Worthless: Being a Prisoner

Stephanie woke up in the bottom of an army bunk. She got up and looked at her surroundings. The walls were a light grey. The concrete floors were dark grey, almost black. She put her feet down on the floor. The coldness made her shiver. She got up and looked at the top bunk. She saw Mojo fast asleep. "Hey. Mojo. Are you awake?" Mojo rolled over and rubbed her eyes. "Now I am." Mojo sat up and jumped off of the bunk. "What do you need?" Stephanie looked around. "Where are our backpacks?" Mojo looked around. "Oh! They are in the storage room. That's where they put my clothes when I first came here." Stephanie looked down at her clothes and Mojo's. They were dark brown Shirts and shorts with black pinstripes. They also wore a necklace with the Bossbot cog insignia on it. "Mojo, why are we wearing these?" "I don't know… maybe the Ceo wants us to be cog whisperers? No… they would have us in flunky suits… I honestly don't know."

In the boys' room.

Shelton walked over to the desk. He looked in the drawers. There was nothing. He looked under the bunks. There were no backpacks. Not a single thing. He walked over to the lower bunk. He kneeled by Jarod. Jarod was slowly waking up. "Hey. Do you wanna save your little girlfriend?" Jarod was woken up by that question. "WHAT?! SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" "Sure she isn't." Shelton walked over to the door of the room. Jarod watched him. "Hey. Do you think that it's locked?" Shelton started to turn the door. "We're about to find out."

In the girls' room.

There was a loud siren. Mojo shot up. Tom Burst through the door. "Mojo, Stephanie. Come with me. The two toons followed Tom out the door and through the hallway. "Where do you think we are going?" Stephanie was scared. Tom spoke up. "We are going to a safe place for you two." Stephanie stared at Mojo. She tried to talk through her heavy breathing. "Tom… is Shelton… and Jarod…. Coming too?" He stopped and looked at the maroon cat. "Shush. We can't talk right now." Tom led the two girls through a maze of corridors and hallways. Suddenly, there was a loud sound on the loud speakers. "Attention all cogs. There is a breach in the security. Please all cogs report to the main entrance. I repeat. All cogs to the main entrance." Tom stopped and looked at the toons. "We have to run. Hurry!" Tom picked up Mojo and Stephanie in his arms. As he ran, his metal feet clanked on the ground. Behind the group, there were many more sounds of metal feet. Stephanie and mojo just stared at each other.

Soon, the group emerged into a large room. The door closed behind them. In front of them was the Ceo. His big cog boss voice boomed in the air. "Don't worry dear toons, you are safe here. This is my private bunker." Stephanie pushed herself out of Tom's arms. She looked around. "Where is Shelton?" Mojo jumped down. "And Jarod?" The boss wheeled towards them. "Oh don't worry. Your friends are safe." Stephanie took a step forwards. "But where are they." She grinded her teeth together. Stephanie was very angry that the Ceo even had Tom bring them into here. The Ceo rolled forward enough so the girls could see his shoulders. There were two figures. One was a tall bear. The other was a medium height cat. Almost immediately they knew who they were. "Shelton!" "Jarod!" The two toons cheered at once. The Ceo lowered his hands and the girls got on. He raised his hands to his shoulders. The Ceo's voice was even louder up there. "You for toons will be the safest up here. No one tries to harm me! The Ceo!" Mojo looked up at him. "But what about all of the Ceo battles?" "Oh. Those were with my stunt double. Stanly."

Stephanie walked around his shoulder. There was a little Door going towards the Ceo's neck. She opened the door and went in. There were eight doors. Each was titled. Above the first, "Boys' Clothes". The second, "Girls' Clothes". The third, "Stephanie's Room." The fourth, "Mojo's Room." The fifth, "Jarod's Room." The sixth, "Shelton's Room." The seventh, "Kitchen." Finally, The eighth, "Swimming Pool." Stephanie ran out and yelled to the Ceo. "What's all of this about?" He looked down at the cat. "Well I thought that since you will be staying here for a while until we find Mrs. Jewel that you should have somewhere to sleep and stay. So, I had my skelecogs make a special suit." "Oh. Ok!" How did he know that her name was Mrs. Jewel? Mojo never told him. The cog's voice boomed again. "Tom will be staying with you guys so please be nice to him." The cog's hand lowered again to get Tom. A moment later, Tom rose up onto the shoulder. Jarod spoke. "Ok it's getting kind of crowded up here. I'm gonna fall soon. Let's go inside." The group all went inside. The cog's voice was softer, quieter in there. "Please keep your necklaces on." The group all replied in unison. "Ok". The girls ran into their changing rooms. The boys ran into theirs'.

After a while, Mojo came out wearing a purple and white striped one-price on. Stephanie walked behind her with a black bikini with teal edges. The two walked over to the swimming pool room. The room was huge. It had a shallow end that was from 0 ft. to a deep end that was 10 ft. There were two big slides. One was a tube-slide. The other was open. The only lifeguard on Deck was tom. Tom was wearing dark brown swimming trunks with black pinstripes. There was a small basket with goggles and nose plugs by the pool. Stephanie picked out a black pair of goggles. Mojo picked Purple ones. They all put their goggles over their fat toons heads. Mojo ran right up to the slides. She went in the red, tube slide. When she emerged at the bottom, she ran into Jarod. He was wearing red swimming trunks with white stripes. Stephanie walked right to the high dive. She jumped off and did a flip. She landed right on top of Shelton. He was wearing black swimming trunks. Shelton stared at Stephanie. "Heh. Being a prisoner isn't that bad." After about two hours of swimming, Tom said it was time for a break.

The toons all got up and walked to their rooms'. The group soaked the suit as they walked. They all went to take a shower. The girls went into the kitchen to make diner. There were all types of pies in the kitchen. Stephanie made a quiche. Mojo made a four layer cake. One for each toon. After the girls rang the diner bell, The two boys rushed in. after the boys, Tom clanked into the kitchen room. There was a small dining table. The three boys sat down and waited to be served. After everyone ate, They all went to bed.

When Jarod woke up, he went to Shelton's room to see if he was awake. He knocked on the door. Nothing. Jarod opened the door to wake him up. There was a not on the dresser by Shelton's bed. He ran to the girls rooms' and woke them up. "GIRLS WAKE UP!" They all met at the kitchen table. Jarod opened the letter and began to read.