"Doctor, you've taken me here before, it's to the left."

"Everyone knows it's to the right. Don't be silly." He scoffed, and his hand slipped into Blaine's, tugging him over. Blaine could feel his cheeks heat up, and he had no will to argue any more with him. He let the Doctor lead him away, down the street.

They got a odd looks, but the Doctor either didn't seem to notice or was past the point of caring. He pushed his way past, not bothering to pause as he muttered, "Excuse me," several times.

He made his way down the crowd, turning a few alleys, and Blaine stumbled forward, laughing and doing his best to keep up. As the Doctor suddenly stopped, Blaine squeaked, running into him. They both tumbled forward, but the Doctor managed to steady them, his arms wrapped firmly around Blaine.

For a moment, they paused, looking at each other. Both panted, out of breath, and they stared at each other. The Doctor's eyes were wide for a moment, and Blaine's fingers tightened around the tan blazer. Even when they weren't out exploring some distant planet or new, foreign time, spending time with the Doctor was special. Blaine leaned forward slightly, and the Doctor's head tilted to the side.

His stomach fell, and he tried to keep a smile. "I don't think we went the right way."

"I told you it was left," Blaine said, shuffling a bit as the Doctor pulled away from Blaine.

"Yes, I suppose you did." For a moment he stared at the brick wall in front of him as if he expected the restaurant to magically appear there. "Oh, yes!" He jumped, reaching inside of his blazer, his lips pursing. After a moment, he relaxed again, grinning broadly as he pulled out something.

It took a moment, but Blaine saw quickly it was a bow tie with small stars on it. "Oh…" He bit as he lip, feeling a smile tug at his lips as that same buzzing warmth spread across him.

"It has stars on it. You know because of -" Blaine nodded, shifting a bit as his cheeks heated up.

"Yeah, I got it." They faced each other, and Blaine reached out, taking the bow tie. "And because bow ties are cool?"

"And because bow ties are cool," the Doctor agreed with a laugh. Blaine stared at him for a moment before leaning forward, quickly pressing their lips together. The Doctor's arms wound around him again, holding him more tightly.

Blaine let out a small whimper as the Doctor's hand reached up, cupping his cheek. Their lips parted, and the Doctor's tongue darted out, tracing Blaine's lips lightly before nipping at the lower one. When they pulled back, both of their cheeks were flushed. The Doctor's hand went to the back of his neck, and he scratched at it, his eyes glancing to the side. Blaine's tongue slowly ran over his lips, smiling at the familiar taste.

"I know I don't show it often, but I do love you, Blaine," the Doctor said, his hand moving down, taking Blaine's in his, and squeezing gently. "It's probably quite stupid of me, but I do."

"I love you too, Doctor," Blaine said, and he squeezed back.