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Warning: Later chapters will be MATURE. Please keep that in mind.

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Howard was out getting a pedicure with his mother, so she was free for the day. Today was one of those days where she could do whatever she wanted. She was relaxed on her couch, sitting lengthwise on it with her back propped up upon the armrest. She had a glass of moscato wine on the coffee table near by.

Oh how exciting!

Bernadette turned the page in one of her favorite books, The Hot Zone. She'd only read it just hundreds of times. The thought of one little filovirus being the cause of so much devastation to the human body was so entertaining. And as an added bonus, it wasn't some fictional novel, but an account of something that had actually happened. She wished she could work with just one sample of ebola to test that rat that had bitten her in the lab. Someone somewhere, probably one of her superiors, would not allow her to do such a thing though.

*bzzzzzzzt* Her cell buzzed on the table next to her. She looked over.

[Facebook Notification: You have a message from Kaitlyn Fielding.]

Katie? From high school? What on earth could she want?

Kaitlyn Fielding. She was two years older than Bernie. Back in the day, they had been great friends in catholic school. Granted, she wasn't catholic, not even remotely close to being a bible thumper, but they had gotten along just the same. Catholic school had been an idea forced upon Katie by her parents, as it was as close to a private school education as she could receive back home. Katie had always been the bright-minded, yet rather rebellious, school girl that Bernie tended to live vicariously through. She was one of those that snuck out on a school night to meet up with some college guy that was way too old for her, or would sneak schnapps in to a girls' night. Katie was one of those girls Bernie looked up to, despite her miscreant behavior, and had been sad when she had graduated.

Bernadette put her book aside and stretched to reach her laptop on the coffee table. She fumbled a bit trying to drag it, along with the power cord, into her lap. The cord popped free. A distinct *beep* came from her laptops speakers, indicating that she was no longer charging.

"Gosh darnit."

She pulled up Facebook and, sure enough, there was that little red indicator letting her know she had a message.

[Kaitlyn Fielding:

Hey Bernie! I was looking around Facebook to see if anyone from back home lived here in LA. Who knew? I've been here for about a year, and I had no clue we lived in the same area. It would be wonderful to catch up with you at some point. Let me know if you'd like to get some coffee at some point.

Hope to hear from you!


Well this could be a nice break from the gang. Although, it might be a little awkward. It's been, what, almost 12 years? Maybe Penny will go with me.

She picked up her phone to send Penny a text.

Amy sliced into the brain, her knife cutting through it like butter. She remembered the days when cheap lab instruments meant that she had to saw into her specimens, leaving ragged torn edges and untidy work. Now she was in a great facility, with great lab instruments and machines. Her work could be as close to perfect as she wanted it to be.

She sorted through the pieces she had already sliced. Damn, no tumors. No discoloration at all. I was certain that daily doses of cocaine-laced moonshine would have resulted in some physical indication within the recently deceased monkey brain.

She sighed. She couldn't keep her mind off the call she had received earlier that month. Amy had been offered a highly respected job within a neuroscience facility just outside of Boston. This was an opportunity of a life time, but that didn't mean it hadn't been tough breaking it to Sheldon, even if he had been indifferent. The thought of moving disturbed her, but her mother would not leave her alone, and she knew well herself that this would be the next step in her career. She had thought she had feelings for Sheldon, and had hoped that he had some form emotion for her in return, but all he had done was stonewall her. What they had was hardly what could be called a relationship. No hand holding, no snuggles. Definitely no sex, no matter how much she ached to jump his bones. And even here lately, they hardly got to talk at all.

She gripped the scalpel in frustration. After two weeks of trying to get some indication from Dr. Sheldon Cooper that he had any emotional register of her at all, she was tired of it. Dating once a year to appease her mother's wishes seemed a simpler task then trying to get Sheldon to bed her, nonetheless hold her hand. She had made the arrangements for her new apartment earlier that week, her mother having gone to approve of her new living arrangements. A truck would be by in the morning to pick up her furniture.

She stabbed the scalpel into the brain, chipping the fine edge in the process as it hit the dissection tray underneath. She was okay with the idea that she wouldn't see Sheldon again. That thought surprised her, but she had come to terms that their relationship was going nowhere. But there was the fact that she would be leaving that fair-faced bestie of hers behind too. What will that Penny do without her bestie? She wondered if it would be socially acceptable to stuff her into a suitcase and force her to go with her.

*knock, knock*

"Hey, Ames. You ready?" Penny stood at the door, her blonde hair in a cute updo above her snazzy black dress. They were going to go out with Bernadette for one last fling before she left.

"Yes, bestie. I am close to concluding my dissection. Would you like to help me clean up?"

Penny gagged a little, and it wasn't just because the smell of formaldehyde. "I think I'll wait in the car."

"She's cleaning up her lab and will be right down," Penny said as she climbed in to Bernadette's car. "I never thought I would ever actually miss that loon." Amy's odd ball way of going about things was definitely strange, verging on creepy from time to time, but that didn't change the fact that she would be missed.

Bernie was tapping her steering wheel impatiently. She knew that she too was going to miss her as well, despite how awkward Amy tended to make situations. "Have you given any thought about meeting up with Katie, that girl I went to high school with?"

"I don't mind. If it means us getting another girl that adds some sanity around here, I am more than happy to make such a meeting less awkward."

Amy tapped on the window and Bernie unlocked to doors. "So what men are we going to dazzle with our goodies tonight?" Amy waggled her eyebrows.

Penny raised an eyebrow of her own. "Dazzle with our goodies?"

"How else do you expect to bring some fancy boy home?"

Penny turned to face Amy. "Who said I was bringing anyone home?"

Amy shrugged, "Well, given the ratio of drinks had to guys brought home, I believe you're getting close to bringing your next one night romper home with you."

Penny just stared at her, and then shook her head, letting it go. "Let's go Bernie."

Amy stumbled to her door. Tonight had been amazing, even if she didn't bring Prince-Charming-with-the-ginormous-guns home with her. As it so happened, the guys had been at the bar as well. So Penny had gone home with Leonard, after a few drinks had convinced the both of them that they wanted to get together again. Bernie, of course, went home with Howard, because, well, that's what engaged couples do. Raj had been there, but she had no interest in trying to copulate with someone who couldn't even form a sentence when she was around. Sheldon had not been there, as he had, according to Leonard, better things to do than worry about goodbyes.

She was a little hurt, but by now it was nothing new. She fumbled trying to get her key into the lock.

Her apartment seemed empty. Everything was boxed up, thanks to the help of Penny and Bernadette over the past few days. Boxes were stacked high on the counters, floor, and furnitrue. The only items that remained out included her night bag, a change of clothes for the next day, and the sheets on the bed.

She stumbled into her bedroom and collapsed into her bed, not bothering to change. The world was swimming around her, and she didn't want to chance the teetering and tottering that would occur if she stood up. She knew it was her last night here, and her buzz had her floating in that happy place that made her not care.

Howard, Raj, and Leonard were worn out, and tired of Sheldon leaning on the nearby lamp post and shouting orders. It was a relief when the last item went into the truck. Bernie had only just showed up, and was off to the side talking on the phone. Penny was actually tearing up.

"Oh bestie, it's not that bad. You can always come up and do sleepovers in Boston." She gave Penny a smile. "We could have naked pillow fights. I hear that's all the rage!"

"I'm not so sure about that but I'll definitely visit, Ames."

Amy went to the guys and thanked them for their help. Bernie came over and offered her a hug. Penny wiped her eyes as she walked over to give her a friendly embrace as well. "I'll miss you bestie."

Sheldon stayed rooted to his lamp post. He nodded to Amy. "It was a pleasure to have experienced your brain power. I am sure I will never find a brain quite like yours again. Have a great life in Boston." And with that, he rigidly turned and went to Leonard's car. He climbed inside and just looked at the window.

Amy watched him as he went to the car. A little pang of sadness assaulted her heart, but with a deep breath she turned to face the moving truck. She climbed into the passenger cab of the truck and didn't look back. Within minutes she was gone.

In the car, Sheldon turned his face to watch the truck drive off. He didn't feel right, didn't feel right at all. What was happening?