Here's the background for this. It has been 10 years. Sesshoumaru and Kagome got married when she turned 18. Six years later they had Akami. Akami looks like Kagome did when she was little, except she has Sesshoumaru's silver hair. They aren't demons in this story they just have oddly silver hair. Disclaimer, I own nothing except Akami, Mikomi, and Teddy.


"Mommy," a little girl squealed, while laughing running away from her dad.

Kagome stepped infront of her and held her arms out. The girl ran into her arms and hugged her chest. "What's wrong baby?"

Sesshoumaru came into view looking for his and Kagome's little girl. "Daddy chasing me. I don't want bath."

Kagome giggled. "Baby you have to take a bath. Were going to grandma and grandpa's remember?"

The four year old put her finger to her chin. "Oh yeah."

"Akami, come here." Said Sesshomaru, and the little girl ran into his arms. Sesshomaru started to walk away and went to take her into the bathroom to take her bath.

~~~~Later that day~~~~

The three of them pulled into the large driveway of Toga and Kiori's house. They drove up to the open garage doors and parked. They got out and Sesshoumaru grabbed their overnight bags. They walked around and into the front door, and immediately saw Mikomi, Inuyasha's fiance. Mikomi, being six months pregnant with twins, and impressive mood swings,(obviously having one now),stomping down the stairs as she brushed past them out the door without as much as a hello.

Inuyasha came running down the stairs yelling after her. "Mikomi, wait, I didn't say anything this time." Inuyasha also walked past the three of them without even a nod in acknowledgement. Sesshoumaru lightly led Kagome and Akami inside, and shut the door behind them. Toga and Kiori walked down hearing the commotion between Inuyasha and Mikomi.

"You came," Kiori exclaimed as she walked over to hug the three of them. When she got to Akami she took her two little hands in her own, "and how's my favorite grandbaby today sweetie?"

"Ok, Daddy took me bath." (translation Daddy Sesshy gave me a bath) Akami only being four, wasn't able to get her sentences right yet.

Toga snickered when she said Daddy Sesshy, it cracked him up. Sesshoumaru gave him a glare while the conversation between Akami and Kiori continued.

"Are you ready for preschool next year Akami?" Kiori asked her grandaughter.

"Yep." She sad excitedly.

Just then a little boy ran out of the kitchen/dining room door. "AAAAAAHHHHH," he yelled as he ran away from an unknown person. The little boy ran and hid behind Sesshoumaru's and Kagome's legs. tugging on the back of their pants.

Sango and Miroku cam out after him. "Teddy, where did you go. Kagome, Sesshoumaru, and little Akami, it's nice to see all of you again. Did any of you see where Teddy went?" When Sesshoumaru pointed towards the corridor that led to the Library. When they turned to enter it, and weren't in sight anymore, Teddy ran towards the stairs, pulling Akami with him.

(Teddy is seven.) "Come on Akami. We have to hide from my mom and dad."

Akami blushed and giggled, "Ok."

When they ran upstairs, and were out of sight. Toga said, "Sesshoumaru, I think that Akami likes Teddy."

Sesshoumaru growled,(again not a demon.) and glared at his father again.

Kagome spoke up. "I wouldn't say that Dad. Sesshoumaru says that Akami isn't even going to be allowed on a date until she is twenty."

"She is my little girl, I think I have the right to protect her, like any good father should."

"Yes, but protection can only go so far. You can't completely control her life. I won't let you, and when she's a teenager, she wont either."

Taisho and Kiori laughed at their fight. So did Sango and Miroku, hearing the last of it as they walked in. "He didn't really go to the Library did he? And where's Akami?"

"No he didn't go into the library, he ran upstairs. Akami... she's playing a game." Kagome said, holding in the laughter that was threatening to come out, as she said this. When Sango and Miroku walked upstairs, Sesshoumaru lightly elbowed Kagome.

"Do you wanna play hide and seek?" (his version isn't as innocent as the kids. it's perverted.) Kagome, thankfully knew what he was suggesting and shook her head. The four of them (Toga, Kiori, Kagome, and Sesshoumaru) turned around when they heard the door open. Inuyasha and Mikomi walked in holding hands.

"Sesshoumaru, Kagome, when did you two get here? Is Akami at a friends house?"

Kagome shook her head and said, "We got here right before you ran outside after Mikomi. And no Akami isn't at a friends house. She is upstairs playing hid and seek with Teddy."

"Who are they hiding from?" Inuyasha asked, slightly interested, while Mikomi and Sesshoumaru shook their heads.

"Sango and Miroku."

Inuyasha kissed his fiance on the cheek, then ran upstairs yelling, "I want to play to." (He sure hasn't grown up much) (He's 20 1/2)

Everyone else burst out laughing, as he turned and ran out of view. Suddenly Toga yelled, "Who ever wants to play hide and seek come downstairs."

The two little ones ran down laughing, Inuyasha running after them, then Sango and Miroku. Now Toga said, "Everybody run and hide," when they started running he yelled, "Sesshoumaru's it."

Kagome giggled and ran away towards the stairs, after pinching Sesshoumaru's butt. Sesshoumaru growled again, (he sure does that a lot) and ran after her. All of them had fun. A big happy family.