Zac sat on the couch, holding a cup of coffee, that had turned cold, in his hands. He breathed in and out; he was worried about his dad. The doctor still won't let him see him. He sighed, taking a sip of his coffee. Leaning back on the couch, with his eyes closed; he pictured Emily with him, wrapping her legs around his waist and running her fingers through his hair. He groaned, he could just picture running his fingers slowly across her bare back. He smiled dreamily, but his state of mind was interrupted when the door flew open and Troy came into his house, grabbing him by the front of the shirt and pinning him against the wall.

"What the hell?" Zac yelled, Troy growled, "what gave you a right to ruin her life?" "What? What are you talking-" Troy showed him the pregnancy test, "this is Emily's..." Zac's eyes widened, he tried to pry Troy's hands off of him. "L-Look, all right...maybe it's a false positive..." Troy growled again, "Doesn't matter what it may be, what matters is who planted the seed in the first place! Who ruined her life!" Zac gulped, "Can you let go of me?" "No, you're going to listen..and listen good." Zac only nodded, Troy's voice was low and threatening, "I want you to avoid Emily, stay away from aren't welcome any where near her, me or my that clear?"

Zac bit his lip, "If Emily is pregnant...then I'd want to be around for the ba-" "no." Troy said, tossing him aside, and picking him by the scruff of the neck like a cat. "you are staying away from her...cause the baby is going for adoption." Zac's eyes widened, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

Troy pushed him against the wall, "I can do whatever the hell I want, she's my daughter!" Zac gulped, "You can't take her away from me, especially my baby, shouldn't I have some say in this?" Troy growled, "No! you both are too young!" Zac bit his lower lip, "Please, I.. I need to talk to Emily-" he punched him in the face, "I'm warning you! Stay away from my daughter, or else." he let him go gently, and gave him one last glare then walking out. Zac ran a hand through his hair, he couldn't believe it. Emy was Preggy.


When Troy walked inside, he found Gabriella over by the couch spreading some sheets and pillows and a small blanket on the couch. Troy came over to her, "what are you doing? is someone sleeping over?" she sighed, "No, since you can't seem to take care of this situation responsibly like an adult, I am not sleeping in the same room or bed as you, so I will be sleeping on the couch until you are ready to accept the situation."

His mouth flopped open, ""wh-what? Brie come on-" Gabriella turned her stony gaze on him, "Troy Bolton, can't you see pass that honking nose of yours? Emily is upset-she was crying...Sophie is becoming scared of you..and Logan? He seems to think that the way your acting is how he should act! So until you stop acting like a selfish child, I'm sleeping on this couch." she turned and smoothed out her bedspread, Troy placed a hand on her shoulder, "Brie...let's talk...ple-" she whipped around, her eyes narrowed, "Talk? You mean 'yell'? Or" Troy sighed, "Talk. Like adults." She scoffed, "I was unaware that you knew how to do that, Troy."

She saw a broom in the corner, and walked over to it. "But if your offering to talk, then I'll offer something else." "What?" "you listen while I talk." she jabbed the broom in his stomach, he looked at her; the bristles poking him. "Ow..." "You are a stubborn jack ass! You don't know how to talk to anybody, cause the way you talk is scream until your face turns purple! You act more like a child than our kids do!"

Troy sighed, "Brie!" he knocked the broom out of her hands, and gripped her wrists. "Can't you understand! Zac ruined Emily's life! she's only 15!" Gabriella narrowed her eyes, "Troy, If I'm not mistaken, how old was I when I was pregnant with Sophie?" he raised a brow, "What's your point?" Gabriella crossed her arms, "I was 16 Troy! A year older then emily is now! and did I ruin my life? my body maybe-" he smirked, "Not even your body." she rolled her eyes, "Your a pig!" he chuckled, and she remained serious, "and you know what? I didn't ruin my life! I am a damn good mother! and a damn good wife too you!" she started pushing him backwards, "I am a damn good wife, I've always been faithful to you! but now, I'm tired of listening to you! Emily is seeing Zac, that's final!"

Troy grabbed her shoulders, pinning her against the wall and bracing his arms on either side of her. Caging her in. "I'm doing what I think is best for my family..." she kept her face stony, "Troy, if you think making your family afraid-" "No," he interrupted, "can't you see that I love you guys...I don't want anything to happen-" "then act like-Troy reasonable." He looked at her, not saying anything. Then before she could push him away, he crushed his lips on hers. She was shocked at first but then gradually started to relax into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. But it was when he was cupping her breasts under her shirt that made her snap back to her senses and she pushed him off of her. "Troy...go to the room, I'm staying here..."

He looked at her, "Br-" she shook her head, "no" she pushed past him, sitting on the couch and bringing her knees up to her chest as she laid her head on her knees. Troy sighed, "Brie please-" "leave Troy...just leave me alone." she mumbled into her knees. He sighed, "Love you Brie." he walked slowly upstairs, Gabriella sighed; leaning her head on the back of the couch and closing her eyes.


The next day at school, Emily couldn't be near Zac, Logan was keeping a good eye on her for her dad. she sighed holding her books against her chest, going to her locker and opening the combination. when she shut it, she jumped when she was face to face with keith. he smirked, taking a sip of beer. Emily looked at him with disgust, "what do you want keith?" he smirked, "well, I heard that you got knocked up by that trailer trash Zac Barker." Emily bit her lip, "his not trailer trash! his a better man then you'll ever be! and better at sex then you'll ever be!" Keith eyes darkened, knocking her books down. she tried to walk away but her grabbed her wrist, slamming her against the locker, she began shaking, "Listen bitch, since you don't think I'm not any good at 'making love' then i'll show you." he smirked.

Emily bit her lip, "Keith let go of me..." she wriggled her wrist but he only squeezed so tight that it was nearly purple. He smirked, pulling her toward him, and whispering threateningly in her ear. "Aw no...I'm not letting you go until I show you that I'm better at fucking than that trailer trash." "Stop calling him that-Keith let go of me!" she tried to pull away again, but Keith pulled harder until they were both in an empty classroom. He locked the door, tossing her on a group of desks, pulling and ripping at her clothes and his. "Keith stop it! Stop!" "Shut up bitch!" he yelled, kissing her neck sloppily, his breath was vile and it made her nauseous. "Keith!" she yelled, shoving him off of her, and going to the garbage can beside the desk, but Keith grabbed her hair and pulled her back toward him. "I don't care if you are knocked up with a bastard, you're mine!" tears stung her eyes.


He sighed, walking down the hallway with his books at his side and his sun glasses over his eyes. It was the most unmanly thing he could do. But he had so much shit going on his life, his dad was growing weaker in the hospital and Emily-the girl he loved- was pregnant and he wasn't allowed to see her. "Stop it!" he heard her voice scream muffled from behind a door. He stopped in his tracks, His eyes went to a door where he saw two shadows of people and he felt his gut twist, he ran to the door and pounded on the door. "Emmy!" he yelled, "Are you in there?" he didn't care if people were beginning to look at him, "Zac-Zac help-" "SHut up bitch!" His gut knotted. "I'll be right back...just don't stop fighting Emily!" he turned around, running to where he knew Logan would be.

Logan was at the pop machine, reaching down to grab his coke. Zac ran towards him, "logan! logan!" Logan looked at him, narrowing his eyes, "you little punk!" he lifted him up by the collar of his shirt, shoving him against the wall. "Getting my sister knocked up! you have a lot of guts coming here and talking to me-" "Logan, look I know you and your family hate me, but Emily is in trouble, please.." Logan bit his lip, "what kind of trouble?" Zac sighed, "I heard her screaming in a locked classroom, we need to get her out of there, someone is trying to rape her." Logan already bolted down the halls, with Zac running after him.

Emily was trying to get him off of her, "Get off me keith! Get off me!" he attached his lips to her neck, sucking down on it hard. Emily closed her eyes tightly. "Stop Keith! Stop!" Logan and Zac rushed to the door, "Emmy! It's Logan! open up!" Keith chuckled, "No way bolton, this piece of meat is mine!" Zac pushed Logan away gently trying to turn the knob, "Let her out Keith!" Keith chuckled, grabbing emily by the hair, "Look here Emily, Your Trailer Trash Prince came to rescue his knocked up slut!" before they knew it, outside the other door, Troy came in cause the school had called. "What's going on? wheres emily?" he asked. "Daddy! Daddy! please help me! please!" Keith laughed, "I have these doors locked good Bolton, no one can get in, not even the teachers!"

"Daddy!" Emily yelled, Zac ran a hand through his hair, his heart was pumping fast in his chest. He wanted nothing more than to hold Emily in his arms. Troy was fisting his hands together and Logan was pacing wildly back and forth. Zac sighed, going to the door and knocking a few times. "'s Zac...are you still fighting?" Emily's voice came out in a sniffle, "Z-Zac...please..please...I want my dad." to say he was hoping for her to say I want you was an understatement. He was totally expecting it. He sighed, his breath shakily, "He's right here Emily..." Zac turned to Troy, "Uh...she wants you." Troy nodded, going to the door and jiggling the door knob. "Em, your fighting?" "Y-yeah...I am."

Troy swallowed, " girl we're going to get you out of there-" "not a chance Bolton! She's mine!" Keith yelled from the inside, grabbing her by her hair again, and pulling her hard. Her cries were heard from the hallway. Zac fisted his hands, and chewed on his inner cheek. He had to do something...but what? Suddenly it clicked; his dad had a .45 in a shoebox in the hall closet. And the window to this classroom were open (as Zac saw coming in) turning around he began to walk out the school, Logan grabbed his elbow, "Where the hell are you going?" Zac looked down at his arm, and then at Logan, Troy had turned to see the two boys too. "I'm going to take action...unlike you." He pulled his arm out of Logan's grip and walked out of the school to go home and get the .45. Either Keith was going to let Emily go freely on his own, or Zac was going to make him.

Emily began screaming and crying, "Dad, please help me, please!" she cried and whimpered. Troy sighed, "Just hold on,'ll be with daddy soon." on the other side, Keith was trying to rip off her clothes once more. "Daddy!" she screamed, she looked at keith, kicking him in the stomach, "Let me go!" he released her, "Come here bitch!" he lifted her up, throwing her back on the classroom tables. Troy looked at his son, "We have to do something!" Troy yelled, trying to bust the door down. Logan grabbed a hold of Troy's shoulder, "Dad." Troy looked at him, "what!" he sighed, "I trust Zac.. let him take care of it."


Zac slammed open the door, hearing it slam against the wall. He ran in two steps to the couch, and pulled out an old shoebox; it was full of pictures, his dad's medication, and at the bottom, buried beneath it all; was the .45 millimeter that his dad swore he'd never use. Taking a deep breath, he lifted the gun from the box and instantly he felt the weight of it in his hand. He checked to see if there were bullets in it, there was two. The rest were blanks. He removed those. Sighing, he held the gun tightly, then he grabbed his father's medalion; it was similar to his, but Christ and St. Jude. "Guide me..." he whispered, putting the gun in his back pocket and the necklace around his neck. He kissed both of them. When he stood on his feet, he ran in one move. Emily needed him.

"Baby! hold on! were going to get you out of there!" Troy yelled, turning the knob, over and over again. Emily screamed as Keith slapped her back and fourth across the face. he hissed in her ear, "Hey Beautiful, I know your pregnant with a trailer trash baby." she glared at him, "Don't call him that! his more of a man than you are!" he slapped her, "don't fucking say that bitch!" he smirked, pulling out a knife, he looked at her drunkly, "I should just perform a c-section right here right now, how far along are you? 2 weeks?" Emily gulped, "Stay away from me!" let me go!" he smirked taking the knife, and tracing her stomach in deep. the blood came to the surface, and she screamed. he laughed, "nah, too messy." "Zac! Daddy! Help!" she screamed.

Troy pounded on the door, "What's going on in there?" Keith chuckled, holding the knife once again to her stomach, and grabbing Emily by the hair as he dragged her to the door. "I'm just going to make your little girl pure again..." Emily sobbed, trying to pry Keiths fingers out of her hair, but he held on tight. "Daddy...daddy..." Troy pounded on the door, then there was a noise so loud that the door jumped. It must have been a kick. "Keith don't you touch her-" "You know how long I've waited to touch your little girl Bolton? This little tease is finally gonna see some real action..." his hand went to her throat, and just as he was about to sloppily kiss her the sound of a gun cocking made him look up. Zac's eyes looked murderous as he pointed the gun straight at Keith.

"The only action that's going to happen is me shooting you..." Zac said, Keith smirked, tossing Emily behind him so hard that she hit her head hard on one of the desks; her temple starting to bleed. Keith chuckled, "Well, trailer trash has some come in here and interrupt the love scene I planned for me and my girlfriend." Zac snarled, taking a step closer, his eyes and hands never faltering from their initial target. "She's not yours..." Keith chuckled, "is she yours? What does your dying drug addict father feel about that?" Zac's chest was heaving and his vision was tainted with red; his mind had gone black. And when he pulled the trigger, he fired both shots.

Everything was silent, and it all seemed to move in slow motion. Zac dropped the gun on the floor, rushing to Emily's side and picking her up and holding her to him. "Emmy..." he whispered, rocking her back and forth slowly, tears sliding from his eyes. "Emmy..wake up..please wake up." her chest was rising and falling slowly, his hand moved to her stomach; it was bloody and he could swear he felt a tiny heartbeat even though it was impossible to. He sniffled, "I'm sorry.." he whispered, cradling her against him. He didn't hear the door finally open; soon the class room was swamped with concerned teachers, Troy and Logan, and curious students.

Troy knelt by Emily's head, grabbing her shoulder's gently, "I'll take her...Zac...I'll take her." Zac looked at him through his lashes, but didn't argue when Troy took Emily and cradled her as he stood up. "Logan," Troy said, "get the car...we need to get her to the hospital." Logan nodded, running out of the room, only to double back, "What about Sophie? Mom?" Troy looked at Emily as he spoke, "Yeah, they have to come to." Troy looked at Zac; just sitting there in the middle of the tiled floor. Then he looked at Keith, just laying there with two shots fired at him, one in his stomach and the his crotch.

Even Troy winced at that one. Zac was breathing heavily, he just...he justed wanted to feel that bastards neck in his hands for what he did. He hurt her! Standing on his feet, he stalked to Keith's body, his eyes were glazing over with death but he was otherwise holding on. He managed a cruel smile, "I might make it Trailer trash...and I'll keep coming after Emily...ah, always." Zac kicked hiss head, then he knelt down in one move and wrapped his hands around his throat. The teacher's had to pry him off, but they couldn't. Finally, it took Troy (after giving Emily to the nurse's to take care of for the time being) to grab him by the shoulders. "Zac..ZAC!" he yelled, "Zac he's dead!"

Zac sighed, as Troy pulled him away and pulling him out of the classroom. Zac bit his lip, "How is she?" Troy looked out to the car where Logan had Emily in the car. "She's gonna be taken care of at the hospital." he spoke. Zac sighed, "I'm sorry-" Troy shook his head, "No! thank you.. you did a great thing in saving her... I wish I could of done it." Zac bit his lip, and shuffling his feet. "I had to do something. he hurt her." Troy nodded, "Yeah, If that bastard lives, I'm taking him to court, and putting his ass in jail, and possibly kill him.. I would go to prison for the sake of my daughter." Troy said, walking towards the door, "Troy." Zac stopped him, and he turned around, "Yeah?" Zac bit his lip, he wanted to ask him if he could still be with emily, but he couldn't. "Nevermind."

Troy nodded, watching Zac stuff his hands in his pockets and walk away. He pondered what Zac was going to say before he said 'nevermind' but quickly shoved it away when he got to the car and drove off with Emily and Logan. "Dad..." Logan said, Troy looked at him in the rear view mirror, "yeah son?" "Uh...what about Keith? He's not going to die is he?" Troy bit his lip, huffing out a breath, "I-Logan...let's just focus on your sister all right?" Logan nodded, he had a bad feeling about what his dad was going to say.

The breeze felt good. It tousled his hair, but the weight on his shoulders made him feel slow. Looking around, he was at the park, surrounded by benches. Sighing a shaky sigh, he shuffled to the bench, and sat down. Laying his face in his hands, he felt a sob rumble out of his chest, and leave his lips. " all right...I'm sorry.." what was he apologizing for? He had fired a gun...and then killed another person with his hands. Even if he deserved it, he wasn't a killer. Until now.

It was silent save for the rustle of leaves, it was getting colder; winter was fast approaching. "Excuse me.." said a soft voice, he didn't bother to raise his head. "What?" "Can I sit here?" he lifted his head slowly, running his hands through his hair and down his face, "yeah why not..." the woman smiled gratefully. She was wearing scrubs and a heavy coat. She chuckled tiredly, "I've been on my feet all day...I swear I forget what it's like to sit down sometimes." Zac looked at her, she had black hair with streaks of gray. Barely any wrinkles were on her face, but none the less, he knew her. "Mom..." he whispered, she looked at him. "Excuse me?" "Why'd you leave us mom?" he said again, a little more audible.