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"You ready?"

Stevie nodded and put her hand on her partner's shoulder. "They're going to wish they never messed with us." She grinned looking towards the boy sitting next to her. "Let's do this."

He grinned back at her before reaching for a remote that would help with the succession of their prank. Hesitantly, the brunette pressed the big red button and the two watched as gallons of some type of green substance covered Kacey, Kevin, and Nelson. The look on the three's faces was priceless and Stevie would pay anything to see it again.

"Zander! Stevie!" Kacey screeched spotting them hidden behind the lunch counter.

"Run!" Zander yelled grabbing Stevie's hand and quickly bolting away from the angry singer and the two boys.

"I'm going to get you!" Kacey screamed running after them.

Zander and Stevie ran until he pulled them into an empty janitor's closet. They stayed quite long enough to hear Kacey run by. After being sure everything was clear, the two busted out in laughter. "Did you see their faces?" Stevie chuckled, giving Zander a knuckle bump.

"Kacey was all like," Zander imitated Kacey's face perfectly making Stevie laugh some more.

"She's going to so hate us." Stevie said after calming herself down.

Zander shrugged. "She'll get over it."

"We should get going. She's probably half way across the school by now." Stevie pushed a broom out of her way before stepping towards the door only to trip. Luckily, Zander was there to catch her.

The boy looked down into his best friends eyes when a pain of longing shot through him. It was like he was hypnotized by her luscious strawberry pink lips that were smiling and forming a thank you. He has never had this happen before. Wanting to kiss someone as bad as he wanted to kiss her right now, he could feel himself starting to crave for her kisses and if he didn't get at least one, he would die from starvation. Before he could physically control himself, he cupped her cheeks in my hands and pulled her in until his lips collided with hers.

She didn't move a muscle at first, but after a few seconds, she gave in and started kissing him back. She had the palms of her hands on his chest as he pulled her closer and ran his hand through her dark curls. The only thing keeping them from getting any closer were her arms. It was the best feeling in the world to Zander, her in his arms and him kissing her soft lips. He didn't want to ever stop, but she pushed him away after coming back to reality. She glared at him with her dark brown eyes before throwing back her hand and slapping him hard on the cheek.

Stevie didn't know what she was doing and why kissing him felt so right, but she wasn't about to stick around and find out. She also had slapped him due to the fact she was in shock and didn't know how to explain it to him. So after whispering how sorry she was and have him look at her with hurt filled eyes, she hurried out of the janitor's closet and ran home confused.

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