whenever you see a (*) Lira is speaking. Who is Lira? What is she? Will Natsu find out he has a son? Or will Blaze finally find his father? Will Natsu and Lucy be together? FIND OUT IN FALLEN GAURDIAN ANGEL!

Chapter 1: Going Home

- The train whistle blew telling all passengers it was going to depart to Magnolia in a few Minutes-

"ALLL ABORRRDDD." Shouted the man. People pushing in one by one to get a good seat.

"Hey mom?" A little boy with spiky blond hair and deep onyx eyes tugged at the celestial mages sleeve.

"Yes Blaze?" She looked down to meet her chocolate colored eyes with his.

"Do we really have to go on the train… Cant we walk to magnolia?"

"Oh, Blaze… -she giggled and gave him one of her best heart warming smiles-

"We have to Amber Island is to far of a walk to Magnolia and plus we have to cross the water on a boat no less…"

The little boy's eyes widen at the word boat any mode of transportation makes him terribly sick.


Once they boarded the train they looked around for seat's that were available luckily they found a compartment that was empty. Blaze put away the bags and slumped down in the chair.

"Hey mom?"

"Yes Blaze?"

"How is Magnolia like? I cant wait to see your old guild! What was that like? Were they nice? Teacher said that I might like it! Will I?" (He popped question after question bartering his mother but once the trained moved the boy grew quiet)

-Oh no not again he looks so sick and pale.-

"UGHHHH." The boy groaned.

-She giggled "Wow now he looks like he's turning purple" She looked outside the train moving at top speeds. Starring at the scene, she saw the wide spans of the ocean and her beautiful island she once called home.

Home… She thought

Has it really been 8 years? Wow time sure has flown… Well I was so occupied with Blaze I guess… He looks so much like Him. How can I face Him? Or all of them! I left without even saying goodbye.

FLASH BACK: "Hey Lucy-chan!" A blue haired mage came running towards her.

"Oh hey Levy!" Lucy waved to her friend to sit with her at her usual bar stool.

"Did you want to talk to me?"


"Well out with it already… Oh, I know! You finished your book!"

"Not… Exactly" The Blond Mage started to sweat drop

"Then wha-" Levy was cut off.

"Im pregnant" The Blond whispered. Levy was in state of shock she could barley speak. Lucy just stared at her friend waiting for a response, a question, or every just a simple "Oh" Could have sufficed. She just wanted her friend to at least say something that could show a sign that she did not receive a heart attack from the news.

Levy threw her arms around her and gave her a hug.

Lucy thought this was better than any response that her friend could ever give her. Still in the Celestial mage, she held one more secret that might break her friend's heart.


"What's wrong Lira?" She thought to herself mentally.

*Your memories they are so sad…

"Well there are some good memories" Lucy put on a sad smile

*I'm surprised the mage took the sad news with honor I admire her courage

"Levy is great isn't she?

*But still the pink-headed mage it's his fault you left… In addition, that white headed one as well.

"No one is really to blame… However, he looked so happy with her… That day killed me.

*Well I just hope he now realizes the mistake he made. You two were partners and he just forgot about you. He threw you out just like that so he can partner with her.

"Well she is beautiful and very caring for others

*You are no different my dear…

This made Lucy realize on how long her hair has grown out but her bangs remained the same to frame her face. All thanks to Cancer of course, and over the years her chocolate eyes soften. She smiled mentally thanking Lira for the comment to bring up her sprits.

*But your friend she is a brave one. When you told her, the second news I was sure she was going to smack the pink one silly.

"Ha ha true but she did cry and so did the master when I told him I had to leave. Once he removed my guild mark on my hand I couldn't help but cry as well. That mark held so many memories… I really cherished it

*That man is wise. It is as if he knew all that had happened I couldn't wait to meet them all as well… However, something has come to my attention

"Yea Lira what is it?

*The boy… He and his father are… Very similar. Seeing your memories of you and him, the boy is no different.

"Ha ha yea its true the eating spicy foods, his motion sickness, his hot temper…

*Don't forget he destroyed nearly an entire village

"Oh don't remind me that was the worse" This made her smile it was like having a little Natsu around. She looked at the boy with a smile and he just gave a thumbs up but then turned purple and ran to the bathroom cart. Lucy started to laugh and so did lira.

*But how will you hide his powers? To tell you the truth the boy is more of a Fire mage instead of a Celestial one. The only key he could ever summon was Plue.

"I know but I already warned him about that if he ever used fire magic in the guild no spicy food for a week.

*The boy only thinks of food doesn't he? -Sigh- I'm glad I came though the boy still needs to learn a lot of fire magic and to tell you the truth I never thought teaching would be so hard.

"Ha ha well you are teaching a hard headed Fire mage like father like son you know?