, but she shrugged her hands away.
"I just...I just forgot to ask about Shippo..."
"I'm sure we'll be seeing him soon, Kagome-chan!"
It was quiet. "He never said Shippo survived, Kagome." Hatori pointed out.
"But...Rin-san said so."
"Shigure's editor," Kagome answered. "But why..."
"How is that possible?"
"You're questioning about a demon's ability to vanquish death?" Kagura pointed out softly.
"But..." Hatori trailed off, before throwing up his hands.
"Everyone can be brought back, Hatori," Her bright smile threw him off, cheeks tainted lightly. Her face became concerned. The elevator door opened with a 'ding!', and all stepped out.
"The only question is why."
The sunlight shone on their faces, and the mood rose. "Who's ready to shop?!" Kagura grinned, hand on her hip and a fist in the air. Everyone laughed.