"Hey Tsu-chan! Come look at this!"

"Everything is going to be okay Tsu-chan. I won't let them take you."

"Tsunayuki. Let go of me. I can't take care of you anymore. You're. . . You're a burden Tsuna. You need to go."

"G-Gio-nii. P-Please. . . D-Don't leave me! Don't let them take me! GIO-NII!"


Tsuna sighed as she walked down the streets of Italy. She is living and working full time in an orphanage in Sicily. She wasn't paid for her services and she didn't want to be. She loved working there and they gave her a food and shelter for years now.

Her long brown silky hair that reached her waist swayed gently behind her with each step she took. Her large, doe-like brown eyes softened at the sight of the small children playing on the street. She was out shopping for some ingredients for the day's lunch in town. It was one of the things she did in the orphanage. She also cleaned, cooked, and took care of the children. She also ran a separate part of the orphanage that was just a daycare center for the parents to leave their children when they go to work and pick them up later.

She sighed again. She's lived there for twelve years now. She had turned eighteen a few months ago and was planning on moving out already, but she'd need money for that. The owner of the orphanage, Luce, was willing to pay her for helping her, but Tsuna never accepted her money. Luce was like a mother to Tsuna ever since she lost her family thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago. . .

Everything changed back then.

Her parents were murdered by some mafiosos and she was only five years old. She cried for weeks but one thing kept her going. Her big brother.

Her brother was nine years older than her, meaning he was fourteen. He too was still young but he quit school and got a job. They had some money their parents left them in case of emergency but that would only last a few months at most. Tsuna offered to also quit school and try to earn money but her brother refused, saying it was his responsibility to take care of her. Tsuna, although only being five, understood at even though he said that, he was tired and was overworking himself. Still, she let him have his way. And everything was fine until a week later.


A black sleek car pulled up to the driveway of their home. Her brother's face looked indifferent but Tsuna could see some sadness and regret in his eyes.

Two men stepped out of the car and walked towards them. Tsuna was playing while her brother took a nap since he had just got back from work. Giotto opened the door for the men and looked directly at them.

"Giotto Sawada. We are here for your sister like you asked," one of the men said.

"G-Gio-nii? What are they talking about?"

"Tsuna, you are going to live somewhere else from now on," Giotto said coldly.

Tsuna could feel the tears forming in her eyes but she wouldn't let them go. Not until she knew what was going on. She clung to her brother as if her life depended on it, which to her, a mere six year old, it did.

"B-But Gio-nii! I want to stay with you! Why can't I stay with you!"

"Tsunayuki. Let go of me. I can't take care of you anymore. You're. . . You're a burden Tsuna. You need to go."

Tsuna let her tears fall and cried her heart out. What did he mean he couldn't take care of her anymore? They were fine! They were finally peaceful and happy! Why now?

"G-Gio-nii. P-Please. . . D-Don't leave me! Don't let them take me!"

Tsuna felt arms around her waist and she was yanked from her brother. She was kicking and screaming to be released but they didn't listen. They dragged her to the car and forced her in, slamming the door right after.

Tsuna slammed and banged on the windows but still, she couldn't escape.



That was the last time Tsuna saw him. She was taken to Luce's orphanage and immediately settled in a room. She cried the whole night, just thinking about how happy Giotto must be to have finally gotten rid of her and his friends were probably just as happy. They helped she and her brother through the tough times and they were like her other big brothers. Those happy times were all probably fake.

There was no big brother to stop bullies from attacking her or protect her.

There was no big brother to give her warm hugs or kiss her forehead before she went to sleep.

There was no big brother to comfort her when was sad or when she cried herself to sleep almost every night.

She lost all of that the moment he let her go. When he abandoned her when she needed him the most. She will never forget all of the pain and sadness she had to got through because of him.

She will never forgive him.

Tsuna sighed again as she finally arrived at the market. Luce gave her just enough money to buy everything she needed: some fruit, vegetables, spaghetti, and meat. They already had any other ingredients necessary for lunch.

She was walking back towards the orphanage when one of the bags ripped and all of the tomatoes and other vegetables fell out.

"Not again," she groaned as she got down and started picking up the fallen ingredients.

"Here let me help you," a smooth, deep voice. Tsuna looked up to see spiky blond hair. She assumed he was fairly tall, or at least taller than her. Everyone thought she would stay short forever since she was always the smallest of the group her growth seemed to come all at once when she turned sixteen. Not only that, but she had developed a body that any other woman would die for. She, however, prefer to wear baggy clothes. She didn't like being stared at like a piece of meat.

This man, however, was visibly lean and muscular, but not overly so. It was obvious he was strong and well trained. He wore a pin-striped suit and expensive looking black shoes. He looked familiar but Tsuna couldn't tell. Spiky blond hair was not something to easily identify a person by.

When the man finally looked up, Tsuna's eyes widened.

"Y-You. . ."

"T-Tsu-chan. . . ?"


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