No, I don't believe I have

It's a city not far from Birmingham, didn't have a great reputation before the war, but it proved to have everything I needed.

So how did you manage to survive the next few years?

The city was a playground, those creatures were everywhere, but I had a few safe points dotted around the city, it became like a game.

I would find a group of survivors; gain their trust through generous gestures. Then when the time was right…Id eat them. Simon quickly rose from his chair, he walked quickly to the edge of the glass and stared straight into my eyes.

If this glass wasn't here id be eating you right now. Simons tone grew more aggressive at this point, the security guard told him to calm down, and he quickly slipped back into his calm self I had seen so far.

So you did this for the rest of the war?

Yes, perhaps it would be more interesting to interview a soldier or a general, but my time in the war was based upon repetition. But it got to a point…

What Point?

A point where I couldn't be around another human being without instantly attacking, killing and eating them.

So when the British army came rolling around to clear the area, you can imagine I was none too pleased.

What happened?

I killed a few soldiers, it wasn't hard, as you can imagine I was rather good at it by now.

Did they detain you straight away?

Yes, but I think it took a while for them to come to a conclusion as to what they were dealing with.

A few psychological tests later, and they knew all about what I had done to people during the war.

Why did you tell them?

There was no harm in it by this point, they already had me detained, I might as well come clean.

How many people did you kill?

Hundreds, men, women, children they all tasted the same to me.

And this is where you have ended up?

Till the end of my days.

Some doctors have suggested that you exaggerate the amount you have killed.

They can believe what they want, I know what I've done, and I know they'll never let me out of this place. The war was won against the undead; they grew to understand their enemy. But they will never understand what I am.

And what are you Simon?

I'm the next big problem the earth has to deal with

How so?

You think the war created only one of my kind?

Twenty years from now the scarred veterans of this war will be far worse than I am, you think you can throw the human race through the undead war and expect just little old me to be the result, there are others like me out there walking free. They just don't know it yet

Thank you for your time Simon.

Before you go Mr. Brooks, perhaps you could tell me what day it is? I lose track so easily down here.

It's a Friday

Ahhh Kidney Fridays, one of my favourite days of the week.