Worthless: Prologue

"FINE! I DON'T LIKE U ANYWAY!" Stephanie hung up the phone. Wait a minute… you don't know what's going on? Do you? Well let's back up a little.

7 years ago:

Stephanie, a small maroon cat with long, blonde hair, wearing a white dress with a Christmas scarf was sitting with her friend, Mojo, a dog of different shades of blue with a long brown layered haircut, wearing a purple dress with flowers… They were staring at a Black cat, Shelton. "Do you really think he likes me?" they were all 8 at this time, so they didn't really know what love was except for Mojo. "Well he looks at you a lot…." Mojo was sort of a master when it comes to love. She even brought her divorced parents back together! "And he acts all shy around you…" "But does he LIKE me?" Stephanie felt awkward around him too. "Steph, walk up to him and ask!" "But…" "DO IT GIRL!"

Stephanie reluctantly walked up to Shelton. "Um… hi." "Hey Stephanie". Stephanie looked at Shelton. His dark, almost brown eyes sparkled in the evening sun. His brown Beiber-cut hair was gorgeous in the wind. She fidgeted with her hands and stared at her feet. "Uh… Shelton?" "Ya?""Do you like me?" "Are you out of your mind? Ur a girl! Girls have COOTIES!" "NO WE DON'T!" Stephanie stomped over to the bench where Mojo was.

Stephanie leaned her head down and started to cry "It's ok Steph, we don't have cooties." Stephanie stood up and burst in rage and sadness. "I KNOW THAT WE DON'T HAVE COOTIES! BUT APPARENTLY SOME PROPLE THOUGHT WE DO! AND BECAUSE OF THAT, THEY DON'T LIKE US GIRLS!" Shelton turned around at the point and looked at Stephanie. She IS kind of cute… I better go talk to her. "Steph, Shelton is coming." "I don't want to talk to him." "Well I'm sorry but I've got to go. My mom is calling me. Mojo pulled out her phone and answered a fake phone call. "Hello?"

"Stephanie? I'm sorry." Shelton sat down next to Stephanie. "Well you should be." "Will you forgive me?" Stephanie looked up at Shelton. He is pretty cute. But does he like me? No he wouldn't. he said I have cooties anyways! "No. I will never forgive you."

Ok so this is gonna be kinda a long story... And prologues are short... Right? I think… but I'm not giving up on cog whisperer yet… and I think I'm gonna do another story besides this. Also, I just wrote another story called "The Orthodontist" you really should go check it out!