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2:30 Tokyo, Japan


(On the phone)

"Hello…ah...Mia what time exactly are you going to arrive?"…asked Soujiroh arrogantly in the phone..

"Don't yell at me you stupid freak"…Mia yelled back

"Fine, don't be late or else I'll kill you"

"Yeah, yeah whatever"

"Guys well meet her exactly in 3:00" Soujiroh said angrily in front of the F3, Makino and Yuukie

Soujiroh-san who are we waiting for? Is it a girl? Asked Yuukie in a jealous face

Yup...it is?

Yuukie just smile but inside its really hurting her too see Soujiroh with another woman

"Yuukie don't worry we don't know if its soujiroh's girl"….sigh Akira


"Oh its three o'clock"…shouted Soujiroh in a very excited voice

"I better get going, makino see yah later...Ciao"

"Oh wait yuukie; let's just see how these girl looks like"

"(Sigh) okay"

"There she is"...Shouted soujiroh

The F3 doesn't know Mia neither makino nor yuukie

"Soujiroh-san it's nice to see you again"

"Yeah me too Mia"...Answered soujiroh

"Hey, aren't you going to introduce her to us"...Akira shouted

"Makino, rui, domyouji, akira and yuukie this is Mia"….

"My girlfriend"

Everyone was so shocked to hear what soujiroh said specially yuukie (that includes Mia)

"Don't cry yuukie you'll find someone better than him, it's pointless to cry"...Said makino to comfort her friend


M: "why did you told them that I'm your girlfriend"

S: "Relax, just look at the expression on her face"

M:"who? Yuukie?


M:"now tell them that I'm not your girlfriend"

S:"No, I'm not going to do that, you will just pretend"

M:"okay fine, but in one condition"

S:"and what is that"

M:"I'm going to help yuukie get you"

S:"you're not serious right"

M:"I can't say that coz I'm really are serious"

*Ebisu Garden Place Clock Tower Square* (Where Makino and Domyouji had their first date)

While Mia is walking at the park she saw yuukie and makino

"Hi, yuukie-Chan I'm Mia"…said Mia in a friendly voice

"h-hi"...said yuukie in a teary voice

"Don't worry I'm here to befriend you"…replied Mia

"oh I know your hurt…but when the time comes someone will realize the he loves you and he's going to take care of you as long as the world evolves"…Mia said smiling

"Makino, can you talk to me for a sec"...Mia said

"Sure"...Makino replied.. "yuukie are you okay here"

"Yup"…yuukie replied with a very frustrating voice

"Makino, please tell yuukie that I'm just pret-"…but before she finished her sentence someone grabbed her

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