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AN: Okay, this series is going to include scenes from the Harry Potter series, just from the perspective of Harry being raised in a loving home and knowing about the Wizarding world.

Words in italics are Brazilian Portuguese(or as close as I can get to it). Real(yes, that is what it's called) is the currency of Brazil but I don't think I need to translate idiota ;)

This is the chapter 'The Vanishing Glass'.

Harry woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs with a smile and bounded out of bed and headed into the kitchen. Sirius was standing by the stove and he looked up with a smile.

"Hey Prongslet, ready to go to the zoo, today?" Sirius' gray eyes were bright with excitement.

"Yeah!" Harry said with a smile, they were going to the Muggle London Zoo, perhaps the last time he and Sirius would be able to do things together since Harry would be attending Hogwarts in the fall. His letter hadn't arrived yet, but Sirius had told him that his letter would probably arrive the week before his birthday since all letters arrived then to give the children time to get their things. Harry was excited but a little sad too. He loved his life with Sirius and Remus and Aunt Andromeda and Uncle Ted and Dora, but he knew that he needed to go to Hogwarts. Sirius had promised that he'd love Hogwarts and Harry had been wanting to go ever since Dora had gotten her letter, but still, the thought of leaving his dad and honorary uncle made him sad.

Sirius seemed to sense what was going on in Harry's head because he smiled, "Stop worrying, Harry. We're going to have a good time today. We'll deal with Hogwarts when it gets here."

Harry smiled and ate his breakfast, he'd wanted to go to the zoo for years but because of Sirius' schedule with the Aurors, it was hard for him to get away.

They caught a train to London and made a quick stop at Gringotts to exchange for Muggle pounds to pay for their day before heading for the zoo.

They each got ice cream and wandered through the zoo. It was fun until they bumped into a family consisting of a large man with no neck and bushy mustache, his thin, horse-faced wife and their children, a large blond boy and a skinny rat-faced boy. To Harry's shock, Sirius and the parents seemed to recognize each other because Sirius' face hardened in a way that made Harry nervous.

"Out of our way, freak, and take your brat with you," the large man hissed nastily while the woman glared at Harry.

"Don't worry, Dursley," Sirius said coldly, "We won't interfere with you and your family setting up shop in a zoo, Merlin knows that's where you belong." He turned and marched away.

Harry was stunned; never in his life had he heard Sirius speak that way to someone and to a Muggle no less. He was sure that they were Muggles since they didn't act like wizards. Sirius and Remus had always taught him to be nice to Muggles and that they were no different from Wizards, they just didn't have the ability to do magic.

"Sirius," he began slowly, not sure how to broach the subject, "why did you say that to those Muggles? Do you know them?"

Sirius sighed and pulled him over to a private area, "I do know them and trust me, Harry, they aren't the sort of Muggles you should be around. They're magic haters. You should always be nice to Muggles, but when you're dealing with Muggles like that family, you should just try to stay away from them. I shouldn't have spoken to them like that and if they'd been civil, I wouldn't have, but I won't tolerate being called names and I won't tolerate you being called them either. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded, wondering why Sirius and the man seemed to dislike each other so much, he couldn't imagine someone not liking Sirius or Sirius disliking someone so much that he'd speak so coldly.

After lunch, they went to the reptile house. The family from before were there too, but Harry, remembering Sirius' warning, kept his distance.

The family was looking at a boa constrictor who seemed to be bored out of its mind. The large boy kept pestering his father to make the snake move, as if the snake would show the slightest bit of interest in them other than perhaps seeing them as dinner.

When the family finally moved away, he walked up to the snake. It was humongous and sound asleep. Suddenly, the snake raised its head and winked at Harry.

Harry stared in shock but then winked back.

The snake rolled its eyes (to the extent that a snake can roll its eyes) and hissed,

"If I had a real for every idiota that did that."

"I know," Harry said, not even realizing that he was talking to a snake, "It must get so aggravating."

The snake nodded.

Harry looked at the sign, "You're from...Brazil? Did you like it there?"

The snake shook its head and jabbed its tail to a sign that said 'This specimen was bred in the zoo'.

"Oh," Harry said, "you've never seen Brazil?" He couldn't imagine being raised anywhere but in Sirius' home. The thought of being raised somewhere else in a glass cage where people stared at you all day and bothered you was a horrible thought.

Suddenly, he heard a yell behind him, "Dudley! Mister Dursley, come here! You should see what this snake is doing!"

The rat-faced boy came over, followed by the large boy.

"Out of the way!" The large boy said, shoving Harry out of the way.

Harry hit the floor with a thud and glared at the boys when he heard yells of horror. Both boys had somehow fallen into the snake's cage. The snake slithered out of its cage and past Harry saying "Thanksss amigo."

The mother and father hurried over screaming in terror, the father turned to Harry with an absolutely murderous look. "You! You did this!" Before lunging at him.

"Dursley, you make another move, you'll regret it!" Sirius was suddenly there, having been alerted from outside by the noise(Sirius didn't like snakes or reptiles). Lifting Harry under the armpits, they rushed out and didn't stop until they were out of the zoo.

As they took the Knight Bus home, Harry's mind was in turmoil. He'd performed accidental magic before and Sirius had never gotten angry, not even when Harry accidentally turned Aunt Andromeda's hair blue once when he had a bad cold. But doing that to Muggles and in a Muggle public place was NOT good. Plus, the whole thing with the snake talking to him. Parselmouths were feared in the wizarding world because of their connection to Dark witches and wizards.

After they got home, Harry turned to Sirius, "I'm sorry, Sirius! I didn't mean for that to happen! He shoved me and I..."

Sirius knelt down and took Harry's face in his hands, "Harry, I'm not angry. It was an accident. I'm more angry at that Muggle for almost attacking you." He kissed the top of Harry's head, "I'm also sorry that it ruined our day at the zoo but I didn't want to give that Muggle the chance to make things worse."

Harry bit his lip, he needed to tell Sirius about the snake but was afraid of what he would say. "Sirius, there's something else I need to tell you." He told Sirius about his conversation with the boa constrictor and hearing the snake say 'thank you'.

Sirius blew out a breath, "I don't know why you're a Parselmouth, Harry, neither of your parents or grandparents were, but I'm not mad. It's not something you can help, but be very careful about who you tell about it. I don't care and neither will Remus or Andie, Ted and Dora but not everyone will feel that way. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded, relieved to not be in trouble. Dinner was quiet but not tense and after dinner they played games and listened to the wireless.

As he laid in bed, Harry found himself worrying for the first time about going to Hogwarts. He'd wanted to go for so long, but finding out that he was a Parselmouth and knowing how it was viewed made him worried. Sirius had told him that there were no live snakes at Hogwarts unless you counted Slytherin House and they were human so Harry shouldn't worry.

Harry sighed and watched the picture of his parents dancing. That image never failed to make him feel safe, but now it made him worried. What would his parents have thought if they knew he was a Parselmouth? Would they be scared or disappointed? And what about that family of Muggles? How did Sirius know them and why had they been so hateful? He knew there were Muggles that hated and feared magic but he'd never met one and something about the way the woman had looked at him made him feel strange.

He sighed again and closed his eyes, Sirius always told to not fear the future, to always take one day at a time and that was what he would do. His last thought before falling asleep was wondering if the boa constrictor had been able to find a way back to Brazil.

The End For Now

AN: I can hear you asking 'How did Sirius and Vernon know each other?'. My idea is that they had a run-in before Lily and Petunia's big falling out. I imagine that once Lily and the Marauders became friends, she'd invite them to her parents' house over the summer and one time they were there when Petunia brought Vernon home for dinner.