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A large groan came from the hinges of the guild's double doors. Only to reveal the faces of anger plastered on the Fairy Tail mage's fronts. The members started to pour out of the guild being led by their guild master Makarov.

Rage consumed all of them as not only did the evil villain Curtis, take away a dear friend of one of their nakama. But he also took away one of their treasured family member's, Lucy Heartfilla.

It was bad enough as it is having a whole guild targeting you. But this isn't just any your run of the mill guild's. This was Fairy Tail! And no one mess's with their family. Especially when you take away a Dragon Slayer's loved one, that's crossing the line.

On that very day the guild marched their way through town, the brightest of fire in their eyes. Just like their notorious salamander they were all fired up, ready for battle.

"Natsu, Blaze, lead the way." The master motioned to the fire mage's

If any one knew the location of Lira and Lucy. It would have to be their partners. With their highly trained nose's they could sniff them out. It was more easier for Natsu to sniff out his blonde headed friend, but for Blaze that was entirely different story. Since Lira has been in the celestial world for such a long time her scent matches the scent of his mother's key's.

The worse case scenario would be if Lucy and Lira were in different locations. Blaze was mostly depending on Natsu to find them, but without any leads on Lira it might be to late.

"Got it." The dragon slayer responded pulling Blaze to the front of the group.

Natsu's nose started to twitched when they started to arrive at the Magnolia market place. Sniffing the air he crawled around the floor trying to find the familiar vanilla scented trail. The shop keepers sweat drop at the action, he looked like a dog trying to sniff out a good place to mark his scent.

"Found her, she was taken west ward from here." The fire mage pointed out.

Making all the mages motion themselves forward. As they began walking past the old tree and into the forest beyond it, Natsu fell back in line with Blaze, Happy hovering right above them to get a birds eye view. Tigress on the other hand, clung onto her father's shoulder.

Blaze felt uneasy, like this was battle he wouldn't be able to win. Even though with all that training in the other dimension it seemed had no affect on him like it did over there.

"You nervous?" Natsu spoke calmly his fingers intertwined behind his head, as he looked towards the blue sky.
"No, not really." Blaze masked his voice trying not to get caught in a lie.

"You know I was nervous too, going up my first enemy." The dragon slayer smiled.

"Didn't I just tell you I wasn't scared?" The blonde huffed, crossing his arms against his chest.

"Yea right, I can hear you trembling from here! Your not a good liar you know, you and your mother both." Natsu chuckled making the blonde fire mage red from embarrassment.

"But I actually find it kind of sweet you at least got a few traits from your mom. If not you would be completely like your father." The pink haired mage smiled to the ground. Hopefully the hints he had been giving would at least give Blaze a clue on who his father might be.

"You really think so?" The blonde's blush quickly fading as his eyes sparkled towards his mentor.

"I know so. Your both stubborn as a mule, loyal, always laughing in the face of danger, but if any one even dared to even hurt your Nakama you would do what ever it takes to protect them." The dragon slayer's eyes soften at the very thought how it would have been like. How it would've felt if he was there on the day of Blaze's birth. To see him grow into the man he is today or teenager more to speak. To train him fire magic. Walk him to something called school so he could learn a bunch of boring letters and numbers. The bliss of having Lucy with him side by side every day for as long as they both lived. But he knew he could never get those eight years back. Sadly, the fire mage could not travel back in time, to see his son's first steps. Or even his attempts at using a fire dragon roar.

Natsu knew that he could never get that chance. But he did know that even though he lost eight years of Blaze's life, he would never miss another moment.

"Do you think I'll be able to meet him one day?" Blaze spoke up interrupting the elder fire mages thoughts.

"You know you said the same thing to me when you were smaller. And back then I didn't really know the answer to that question. But I'm sure you will see him again. Something you should know about your dad is that he never gives up. If your ever in any trouble, he'll come to your rescue." The knowing dragon slayer winked.

Blaze couldn't help but smile at the words he was given. To Natsu it must have felt that conversation when he was eight happened only some short time ago. But after Blaze time skipped in the other world with Lira and Tigress, it felt like years to him.

When the old fire mage's words started to sink in a thought popped into the blonde's head. If his father actually were to save him, what would he do? How would he confront the man that broke his mother's heart years ago?

"AMBUSH!" Happy shouted from above, breaking Blaze's trance.

As the blue cat swooped down to warn all his fellow guild mates, people started to appear from the bush's, a light glow illuminating their bodies. No doubt Curtis had sent mage's to do his dirty work.

Makarov grew three times his original size to fend of the enemies that had ran to the front of the line. Meanwhile holding off the left flank was Gajeel using his iron fist's to hurt at least a good twelve men while Levy covered his back side. Welding some of her script magic to help out.

"Natsu, Blaze you two go and find Lucy and Lira. We'll hold them off from here." A certain raven haired ice mage spoke as he used a round house kick to a man who was nearing Juvia.

"Oh Gray-sama!" The water mage blushed as she squealed like a fan girl. Being saved by her prince charming was more than enough for her to tame her unrequited love.

"Now is not the time Juvia!" Gray shouted a small tint of pink on his own cheeks.

As the two turned their attention back to the task at hand. They could clearly see that their little guild was out numbered. Heads started to pop up from the bushes while others dropped from the trees. Natsu was concerned for his Nakama as he dragged Blaze through the fray of fists, so he took one last glance back towards his friends.

"GO NOW SON! IF NOT YOU'LL BE TO LATE!" Ji-chan roared to the dragon slayer, as he shot him an intense glare.

All Natsu could do was nod as he and Blaze quickly made their way through the depths of the forest. Not taking another look back they both ran with their heads held low.

"You ok Blaze?" Tigress spoke not being able to tell his emotions since the front of his spiky bangs covered his eyes.

The blonde in response wiped the tears from his eyes. Now was not the time to be weak, he had to be strong not just for Tigress but for his guild. He knew Natsu had to be feeling the same way as he did. So he sucked it up and ran faster, gritting and grinding his teeth.

Shaking his head he flipped his hair showing Tigress his bold onyx eyes. Identical to his fathers. Both fire mage's were extremely pissed off, Curtis had went too far.

As Happy flapped his angel like wings above them he warned them that they were closing in on a clearing just up a head. Natsu looked slightly to his left towards Blaze and Tigress, his eyes went wide. It was exactly like the image in his dreams. All of his Nakma almost defeated trying to fight till their last breath. It was an exact replica, but that left one thing unanswered. Who was the person that was laying limp in Blaze's arms? Was it Lira?

As the young blonde passed the dragon slayer, the look on his face showed Natsu he was serious. Nothing could get in his way now. Nearing a large grassy plain not to far off from where the battle between Fairy Tail and the ruffians was taking place. There was a steel type warehouse of some sorts.

Coming to a slow stop both mages hid behind a large bush. Trying to mask themselves from any unwanted attention.

"For a secret hide out it's pretty out there." Natsu whispered dangerously low. Since both Blaze and the dragon slayer have finer hearing than that of a average human, this gave them an advantage to hide their voices and to communicate with one another.

"Both of you keep your guard up, you never know what Curtis might have up his sleeve." Tigress murmured.

"Aye." Happy agreed, his aria magic retracted as his wings had disappeared from his back.

"I hate sitting around…" The dragon slayer hissed, rearing for another battle.

"We should be patient and wait for a good opportunity to strike." Blaze countered.

"W-Who's that?" The black and white neko shivered already feeling the strong magic energy radiating from the body that stepped out into the open.

"Here's the plan. Blaze you go in with Happy and Tigress, to free Lira and Lucy. While I take care of this guy." Natsu grinned.

"Wait don't you think it's a bit strange that Curtis only has one man guarding the facility instead of all those other ones?" Tigress frowned, not knowing what the evil man must have been thinking.

"It doesn't matter a fight is a fight, and I never lose!" The pink headed mage spoke bluntly, with that he jumped from the bush's. Running into the open plain with a war cry.

"His he really that stupid?" Tigress said dully 'tsking' at his idiocy.

"Aye, that's Natsu for you." Happy sweat dropped at his partners usual antics.

"No, he's a genius!" Blaze grinned crawling his way closer to the building complex. Happy and Tigress following his suit.

"What are you talking about?" The female cat growled, thinking that her father has finally lost his mind.

"Just think about it. With Natsu distracting that guy, we have a better opportunity to sneak in." The blonde explained continuing to slink his way through the dirt.

"Oh~" The tiger understood, yet a bit confused.

"Not really… Knowing Natsu it would just be cause he was itching for a good fight." Happy sighed disappointed in his partner, he never settles down.

Blaze chuckled embarrassed of his mentor's real reasons. As he went back to the task at hand the three remained silent as they found the closest path to the building as possible. But It would have to involve running out into the open field exposing themselves from any attacks that may come their way.

Checking on the battle between Natsu and the strange man in front of him, they were locked in stares not even uttering words. It surprised the blue cat that Natsu wasn't fighting except all he did was watch the enemy. Something was off.


"AHHHHH!" Natsu cried out as he ran out from his hiding spot, with a flaming right fist aiming directly towards the shadowy man.

When he was just about to connect his hand with the mans jaw. The air around them became frigidly cold. The fire mage's body started to shiver as a eerie breeze brushed up against his spine.

That can't be right. It was bright and sunny just a few seconds ago. Natsu's lit hand was put out as he found himself not being able to move. Narrowing his onyx eyes towards the man before him, he chuckled dangerously.

'So this is his doing? What sort of magic is this?' Natsu growled in his mind. Trying to ask the strange man what was happening exactly, the dragon slayer opened his mouth but the words couldn't come out. All that he could utter out was a weak cough.

"What's wrong dragon slayer? Can't handle the power of the Cosmos? I didn't think so." The stranger laughed.

"W-what are you d-doing to me-e? Natsu breathed out, trying to regain his speech.

"Do you even brush up on your Greek mythology? Or better yet science?" The man spoke quite ticked off he had to deal with such a simpleton.

"The magic I obtain is Ancient magic. You heard of that at least correct?"

All the Fairy Tail mage could do was nod at that point. "Good. My magic harness's the power of space itself. Just like space there is no oxygen for humans to breath in. To put it simply there is only a matter of seconds until you run out of your precious air. Since the average human would implode by the pressure of space itself I'm surprised you didn't die yet. But I should've expected it from the famous salamander." The unknown person explained.

Natsu struggled to use his magic energy. But with no air his fire could not be fed. In order for a fire to rage on, it needs to consume oxygen. With the cold atmosphere of space and the lack of air there's no way he could start a fire.

"With you out of my way the master will finally get what he want's most. All I have to do is stall you for half an hour more, by then Chaos will be above us as we speak." The servant grinned mischievously.

"C-Chaos?" Natsu chocked, his lungs already on the brink of giving out.

"Yes, Chaos. Every hundred years a giant storm called Chaos roams the lands of Fiore. Causing strange weather patterns, for example take the desert lands. Once the cloud passes through, it would cause the polar opposite of its climate. Instead of heat it would become snow." Len informed the dumbfounded fire mage.

As the man started to explain the depth of Chaos, Natsu had more important things to think about. 'If he use's the power of space. How can I get an attack on him without fainting from oxygen? Just one good punch to the jaw could make him lose concentration and free me from this airless void.' The dragon slayer plotter silently.

"It is told in prophecies that only the Angel can stop Chaos, only to sacrifice themselves to save the ones they love most. When the Angel has finally perished a large amount of magic energy is released into the person its most closest to. With the machine that my master invented, it will be able to harness the energy she releases giving it to the master." The man smiled brightly in the hopes that his higher up will finally get what he wants the most.

"I-Is that what you c-call living?" Natsu hissed at the foolish man.

Len's eyes became wide at the retaliation. What could a dumb ass like him possibly know?

As the dragon slayer distracted the man with his sharp words he finally found the answer to what he was looking for. Looking up to the sun it had finally stuck him, if the sun was a big ball of fire. How could that fire rage in space? There was only on answer to that question; the sun is 10,000* Fahrenheit or up. With a mad grin growing on his face he pushed his magic energy to a maximum.

A small spark flew into the air followed by a raging fire glowing around his body. Yelling out louder caused him to push his limits even further.

"H-How are you doing that?" Len snapped out of his thoughts watching as the dragon slayer pushed himself to a higher temperature.

"You have space magic right? We'll tell me how can the sun be so hot in a place were there is no air and is so cold." Natsu smirked deviously knowing he had finally gained the upper hand.

"That's not possible nothing can be hotter than the sun!" The servant gulped knowing the table's have turned.

"We'll take a good look, cause I'm way hotter then any sun. In both looks and power!" The fire mage roared as he finally ran forwards with the last bit of energy he had left to give a right hook to Len's jaw. Causing the said man to fly backwards to a nearby tree, with a large crack it broke in half causing it to split in two.

With the space mage finally far enough away from him, Natsu was able to catch his breath. Gulping down greedily the air around him to fill his lungs.

Len held his head low as he 'tsked' at the salamander's foolishness. "Stupid lizard. You think that's all I'm able to do? Never underestimate me!"

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"Did you actually believe that I would hand over the Angel so quickly? Really Lucy Heartfilla you are a fool!" Curtis chuckled darkly at the blondes stupid mistake.

Lucy frowned, just a few hours ago had the celestial mage woken up from her deep sleep. When she awoke she was all chained up to wall. One moment she's walking in front of Curtis's servant Len the next she's here. All Lucy was able to recall was not being able to breath, a large weight on her shoulders. When finally black spots started to flutter in her vision.

"You'll regret ever messing with my Nakama. Fairy Tail will stop you, just you wait and see!" The mage sneered.

Just as she had spoken those words a large roar of sorts was heard out side. It practically shook the earth, only one person could make such a sound. And Lucy knew at that moment Natsu would save her once again.

"What the hell was that?" Curtis rose a brow nonchalantly.

"Fairy Tail's fire dragon. Natsu Dragneel." The celestial mage spoke proudly of her dear friend.

"Really? So the famous salamander is knocking at my door. Well that sure is a surprise. To bad he won't be able to live to see the moment his lovely Lucy perishes. What a shame." Curtis shook his head shamefully.

"What are you talking about?" The blonde's eyes became wide in worriment of her partner.

"Well isn't it obvious Len is to powerful to just let a simpleton such as Natsu Dragneel get in his way." The evil man laughed at the imagination of the dragon slayers body already dangling helplessly, blood pouring out of his dead corpse.

"Your w-wrong." A small voice chocked interrupting Curtis's conversation.

"LIRA!" Lucy cheered, happy that she wasn't to late to save her. The blonde never took notice that the ebony mage was dangling there lifelessly in the arms of a contraption of sorts. The shadow that was cascaded her covered Lira's profile, when Curtis walked over to the dragon he pulled her out of the dark. Wheeling her and the machine both.

The celestial mage gasped at the girls appearance. There were bruises practically everywhere, all over her body. The kimono she wore was ripped apart, and dreadfully filthy. It could barley cover any of her body parts. But what was worse was the dry blood located on the sides of her mouth. There was even some blood on her chest and clothing. Her beautiful black as night hair was matted and stood up on every end. From where Lucy could tell she had probably not even eaten in days, as she could see her bones pop out of her stomach and the slight in dent's on her cheek bones.

"W-What have they done to you?" Lucy stuttered, tears welled up in her eyes just by looking at the appearance of her dear celestial spirit.

"What do you mean by that? We treated her like any proper guest." Curtis laughed, as his eyes flickered to the young girl.

"Lucy…" The Angel coughed trying to gain the attention of the celestial user.

"Lira are you ok? Don't worry Natsu, Blaze, and Fairy Tail will be here soon hang on a little longer!" The blonde-haired woman spoke in a panicked.

Lira slowly shook her head, looking into the blondes eyes. Lucy burst into sobs as she saw that pain, sadness, and love those violet eyes held. The spirit knew this was the end the best she could possibly do was say her good bye's.

"Tell Loke, Thank you for all those years of training. And say thanks to the rest of the keys for me, Thanks for accepting me as one of their own… Even you accepted me. You love us spirits so much that you would even sacrifice your own life for ours." Lira spoke so softly that the celestial mage could barley hear her but still was able to make out what she said.

"Don't speak like that Lira were going to make it out of this I swear!" Lucy sobbed as alligator tears ran down her pale cheeks.

"You know I never had a family to ever call my own. The celestial spirits, you, and your son, gave me the love I always sought for. I love you all oh so very much… Tell my little Tigress to take care of Blaze for me. And you know Lucy I never thought of you as my contractor…" Lira breathed unevenly as her chest started to weigh heavily with each and every word she spoke.

"I always thought of you as…" The dragon's bottom lip quivered as the tears started to fall from her own eyes as well.

"As My Mom.." The ebony mage said sweetly cocking her head slightly giving the blonde a watery smile.

Lucy couldn't help but cry out loudly. She knew that these words were from the bottom of Lira's heart. The blonde instantly knew that this confession might be Lira's last.

"Well isn't that cute." Cutis chuckled evilly.

"It's intoxicating really…" The man's expression suddenly turned into a frown. The moment had actually sickened him.

"…You will pay for this!" Lucy spat angrily yet her eyes were still filled with the salty tears. If only she could reach her keys then she would be able to wipe that idiotic smirk off his face.


The once bright sun was suddenly covered by a large dark grey cloud. Lighting stuck a nearby, making the earth tremble violently. Levy Mcgarden was the first to stumble as the ground shook. Before she could fall to the unforgiving earth a warm arm wrapped around her waist protectively.

Panting loudly the man next to her was extremely concerned, "You alright?" Gajeel asked as he fended off two more of Curtis's goons.

"I should be… I just wasted to much magic energy." Levy replied, her breathing shallow.

"Stay behind me and rest a bit." The iron dragon slayer spoke.

As he slowly turned around and placed her to the ground with the other fallen mages. Levy watched as he did a round house kick into one of their enemies.

"There's to many of them…" The blue haired mage gasped. There were to many thugs, every time it seemed they had a chance of winning, more goons would come out from hiding.

The only remaining mages left standing were Erza, Gajeel, Gray, Mira, Elfman, and Gramps. Mean while the rest of the guild was behind the six of them trying to regain any lost magic energy.

'When will it end?'

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With the Chaos closing in on the warehouse, Blaze had crawled his way through the grass with Tigress and Happy. Without getting detected from any of Curtis's henchmen or Len, the blonde watched in awe the battle being taken place between Natsu and the space mage.

As his mentor dodge attack after attack he knew the fire dragon slayer had to win. When suddenly Len had called forth a power full looking move called 'Meteor Shower.' With all strange looking rocks heading straight for him, Blaze quickly closed his eyes praying that the mage didn't lose.

A small gasp escaped from Happy's mouth as he pointed towards the large dust cloud that was forming around the two mages. "Look!" The small cat cheered. Making Blaze reopen his eyes only to see a dark figure struggling to lift himself off the ground.

As the dust started to disappear so did the smirk on Len's face. The blonde knew that it would be the end of the space mage. Already acknowledging Len's defeat, Blaze quickly went back to sneaking around the steel warehouse trying to look for a back door.

"Happy, I need you to fly me and Tigress up to the roof of the building." The blonde whispered.

"Why?" Tigress questioned Blaze's actions.

"This warehouse has got to have an air vent. And if there's an air vent then there's an opening for us to sneak in without getting noticed." The boy explained.

The two cat's nodded their heads in understanding, "Aye sir!" Happy murmured as he summoned his aria. As he had done that Tigress quickly climbed her way up to Blaze's shoulder.

Grabbing onto the fire mage's scarf, Happy shot all three of them straight up into the sky. Flapping his wings he hovered over the building, slowly releasing the two he dropped both Blaze and Tigress onto the roof. With a small thud the blonde quickly ran towards the nearest opening he could see.

Finding a type of large revolving propeller he slowly leaned in to take a peak inside. What he saw was something he wished he had never seen in the first place. His mother was tied up against her will on a nearby wall, her face pale as a ghost, tears stains permanently marked on her cheeks. But Lira even looked more worse for wear. At least Lucy was blinking and struggling in her restraints, but Lira wasn't even moving.

From where Blaze was he could hear her breathing was soft and shallow, meaning she at least some life left in her. That's when something in him went off inside of him. 'Why didn't my heart stings pull to her?' Blaze blamed himself for Lira's current state.

'I'll kill him for this!' The blonde bit his bottom lip trying to hold back his anger. But nothing worked he couldn't help that his pupils had turned into the size of pin needles, that one of his hands was already lit ready for battle, that he wanted to get revenge to whoever had done this to her.

As if instinct he recklessly destroyed the fan jumping into the building, "LIRA!" Blaze shouted to the top of his lungs. Both him and the large propeller landed to the floor below. With a deadly aura radiating from his body he held his head dangerously low.

"Blaze!" Tigress shouted from above, both her and Happy still on the roof.

Curtis flinched as the floor shook right under his feet. Frowning he turned around, only to see his warehouse had been severely damaged. "You broke my air vent…" The man whined not even caring that he was in the presence of another strong mage.

"How dare you hurt my family." Blaze lifted his head, only to give a serious glare towards the villain.

Lucy smiled brightly, knowing that she and Lira had finally been saved from that hell hole. But she was still a bit uneasy not being able to know if Curtis had any magical ability. The whole time she had been captured he hadn't even showed one sign of magic energy.

Curtis rose a brow, intrigued by the young mans powerful magic, "So we meet again my friend. How have you been? Its been quite some time since I last saw you."

"Don't address me so casually to me. Let them go!" Blaze demanded, with his anger almost reaching its peak his whole body was already engulfed by flames.

"Well it seems I cant do that. You see I need your partner Lira to activate this machine I built. Once I have taken the power of the Angel you can have her back." Curtis smirked evilly knowing far to well that it would be easy to trick the blonde.

"Your lying I can hear you trembling." Blaze narrowed his eyes.

The man pouted, "Well your no fun… It's true I couldn't have expected less from Salamanders very own son."

"What did you say?" The fire mage's sudden boost of power quickly faded of hearing about his father.

"Oh. Hasn't your dear mommy told you yet?" Curtis questioned smiling towards the blonde evilly.

Lucy shook her head trying to send a quiet message to Curtis not to tell, "Oh what's this? You haven't told your son who his father is? What a naughty girl… Tsk Tsk."

"Mom what is he talking about?" Blaze looked at his mother in disbelief. Had she known his fathers location this whole time? Was he here now?

"I was going to tell you Blaze I swear… but- but-" The celestial mage stuttered trying to look for the right words.

When Lucy tried to meet her son eye to eye, she could distinctly see the smirk clear on his face. "Do you think I care?" Blaze suddenly spoke up, not even sharing a side glance towards his mother.

"You lied to me this whole time, to protect me… And for that I'm great full. It just hurt that you didn't trust me enough to know that I could handle anything you could possibly tell me…" The fire mage's voice cracked, as his own tears started to threaten as well.

As he finally titled his head towards his mother, Lucy was finally able to see how much older Blaze had grown. Not just by age but by the wisdom he had gained, the strength he had worked so hard for just to protect his nakama. He truly was Igneel's grandson. And not just that but the son of the notorious Natsu Dragneel. He was… a Dragon Slayer.

"No matter whatever happens to me… Tell Tigress and Lira to… travel the world for me." The fire mage added sending a watery smile towards his mother.

Although Lucy had no clue what he meant by that statement, it finally started to settle in. Once Blaze turned his attention back to the evil man, Curtis. The fire mage recklessly launched himself at high speeds towards the villain. A wicked smile formed its way onto Curtis's face.



A large cloud of dust covered the battle field. A small thud of a body dropping to the floor was heard. Only one man stood amongst the debris, his magic energy had finally reached its peak.

As a cry resounded through the once quiet field. The man had finally cracked, he knew his family was in trouble. Making a break for the steel warehouse he punched the wall creating a massive hole on its right side. The metal started to slowly melt away.

That's when he saw his son running quickly towards the enemy. As Curtis slowly raised his hand, a red orb formed at his palm. When he finally released it, Blaze was sent flying backwards into the metal wall, creating a small dent in the process.

Natsu Dragneel had just recently fought against Len, the Cosmo mage. Which in turn used up a lot of his magic energy. If he were to enter into the fray now it would mean using his last bit of energy. Let alone the dire consequences of using his remaining life force. If he could just get to some fire then his magic energy would be replenished.

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled over to the Dragon slayer breaking his thoughts. He could faintly see her eyes directed towards their son Blaze, whom was struggling to get to his feet. The impact of the red orb must have taken a great toll on the young fire mage. Mostly because he could barely even stand.

As Curtis slowly stalked his way towards the already injured fire mage. He held up his hand once again, the red orb slowly forming once again to give the final blow.

"DON'T YOU DARE EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING MY SON!" Natsu roared, his whole body already covered in flames. Kicking his heels of the ground he successfully managed to land a blow on Curtis's left cheek.

Although the attack didn't send him flying backwards it did manage him to break his concentration on his attack, and at least make him take a few step backwards. "Blaze are you ok?" Natsu spoke, standing protectively in front of the fire mage.

Waiting for a response, all the dragon slayer hear was complete silence. So taking one look back he could see Blaze slowly trying to pick himself up again, but to no avail he fell once again. Clearly seeing his once tan skin grow paler than usual, Natsu knew he was in no condition to fight.

"Don't worry Blaze I'll get everyone out of here safe and sound…" The salamander reassured.

"Thanks… for saving me…" Blaze swallowed, his tongue fuzzy making it hard to speak.

Before Natsu could get back to dealing with Curtis, he smelt a hot delicious fire crackling wildly. Turning around again he could see his son holding out his hand with a bright flame circling around it.

The dragon slayer smiled knowingly and great fully ate the flames Blaze was excreting out of his magic energy. Finishing his meal he wiped his chin, already feeling the fire in his belly.

"I know… you can do it… Dad." The young fire mage whispered before falling into a deep sleep.

Curtis nearly gagged at the scene of father and son reuniting. But the fire flickering powerfully around Natsu's body was more than something to cower at. The evil man couldn't really tell if the dragon slayer was scared or even smiling at that point. All he could see was the single tear slowly sliding down his cheek before totally evaporating into thin air.

In just a spilt second Curtis was already hit with one of Natsu's; Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon's fist. Sending a barrage of flaming fist towards his enemy. Each punch had an explosive effect taking a giant chunk out of Curtis's health.

For the first time in his life, the dark man was actually scarred. Not only was Natsu known for his flames of emotion he now had the flames of purity. Only the most genuine of flames could ever be acquired in order to obtain such a fire.

"Y-You actually think… you can stop me?" Curtis stuttered somewhat, extremely nervous.

"Do you even care?" Natsu countered with a question of his own.

The evil mans eyes went wide, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Do you even care about all the innocent lives you have taken? Do you even care about your fallen comrades?" The dragon slayer spat back delivering a good punch to Curtis's gut.

"…W-Why should I care?" The man gasped, breathing heavily.

Lucy watched as the crazed man responded back to Natsu. She knew nothing pissed him off more than not caring about your Nakama. To him Nakama meant everything. Especially Fairy Tail, they were his everything… his family.

"There is a man out there. Who put his life on the line for your dream… AND YOU DON'T CARE?!" Natsu growled savagely.

"You m-mean L-Len? He's just a follower. I was going to kill him once I gain the power of the Angel. He meant nothing to me…" Curtis laughed evilly.

Natsu's eyes became smaller than pin needles themselves. Scales began to grow on his cheek bones and fore arms, his fangs started to grow larger. "You know a wise man once told me, One persons joy. Is everyone's joy, One persons enemy. Is everyone's enemy. One persons tears. Is everyone's tears. That's what it mean's to be not just a Fairy Tail member but also, a FRIEND!"

Curtis shivered at the powerful words that the dragon slayer was shouting. It made him want to rethink everything he had done up till now. But why change what had already happened in the first place? It was meaningless to change Curtis's already evil messed up mind. So with another boost of confidence the dark man chuckled, knowing he had already claimed victory.

Natsu thought the man had finally lost his mind, that was until a flash of light stuck right behind him. Screams of pain echoed through the silent air.

"Y-Your to l-late… Chaos is a-already here to c-claim the Angel." Curtis stuttered, motioning his head towards Lira.

Slowly turning his head towards the right, Natsu couldn't believe what he was witnessing. A giant bolt of lighting stood still, straight through Lira's stomach. The giant mechanical machine started to whirl and beep violently. Many of the light bulbs started to pop from the intensity of the bolt.

"LIRA!" Lucy shouted, feeling utterly useless at that point. Tugging as hard as she could from her restraints, nothing worked. Every time she pulled it seemed like the ropes would get even tighter than before. Looking around for anything that could free her from the knots. Blaze was the only one around to help her out. But with Blaze down for the count, she had nothing left.

So as a last resort she shouted, "BLAZE WAKE UP! PLEASE!"

There was no response. Just Lira's endless painful screams. "BLAZE PLEASE!" Lucy yelled once more, pleading for her son to get up.


"Where am I?" Blaze Heartfilla groaned, wincing at the pain of his throbbing head. Rubbing the side of his noggin, he took a good look around to figure out where he was.

Everything was like a milky white color, except for one black dot far off in the distance. So picking himself off the ground he decided that if he where to get close enough, he might be able to ask it directions to get out of here.

"Hey you over there~" The blonde sang, waving his hands in the air to grab it's attention.

"Do you think you can help me?" Blaze shouted.

There was no reply, with the fire mages great hearing he could only hear foot steps. Coming closer and closer the black dot finally came into view. Revealing it to only be a young women. By guessing her age, she looked to be about twenty to twenty five years old. Long silver hair with light aqua blue eyes, two piercing on her right ear, and a snow white dress. She was a sight to see, her beauty could even match Lira's if possible.

"…Blaze?" The young women smiled brightly.

"Yea that's me… How do you know my name?" The fire mage rose a brow.

"I know everything about you… You're my best friend." The girl stated happily.

"Best friend? But I've never seen you before!" Blaze frowned crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Blaze can you keep a promise?" The women changed the subject trying to avoid any other topics.

"If it gets me out of here then sure…" The blonde sighed frustratingly.

"Can you promise me that what ever happens today, you wont give up… You wont give up on your Nakama, on ANYBODY. It maybe hard to let go at first but the pain should sooth over the years." The girl pointed out strictly.

"What are you talking about?" Blaze's voice rose, as he looked at the women like she had completely gone mad.

"Just promise me… Please." Her eyes glistened as her lips curved into a cute looking pout. And for some odd reason Blaze felt incredibly guilty, like he had committed some sort of terrible crime. But why? Just cause her eyes sparkled? Or her cute puppy dog face?

Well shaking off those weird guilty thoughts he spoke back to the women who was eagerly waiting for his reply, "Promise."

"Good. Just keep in mind… 'A loss can only make you stronger. So keep moving on, with no regrets.' Got it?" The girl notified, as she slowly started fading away into thin air.

"Wait where are you going?" Blaze reached out for his newfound friend.

"Don't worry Blaze we'll see each other again~" The girl sang happily.

"But where? When? I don't even know your name!" The fire mage questioned rapidly not wanting to let her go.

"I cant say where or when, not even my name. All I can say is… I'll see you soon." The women giggled.

Blaze subconsciously smiled back, but not just any smile. But a soft yet hopeful smile that he would be able to see this women again. And yet once he did the action the girl started to become teary eyed. With a watery smile she waved goodbye before her illusive figure completely disappeared with small bright bubbles.

Feeling suddenly lightheaded Blaze could faintly hear the screams of his mother. She was calling out for him desperately. "BLAZE WAKE UP! PLEASE!"

A crash of thunder was heard coming from above. It was so loud that it would make his oh so sensitive ears burst. But the blood curdling scream followed shortly after made his skin crawl.

It was Lira.

He knew it. There was no doubt in his mind that it was Lira. A sudden blinding light masked his eyes making it hard to see. Feeling the wind flow powerfully around his body giving him the sensation if he were flying high above the clouds like he did that time with Happy. Blaze was traveling through an endless tunnel, there was nothing but the haunting screams of his fellow Nakama.

Memories of his childhood weaved around him like snake's. The first day of school, he set the class room ablaze. Not knowing he was the child of two mages or even knew how to control this newly obtained power. Blaze panicked like any child would do in that type of situation.
In his flailing about, the fire had licked his leg. The young blonde shivered at its touch and found the flames to be… cold. Completely baffled he stretched out one of his limbs as if to test the temperature of the fire. Yet once again the fire felt extremely cold.

Was his mind playing tricks on him? It was like the fire was calling out for him. Beckoning him forward, waiting for his unfamiliar touch.

With a boost of confidence Blaze let the fire consume his body. Not only was the fire at a freezing temperature, it started to change into multiple colors. Its red and orange hues turned to green and yellow, blue's, purple's, and even violets too. It was a spectacular light show as all the colors swirled like a twister around his young body.

Blaze watched in amazement, as the flames were changing color. It was as if the fire was choosing what type of flame Blaze would obtain. That's when suddenly the color turned back to its original red and orangey with a small tint of yellow.

The young blonde watched as a roar echoed through his very sensitive ears. The fire shaped itself into a mighty dragon. Its wings spread out wide and snout held high, to show off its beauty. It was a regal creature proud and strong, stubborn yet kind. And at that moment Blaze knew his life would change.

He was much more than a small town boy. He was much more than that fickle child who was unable to protect himself. He was the fire itself, the flames that would rage on forever. He was… Blaze.

The young fire mage giggled happily as the dragon of flames soar around him like a phoenix, distracting him from his recent realization. The dragon danced happily with the young boy without a care in the world. Blaze in return laughed, trying to copy the fire dragons movements.

It was then that the blonde took notice that this dance was able to move the fire to his own will. The dance was pure and so was the fire. Cleansed from any doubts, uncertainties, it was full of life. Blaze had accepted this new fire power, just as the fire had graciously accepted him.

The fire dragon stopped its dance, perking up its ears to its right flank. When a voice broke through, the dragon back down to Blaze. "BLAZE WHERE ARE YOU!"

"I have to go…" The fire whispered, tickling Blaze's ear.

The young boy was about to speak when a hiss was heard coming from the direction of the voice. The fire dragon growled painfully, as its remaining life source was running out. With a large crackling noise the dragon turned to ash, leaving the small young blonde alone.

Blaze was surprised to see that a few moments later a mermaid with blue hair had doused away the fire. A face of complete anger was plastered on her face. Extremely pissed the angry siren spoke, "Are you just going to sit there and gap at me? Or are you going to move!"

The young boy shivered before quickly running pass the water woman. Things were getting weirder and weirder that day, not only did he see a dragon made completely out of flames and a whimsical anger mermaid, he saw his auntie Virgo creating landslides of rocks and mud over the fire.

What made things even stranger was the fact that his mother wore a strange brilliant glow around her body. Holding up what seemed to be two keys, Lucy ran up to her son bringing him into a death hug.


"Oh Blaze are you ok? Are you hurt? Are you-" Lucy paused, baffled at her sons appearance.

Blaze wasn't so sure what his mom saw that day. Every time he brang up the memory his mom would remain silent or just change the subject. But now he saw it…

Long sharp fangs sprouted out over his jaw, scales grew out of his biceps and forearms, and a red radiant glow was cased around his own body.

"Dragon slayer…" Lucy whispered unbelievably to herself.

"Princess we must get you and the young prince out of here." Virgo bowed quickly trying to get Lucy to snap back to reality.

Yes it was true the fact that Blaze's a new appearance was completely shocking, but you have to admit he is the son of Natsu. At this point nothing the pink haired maid saw was really that jaw dropping.

"Your right, thanks Virgo." Lucy nodded, mentally thanking the spirit for the help. With that said the blonde celestial wizard had closed both of her zodiacs gates. Picking up her son in her arms she quickly made her way out the school through the emergency exit.

A bright light blinded Blaze's vision once more as a new memory started to form. With a light pop the recollection was clear. It was yet another bright and sunny day, the clouds looked like cotton, and the sky could never be bluer. A young boy with blonde hair skipped merrily on a cobbled stone path with his mother towing slowly behind, a caring smile caressing her features.

It had been yet a long yet stressful day at school and Blaze was extremely pumped up to figure out his mother had cooked him his favorite spicy ramen noodle soup. Things started to calm down more between the two ever since the school fire incident. Not only did his mother finally reveal she was a wizard, but she also told him that he too had obtained magical power. Many times when a wizard gives birth to a child, they must first teach them the art of using magic and how to control it. But if they are not taught at a young age and never really learn how to accept their powers, than the magic energy would then leave their bodies, making them human.

It was an extremely rare case for a six year old child who had never even knew such a power as this existed, and only heard of the word 'magic' used in old nursery rhymes and stories. Would be able to obtain such a power.

But with that incident long forgotten, yet Lucy still skeptical on how Blaze got his powers, she ignored it for the time being.

A glimmer flashed quickly from the sky catching the female blondes eye. It came down a hundred miles per hour straight towards the mother and son. Lucy quickly pushed Blaze to the grass beside them, so he would not get caught in the impact of the object. With a small chuck to the ground it landed between Lucy's legs. A small gold key, with a strange looking serpent wrapped around its key lock, and a scaly looking handle. The celestial wizard quickly confirmed it was another zodiac key.

But how was that possible? Was there really a 13th key to the 12 zodiacs? Lucy had heard rumors of such a thing but never really believed in them. Therefore, as if to confirm it were real she turned the key reciting the celestial vow. With a puff of gray smoke a large shadowy figure appeared. Weaving and floating around in the air a fearful dragon twisted its body around the two.

Terrified at first the blonde slowly took out from her brown satchel a paper and pen. Knowing very well how to make a contract with spirits, her pen hovered over the notepad. Shaking violently Lucy spoke up, "W-What's your name?"

A brief moment passed before the blonde heard a twinkling voice in her head, *Lira… Lira the dragon.

The celestial wizard began to calm a bit after hearing the voice of her new found friend. "That's a great name." Lucy complemented.

*Thank you… The dragon's mouth curled into a snarl type of smile.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilla. And this is my son Blaze." Lucy introduced, looking over to her son he was already standing boldly in front of the dragon. Steam came out of his nose comically, his eyes shinning brightly with a newfound interest.

"C-C-Cool! Your so freaking awesome, I cant believe I'm actually talking to you. Are you strong? Where did you come from? What's your favorite color? Are you a vampire?" Blaze rambled on barding the dragon with a million questions.

"Blaze that's not very nice to treat a guest with such disrespect! Say your sorry." Lucy glared making the fire mage shiver. As if instinct the young blonde bowed in respect to the mighty dragon.

*Oh no its fine. His questions intrigue me. By the way to answer your questions, Yes, The spirit realm, Red and what's a vampire? The dragon titled its head, making it look if not fearsome but adorable.

"Lira if you don't mind my asking, How did you exactly get here?" Lucy interrupted.

*The spirit king sent me. He said that he could only trust you with such a gift. My key.

The blonde blushed feeling a great overwhelming flow of pride washing over her shoulder. "Hell yea that mustache man chose the right girl! I don't like to boast but I do own all 12 keys in my mist." The mage laughed loudly feeling overconfident just like when she was 18 back in Fairy Tail.

If possible the dragon rose a brow, *If you wish for anything just call me I'm available whenever you need most help.

The blonde's laughter faded and the words 'available'. "So you mean I can call you whenever I please no questions asked?"

*Of course. And in exchange I would like to learn more about this world especially what a vampire is.

"You got yourself a deal Lira!" Lucy said giddily, with that the contract between Lucy and Lira was created.

Blaze watched as all the memories of his past flew by him with a sharp snap. Everything around him suddenly got dark, the only thing he would possibly make out was the constant screams from his mother and Lira.


"BLAZE WAKE UP!" Lucy pleaded once again screaming out for her son to get up. But once again to no avail did he even crack open an eye.

"Blaze… Please." The mother's voice cracked as she held her head low, tears running down her already stained cheeks praying her son would wake up. Only to run back into her arms like he did when he was little.

"Five more minutes mom…"

A gasp escaped the mages lips. Raising her head she saw Blaze's leg twitch, before spreading itself out knowing he didn't lose control of his own two feet.

"Blaze your alright, thank goodness." Lucy said letting out a long withheld sigh.

"Of course I am mom. I wouldn't let dad have all the fun." Blaze laughed, soon letting out after a wheezing cough.

~(Cue epic Fairy Tail music here /watch?v=kGyxJoSJH1c)~

Plucking himself off the iron wall, he was so rudely pushed into. Not even diverting his attention to the lightening bolt that's inside of Lira. All he could really hear was her screams, and it only enraged him more. His main focus was on the man in front of him, the man that started this whole mess in the first place, the one who was being lifted off the ground by his father, Curtis.

The blast from the past only brought back why Blaze ever fought in the first place. It was the time Lira had first turned into her human form. The long dark black hair that reached her middle back, that happy smile she wore that day, and those purple eyes full of life. That's the reason why he fights today. To protect the girl that fell from the sky.

"How dare you…" Blaze said sharply.

Being so distracted by the bolt of lightning Natsu had completely forgotten what he was doing. The pain that Lira was exerting was so extreme the dragon slayer couldn't help but wince.

"This is all your fault." The blonde spoke harshly once again, taking a few staggering steps forward.

Natsu watched as his son slowly walked towards the enemy. Slowly loosening his grip of the mans shirt, Curtis dropped to the floor with a thump. The pink haired mage quickly knew that this was their fight. That he and his son both had to take the villain down.

"You hurt her." Blaze went on, bright golden flames wrapping around his own body. Making him absolutely terrifying.

"You hurt MY GUILD!" The young mage screamed. Making his own father call upon his fire power as well.

Fear written all over his face, Curtis crawled back slowly trying to runaway from the two monsters who were stalking their way over. Like hungry predators they watched as their prey was backed up into a corner. Looking around for anymore possible exists all he would see were two… two… DRAGONS.

The scales all over their bodies, the long stretched out fangs over their jaws, the piercing onyx eyes. These truly were fire dragon slayers. A tear quickly escaped Curtis's eye knowing he had lost to two of the fiercest of creatures he has ever seen.

"You will never hurt my Fallen Angel ever again!" Blaze growled as the fire dragon appeared once more behind both of his young son and grandson. The fire so hot and bright that it was practically a mount of lava. No… a fire this fierce could only be made by Dragons.

"Finish him of sons, for I Igneel am with you!"

"FIRE…DRAGON…ROAR!" They said In perfect unison as they blasted massive amounts of fire magic towards the dark mage. The fire swelled scorching the evil man eroding his once intact human form to a pile of ash. Eating away at his skin.

Igneel smiled down to his students extremely proud to call them his sons. As the fire started to fade so did the large flaming dragon. Only disappear to watch over his son's from the heavens above.

~0~(Cue other music here /watch?v=naN5si0Gjl4&feature=related)

As the fire finally was extinguished, and Curtis confirmed dead. Was when Blaze ran towards Lira in a fright hoping she was ok. Chaos had some how dissipated from the sky above, making the lightning bolt that went straight through Lira disappear.

"Lira, Lira!" Blaze yelled nearing towards the girl strapped to the machine. Small sparks flew as the machine had been completely fried due to the high voltage of the bolt. The fire mage quickly try to pry off the big metallic arms that held Lira captive. When they finally let go of their grasp, they dropped her only so she could be wrapped in her partners arms once again.

"Lira can you hear me?" The blonde said softy cradling the celestial spirits head. Natsu untied Lucy as they both watched sadly when the girl didn't respond back to him. Happy flew down with Tigress wrapped around his tail, tears falling from both of the cat's eyes

"Y-Yea… I can hear ya." Lira responded back through shallow breaths.

"Great! I'm going to need you to close your gate so you can rest and we can get out of-"

Lira shook her head cutting Blaze off. With a small gulp for air she spoke, "I don't think I can…"

"W-Why not all you have to do is go back t-to the spirit realm and everything should go back to normal right!?" Blaze stuttered his heart clenching tightly.

Lucy started to sob as she neared the two with Natsu, Tigress, and Happy trailing behind. "I cant seem to find enough strength to open the gate again…"

"NO! That's impossible! It cant be! GATE OF THE GUARDIAN PROTECTER CLOSE NOW!" It didn't work, the only shine was the tear streaming down Lira's eye.

"GATE OF THE GUARDIAN PROTECTER CLOSE! Why isn't it working!" Blaze cursed inwardly, as he racked out sobs.

"Chaos… Needs a sacrifice. If not it will never leave earth alone…" Lira said softly nearly in a whisper.

"But Mama you cant die. You just cant!" Tigress argued.

"You wont be alone you have PaPa with you… And grandma and grand pa even uncle Happy."

"This isn't fair! Why does it have to be you why not m-"

"Don't you say that Blaze… You know you could never leave Tigress alone by herself. And what about Fairy Tail?"

"…But what about you. How can I live without you."

"Your going to live on… that's what your going to do. Your going to travel the world for me. Ok?"

"But how will you see it if your… GONE!" Blaze shouted crying uncontrollably. Natsu held Lucy as she sobbed loudly along with Blaze knowing she too needed the comfort.

"With this…" A bright glow illuminated Lira's body, as magic energy started to pour out of her body into his.

"With Chaos gone now it left behind a present for the needed sacrifice. And that's… the magic energy of the Angel." Lira gave a ghostly smile as she watched Blaze accept the magic power graciously.

"You really were my Fallen Angel since the day you fell right from the sky and into my life" Blaze smiled back.

"You sure are cheesy… But with that magic It'll feel like I'm right there with you. Every… step… of… the… way…" Lira laughed at his boyish charms, only to find herself slowly fading away.

"L-Lira…" Blaze questioned.

"Y-Yea. S-Sorry it's j-just that- I cant see y-you anymore." Lira spoke. Blaze watched as her purple eyes filled with life started to become glassy and lifeless.

"Lira don't leave me please." The blonde pleaded rocking the girls body back and forth in his arms.

"I w-wont e-ever leave y-you. I'm a-an F-Fallen Angel remember? So I'll always be with you and Tigress… F-Fo…" Lira inhaled a long staggering breath.

"Forever…" The girl exhaled her last breath, as her head fell limply to Blaze's side.


~0~(Ok you can all take another break here so you can rest your eyes from reading so much. And get ready for the biggest time skip EVER!)~0~

"Dear Lira,

It's been five long years since your passing. Five long years without you. We all miss you, especially your daughter Tigress and my son Blaze. After two years Blaze had become an S-Class mage at the age of fifteen. It was remarkable really it seems the strength you have given him that day never faded. It only makes him stronger. After the S-Class exam he went off to explore the world with Tigress. And yet every year the same day and time you died he comes back to lay flowers on your grave. Its like you never even left. The guild built a memorial in your honor, and officially made you a fairy from Fairy Tail. Even though you weren't an official member and nobody really knew you, the master insisted that anyone who saved his brats was always meant to be a member.
I bet your wondering how Natsu and I are doing. Well it is safe to say our relationship has gone well in the past few year's since the marriage. I'm pregnant yet again this being our fourth child. I'm telling Natsu to keep his hands off but he seems to be drawn like a moth to a flame by me. And since were admitting a few things I too seem to cant keep my hands off of him. I bet if you were still with us you would be teasing me about finding a new hobby other than Natsu, just like Mira and the others tease me about it.
I hope wherever you are that your happy. And you are safely looking after your family as we speak. I know Blaze has been having a tough time coming back to the guild since it holds so many precious memories, but I was wondering If you could do something to help him out. Maybe give him the push he needs to come back.

I bet Little Igneel and Layla would have loved seeing you especially since you mean so much to us. Your legend is still passed on around the guild's children. Blaze said that you would have wanted it that way. So you could always be remembered for generations to come.

We all miss you. Your smile, your eyes, your hair and especially your heart. We will never forget what a wonderful friend you are.

Love, Lucy. "

Lucy sighed, leaning back in her roller chair she stretched out her limbs with a groan. Getting up from her desk she quickly strapped on her high heels, even though her feet were severely swollen she ignored it. With all the missions she has done in the past she had become well adjusted to them.

"Come on Luce were going to be late!" A voice shouted from the out side of her apartment building.

"I'm coming Natsu!" Lucy hollered back. Quickly grabbing her keys she locked the door behind her with a click.

"What took so long?" Natsu groaned, tapping his right foot in frustration grabbing the blondes attention. Lucy swiftly turned around ready for a come back when two small children quickly clutched her legs tightly.

"Mommy, after we visit Auntie Lira can we go to the park?" A small girl with bright pink hair pleaded, tugging roughly at the end of her mothers kimono.

"Sure we can Layla." The blonde smiled down to her daughter.

"But I don't wanna go to the park I want to stay with Brother Blaze!" The small boy with pink hair identical to his sisters, argued back.

Lucy looked down to her son Igneel with sad eyes. If she had the power of bringing back her eldest son she would have but it was no use. Even through the years she had only seen him on this day. The day Lira had died, with all the pleading and arguments between them nothing worked.

Natsu watched as his beautiful wife hid her emotions behind her bangs. Stepping up to Lucy he lifted her chin up so they were able to meet eye to eye.

"I know it's tough not having him here but this year I'm sure he'll come back." The dragon slayer reassured.

"…I don't know if I can believe that phrase anymore." The blonde said sadly.
Natsu gave her his knock-you-off-your-feet-type of grins and said, "If he doesn't come back," Natsu punched a fist into his hand. "I'll just have to knock some sense into that boy."

Lucy couldn't help but yelp out into laughter. Even though he had just threatened their son, she couldn't really take him seriously. Back when Blaze was training to be S-Class Natsu had taught him everything that Igneel showed him when he was a kid. It was a great two years before the exam, everything was perfect. Except the smile on Blaze's face. Yes he gave a few of his heart warming smiles, but they seem to have no life in them. Not like the ones he gave when he was younger. So everyday Natsu would come up with the silliest of faces and pranks he could ever pull. A few worked but others just ended up backfiring. Even though the dragon slayer could beat anyone to a pulp he never had the will to do it.

Lucy admired how Natsu had become such a great and caring father for Blaze, Layla, and Igneel. Even though at times he would actually become a bit childish himself. Many other times he would mix up Layla and Igneel together. Even though they were born a year apart from each other, had different colored eyes, Igneel with his father's onyx eyes and Layla with her mothers brown eyes. He would still accidentally call Igneel, 'That's my little girl!' Or Layla 'That's ma Boy!' She still could see he cared much about his family.

"Alright you do that… and thanks." Lucy smiled brightly.

"Anything for my weirdo." Natsu said giving his wife a quick kiss on the cheek. Even though Lucy had been given those a million times over by the fire mage it still sent shivers down her spine.

All she could do was giggle lightly in response. "I'm the weirdo? You're the one wearing a woman kimono." Lucy pointed out intelligently.

"First of all, My kimono is at the cleaners. Second, if you keep on teasing me about it well… your just going to have to find out tonight aren't you?" The dragon slayer smiled deviously, growling savagely.

"Natsu not in front of the children!" Lucy blushed heavily.


It was a long walk to his partners grave. The day was absolutely perfect, the sun shinned ever so brightly, the clouds looked like big cotton balls, birds sand to the happy new day. The world was practically taunting his sadness. Every year he would come here with his daughter and lay flowers with his family at Lira's grave.

Blaze would always wonder what it would have been like if she never had died. Would they even be friends? Or something more? These type of questions always ran through his mind every time he thought about her. If she were still here, she would be nineteen years old, just a year older than him.

Now eighteen year old Blaze and ten year old Tigress trotted sadly towards their friends grave. "Dad." The small black and white tiger spoke up for the first time in hours.

"Yea?" The blonde questioned, his voice deeper than it was when he was a kid.

"Have you ever thought if she were happy… with us not at the guild I mean." Tigress lifted a brow always wanting to have asked that question.

"With us not visiting the guild? Well I mean yea, maybe. I'm not sure how she would feel. I bet she would be a bit disappointed with me." Blaze scratched the back of his neck bashfully.


"Well ever since me and your mother were kids I vowed I would join Fairy Tail to find my father. But since I already know who he is I have a new vow." The blonde responded.

"What's that?"

"To travel the world with you and Lira of course." Blaze smiled happily, this time with a full heart.

Tigress couldn't help but smile back, knowing that her fathers broken heart was finally mending itself back together again. Noticing that they was a large hill up ahead Tigress broke into running speed heading straight up the mountain.

"Were here daddy look!" The neko pointed a finger out towards the plain field of grass.

'I miss you.'

Blaze stretched his long bronze legs nearly jumping to the top of the hill. Looking over its peak the small grave stone finally came into view.

'I think of you everyday.'

"Brother Blaze!" Two children squealed nearly tripping over their kimonos over joyed by seeing their older brother.

'From the moment you fell from the sky.'

"Igneel, Layla!" Tigress jumped joyfully seeing her uncle and aunt. Blaze watched as the three regrouped and said their hellos. Before quickly running over to him and asking him a bunch of questions about his recent journey with Tigress.

'Till the moment you said your goodbye.'

"Were their big monsters? Did you beat them up? How much stronger did you get?" Questions flew everywhere and his daughter quickly tried to answer them as best as she could.

"Blaze!" A husky voice hollered.

"Dad… Why are you wearing a woman's kimono?"

'I will always love you.'

A woman laughed loudly following slowly behind her husband. "You know your father always wanting to wear women's clothing."

"ITS AT THE CLEANERS!" Natsu yelled frustratingly.

"Ha ha same old dad!" Blaze chuckled loudly.

'And that's why…'

"Hey Brother Blaze can you tell us the story of Lira The Fallen Angel." Igneel questioned, holding tightly onto his brothers hand.

There was a moment of silence before Blaze finally gave his answer. "Of course I will little brother, I would be glad too. She was my best friend you know?"

"Wow that's so cool brother!" The young boys eyes glistened brightly.

"So how does it start?" Layla questioned, some what impatient eagerly waiting for the story to be told

"It all started when she fell from the sky." Blaze started off, looking, to the distance where he could distinctly make out a girl with long black hair and striking purple eyes staring straight at him.

"But doesn't that hurt." Layla asked.

"No, not for Lira." The blonde said, as the girl that held his heart started to turn the other direction walking away into a dark and misty fog.

*I will always be with you forever… A familiar voice echoed, like wind chimes to his ears.

"And why is that?" Igneel asked as well, his other hand tightly holding onto Tigress's paw.

Blaze only had one answer to that question, "She's my Fallen Angel of course."

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